Do All Trump Supporters Think the Same?

  • Published on Dec 23, 2018
  • We brought Trump supporters together to see where they stand on issues related to Donald Trump.
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    Note from Jubilee: Jubilee does not endorse or advocate for or against any opinions shared in this video. On set and in our content, we aim to create a safe space for sharing a diversity of opinions and ultimately inspire empathy.
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Comments • 36 086

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  9 months ago +4186

    Hey everyone - thanks for watching episode 2 of Spectrum! Regardless of our own opinions, we aim to create a safe space to share a diversity of other opinions.
    Editor's Note: We've flipped the visual image in the edit because we found it was confusing to have "Agree" on the left and "Disagree" on the right. As a result, any text on clothing is flipped, but aside from that, no alterations have been made and the participants' responses are true and accurate. Apologies for the inconvenience and hope you understand!

    • Mal K
      Mal K 17 days ago

      @Shannequa The Sadist could be!

    • Shannequa The Sadist
      Shannequa The Sadist 17 days ago

      @Mal K I don't mean to sound arrogant, but they made that series only 3 months ago and my comment is 7 months is it possible that I made that happen?

    • Mal K
      Mal K 18 days ago

      @Shannequa The Sadist They have a new series that does this!

    • Adored By D
      Adored By D Month ago

      Can you do an update with the same people, I wonder how many people from this pool still have the same views

    • Decker Moy
      Decker Moy 2 months ago +1

      Marina P your kind of people always complains about lack of diversity now your complaining cause their is?! You should be happy they are showing black conservatives and showing their voices

  • Queen M
    Queen M 4 hours ago


  • mazwy Fahad
    mazwy Fahad 4 hours ago

    ughhh it’s a shame that gina is trump supporter

  • Wicked Flex
    Wicked Flex 7 hours ago

    That black man seems so friendly.

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet 17 hours ago

    Dawg I’ve seen 3 videos with joy villa in them and every time she’s found some sorta way to bring up how she hit #1 😂😂😂

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet 17 hours ago

    Joy Villa: I hit #1 on billboard

  • Vanilla Shake
    Vanilla Shake 19 hours ago

    They ruined the misfits logo :(

  • Julian Scalici
    Julian Scalici Day ago

    I honestly cant belive these people

  • Virgil Hartmann
    Virgil Hartmann Day ago

    That skateboarder sounds too much like leafy tho

  • Abby Smith
    Abby Smith Day ago

    I know this video will make me angry but I'm gonna watch it anyway

  • Michelle Arguelles

    I voted for trump and even i can admit this was the most boring and most biased video yet.

  • El MIDO
    El MIDO Day ago

    Whether you like trump supporters or not, These guys are weird,With all do respect theses people out here are Looking like they escaped a mental heath assylum or something

  • H K-Y
    H K-Y Day ago

    *Liking the video not because I enjoyed it but that it exists to teach that there are people like this out there.*

  • Sariah Lily Small
    Sariah Lily Small 2 days ago +1

    Don't know what everyone else's opinions are, but this video make me be like," True!" :)

  • Sariah Lily Small
    Sariah Lily Small 2 days ago +1

    What accent does Peter Paul have? It's cool

  • Elizabeth Armbruster

    I have always been torn regarding the wall. Because of the things that I have seen, read about, and the statistics regarding the crime rate from illegal immigrants and drug traffickers at the Mexican/American boarder, I do believe a wall is in order for national security and protecting everybody who lives in these boarder states. I do not believe that everybody and anybody should just be able to enter this or any country without a background check or the proper process, however, I recognize and greatly dislike how hard it is and how dangerous it is for people who just want a better life to be nationalized and come into America legally. Is a better solution to take some of money being used to be build the wall and fund resources and supports for people trying to enter this country legally?
    I am not against immigrants (from any country) whatsoever, I just wish there were an easier way for people to cross legally because although the statistics may be smaller than what is portrayed, there are still criminals and drug traffickers that enter our country illegally. Furthermore, this gives a bad reputation to and endangers the men, woman, and children who are not criminals and who are truly trying to move to America to make a better life.

  • Mineral
    Mineral 2 days ago

    Looool Keith made me think of, "I'm pissed. Royally pissed! We are not a monolith" 😂

  • abiwankenobi
    abiwankenobi 2 days ago

    Ya'll lost me with the LGBTQ question. I wanted to watch this with an open mind but some of these people are so underdeveloped as human beings I want to scream.

