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  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet M&M's. M&M's are available in just about every color known to man, but there is one color that is objectively the best: green. Scientists have puzzled over this curiosity since the inception of M&M's in 1941. MIT Professor of Cognitive Sciences Dr. Bertrand Mathers has dedicated the entirety of his postdoctoral studies to this conundrum, labeling it the Green M&M Dilemma. With the dedicated assistance of researcher Loretta Marshall, Mathers has finally unveiled his ultimate theory on the subject. “After more than fifty years of sleepless nights, proposed and rejected ideas and quite a few cavities,” Dr. Mathers read from a lectern at an August 15, 2019 press conference, “My life’s work has finally reached its culmination. I have found the solution to the Green M&M Dilemma.” Dr. Mathers, never one to skimp on dramatics, spun around to face a chalkboard covered by a red velvet curtain. Pulling it aside, he revealed his grand solution: ‘The color green is the best color, so therefore green M&M’s are the best M&M’s.’ A stunned silence in the crowd was quickly following by a standing ovation lasting over five minutes. Finally, as the applause died down, Dr. Mathers, red-cheeked and clutching a bottle of celebratory champagne, added: “And now we begin our studies into why blue M&M’s are definitely the next best M&M’s!”
    Check out Claire's Instagram: csaffitz

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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet M&M's | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
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  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit  3 months ago +2260

    Get an iconic Claire shirt here:

  • Smoothvic
    Smoothvic Day ago +1

    No one shows love to the true best pretzel m&m?!

  • Fransheska PerdomoR
    Fransheska PerdomoR 2 days ago

    Every time you see the 40 you know i will a nigthmare for Claire

  • Craig Stadler
    Craig Stadler 2 days ago

    Can we just agree that Chris Morocco is the man none of us deserves.

  • itsthevoiceman
    itsthevoiceman 2 days ago

    Almond >>>>>>>>>> Peanut >>> Classic

  • Victoria Reynolds
    Victoria Reynolds 2 days ago

    Queen of Dragons LOL

  • Passive Agressive
    Passive Agressive 2 days ago

    This video is the new almond joy level of frustration🤯😡

  • victoria smith
    victoria smith 2 days ago

    “what is that, four carat?”

  • Passive Agressive
    Passive Agressive 2 days ago

    Oh Claire your favourite part reading the ingredients is our favourite part also.!!!!!🙂

  • Lucian Opila
    Lucian Opila 3 days ago

    Crisco??? Why not Crisco???

  • Austin Galaxy
    Austin Galaxy 3 days ago

    Instead of an M she should’ve put a C for Claire

  • Terry Dooley
    Terry Dooley 3 days ago

    This is the first episode I didn't enjoy it wasn't so much cooking as it was trying to figure out how to put sugar on something

  • Rambo Jambo
    Rambo Jambo 4 days ago

    I liked peanut m&m's until my brother puked them up on me on a car trip and had to sit in the m&m puke until we got there

  • Alex Lauriano
    Alex Lauriano 4 days ago

    26:27 whenever I see Claire

  • Alex Lauriano
    Alex Lauriano 5 days ago

    4:10 ... T H I C C...

  • fornoes
    fornoes 5 days ago

    i love gaby

  • Diyanah A.
    Diyanah A. 5 days ago

    Peanut butter m&ms is the best

  • andrew lawrence
    andrew lawrence 6 days ago +3

    no one:
    absolutely no one:
    brad: casually brings out CPU fans in the kitchen

  • roxas davis
    roxas davis 6 days ago

    Clair where are the peanut butter m&ms

  • anna garcia
    anna garcia 6 days ago

    Well if you couldn't put M you can put C for Claire and everybody would love to taste..

  • geoxstellar
    geoxstellar 6 days ago +1

    For God’s sake someone please help Claire instead of letting her carry all these piles of candy containers by herself!

  • jd
    jd 7 days ago

    "The Cadillac of mandolins" and now a third-rate Mitutoyo ripoff caliper, if that goes for the rest of the tools Claire uses, no wonder she's always making life hard for herself...

  • ismail shani
    ismail shani 7 days ago

    why does claire like to have her hair colored grey, in her young age? When even older people dye their grey hair black.

  • solreaver83
    solreaver83 7 days ago

    agitate them in a bowl while praying them with thye fine mist of candy coating and colours for an even coat of both

  • raymond bejar
    raymond bejar 7 days ago

    Claire is super beautiful. She is the best host and this is a great series. It needs to have her name

  • Nola Bragg
    Nola Bragg 8 days ago

    This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Doesn't she know how to do a Google search on "how chocolate coated peanuts are made" ?

