China Expandable container house ---10 minutes one house!

  • Published on Nov 29, 2017
  • Prefab container house for granny flat/ clinics, tourist resort.
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    WhatsApp: +8618620106756 For more information of container house, feel free to contact me.

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  • james davis
    james davis 9 hours ago

    so the toilet water conections electricity?

  • indiana146
    indiana146 2 days ago


    ASASIIRA BLEZIA 4 days ago +1

    how much is the china expandable countainer house to uganda

  • creator Space
    creator Space 5 days ago

    That's a good one.

  • Jody Beskini RutherfordCountyAnimalGroupMAMA

    How much to ship to USA?

  • Ian
    Ian 8 days ago

    What about sewer hookup

  • Игорь Иващенко

    Худ фильм хвезда

  • Nas RA
    Nas RA 11 days ago

    My family would protest, but wouldn't mind living in this kind of house. For two years I lived in a 4by6 foot closet. It makes you more monkish.

  • Latino Graphy
    Latino Graphy 11 days ago

    How much does this cost ?

  • aini shajeer
    aini shajeer 13 days ago


  • Virginia Flavia Rabelo


  • jitu 007
    jitu 007 14 days ago

    इसकी सारी डिटेल डिस्क्रिप्शन बॉक्स में डाल दिया करो मकान की क्या साइज है इसमें और कितनी कीमत में यह उपलब्ध हो पाएगा इंडिया में
    और इसके साथ में फर्नीचर आएगा या नहीं

  • Laspi Group
    Laspi Group 16 days ago

    How much cost this?

    • Christina Chen
      Christina Chen  7 days ago

      Please feel free to email me: or whatsapp: +8618620106756 Thank you.

  • First Name
    First Name 18 days ago

    A great option for the homeless

  • جمال الكون
    جمال الكون 18 days ago

    this can slove the problem for the homeles all over the world

  • Tim Adams
    Tim Adams 19 days ago

    Wow that's unbelievable 😁

  • Taharka Hor
    Taharka Hor 19 days ago

    OMG wow thx!

  • Francisco Nazar
    Francisco Nazar 19 days ago

    how much is this

  • pradeep prasad
    pradeep prasad 20 days ago


  • Arounaphotos
    Arounaphotos 20 days ago


  • Nancy Morrison
    Nancy Morrison 20 days ago

    I would be so happy in this tiny house.💃🏡🚴💐

  • John John
    John John 20 days ago +3

    Could I order this house on AliExpress? 😁

  • MrLoobu
    MrLoobu 21 day ago +1

    Hey thats great but being Canadian Id love to see a 2 story model so that Im not buried in winter. Although it would need to be buried unless youd want to freeze to death.

  • Абубакир Олдалиев

    Сколько стоить такой дом

  • and yan
    and yan 23 days ago

    Ki maksude sisteme kya tenda apa ya pak?bisa digawa mayeng'' bisa bongkar pasang

  • Dr. Bombay
    Dr. Bombay 23 days ago +1

    Probably cost more than a wood frame house.

    • Pamela Burdeos
      Pamela Burdeos 20 days ago


    • MrLoobu
      MrLoobu 21 day ago

      To build from scratch but not if you are repurposing old containers. Big difference between what it cost to make and what they will charge you for it.

  • PhukDup MudClub
    PhukDup MudClub 23 days ago

    Wouldnt want it for a house, but for a pull behind camper that would be awesome!

  • Miss Take
    Miss Take 24 days ago +3

    This design has been around for a long time

  • Nurun Nahar Popy
    Nurun Nahar Popy 24 days ago

    Any toilet?

  • Zadeel dotcom
    Zadeel dotcom 24 days ago

    Good office space. Need another 2 connected. Perfect

  • Zone Ray
    Zone Ray 24 days ago

    Looks cheap

  • shpadua
    shpadua 24 days ago +1

    Get ready for it. Once they burn us out we'll be living in these stack em and pack ems while the elite enjoy the wide open country.

  • Wendy Longwill
    Wendy Longwill 25 days ago

    I need one of these to put on my land I own love it...

  • Chic Chi
    Chic Chi 25 days ago

    Oh wow

  • ManDogVlog
    ManDogVlog 26 days ago

    I would buy one of these from DHGate but then they would send me a Barbie Doll House.

  • Ace Ĺ
    Ace Ĺ 26 days ago +7

    Most of these inquiries are from countries which are not accustom to having four walls and a roof much less electricity, plumbing, windows, insulation, etc.
    For the rest of us, inquiring about a kitchen, bathroom, windows and insulation is the norm.
    Realistically this fold away container would not withstand our floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, ice accumulations or any other threatening weather conditions.
    A portable wood building has far more advantages at much less cost and would be warrantied.
    Good luck with any guarantee or warranty coverage from the Chinese!

    • cnn
      cnn 23 days ago

      Maybe, but a friend’s unit withstood a 6.4 earthquake in the Philippines.

  • Dora Gonzales
    Dora Gonzales 27 days ago

    Wow thats amazing I could live in one Texas just paid California so much money to come up with an idea on how to solve the homeless problem this is the solution period

  • : : J O S E P H : :
    : : J O S E P H : : 27 days ago +1

    Buenos días,
    estaría disponible en España?
    Que precio tiene?
    Un saludo.