    • SsSs RoBbSs
      SsSs RoBbSs 2 days ago

      One opinion doesnt make all opinions invalid.

  • sarvenaz iraji
    sarvenaz iraji 2 days ago

    Sis if you want scholarships, then spend more time STUDYING than wasting it on hating and acting like a victim

  • Alejandra Flores
    Alejandra Flores 3 days ago

    I Mean We Are In Debt Now Because Of Trump But Alright

  • Ruby Nelson
    Ruby Nelson 3 days ago +2


  • Mary Rodriguez
    Mary Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Wait did the African girl just say having abortions is because your black??? Wtf

    • SsSs RoBbSs
      SsSs RoBbSs 2 days ago

      No, the African American girl just said theres higher rates of abortion within the black community, which is correct.

  • Celeste Jacquet
    Celeste Jacquet 3 days ago

    "He's only there for four years" you can do so everlasting damage in four years. Ask Reagan during the AIDS crisis 😒

    • SsSs RoBbSs
      SsSs RoBbSs 2 days ago

      Reagan caused the AIDS epidemic?

  • Robert Dozier
    Robert Dozier 4 days ago

    There are so few black Trump supporters that I have seen this same black man on another forum...

  • Jonathen Brown
    Jonathen Brown 4 days ago

    okay but joy villa’s music is REALLY bad

  • Angel Antoinette
    Angel Antoinette 4 days ago

    Johnothan was in a different video right?

  • Steph
    Steph 5 days ago

    i’m so baffled by seeing women, people of color and lgbt people support trump... like he’s literally against everything you are???

    • SsSs RoBbSs
      SsSs RoBbSs 4 days ago

      @Steph For someone whos supposedly not in the mood for an argument you sure did just spend plenty of time trying to make one. Regardless the same thing i already said still applies. Trump doesnt hate women, he VERY clearly objectifies and comments on literally everyone's appearance if you havent noticed. He doesnt hate gay people, hes been on record several times saying he supports gay marriage and never plans on trying to change it. The trans ban is and has been easily argued to be pragmatic rather than idealistic. Meaning he doesn't want the unnecessary cost and doesn't want people's lives to be in the hands of someone who isn't currently completely mentally stable. And you can't force someone to go against their religion. Would you make a Muslim or Jewish person serve pork just to make their customers happy? How about forcing a black person to make KKK uniforms? That is what that is. We have freedom in the US, thats how it works. Once again YOURE connecting these labels to him out of ignorance to the subject and because you'd like him to be all the ists so you feel like you're right. Im sorry, but that mentality is just detrimental and makes everything much worse.

    • Steph
      Steph 4 days ago

      SsSs RoBbSs im really not in the mood for an argument but trump objectifies women to the point of sexual harassment, he’s against lgbt people (for example not allowing trans people in the military, oh and don’t get me started on all that racist stuff he has done. i just really really don’t get how you can vote someone who makes these statements if you’re part of that certain group of minorities. how can you be a woman and support someone who treats women like objects? rating them solely on their looks (he’s done that very often, in his time as a president and in the time before that), how can you be an lgbt person and support someone who has said that it’s legal to fire someone just because of their identity or giving up on the protection of trans kids who face discrimination at school, how can you be a person of color and willing to vote someone who does not acknowledge not “american” looking people as real americans or simply doesn’t care about racist incidents that happened after the election, talking them down. there are many more examples of bad behavior coming from his side.
      i’m not trying to say it’s wrong to be republican as a person of color, woman or member of the lgbt community, but you should not vote someone who’s anti or talks very degrading of who you are, whether it’s your race, gender or sexuality

    • SsSs RoBbSs
      SsSs RoBbSs 4 days ago

      Steph, that was the whole point. They included those different types of people so people like you would understand YOURE the ones applying the Trump hates blank people "argument".

  • Trevor Day
    Trevor Day 5 days ago

    This black man is a wack man

  • Carly D
    Carly D 5 days ago +1

    It’s hard for me to wrap my head around their viewpoints, but especially how does a transgender person support Trump when Trump doesn’t even support her basic identity??

  • Au JW
    Au JW 6 days ago

    She was at the Grammy's?? Sis what is her name again?

