Parkland shooting one year later: Some students still don't feel safe

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • The governor of Florida is calling on a grand jury to investigate school failures in the Parkland massacre. Seventeen students and staff members were killed in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School one year ago today. That was one third of the 56 school shooting deaths in 2018, making it the deadliest year on record. Adriana Diaz reports.
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Comments • 148

  • Fin Zen
    Fin Zen Day ago

    These students are so smart, well-spoken, and composed.

  • angrydude79
    angrydude79 12 days ago

    all the kids with the pumped up kicks

  • Mohammad javed Ikram
    Mohammad javed Ikram Month ago +1

    Jail Free inncoent boy nikolas cruz

  • Mohammad javed Ikram
    Mohammad javed Ikram Month ago +1

    Justice for my inncoent friend nikolas cruz

  • Mohammad javed Ikram
    Mohammad javed Ikram Month ago +1

    My friends real criminals dagulas school bloody students and teachers and inncoent boy nikolas cruz my friend dagulas school bloody students and teachers ragging and harassment for inncoent boy nikolas cruz and nikolas cruz revenge so please my friends stop the school ragging and harassment violence not gun violence my friends

  • Hannah Brannen
    Hannah Brannen 2 months ago

    A couple months after this happened we had some kind of false scare while at school more so my class because everyone was on high alert, I remember we were debating and cracking jokes and talking about the recent shooting and what we would do, my teacher talked about how she would use her body as a shield because she lived her life, how this small window would be our only hope in that class. I remember at Some point in the convo there was this loud bang sound coming from the hallway it was loud enough to shut everyone up when we were just talking seconds ago, even if it was just seconds and even though it wasn’t serious, being on high alert and heard that sound really freaked everyone out. I remember sitting in the back probably middle in the back, and watching everyone’s faces it was like time slowed down. The girls next to the door which was never locked looked like where about the cry but didn’t move away from the door, actually no one moved, no one moved. Everyone was frozen and silent, Bad to say in the silence I laughed because I didn’t know what to do, we didn’t hear anything else and that’s probably why no one moved waiting for something else to trigger our actual reactions but nothing happened and we carried on with our day. But For a split second we honestly thought our school was next. That’s how scared kids in schools are. Believing we might be next and now believing it might happen anywhere. I can’t imagine what they went through and it’s heart wrecking they even had to in the first place. It’s horrible shootings are becoming normalized. I hope for the souls of the gone resting in peace and I hope those who are grieving also find some peace

  • Jade XD
    Jade XD 3 months ago

    I haven't felt really that safe at school since my school (now old cause I am going to middle school) and the school next to mine were threatened twice

  • Sadames03
    Sadames03 4 months ago

    I cannot believe they still havent demolish the freshman building. Columbine demolished their original library within three months of that school shooting. Unbelievable.

  • flowerbean10
    flowerbean10 5 months ago

    I wouldn’t either if a shooter came and.... well almost end you

  • and i oop
    and i oop 5 months ago +2

    my school has ONE officer!!!! ONE also at my school there’s the door u know with the windo BUT THE there’s a WINDOW that’s the same size of the door right next to it!!!! it’s actually not supposed to be there. i talk to my principal cuz the parkland shooting really scared me, i told him about the window right next to the door and he told me “ the shoot would me looking for an open door so if it’s not open they won’t go in”🤦🏾‍♀️ wtf

  • monica vasques
    monica vasques 6 months ago +2

    If parents put a special surprise for their kid on valentine's day
    But. ........
    Their kid died
    Its sad

  • says 101
    says 101 6 months ago

    this may sound weird and offensive but on feb. 14th 2019, everyone acted like it never happened. no one talked about it. my school didnt have any moment of silence for them. not even the teachers mentioned it. we just had a fun valentines day party as if its in some alternate history when parkland doesnt happen. and everyone was smiling, making jokes, and all that. it was a fun valentines day, but on the first anniversary of the parkland school shooting too...

  • says 101
    says 101 6 months ago

    i remember when i was there when it happened last year. i was at some valentine days party having a BLAST not even aware of what was going on at parkland. i remember getting home and turning on the news. i was in complete silence.

    • TD_ETH!CHS
      TD_ETH!CHS Month ago

      says 101 you was in the school ?

  • bayleiii idk
    bayleiii idk 6 months ago

    nicholas saved a life😢

  • Luka Ungaretti
    Luka Ungaretti 7 months ago

    And to think last year I knew something was very wrong I felt depressed at school which was weird

  • Luka Ungaretti
    Luka Ungaretti 7 months ago


  • LiveByFaith SSHNN
    LiveByFaith SSHNN 7 months ago +2

    Why didn't they close the school and relocate? Students should not have to go to the same location again. They should have torn it down and not let kids be more depressed having to return.

  • Jesus Guardado
    Jesus Guardado 7 months ago

    I would like to thank Peter a student that died and was in rotc. Like me I would not have been that brave like him.

  • madelyn morgan
    madelyn morgan 7 months ago +1

    Everyone go subscribe to FiveFootOneTeacher. She teaches there and she is so inspiring and hopeful

  • Live Free or Die
    Live Free or Die 7 months ago +1

    The district, teachers and administrators are responsible for failing the kids! More teaching less time brainwashing.

