Plastic Surgery in Korea

Plastic Surgery in Korea is extremely popular. Walk around Gangnam and you'll find more than 500 Plastic Surgery clinics, in Gangnam alone! So we're gonna talk about it a bit in this week's TL;DR. What's Korea's perception on Plastic Surgery? Why is it so popular here and why is it not as taboo as it is in the west? What kind of trends are emerging as a result of so much plastic surgery? We'll talk about all this and more in this week's video!

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Автор Fatih Toma ( назад)
Don't get yourself a Korean to marry because you don't know what they looked like before you met them.

Автор Sean Malto ( назад)
근데 웃긴게 이건 한국뿐만 아니라 헐리웃 미국,일본,중국도 그렇고
어느나라를 가든 선호하는 미인상이 있고 성형수술이 갈수록 보편화 되고 있는데
동양인들이 보기엔 성형 안한 서양인들 조차 다 비슷해보이는데 ㅋㅋ
진짜 뭔 어줍잖은 논리로 저렇게 다안다는듯이 까내리냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Автор LumpySpacePen ( назад)
Actually Asian eyelids can be monolid or double eyelid. Majority of Asians with double eyelids didn't have surgery. Also, Koreans do generally ask to have "a nose like that celebrity" etc so that's why they end up looking so similar.

Автор Jane Tan ( назад)
damn it couples goals im jealous :')

Автор Mister 010 ( назад)
I think plastic surgery is popular in korea and not taken negatively, mainly because everyone is doing it. If it was only few, then others might criticize them or etcs, but due to many types of insecurities and many types of plastic surgeries, koreans are accepting them like they accept cough medicines or etcs. With majority of people taking it as a good thing, the few minority that don't like plastic surgery will be suppressed.
In a way, it is like language, different countries have different languages, and as such, different cultures and etcs.
I personally am neutral regarding this. Those who feel like they need to adopt plastic surgery can do it but I would recommend for them to not take it beyond the limit and damage themselves.

Автор leon jo ( назад)
I did not know what a double eye lid until recently. ..... I personally find monolids beautiful, like why do you need a double eye lid anyway? AND YES MARTINA YOUR NOSE IS CUTE AND LET THOSE FREAKS FUCK OFF SAME GOES TO ANYONE WHO ENCOURAGES PEOPLE TO LOOK IN ACCORDANCE TO THEIR OWN TASTES

Автор Fatih Toma ( назад)
Don't get yourself a Korean girl/boy because you don't know what they looked like before you met them.

Автор lhejein ( назад)
Now I know why almost every female in korea looks the same. They have a certain beauty standard.

Автор Miles Cumminski ( назад)
Plastic does have fake like implications so that is why these types of surgery are now called cosmetic surgery here in the States.

Автор nabila shukri ( назад)
only east asian have monolids..south east asian mostly have double eyelids..

Автор Shinji's Dad ( назад)
I honestly think that there's nothing wrong with plastic surgery. It's their body, they should be allowed to do what they want with it.
Also if plastic surgery gives them an esteem boost I'm glad for them. Getting confidence is important

Автор Devilishly Hungry ( назад)
If you never had plastic surgery... wouldn't you stick out like a sore thumb in Gangnam Korea? I would feel so insecure but I'm also curious how true the media portrays it.

Автор Dios del Tamal ( назад)
This is interesting, here in Mexico you have to attach your picture to the resume in many jobs.

Автор Heather Strickland ( назад)
I do have an understanding that there are tourists that come there just to have surgery done, do you know any formats, blogs, or better yet a medical site that show me which ones might be the best and convenient for someone who is a foreigner, because I've looked everywhere in America and they don't produced any similar results and I guess I've always inspired the idea of Asian culture more so for its art and I know that seems very extreme because with plastic or reformed surgery, because they say you shouldn't change for anyone but yourself but you still be labeled as very vain and that's the nice version of it but as they say you'll be damned if you do, be damned if you don't, meaning people will mock and or criticize you for your choices or you'll be forever miserable. so any suggestions and to be specific I'm looking for one that specializes in foreigners that have a lot of tourists coming to their particular Clinic?

Автор Loyda Perez ( назад)
I want go to Korea only to do plastic surgery; touring too but mostly plastic surgery. I hate my double chin and probably also get lighter skin and a minor nose job. I would even bring my photo with my favorite snapchat filter and simply say, "fix my face, please!" Lol

Автор Alexis Hendricks ( назад)
What does Korea think of redheads? I mean it's probably nothing, just want to know.