    • SsSs RoBbSs
      SsSs RoBbSs 4 days ago

      @Au JW Not with that attitude.

    • Au JW
      Au JW 4 days ago

      @SsSs RoBbSs mine doesn't matter coz I ain't at the Grammy's

    • SsSs RoBbSs
      SsSs RoBbSs 4 days ago

      Whats yours?

  • cindy casanova
    cindy casanova 6 days ago

    The black man is internally racist af
    “Natural law” lol

    • SsSs RoBbSs
      SsSs RoBbSs 4 days ago

      That wouldnt be racism no matter how you looked at it.

  • Sidonie Wittman
    Sidonie Wittman 6 days ago

    I mean I watched this to get a more open mind but I really don’t think I learned anything only the bowler hat guy was cool

  • Stackboykilo
    Stackboykilo 6 days ago +1

    If Anyone messes with her ima kick their ass. Ummmmmm u couldn’t even kick the guy ass who spit on you and broke yur board 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😒😒😒

  • Oliver Mackenzie
    Oliver Mackenzie 6 days ago

    Don’t understand how Gina (a Transgender Woman) can support Trump when he has done so much against her community literally hurting the trans community

    • Oliver Mackenzie
      Oliver Mackenzie 5 days ago

      Zachary Casanova I see where you’re coming from with the religious freedom thing but i still don’t agree with it. Why is politics being so swayed by religion i don’t get it, plus no where in the bible does it mention Transgender people. Most trans people that were in the military anyway, were fully transitioned, confident in who they were. Those statistics are for people mid transition, who are unsure of who they are, facing scrutiny from not only their own mind, but from the minds of everyone else. Most of those statistics, also come from the fact that these acts have been put in place, they’re thinking “I’m never gonna get a job” “i don’t have any rights” “what’s the point in living if my life is practically over” the fact that these laws are in place where you can get fired for being LGBT is the main reason our community has those statistics

    • Zachary Casanova
      Zachary Casanova 5 days ago

      Oliver Mackenzie the Supreme Court ruled in favor of it because it is freedom of religion for those people to fire them, I don’t think it’s right but it’s still their religious right to do it. And there are multiple reasons why they shouldn’t be in the military, 40% suicide rate, high anxiety rate, large expenses in medicine that transgender people will need that the military has to pay for, I don’t think I want those people in high stress situations when they are already living a mentally difficult life

    • Oliver Mackenzie
      Oliver Mackenzie 6 days ago

      Zachary Casanova Setting in place acts that can get you Fired for being LGBT, not allowing Transgender Men and Women in the Military....literally taking away the Trans Community’s rights slowly over his presidency

    • Zachary Casanova
      Zachary Casanova 6 days ago

      How has he hurt the trans community?

  • Esen Uzun
    Esen Uzun 7 days ago

    tell me one thing trumo done something positive for people. and im not even american

    • SsSs RoBbSs
      SsSs RoBbSs 6 days ago

      Not a hard question. You can easily Google it. But for now how about economically?

  • Krach 29
    Krach 29 7 days ago

    The only thing I don’t get about Trump supporters is why the hell they support a misogynistic president.

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 7 days ago +1

      Krach 29 That's definitely not the only thing you don't get. And it's because YOU'RE applying that type of label. Clearly not everyone share that outlook.

  • Tay Clemons
    Tay Clemons 8 days ago +3

    I freakin loved this video

  • Kenedi Jubert
    Kenedi Jubert 8 days ago

    When that one girl said she lOsT hEr sChOLaRsHip; What a brat. Those kids probably worked harder than you BC THEYRE IMMIGRANTS. They didn’t have that privilege when they came to America. They had to work harder to get where they are now bc sadly it’s who they are.

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 8 days ago

      That's a awhole lot of assumptions and still not their point anyway.

  • sadlystuckinreality
    sadlystuckinreality 8 days ago

    I don't think the younger girl understands. I'm a white female too and I didn't get any scholarships and we had to completely pay for my college. It wasn't because of race at all, I didn't have good enough grades! There's a lot of reasons why scholarships go to other people. I wasn't a good enough student in high school to get any help like that. Do not make it a race thing. Some people are just better and more deserving students. People need to be able to acknowledge things like that.

