Next On #RHOA: Matt's Back (Season 9, Episode 18) | Bravo

  • Опубликовано: 20 мар 2017
  • Kenya's ex returns, while legal issues arise for some of the 'Wives. Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sundays at 8/7c, Only on Bravo. #RHOA
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    In Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia is free, fabulous, and embracing all life has to offer, from engaging in new business opportunities to taking a dip in the dating pool. Eager to move forward, Shereé is focusing on healing old relationship wounds and preparing for an empty nest with her daughter heading off to college. Meanwhile, Kenya, who focuses on growing her beauty empire, is over the moon after a whirlwind romance led to marrying the man of her dreams. Fully vindicated after last season's shocking allegations, it's business as usual for Kandi, who is juggling managing the popular Old Lady Gang restaurant and planning the highly-anticipated Xscape reunion. Excited for a new start, Porsha is looking for love and embracing a new vegan lifestyle. Fresh off performing in her one-woman comedy show and back in the housewives universe, NeNe returns more determined than ever to build her empire and support her family. And in her first time rejoining the group since Season 5, Kim is back on the scene and ready to shake things up. This season business may be booming for the ladies, but it's the friendships that are on the line when the old are threatened by the new and loyalties are put into question.
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    Next On #RHOA: Matt's Back (Season 9, Episode 18) | Bravo
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Комментарии • 73

  • Ms B. babee
    Ms B. babee Год назад

    Both these mutha fucka are no good for each. One a sociopath and one is bipolar and with some manic depression issue .

  • Talunja Scott-Patterson
    Talunja Scott-Patterson Год назад

    Matt is too damn young for Kenya.....she's manipulative and he's emotionally immature. She should know better than to keep sleeping with a man you are trying to pull away from....those actions will leave you confused and that's where he is.....if he's such a violent and destructive person....why would you want to share sexual energy with him? I believe that she played him and that's wrong as hell on her part. This situation was probably too much for him...seeing as it's a very popular show and Kenya is thirsty for the attention.

  • Keisha Franklin
    Keisha Franklin Год назад +1

    People calling Matt a baby, but any man that has TRUE feelings for a woman would break down.... They both hurt each other.

  • Marcus S
    Marcus S Год назад +4

    Matt is giving me life!! I love how he is showing Kenya for who she really is. She always needs a man for each season and she picked the right one. Kenya, playing with people's emotions is never a good idea. What's done in the dark will always come to light.

  • Precious Williams
    Precious Williams Год назад +3

    WTF is a "baby nup?" 😒😒😒😒

  • carolyn monroe
    carolyn monroe Год назад

    Matt look sick stressed out are something

  • Saffarrian Meoke
    Saffarrian Meoke Год назад +4

    nowdays its to much bs cant believe anything anymore

    • Saffarrian Meoke
      Saffarrian Meoke Год назад +1

      lottietoddie not the age its just needs real reality of real struggle life..not already up there..knowing 80% of people cant relate to there lives..

    • lottietoddie
      lottietoddie Год назад

      You right. Matt may have some issues but being portrayed with the devil sure don't help him any. If they don't try and get some different age ladies on this show will be renamed the real old hoes of Atlanta. The story lines will be cuter if it was people under 30. These ladies are too old. Moving right along.

  • Saffarrian Meoke
    Saffarrian Meoke Год назад +1

    See Gods words of luv and respect get godly luv..but if u bring satan in it is what u get back rt..

  • Simone Green
    Simone Green Год назад +9

    Oh, lookie lookie! Kenya is always calling Porsha a thot but she's the one fucking in trucks like a common whore.This bitch!

  • Chevella I
    Chevella I Год назад

    go to @commentstallker on insta to see more comments on Matt Jordan Todd Tucker and Peter Thomas.

  • Iluv2bblk
    Iluv2bblk Год назад

    Wow sex in the truck.... Imao I dont blame her make up sex is the best sex

  • Aniya Monroe
    Aniya Monroe Год назад +14

    I honestly feel like Kenya is manipulate Matt

  • TheMisslilbit
    TheMisslilbit Год назад +9

    exactly what I thought Kenya using that man for sex and to say she has a bf smh. She was lonely before Matt! Kenya gone make that man hurt her.

  • Mari Diall
    Mari Diall Год назад +6

    I need kenya Moore to leave these baby-like men and head to europe and find herself a rich old white man who would die to be with her, plzzzz

  • Dearest Corley
    Dearest Corley Год назад +5

    Matt is giving what she is giving out. I honestly believe that she was in contact with him this whole season.

    • lottietoddie
      lottietoddie Год назад

      She was, he is her contractor. Probably slipped him a little extra for a story line. Think about it what was her contribution to the show this season? Phony psycho.

  • Flore Edith
    Flore Edith Год назад +2

    .....oh dear Kenya not so innocent!!!! ..... hmnn

  • Cynthia Denniston
    Cynthia Denniston Год назад +17

    Kenya loves the attention that Matt's giving her coz why would she keep going back to him she's all about the drama she knows what she doing don t like her one bit

    • YoYo32071
      YoYo32071 Год назад +2

      well damn said, gurrlll 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Whitney B
    Whitney B Год назад +1

    porsha does mention alot

    BG VILLAFUERTE Год назад

    Matt is STUPID or maybe smart. He got his 15min fame now he can go find richer sugamamas.