Автор Nijidesu ( назад)
Not all Asians have monolids XD I'm Singaporean and I have double eyelids. A third one appears occasionally when I am sleep deprived lol.
Now I know why I kept saying everyone looks the same whenever my friend shows me pictures of KPOP idols... Most of them have some form of plastic surgery :(
Edit: Here in Singapore, it is actually kinda rare to find someone with monolids(well to me anyway). My brother has monolids and I don't know who he got it from since my whole family has double... Probably from my great grandparents.

Автор Pks ( назад)
m a new subscriber .. damnn i love ur videos just in 5days i almost watched half of your videos i guess😂😂

p.s. i loved the part where that guy with bussiness card said u should get ur nose fixed and u were like u should fuck yourself😂😂😂😂😂😂 Savage😂

Автор Cing Kim ( назад)
Unni hara did surgery because she have thick eyelid that's why she do it :p

Автор sugar angel ( назад)
honestly, this is my least favorite tl;dr video. s&m just sound super judgemental.

Автор 啊啊啊 ( назад)
"You should fix your nose"

"You should go f--k yourself" LMAOOOOOO

Автор y.s.l ( назад)
jew faces

Автор sthefannygonzaga ( назад)
actually, the original meaning of plastic is something that can be remolded, so it's the same meaning as the korean name

Автор IceCream Burritos ( назад)
If I could have one plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery done to myself is to lighten my skin tone. I'm really tan, so I would like my skin to be as white as a Korean's skin tone.

Автор Prinetta ( назад)
In Germany it's "Schönheitsoperation", which means "beauty operation". We also have to add a professional picture of ourselves to our résumé most of the time, I didn't know that that's not the case in other countries.

Автор Noriega Palone ( назад)
Swamp donkey!!! LMFAO! Gotta use that later...

Автор MsAmuay20 ( назад)
Swear to God, I don't trust beautiful people because of plastic surgeries. And I can't tell them apart sometimes because they want to look the same. That's creepy.

Автор watcharapon srikun ( назад)
Wow.. i'm feeling that the way they make a "Joke" is just like what Asian did..

Автор Baze Reshed ( назад)
I'm really surprised that simon doesn't like his nose I always thought he had a good nose😕

Автор Sulli ( назад)
Swamp donkey.

Автор BTS broke the internet. When will your faves? ( назад)
Never expected to see Arabic subs.

Автор iseeflowers ( назад)
Not sure why many do plastic surgery for double eyelids when monolid is not bad. Monolid people can put eyelid tape to create double eyelid so they can have both types. And monolid doesn't sag as much as double lid when aging.

Автор Crystal D'souza ( назад)
franch uff awesome

Автор Emi エミ ( назад)
Maybe one day when everyone looks the same from plastic surgery there will be a trend to look unique? Lmao. I feel like the ideal look for plastic surgery came from the "ulzzang" or best face trend. There's no doubt that european face features are kind of admired too...a lot of people want that high nose bridge and wide deep set eyes. The eye puff surgery is by far the weirdest to me. It makes you look cute but with some girls going overboard, they look so ill and creepy. A lot of famous korean actresses set a beauty trend with their plastic surgery too along with the music industry.

Автор Lorena Abreu ( назад)

Автор 왜때문에 ( назад)
번역하기 쉽기위해 저렇게 댓글을 달았지만

한국에 살면서 도대체 뭘보고 저런 대가리없는 영상을 만드셨는지

제 머리로는 도저히 이해가 안되네요

그 텅 빈 머리로 열심히 관심을 끌려고 이런 영상들을 만드시는지요?

Автор 왜때문에 ( назад)
난 이 사람들이 한국에 살았으면서 도대체 무엇을 보고 이런 영상들을 만드는 지 모르겠다

이는 한국에 대한 안 좋은 인식을 심으려는 의도로 밖에 보이지 않을 뿐이다

이 영상 뿐만이 아니라
'한국인은 흑인이 수영장에 들어가면 물이 더러워진다는 생각을 가지고 있다'등의
내용을 담은 왜곡된 사실을 서양권에 전파시킨다.

잘 알지 못하는 사실을 알리는 것은 그저 거짓말을 하는 것에 불과하다는 것을 알아라.

Автор Mary Lopez ( назад)
Did she get dressed in the dark

Автор Kimberly Adams ( назад)
Does anyone know a rough estimate of the percentage of Koreans/ Korean girls who get plastic surgery? I'm curious. Is it a majority or just quite a few?

Автор Chezmeralda ( назад)
Idk why the way Simon says yes when Martina asks if aegyo-zilla is a gwaemul makes me laugh

Автор LiquidSword ( назад)
That kind of surgery it's called "westernization" ✌

Автор Cherry Garcia ( назад)
You dab when you need to sneeze! and shaving your chin to look different is still fake, sorry.