  • McKenna
    McKenna 8 days ago

    can they make her to haribo gummy bears
    the t e x t u r e

  • spencer damm
    spencer damm 9 days ago

    you should make some of these videos over fitness snacks, like a protein bar or protein snacks etc.. that would be awesome!

  • Gillian Poole
    Gillian Poole 9 days ago +2

    Terry’s Chocolate Orange would be so cool to see you try!! 🍊 🍊 🍊

    RIPZYEE 9 days ago

    🌍 💝

  • Fox Purtill
    Fox Purtill 9 days ago

    I point out that many watchers are not in the USA and don't have access to M&Ms

  • H M
    H M 9 days ago

    Where are the peanut butter mms?

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez 9 days ago

    My question during the several times that I've seen this video is why they didn't use a rock tumbler for coating the chocolate with the candy shell. Same concept as the salad spinner, just automatic. Would have resulted in the even coating that she was seeking.

  • Charloot
    Charloot 9 days ago

    I need to know what shirt she is wearing!

  • Forgi LaGeord
    Forgi LaGeord 9 days ago

    Major issue! In the title card for the "How to make" section, the word gourmet doesn't have curly braces around it like it does in every other video.

  • Brian Fong
    Brian Fong 9 days ago

    Why not put food colouring in the liquid shellac sugar coating instead of spraying it on.

  • BlairPhoenix
    BlairPhoenix 9 days ago

    How are there not peanut butter M&Ms in the opening varieties? :/ It's the third most common M&M >_

  • zippy
    zippy 9 days ago

    That looks sooooooooooo good

  • Michael Gazda
    Michael Gazda 10 days ago

    But, but, but... M&M's are already gourmet.

  • Madi Godwin
    Madi Godwin 10 days ago

    call me insane,,, but i sense some feelings between claire and brad???? i know brad has a kid but whatever he wants her

  • Essence Ezell
    Essence Ezell 11 days ago

    The top 3 best M&Ms (to me) are: Dark chocolate, almond joy, and the peanut version

    • Ashley Taylor
      Ashley Taylor 9 days ago

      There is no almond joy. It’s just almond

  • Bruce Leroy
    Bruce Leroy 11 days ago

    I'm going to college to be scientist.

  • Khalid Kashogi
    Khalid Kashogi 11 days ago

    Rhoda is the Yoda of the test kitchen! (and Chris is the Obi-Wan!)

  • LOSA Chan
    LOSA Chan 11 days ago

    I found that Claire used to study in Harvard and it makes sense why she looks so frustrated. like who would have thought she would be making M&M in the future

  • Stale Memes
    Stale Memes 12 days ago

    Brad reminds me vaguely of Chris pratt

  • LaTonya
    LaTonya 12 days ago

    Claire ought to review old similar episodes to prepare for some of these maybe. Because I also totally forgot about how she made the candy shell she was really happy with for skittles, and these videos were published over a year apart so it's understandable to forget about those little details.

  • Courtney Isley
    Courtney Isley 12 days ago


  • ReanikRM
    ReanikRM 12 days ago

    peanut m&m's are disgusting. unpopular opinion.

  • Cryogenic Fire
    Cryogenic Fire 13 days ago

    Is it bad that I also watch these to drool over Delany?

  • TheDangerousDolls
    TheDangerousDolls 14 days ago

    What is tempering chocolate?

  • Amaya Langley
    Amaya Langley 14 days ago

    I think they dip the peanuts in the chocolate instead of using a molds

  • Bryce Leo
    Bryce Leo 15 days ago

    Why not use the shell that worked on the Skittles?!?!

  • •_•
    •_• 16 days ago

    Gourmet Haagen-Dazs?

  • Dick Hurtz
    Dick Hurtz 16 days ago

    I’d smash her 😘

  • Ian Zainea
    Ian Zainea 17 days ago

    They coat the peanut in a drum-like thing with chocolate pouring over them. Slowly adding chocolate layers. I've seen footage of a similar chocolate covered peanut.

  • BlueRoseRyder
    BlueRoseRyder 17 days ago

    After rewatching Skittles I want to scream for her to do the pastillage method she ended up using in the skittles ep

  • folieayourmom
    folieayourmom 17 days ago

    that caption i- their minds

    • folieayourmom
      folieayourmom 17 days ago

      that eminem reference, someone was really reaching but it worked

  • Wonton
    Wonton 18 days ago

    "The candy coating is gonna be more powdery than... crack." Oh Claire, I had no idea you were THAT kind of cook.

  • Violet Lollipops
    Violet Lollipops 19 days ago

    Does Carla “accidentally lick bubbles” often?

  • jena aragon
    jena aragon 19 days ago

    you missed the best flavor ever PEANUT BUTTER!!😭