  • RealGiftedSpells
    RealGiftedSpells Год назад +1

    Kenya yet again playing the victim with Matt FOR TV, but do stuff off camera to pull him back. It's obvious Kenya wants love, but she always seems to deal with men that has emotional and commitment issues. She should stop leave Matt, mentally and emotionally focus herself cause even she don't know where she's headed 🔴🔮🔵

  • RJmaster
    RJmaster Год назад +7

    Damn Johnny still suing Kandi 😂

  • yolence tshamala
    yolence tshamala Год назад +30

    Baby Matt needs a diaper change and a pacifier

  • JusticeAndrew
    JusticeAndrew Год назад +2

    Kenya is pretty. Why does she always get with ugly guys?

  • Geraldine Hendrickson
    Geraldine Hendrickson Год назад +3

    Matt should run keyna just wants a baby from him that's all. She talks about abuse but she keeps going after him.Andy needs to get rid of her she's big trouble what is he pwaiting for a law suite she will sue your ass if anything happens.

  • FashionLoveSmile
    FashionLoveSmile Год назад +34

    Kenya is a joke. "Matt is dangerous, I fear for my life" Matt, " Didn't we just have sex in my truck because YOU wanted to?1" This bitch is crazy. Anyone who believes and likes Kenya needs their brain checked. She is such a sociopath.

    • No Reason
      No Reason Год назад

      FashionLoveSmile like Phaedra

    • Nancy Fischer
      Nancy Fischer Год назад +1

      FashionLoveSmile just because she had sex with him doesn't mean he's not dangerous she loves the compassionate side of him she loves him as a play toy but his love for her is deeper than that. She likes him but needs to let him go. But the fact that she likes him is stronger

    • FashionLoveSmile
      FashionLoveSmile Год назад +3

      You get real it's a show. So, what? If you watch a show and annoyed with a character you don't have something to say about the character?? Did I say this was real dumbass?? Shut up.

    • deadwalke
      deadwalke Год назад +5

      Because we automatically believe everything we see on television, right? Get real.

  • femme fatale
    femme fatale Год назад +4

    Kenya needs a man her age and stop messing around with these paid actors, and boys with mommy issues. If she ever wants that family she has got to get it together.

  • Angeeluh
    Angeeluh Год назад +7

    thats why he crazy becuz she keep fucking him

  • Janet Johnson
    Janet Johnson Год назад +5

    Kenya is a raw dawg. MESSY BOOTS!

  • Nika
    Nika Год назад +8

    ha ha did Matt just said we had sex in my truck because u wanted us too lol and she talks about what others do in their sex life...girl gye.


    wth did Kenya just lick her lips at that girls son

    • Playstation Gamer
      Playstation Gamer Год назад

      Ms. MeMe Maybe she got that act from black women. White women see that and follow not all.

    • Ms. MeMe
      Ms. MeMe Год назад +2

      Kris Mayhew - Please white women do the same, I just saw a 30-40 something year skank sit on stage of Wendy Williams show & say she wants to sleep with barely out of teenage Justin Bieber because "he's so hot"..BLACK & White women went ham on her live & in the YT comments has nothing to do with race.

    • Playstation Gamer
      Playstation Gamer Год назад

      Jamie lee Khan Black women always chasing men only because they look good.

    • LoLaS2011
      LoLaS2011 Год назад +9

      Jamie lee Khan it's all about the editing...I doubt she did

    • yebosuwa
      yebosuwa Год назад +1

      Jamie lee Khan i know right. The thirst must be extremely real!!

  • ineedya123
    ineedya123 Год назад +2

    Porsha, you have got to let things happen naturally, your are rushing the shit Why go head first when you are talking about your life, not what you see on ig, your real life. You need to chill, sit back and let the relationship progress as it may.

  • real shit
    real shit Год назад +3

    hes back because kenya called him back. this storyline was a dud. and she constantly dragging this shit out, like damn rent a new man

  • Siham Noor
    Siham Noor Год назад +2

    This Is still going on....

  • Doris Allen
    Doris Allen Год назад +4

    Kenya is playing games with matt...

  • Jamar K
    Jamar K Год назад +38

    Matt is Kenya girl! RUN!

    • Jamar K
      Jamar K Год назад

      @Ree I agree...just seems like you were victim blaming but she's deff not innocent lol.

    • D W
      D W Год назад

      Number 1 Lebron Fan Two Craziness don't make a positive...I dont think 🤔🤔🤔 lol

    • D W
      D W Год назад +1

      Jamar K Lol!

    • Raine S.
      Raine S. Год назад +1

      Jamar K ...... He's sure as hell cr8z!! And she's bat shit cr8z too

  • TheGreenlove87
    TheGreenlove87 Год назад +6

    twirling in the truck. Matt is too young for Kenya. she needs to let it go

  • Adrienne
    Adrienne Год назад +5

    Lawd, these women... lettuce pray.

  • Susan Jones
    Susan Jones Год назад +37

    Kenya Moore never Stops Kenya is playing a dangerous game with Matt.

    • Rain West
      Rain West Год назад

      Susan Jones so true, she thinks that's cute but she too old to be doing that

    • kj's girl
      kj's girl Год назад +2

      Susan Jones she did say on the boat that she likes danger!!!