Автор Maru Maugeri ( назад)
I like this channel a lot!! you're so adorable,hugs from Argentina c:

Автор Kensley The Potato ( назад)
Martina's face at 3:55 describes my life.

Автор FluffyUnicorn ( назад)
Is it true that Korea believe if you are good guy the boon will make you good looking? so in the past they believe the ugly people is bad/evil people?
I hear it from someone live in Korea but it does not make sense so it hard to believe for me.

Автор Gab Desch ( назад)
I feel korean girl looks all the time

Автор PC k ( назад)
Well you can think of it as an evolutionary advantage:
-> good looks won't contribute to the gene advantage, rather other abilities in life will be prioritized, because everyone has the potential to look good

Автор Kyleigh Rae ( назад)
Plastic surgery was actually invented before plastic was. The word plastic actually comes from the Greek word plastikos, meaning to form. It's interesting how the connotation has changed over time!

Автор taettoot ( назад)
The east asians /japanese/korean/chinese are known as the ones who have mono/single eyelids and the southeast asians thai/vietnamese/filipino are the asians who have double eyelids naturally and only 15% of east asians are able to have double eyelids naturally

Автор Ural0001 ( назад)
Gookies are weirdos

Автор LittleLazyKitty ( назад)
"You should fix your nose"
"You should go f*** yourself"
Haha guys you are so funny XDD

Автор LeaKyraR ( назад)
In my country plastic surgery is called something like... beauty surgery.. so it's not a bad thing at all but you won't find a lot of people getting plastic surgery done

Автор Celina Guajardo ( назад)
You guys are adorable. Hugs from Mexico.

Автор dinnae ( назад)
The 'plastic' in plastic surgery also means 'remodeling', so it's actually pretty much the same as the Korean term.

Though I suppose people could have the connotation that you mentioned because the same word is more commonly used for the material (which, in turn, is called that way because it can easily be formed into different shapes).

Автор watch EXO MONSTER ( назад)
is removing mole considered as plastic surgery? ! really ?! I though like u said for a health care ! I noticed this double eyelid stuff long ago in Asians and in my country we actually have nickname similar to that to call them !

Автор Xissy Wang ( назад)
I'm a special snowflake~

Автор GacktSe7en ( назад)
I was born with double eye lids and I'm Asian. But yea me too never knew about the eye lids till people was pointing it out around me.

Автор Anie Ferreira ( назад)
jajjaja i love my horrible nose :-D. Hugs from Uruguay!!

Автор zara chew ( назад)
In Singapore, we don't need to put photo in resume! Cheers! We are talking about capability:)

Автор hoa thối ( назад)
North Korea except for the leader is much more normal than South

Автор Yos ( назад)
why u put a negative connotation in plastic surgery in all the video?

Автор iScream Love ( назад)
Everyone is sitting here saying "plastic surgery is wrong!" But also make fun of people they think is ugly ooooooor you're okay with you're "unnie" or "oppa" getting it.

Like it's not your body. Screw your opinion.

If they want to get PS then just shrug it off because it's not you. I watched this video where a girl got her nose done but made sure to specify that she's still respects herself.

PS =/= someone addicted to surgery
PS =/= someone who values their looks over EVERYTHING ELSE
PS =/= make you less talented


Автор SugarPinkCottonCandy ( назад)
In most of Europe you have to attach a photo to your resume as well...It's normal over here.
But I get your point!
Love your videos guys, always fun :D

Автор Moana ( назад)
I've often said Korean women look alike, especially in K pop groups and what not, and people would get annoyed by that. Now I've come to find out they literally TRY to look alike and I was right!

Автор 뱀뱀 (1172 года назад)
자기들이 뭘 안다고 ...... 참내 그렇게 일본좋아하고 한국에대해 안좋게 얘기하고 다니면서 왜 한국에서 사는지 이해가안되네 이 두사람이 희희덕거리는 모습만보고 좋아하는 사람들은 그들의 숨겨진 내면을 알게된다면 어떻게 변할까 정말 궁금하다. 이들이 이때까지 어떤 일들을 해왔는지 알게된다면. 볼만하겠지

Автор Bebbe ka ( назад)
does simon wear foundation lmao flawless skin

Автор Karimah Hazard ( назад)
southeast asians mostly have double eyelid.

Автор ShinRyutora ( назад)
i am asian but i have a double eyelid...but the crease disappears if i look down...

