Penn and Teller: The Best Magicians in the World - SNL

  • Published on Oct 28, 2013
  • Penn and Teller set out to prove that they're not just comedy magicians, they're the greatest magicians in the world. In order to do that, they perform their entire act upside down. Aired 02/08/86
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Comments • 2 765

  • Dee'sNutz
    Dee'sNutz Day ago

    Wanna know what what acid feels like? Play this at 1/2 speed!

  • Shadow 2550
    Shadow 2550 2 days ago

    So my question is how did they get the stryfoam cup to stay on the table. And first I was thinking tape but Penn drinks from it several times. Maybe a very thin string? Double sided tape?

  • Becauseimhappi
    Becauseimhappi 2 days ago

    Teller still looks the same

  • Coralskipper
    Coralskipper 2 days ago

    At first I didn't realize this was the actual Penn and Teller because they're so young they don't like themselves.

  • Amber Howard
    Amber Howard 2 days ago

    Why do I feel like I can't breathe? I don't ever remember a time being upside down that I couldn't breathe, but I feel it watching them....

  • Aku Seppänen
    Aku Seppänen 3 days ago

    Did someone actually get fooled by this, seriously? I thought the audience was supposed to realize they're upside down from the very beginning and consider this only a self-parody

  • Heystek Heyneke
    Heystek Heyneke 3 days ago

    They were live...they never said they weren't upside down

  • Josh Fox
    Josh Fox 4 days ago

    Infinite laugh track 😂

  • Sir Untouchable
    Sir Untouchable 4 days ago

    _Are we live???_

  • Tr. Da.
    Tr. Da. 5 days ago

    Huh, I had no idea Penn and Teller knew Bitch Pudding

  • Rishi Gunness
    Rishi Gunness 5 days ago

    That was awesome my best pair of performers for sure

  • Peter
    Peter 6 days ago

    At first Penn makes sure they are performing for a live audience. Yet all I hear is a laughing tape. Annoying af.

  • Reto Ware
    Reto Ware 7 days ago

    Penn sound exactly the same wow

  • Maija Liepa
    Maija Liepa 7 days ago

    Came here after gasping as Billie Eillish(spelling?) bounced around and danced around walls and ceiling! Also saw Fred Astaire dancing on the ceiling. Go see Billie on SNL!!♥️🤸🏾‍♂️♥️🤸🏾‍♂️♥️🙋‍♀️

  • Nick Candido
    Nick Candido 7 days ago

    I know how they did it.

  • Justin Yoho
    Justin Yoho 8 days ago

    I find it so random that 1000 people literally watched this and just said, Yeah, faaack this video and disliked it lol well not only this but just any video in general when I don't get into a video I just move on. Those who have the time to click thumbs have too much goddamn time on their hands

  • ExMachina70
    ExMachina70 9 days ago

    But apparently laugh tracks are ok......

  • Jessica Vincent
    Jessica Vincent 9 days ago

    I still love this trick even though I know what's going on.

  • woodhd
    woodhd 10 days ago

    wheres the sean penn / miles teller skit

  • Wikus Kruger
    Wikus Kruger 11 days ago

    Penn & Teller are so young here

  • Jonathan Constant
    Jonathan Constant 11 days ago

    I had to search for this after the vanity fair video. Damn youtube algorithm

  • DC Voices
    DC Voices 12 days ago

    Algorithm 10/10
    Also Penn's voice. Say waaaggh.

  • Phantom 2003
    Phantom 2003 14 days ago

    Who else is saying “yeah!” Whenever Penn says “ARE WE LIVE?!?!”

  • Erium
    Erium 14 days ago

    Cool trick at the end, I wonder how they flipped that camera upside down

  • Iron Tarkus
    Iron Tarkus 15 days ago

    @3:00 He just let it out of his hands, you can see the shadow of the statue on his shirt rising, because it’s actually falling since they’re upside down.

  • Treaxvour W
    Treaxvour W 16 days ago

    4:54 did he just say fuck on live TV with no beep?

  • Justin Hackstadt
    Justin Hackstadt 16 days ago

    First time I saw this sketch I knew they were upside down. Doesn't mean it wasn't an awesome sketch though!