  • Jay Bradley
    Jay Bradley 7 months ago +1

    She sure is Some Beautiful Melanin😍😍😍😍 I Love me a dark skinned woman

  • Ny Squad
    Ny Squad 7 months ago +3

    The guy with the orange hair came to my school

  • Cᴀғᴇ́
    Cᴀғᴇ́ 7 months ago

    Today happened Suzano school Shooting

  • Hayden T
    Hayden T 7 months ago +4

    “Do you feel safe in school” / “absolutely not” - probably cause we arent🤷🏽‍♀️🤕

  • 유독 한 사랑
    유독 한 사랑 7 months ago +16

    “Still don’t feel safe” it’s because we aren’t safe.

  • Paulina
    Paulina 7 months ago

    This should’ve been happening when the first ever school shooting occurred. How many more do we have to go through so that more is done about it?

  • BoaSky
    BoaSky 7 months ago

    I really hope they have way way more stricter gun laws I don’t want to become a victims I don’t want my friend to become a victim I don’t want my teachers to become victims

  • Live Free or Die
    Live Free or Die 7 months ago +2

    The Dems and the schools are responsible for these shootings, they must stop preaching hatred and ultra-liberal ideologies.

  • MissyShrimp 2
    MissyShrimp 2 8 months ago

    It’s so sad how this was only last year and nothing has really changed so far.
    They still don’t care about adult or kid safety when it comes to guns and safety

  • Jacob Longer
    Jacob Longer 8 months ago

    Aalayah is not telling the truth. She does a few interviews. One she says she was sitting at her desk when Nick was shot. The other interview she gives this story about running and huddlining in the corner and talking about Helena was gonna hand her a book to hide behind. You can't be sitting at your desk and hudiling in a corner at the same time.

  • MacAaroni
    MacAaroni 8 months ago +3

    Kid A is poking Kid B with a stick . Do you give Kid C a stick and tell him to poke Kid A , or do you just take away the stick?

  • Lilothestitch
    Lilothestitch 8 months ago

    This is sad. No one is ever safe.

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee 8 months ago

    I’m scared to go to Florida now

  • King Searles
    King Searles 8 months ago

    These types of shootings are a stand against the United States Government which is "One Nation Under God" A.k.a.- "One Nation Under Fraud" since those losers "God" & "Jesus" were frauds!

  • just watching2
    just watching2 8 months ago

    Lets all just hide under our beds and have an official watcher for every civilian to insure nothing can harm us in any way.

  • yoongi_
    yoongi_ 8 months ago

    If I was there , I would take the bullet for each and all of them, I would ask the shooter if he could just take my life and keep everyone else safe, I wish, I could take all there bullets.

  • Koopaboy6
    Koopaboy6 8 months ago +2

    I believe the United States should have the same law as Canada. Which is to make assault rifles illegal.

    • Just an Eggroll
      Just an Eggroll 7 months ago

      Assault rifles are illegal as of 1994, and the guy didnt use an assault rifle, but an AR-15

  • Hey Boo
    Hey Boo 8 months ago

    It’s actually hard to believe it was a year ago, 6th grade seems like it was yesterday😪but our school did a moment of silence for them

  • 100 subscriber's with 2 video

    This why i dont feel safe at school

    • Live Free or Die
      Live Free or Die 7 months ago

      Blame your teachers and administrators, put the pressure on them! It's not a gun issue; schools are failing the kids.

    • ThaliaPaz Calvario
      ThaliaPaz Calvario 7 months ago

      L-1-3 nothing ever happens we’re I go to school so I’m not that school cause nobody ever know about my town I live in

    • noel williams
      noel williams 7 months ago

      all you need to do if you see someone being pick on help that person out be his friend that is why some kids do things they feel nobody likes them.

    APCWORLDSUXAZ 8 months ago

    fighting for change! THAT NO ONE WANTS!!!! im just kidding take all the guns away.... that way we can be in the news years later fleeing America in a giant migrant train to canada because of corrupt governments and drug dealers. with ar 15s.suckers.

  • Wynter & Samiyah Private information

    I’m so sorry, for these teens. Trying to go to school, yet they still don’t feel _safe_ , hard to believe people in the world, would try to shoot teens...

  • Kurt Vonfricken
    Kurt Vonfricken 8 months ago

    2:00-2:15 is the key. She goes against the narrative. Mass shootings are not the main problem. The main problem is that poor minority kids get shot and nobody cares. How many time has this news program done a show on inner city youths being killed? It simply doesn’t sell.

  • ViolaBandit807
    ViolaBandit807 8 months ago

    I absolutely dont feel safe at my school

  • DB Cooper
    DB Cooper 8 months ago

    David Hogg is a 28 year old actor.

  • Eli In the Wolverine State

    Sad this happened because people didn't do their jobs. Anyone can cause great harm if they want. Same people that didn't do their jobs are still there.

  • cosmic deity
    cosmic deity 8 months ago +1

    I'd drop out and get my ged. A highschool diploma isnt worth my life.