      ALBDEEOO INTERIORS 27 days ago

      @: : J O S E P H : : alrededor de 175 usd por m2, si necesita más información, hágamelo saber

    • : : J O S E P H : :
      : : J O S E P H : : 27 days ago

      Hola necesitaría 4 unidades siempre dependiendo del precio y si cumplen el Código Técnico de Edificación y la normativa de habitabilidad de Galicia qué es lo que quiero saber.

      ALBDEEOO INTERIORS 27 days ago

      @: : J O S E P H : : dale me gusta y suscríbete a nuestro canal!

      ALBDEEOO INTERIORS 27 days ago

      ​@: : J O S E P H : : por favor dime el área que quieres construir? Le proporcionaremos información.

    • : : J O S E P H : :
      : : J O S E P H : : 27 days ago

      ALBDEEOO INTERIORS qué empresa la distribuye en España para poder consultar precios? gracias.

  • ChrisDSX
    ChrisDSX 28 days ago +4

    Someone said it was small.. you can easily link 2-3 together to have a pretty big house. This is an amazing innovation.

  • Zachary Hadley
    Zachary Hadley 28 days ago +9

    Where do you poop? Or cook? Or shower? How do you heat the structure? How well is it insulated from outside noise, and elements? It’s just a large tin box...🧐🧐🧐

    • d i
      d i 20 days ago

      True. But it all depends on the weight, size, price and the shipping costs. One should prepare drainage, water supply, etc. in advance.

  • A. N A S
    A. N A S 28 days ago

    How much is that?

  • Becky Kent
    Becky Kent 28 days ago +11

    Looks sooooo cheap and scary for safety!

    • Shayn Javier
      Shayn Javier 24 days ago

      Becky Kent true

    • Doug C
      Doug C 26 days ago +2

      Depends on where one lives.
      This would work great where I live but in thypoon or hurricane areas areas of the world. Your 100% right > No Way!

  • drw isis
    drw isis 28 days ago

    haaaaaaa the Japanese be serious about some shit. don't they?

  • Brian G
    Brian G 29 days ago +1


    Disclaimer: one panel has a weight of 750lbs... You will need 10 men to assemble 😂😂😂😂

  • Dave Micolichek
    Dave Micolichek 29 days ago +4

    "House"? This is about the size of the shed in my back yard. 🤔

    • Landdon Ball
      Landdon Ball 23 days ago

      California Dreaming what's the difference between Asians and other people?

    • Lori Knapp
      Lori Knapp 25 days ago

      @California Dreaming Why do you feel the need to insult someone and call them a fat ass when you have no ideal who you are commenting to..Sounds like you have issues..The house is small but im sure would be better than no where to live. .

    • Dave Micolichek
      Dave Micolichek 25 days ago +2

      @California Dreaming I'm 6'4", 210lbs asshole. Fat ass? How bout I open a can of whoop-ass, on your ass? Friggen jealous millennials. Get a job you bum.

    • Dave Micolichek
      Dave Micolichek 25 days ago +2

      @Ciril Kamal I give charity to my own people first. You have a LONG line ahead of you. Have some self respect, and don't beg.

    • California Dreaming
      California Dreaming 26 days ago +8

      This is for asians not fat asses like you.

  • Ahsan Hussain
    Ahsan Hussain 29 days ago

    Tiananmen square june 4th 1989

  • - -
    - - 29 days ago

    Shit, structural and thermal integrity of a building site portacabin

  • Old School Games
    Old School Games 29 days ago +2


  • Justwantahover
    Justwantahover 29 days ago +1

    What is possible and what they actually do is two completely different things. Why haven't they been doing this for decades?. It's not rocket science. Actually Elon Must could do this stuff and make it solar powered. I have thought of architectural stuff for years (easy) but they don't do it. My design is a storm proof house that (at least structurally) would be dirt cheap and it would never blow over, but they don't do it and never will unless I do it. Make a tipi out of 6 wooden power poles concreted at the foundations and joined (strongly) at the top. Then just make a cement floor and fill it in with a house with whatever materials you like. How STRONG would that be. How CHEAP would that be, but nobody will do it.

  • Vahid Buljkic
    Vahid Buljkic 29 days ago

    That would help many Australians.

  • Summer Raines
    Summer Raines Month ago

    Is it insulated?

  • Tgypt King
    Tgypt King Month ago +1


  • Michael H
    Michael H Month ago +2

    Swedish: DIY Furniture.
    Chinese: DIY House.

  • Live Life
    Live Life Month ago

    Affordable housing

  • ابن المعرة

    كم السعر

  • will edwards
    will edwards Month ago

    Where do you poop?

  • Blanca Sal
    Blanca Sal Month ago +1

    Whao!!! Lo q me faltaba. Yo necesito una de esas casas

      ALBDEEOO INTERIORS 27 days ago

      yeah! it is easily available. mention your contact info or get visit.

  • J. M.
    J. M. Month ago

    October 15th 2019 I'm disappointed why wasn't there any black Chinese men helping the new black Chinese on what's wrong with this video we're not seeing black Chinese men taking over responsibilities what China has built.

  • Tommy WOO
    Tommy WOO Month ago


  • Stefan Pigford
    Stefan Pigford Month ago

    3- D printer can make yu one