  • Grimsikk
    Grimsikk 18 days ago +1

    "Ellis Island"
    *mandela effect intensifies*

    • Just Wendt
      Just Wendt 17 days ago

      Yep. NeEd InPuT had his video flagged attempting to point that out as well.

  • Mr. kys
    Mr. kys 18 days ago

    Blood is rushing to my head just by watching this

  • Connor Callan
    Connor Callan 20 days ago

    You can see at the beginning Penn forgets to hide his hand behind the cup while messing with the deck of cards

  • Dustin Nielson
    Dustin Nielson 20 days ago

    Upside down, Miss Jane.

  • Sunsets And Love
    Sunsets And Love 20 days ago


  • Leinad Reign
    Leinad Reign 21 day ago

    Not easy to perform upside-down. My head would explode in a fraction of the time. Amazing for how long they can do it

  • james victorio
    james victorio 21 day ago +2

    Well, this fooled me. XD

  • keedoopop
    keedoopop 23 days ago +1

    I saw the statue of libertys shadow lmfao didnt zoom in close enough

  • keedoopop
    keedoopop 23 days ago

    Crazy that they was upside down

  • Leighton Schmitt
    Leighton Schmitt 24 days ago +6

    @2:37 at first I figured Teller used his slight of hand skills to make the plane disappear, but then I slowed down the video and he just dead ass threw it up at the end so quick we couldn't notice. The clap covered up the sound of it hitting the floor. Legend
    Actually now rewatching it... every damn thing "disappeared" by Teller just dropping it

  • Gongoozler I am
    Gongoozler I am 25 days ago +1

    They are so funny 😆

  • Booma151676
    Booma151676 26 days ago


  • Koru Hye Kyo
    Koru Hye Kyo 27 days ago

    Ha! I Discovered your trickery with the green lady thing at 2:50 she falls out of his hands, you can see the shadow of it 🧐

  • Gary Mendez
    Gary Mendez 27 days ago

    Damn look how young penn is.

  • Fadh Hz
    Fadh Hz 29 days ago

    For a second there, i saw Zac Efron

  • Xadous
    Xadous 29 days ago

    Can the audience just shut the fuck up, for 5 minutes?

  • Evilsaint1022
    Evilsaint1022 29 days ago +1

    Dont Put It in the discription ffs -_-

  • Gamer Garren
    Gamer Garren Month ago +1

    The Legends gotta start somewhere right?

  • Young.frankenstein55 _

    I have always thought this ear p&ts best bit

  • Jasonoki
    Jasonoki Month ago +2

    before you ask just watch till the end.

  • Pyxo
    Pyxo Month ago

    its 1986, get a haircut

  • Rob Wills
    Rob Wills Month ago

    I couldn't figure out why they look kinda odd, I just chalked it up to it being old then half way through I realized they are upside down.

  • Vincent Li
    Vincent Li Month ago +1


  • 1n9
    1n9 Month ago +5

    This came up in my recommended after watching a lot of “Fool Us”

  • Maxwell Factor
    Maxwell Factor Month ago

    00:52 a guy shouts “they’re upside down”. This guy is a piece of shit and I hope his life ended horribly.

  • Eli Andrade
    Eli Andrade Month ago

    oof you can see the shadow of the statue of liberty fall down when teller does the palm thing

  • James White
    James White Month ago

    They are upside down

  • Sany MockingBird
    Sany MockingBird Month ago

    Who is here from Wired?

  • DL Gamming
    DL Gamming Month ago +2

    2019- 2020 ??? Anyone

  • Daniel Baqueiro
    Daniel Baqueiro Month ago

    Notice how during the vanishes the object always disappears from the top of the frame. Maybe magnets? Empire State Building was definitely tossed behind the back. Notice the cushions on the ground to soften the fall.

  • Cero powa
    Cero powa Month ago

    strange i saw them in another video and here they look different

  • Hedar
    Hedar Month ago

    ставь лайк если сразу понел что они верх кногами! пасмотрем сколька нас

  • rrjjaimes
    rrjjaimes Month ago

    Crazy thing is. This was done all upside down!