10 BEST Upcoming SURVIVAL GAMES of 2017 (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC)

10 BEST Upcoming SURVIVAL GAMES of 2017 PS4, XBOX ONE , PC | Most Anticipated Games of 2017

Release date : TBA on PS4, Xbox One & PC
Release date : January, 2017 on Xbox One & PC
Release date : 2017 on PS4, Xbox One & PC
Release date : December, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One & PC
Release date : 2017 on Xbox One & PC
Release date : January 24, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One & PC
Release date: 2017 on PC
Release date : 2017 on PC
Release date : TBA, on PS4
Release date: 2017, on PC

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Автор Prakhar Tiwari ( назад)
May be im wrong but is this grant gustin speaking

Автор Louis Munoz ( назад)
this game gonna be sick last year💯

Автор False Crucible ( назад)
Penis at 3:33

Автор Cristofer Rodríguez ( назад)
Prey for the gods posible shadow of the colossus

Автор DCFanatic7 ( назад)
Can I get my money back of DayZ please.. biggest waste of money I've ever spent on a game.

Автор Johnny Morgan ( назад)
My god, project wight next

Автор Aymeric Lesage ( назад)
waaaaaa super année 2017

Автор Alex Alex ( назад)
Conan Exiles = crap game. -_-!

Автор InsetJuggler0 ( назад)
Oh come on I was expecting to see a wolf in the wild trailer

Автор Captain Fearless ( назад)
Hello Neighbor was a good game, but shouldn't Subnautica be on here?

Автор Ryan Haycraft ( назад)
I feel like prey for the gods is a play on words for pray for the gods

Автор Carlos Esteban ( назад)
algien abla español

Автор Justin L ( назад)

Автор AcidHe11 ( назад)
"BEST " before release? suck my dick

Автор Penguin Xenon ( назад)
A good site for buying cd-keys for all kinds of games. Support the developers.
And if you want you can earn a little extra money for a beer or two :D


Автор Ricardo Zaras ( назад)
vikings never used horns on their helmets...

Автор TheMcBalrs ( назад)
If you're bored enough to go through the comments section you're bored enough to watch my shitty videos

Автор NameNotFound ( назад)
prey for the gods reminds me of shadow of the colossus

Автор asheer ash ( назад)
Man, these games are so cool. Where the fuck have these games been my whole LIFE!!!! I would love more of these realistic games related to movies... Kinda Hollywood reality.

Автор ermin fukelj ( назад)
Grafika je nevjerovatna,svaka čast....

Автор Mr Simonaz ( назад)
The LAST YEAR is f*cking crazy gameeeeee!!!! I love it!

Автор Mournforthelost96 ( назад)
disliked because i got a fucking 2 minute long, unskippable ad. I'm interested in the games, but fuck that ad.

Автор aaargh15 ( назад)
fucking hell, i'm gonna play all of them

Автор Full Time Memer ( назад)
lost region?

Автор Rolodan Gaming ( назад)
project wight looks fun

Автор Team Octoca Octa ( назад)
do you just not know what survival is

Автор sniper freak ( назад)
all of them looks fucking awesome!!!

Автор Chasen YT ( назад)
Where is Minecraft?

Автор Gthing One ( назад)

Автор Suhaib Abd Allah ( назад)
I want for xbox 360

Автор Flairs LP ( назад)

Автор Elijah Paz ( назад)
2nd one reminds me of ark survival evolved scorched earth

Автор King of the Kingdom ( назад)
oh i cent wait "project wight " next year looks fun
thets awosome

Автор hepzibah ( назад)
If you want to play ps3 games on pc pls support rpcs3 emulator development on patreon . https://www.patreon.com/Nekotekina

Автор OpTiMaL ViPeR ( назад)
Where the hell is Friday the 13th game? Like wtf

Автор Crisis Snip3r ( назад)
Ark Park hjmmmmmm sounds like Jurassic Park

Автор RemiiX chrisanator04 ( назад)
Is last year really on ps4

Автор Syaheicereeze T. I. Xanderxindershin ( назад)
Well, it makes sense for white men to be murderers. Terrorists in fact. Last year looks like it encapsulates unnecessary character tropes we all know. Pretty white boy jock slut, girl #3, smart weird twink boy, girl with braces, and last but not least, the rapper.

Автор Eli Gaming ( назад)
last year is like another verson of deadrising

Автор ratrat44 ( назад)
no rainworld }:

Автор Martin Nikl ( назад)
This crap will be downgraded so much

Автор young money ( назад)
project wight looks super fun

Автор Justine Rolland ( назад)
comparison simple photography bishop would struggle starting composition entity fun golden

Автор Ogrys. G Taveras ( назад)
Lara Croft: Monster Hunter

Автор NickyLis ( назад)
''Last Year'' i not hating but is DEAD BY DAYLIGHT, i guess He will not sell much.

Автор Mr. Grimm. ( назад)
Last year looks awesome

Автор J S ( назад)
Zombies ✔
Dragons ✔
Empowered women ✔

Автор Rex The T-Rex ( назад)
What does TBA mean

Автор Commander Fox Star Wars Clips ( назад)
Buying: Project White,Last Year,Conan Exiles

Автор M.Gamer 10000 ( назад)
can't wait for projet wigth and last year

Автор A Bellpepper ( назад)
First game looks good

Автор Lightning WOLF ( назад)
I just want to play last year already

Автор Alex Garnica ( назад)
Im so buying last year.