  • Aparna Rajesh
    Aparna Rajesh 8 months ago +1

    never happened ever again

  • Manuel Flores
    Manuel Flores 8 months ago +4

    Compren el libro de jesus ezquivel NARCOS GRINGOS. Busquenlo y lean informense hasta despues lloran o reclaman

  • Manuel Flores
    Manuel Flores 8 months ago +1

    Oh my God que bien estas mismas armas producen miles y miles de muertes en mi pais y es culpa de las armas de USA y mi pregunta es que te preoupa a ti ?

  • Elliott Wolcott
    Elliott Wolcott 8 months ago +3

    That is so sad on what that guy did to those people and to that school and I hope he gets life in prison without the possibility of parole for what he did.

  • Dominick Cobey
    Dominick Cobey 8 months ago +4


  • Marlon Perez
    Marlon Perez 8 months ago +181

    Hard to believe this was one year ago.....

  • Black On Black on Charcoal


  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee 8 months ago +3

    What a beautiful sweet boy. :(

  • 2Aftw
    2Aftw 8 months ago +3

    Democrats promote gun control laws that disproportionately harm communities of color. Look up the racist history of gun and control and the democrat party.

    • Asiel MILIAN
      Asiel MILIAN 8 months ago

      That's true. Gun control is heavily focused on black people.

    • Alyssa Bahu
      Alyssa Bahu 8 months ago


  • Noob King ッ
    Noob King ッ 8 months ago +32

    Who else lives in Florida 😢

    • Noob King ッ
      Noob King ッ 7 months ago +1

      ThaliaPaz Calvario u sound dumb asf ! School shootings happen everywhere yu uneducated mf

    • ThaliaPaz Calvario
      ThaliaPaz Calvario 7 months ago

      Noob King ッ no I live in Texas so I’m safe 🤗🤗🤗 not trying to be mean tho

    • Live Free or Die
      Live Free or Die 7 months ago

      The Dems open border policy is allowing illegal street guns, drugs and sex trafficking to pour over the southern border! Gun control is a Smokescreen!

    • ZvuxBeatz
      ZvuxBeatz 7 months ago

      Noob King ッ Me I’m still scared to go to Marjory Stoneman

    • Asiel MILIAN
      Asiel MILIAN 8 months ago


  • Charlie Castillo
    Charlie Castillo 8 months ago +2

    Enough is enough no one needs to loose their lives over something so stupid

  • Charlie Castillo
    Charlie Castillo 8 months ago +2

    Get those big guns out of here destroy them already

    • Just an Eggroll
      Just an Eggroll 7 months ago


    • BoaSky
      BoaSky 8 months ago

      Chris Jovy only one bled out The others Nikolas Cruz either shot them in the head or a fatal place in there body

    • Alyssa Bahu
      Alyssa Bahu 8 months ago

      Charlie Castillo

    • Chris Jovy
      Chris Jovy 8 months ago

      Yea and open up the black market for guns also The police and the FBI failed on their jobs. Also, a .223 ( do not know know do a google search) is EXTREMELY WEAK ( I own the 2 AR-15 platforms; one is .50 beowolf the other is .223) and other types of firearms like bolt actions and more. To be honest the 17 killed where BLEEDING OUT because of the poor response time ( HORRIBLE, PAINFUL and SLOW DEATH ).

  • Makenzee Cohen
    Makenzee Cohen 8 months ago +23

    Its hard to imagine my kids will be sitting in classrooms years from now with first aid kits in the back of the classroom, high security, some places already have teachers that carry a gun.... it is sad what this world has come to. I remember going to high school and the gates were open always for anybody and there was so much freedom and that was only in 2016. So much has changed and I hope it dosen’t get worse. Prayers to all the great parents who have tragically lost their children.

    • Live Free or Die
      Live Free or Die 7 months ago

      60,000 die each each year from drugs flowing over the southern border; show them some respect, build the wall.

    • Live Free or Die
      Live Free or Die 7 months ago

      You can thank the Dems for the open borders and illegal street guns flowing over the southern border with drugs and sex trafficking!

      APCWORLDSUXAZ 8 months ago

      and? florida schools are nothing like new York city or Detroit schools...… ..... kids in inner city schools and ghetto area will be beat and terrorized for years to come until they commit suicide..... where as a shooter even if not government run is still a rare thing. with the amount of people citing two different people, one dressed in full flak armor versus what we found the "shooter" wearing, id be more scared the government wiped those kids out, just like sandy hook,,, 3 car doors open, hoodies on ground by doors, 2 men in woods wearing black tops and camo pants found and handcuffed, 1 shooter official story

    • Makenzee Cohen
      Makenzee Cohen 8 months ago

      APCWORLDSUXAZ dude. I live in this city where it happened lol

      APCWORLDSUXAZ 8 months ago

      you obviously haven't watched any footage from inner city schools.. I be more afraid of going to school in or near a major city than I ever would of a lone gun man...

  • yt kjazbaaz
    yt kjazbaaz 8 months ago +3

    Why whouldent they put that in every school