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 7 days ago

      sadlystuckinreality Normally I'd agree with you about that. People do need to stop unnecessarily bringing race into things where it's not important. HOWEVER colleges actually do consider race in quite a few different areas. It's one of the few actual forms of real systematic racism in the US today that can be easily proven outright. It's possible that this young woman doesn't fall into that category and it is in her head, but those things still definitely do exist.

  • Inga B
    Inga B 8 days ago

    announcer: america should build a wall.
    me: mmMMM HERE IT IS

  • princessoddett
    princessoddett 9 days ago

    Trans women: I love Trump
    Trump: Trans people no longer exist as people and get no protection.

    • Zachary Casanova
      Zachary Casanova 6 days ago

      SS Robs bet she won’t, lol

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 8 days ago +2

      And what's that qoute from? I'm sure you can give the specific link.

  • qween monster
    qween monster 9 days ago

    The Trans old lady girl WTF supportTrump do realize what that means 💀

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 8 days ago

      It just means you support Trump. Stop trying to apply your own ideas to it.

  • Ms Ggg
    Ms Ggg 9 days ago

    Jesus that black guy is annoying. It's unnatural to be gay. Those same people said blacks didn't deserve freedom or human rights.

  • soccerchamp0511
    soccerchamp0511 9 days ago

    As soon as they all agreed that Trump is a good role model for children I couldn't take them seriously anymore.

  • Burnt Waffle
    Burnt Waffle 9 days ago

    2:00 I’m sorry but that’s a lie. Tf

  • Debby K
    Debby K 9 days ago +5

    Keith looks like he reads the manual before using a phone.

    • Jennifer Rose
      Jennifer Rose 4 days ago

      Debby K I laughed out loud when I read this comment ❤️❤️❤️

  • ハイストレンジアーHystrangea

    They must talking about another trump.

  • Lydia Blank
    Lydia Blank 9 days ago

    I came in to watch this with an open mind, and it did make me thing and reevaluate a little bit. But by the end of my self-evaluation of my views, I realized that while I think they did make some good points, the negatives of Trump, in my opinion, outweigh the positives. I also think, especially in Immigration, how they were hating on illegal immigrants for benefits, they were more leaning towards taking away their aid, which I believe they need, rather than focus that effort on giving more support to other demographics and communities that need the help.

  • hijjik
    hijjik 10 days ago

    How do they keep getting Joy Villa on?

  • Carly A
    Carly A 10 days ago +1

    a LOT can happen in four or five years, cmon now.

  • Stellarim198 Gaming
    Stellarim198 Gaming 10 days ago +2

    The moment when they all agreed for wall says it all........😑

  • Eaglefly
    Eaglefly 10 days ago +1

    I understand why some people support Trump. They have many reasons to do so, he's straight forward and rich which makes lobbies' temptation to seduce him with funds totally obsolete. But his main problem is his unprofessionalism and his unpresidential behavior. He handles state businesses unprofessionaly with such ego and narcissism that make him totally unfit for office.

  • But why
    But why 10 days ago

    "same right as i have"
    so to marry
    "i can't same sex marriage so they cant either"
    bro.... your straight you can still get married like what

  • Dranged 2k
    Dranged 2k 11 days ago +1

    That Afro girl is retarted I like republicans but not Donald trump

  • G S.F
    G S.F 11 days ago

    I mean you still have to qualify for a scholarship. If you didn't as a citizen its because you didnt work hard for it. Many of my friends got scholarships because they worked their asses off. Some are citizens and some arent. You cant just get a scholarship for being a citizen

    FLOWER POWER 11 days ago +1

    They really just took 6 different people in gender and nationallity just so it doesnt end THAT fuckt up

  • chevon1920
    chevon1920 11 days ago

    I think what all trump supporters have in common is that they are delusional morons, 🤷🏿‍♀️ can a compulsive liar be a good role model good god.

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 11 days ago +1

      I think you had no reason to disgree with anything here (atleast with actual reason anyway) so you decided name call like a child would and that would have happened with title alone no matter what opinions were really expressed.

  • javon crawford
    javon crawford 11 days ago +1

    bruh really said that having lgbt rights is “against the law” when way back in the day a black person having rights was also considered “against the law” smh

  • ಕೃಷ್ಣಾ ಭಾಗವತ

    Watch Great Hack.

  • Bianca Liebenberg
    Bianca Liebenberg 12 days ago

    Contrary to natural law my ass, you know how many animal species display homosexual+ behaviour Keith, my guy?