Автор Jose Ignacip ( назад)
So the first 3 are
1- Skyrim but you're the dragon.. a baby dragon
2-A shitty weird Ark Survival
3-And Dead by Daylight with good graphics lol

Автор ZombieKiller ( назад)
the first game XD throw him away he belive he can fly

Автор Ganja Brothers ( назад)
prey for the gods looks sick

Автор Matt Mustang ( назад)
Some of these look like shit copies of AAA games.

Автор korado ( назад)
Hello Neighbor and Resident Evil is not survival ;p But very helpfull video ;D

Автор pyroshittycal the dead meme creator ( назад)
What about YouTube?

Автор Skot Wilson ( назад)

Автор Funnier than funny ( назад)

Автор James Stephens ( назад)
Hello Neighbor looks dumb

Автор Craiger 69 ( назад)
Why is it called Project Wight?

Автор Salim Al-Jabry ( назад)
so basically im supposed to play as a monster and kill humans..?? Cool

Автор Nataliya Novoselc ( назад)
kul 😉😉😉😉

Автор Carlos Eduardo ( назад)
you should try be alive next time you make a a vid

Автор wolven outcast ( назад)
sounds like one of the games is a version of evolve. killer vs survivors of a 90s horror film fun fun.

Автор Crimson Sunset ( назад)
All these games look like shit.

Автор Zobe Read ( назад)
what this?

Автор Jason Carbon ( назад)
project wight like dying light night hunter

Автор Worldowner ( назад)
PS 9:23 you know, there is no way to survive after falling from this height, right?

Автор Worldowner ( назад)
"Creature"? Vampire? Were-beast? Demon? It looks like a compilation of all of those.
I doubt it possible to build a deep, interesting gameplay on playing as an animal ... The game promice to be really boring.

I tried (can't say "played") Conan Exiles, quite long time ago. The alpha was cruelly optimized, i could not squeeze more than 10fps from it, but as an idea it looks really cool. I hope they will put they efforts for optimisation.

Автор zelex55 ( назад)
i feel like you should work on your definition of "survival games"

Автор LastJOK3R ( назад)
5:07 Again? A new Survival Horror Game? Wasn't Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th not enough?

no they need to do this game like so typcal like in all of those horros movies with the killer and the college teenagers

Автор Dantedontknow 65 ( назад)
cona exsile looks like skyrim and ARC mixed to geather

Автор Trussgbike ( назад)
Conan looks like trash

Автор LOL MAN ( назад)
Project wight hype !

Автор dark knight ( назад)
last year is like dead by day light which is a game that I truly enjoyed I love the games that give you the option to play as the villain or the monster

Автор ExtremDeadpool Friendship With Sans ( назад)
Can't wait that long for the game to come out looks cool I want to play it is project wight

Автор Sleeping Panda Games ( назад)
Conan exiles looks like skyrim elder scrolls

Автор John Todd ( назад)
i can only buy skryrim so many times

Автор The #1 Lapidot Hater \i want to die/ ( назад)

Автор mohamed ozil ( назад)
Can u guys give me the music which start at 20Min 10 Sec pls ?

Автор Yuno Gasai Addicted TO Gaming ( назад)
Last year is a rip off of Dead By DaylightI'm wondering why Friday the 13th The game wasn't put in here

Автор Kuba Woźniak ( назад)
This game is Skylanders Imaginations.


Автор wendell alvarez ( назад)
dude hello neigbow is not 2017 its 2016

Автор The Deadpool ( назад)
I'm so confused on why game devs copy games, or repeat ideas. Do something new, like a open world mass effect related game- yet based on supernatural characters like werewolves and such and how they live. Or perhaps just a kid going through school- like bully- and terrorist attacks break out or zombie outbreak. Some new story.

Автор Fractured ( назад)
lol making Escape from Tarkov look equivalent to CoD is the same as making DayZ look like CoD; it's misleading

Автор Fractured ( назад)
8:33 *sees dragon-like wings* Elder Scrolls VI? :(

Автор CraftyPants Pro ( назад)
9:05 Shadow of the Collosus 2 confirmed!

Автор Buck Wild ( назад)
the dude sounded depressed while he was recording.

Автор AlphaCat 01 ( назад)
Last year is very similar to dead by daylight...

Автор Marcel BlackStone ( назад)
The fist one was the best. I loved the trailer gameplay. Really look forward to playing it.
(But of course, I'm a coward who would just hide in the tiny crawlspace rather than escape, so I'm going to watch someone else play it.)

Автор Bunion Daas ( назад)

Автор Gaming Maori ( назад)
can't wait for project white

Автор Aidan Little ( назад)
But Last Year is probably the second best one

Автор Aidan Little ( назад)
I can't wait for pretty much all of these games

Автор NOOBMAN Norsk gaming ( назад)
Last Year looks cool

Автор PakalaKrievus ( назад)
growling sure as hell sounds like Golum :D

Автор Александр ( назад)
dead by daylight for ps, interesting (after 6:00)

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