Автор Rei Allen Phillip Ramos ( назад)
I'm applying for a post-graduate studies offered by the korean governement. Now Im binge watching your videos bec they're so informative and kind of prepare me for what to expect. Hope I get accepted. Subscribed! :)

Автор saniyauzumaki ( назад)
I am sorry but plastic surgery is PLASTIC. The only plastic surgery I would support is reformation surgery. I have insecurities but instead of going for plastic surgery which is not at all me I would rather live with them or find other alternatives which can ENHANCE my features. And I disagree with the word "enhance" used in plastic surgery cause you literally change your BONE STRUCTURE and also live with side effects. Although I would like to applaud Korea for the work they do as it may literally change lives of some people who had accidents or are acid victims.

Автор mnguyea ( назад)
Basically, the Koreans or a lot of Asians want to look like Westerners as it is deemed more beautiful...double eye lid, widen eyes, lighten skin, higher nose bridge etc. Superficial. Kinda sad when you aren't proud of your own race features to look like another.

Автор Ah Yeon ( назад)
luckily as an asian I have naturally big double eyelids.. The only thing I would do is maybe mole removal.. I always think that my nose isn't pointy enough & my v-line chin isn't define enough, but it's not that bad, that I would let someone cut my face :P

Автор TheJuniorhits ( назад)
I really enjoy your videos, but recently a good friend of mine thinks she knows all about plastic surgery because of your videos. She thinks that every person has done plastic surgery, calling them "fake and all plastic", EVERYTIME someone mentions korean stars. Sure, a lot of Koreans and Korean Celebrities get plastic surgery, but there are still many who don't. She's not even really go to Korea because she's afraid people will force her to do plastic surgery. She's getting really stubborn. It is NOT only plastic surgery that makes them all look similar, it's ALSO MAKEUP. Many idols look the same only because they have the same makeup look. She believes in all these negative plastic surgery thoughts (that I'm not going to list because of privacy matters) because of random plastic surgery hate posts online. Our friendship is ending because of this. I try to avoid the argument but she won't stop hating on plastic surgery after watching this. I know it's not EYK's fault tho. Just a rant.

Автор nio naalfaen ( назад)
I've been watch your video this thankyou, and one thing come to my mind who is the person that's make Criteria 'beautiful/handsome' in korea that makes they believe beautiful is balbalabala handsome is blablabla, maybe it happens in all over the country we have our own defitition of handsome and beautiful in each country, in my country definition of handsome and beautiful made by advertisement.

So a lot of people in my country thinks beautiful is who have great body slim, white skin, pointy nose, and blabla..

Автор Superkoopatrooper ( назад)
I don't understand, Asian eyes are awesome. why would they want to make them more western?

Автор B Schwarzwälder ( назад)
you guys are such a beautiful couple

Автор Hulya Tunc ( назад)
Hi Guys I need a facelift can you recommend a plastic surgeon there that specializes in this.. If not can you recommend how I would find one in Korea

Автор Noni Z ( назад)
Hiii! I'm curious about the mole remover. I have one on my face and am so scared to remove due to scarring because it's above my lip and below my nose. what's your recommendation in regards to finding the right clinic?

Автор Pali Aha ( назад)
(2:29) "It sounds like it's more like, 'I'm a BUTTERFLY & I'm going to transform into a COCOON."
--isn't it the OTHER WAY AROUND?

Автор Brian Orr ( назад)
@5:30 Joke worked :D I'm now rolling on the floor. THANKS GUYS!~

Автор Cynthia Xiong (1576 лет назад)
You have such nice skin, Simon. Shave off the beard. ;)

Автор anže Stropnik ( назад)
she likes his big ''nose''

Автор Simon and Martina ( назад)
French subtitles now up as well! Thank you very much for making them!

Автор Laura Esteves ( назад)
the thing about resumes, I think its because you have to prove that its really you applying for the job

Автор uutuber431 ( назад)
Martina has a monolid.

Автор sHOoK biSH ( назад)
I dont really care if idols do ps because thats their job and its normal. What pisses me off/annoys/makes me sad is that normal citizens are too OBSESSED with beauty that its crazy -_______-

Автор Wish.Berry ( назад)
Now I don't trust people's faces in Korea 😂😂

Автор Awolfsince 1998 ( назад)
It just sounds so depressing to live in South Korea :( people there seem to pay too much attention on their appearance and can not stop putting efforts into it. It personally makes me feel like Korean people generally have low self-esteem. Their society weights appearance more than individual value....well more accurately, they weights appearance as individual value. China has this kind of sickness too. One time I was walking in the street and there was a guy, oddly came towards me and started analyzing my hair like : your hair looks dull, you must be lazy to put efforts into it . You need to have a new hairstyle and girls like your age should know better how to style themselves . Who wouldn't want to be beautiful . You won't find a bf unless you make a change to yourself .Here is my number and you should come to my saloon we will help you blah blah. I was like go fxck yourself! I felt so offended but he just thought he was being honest . Holy shit, what do they know about beauty.

Автор Elle Andrea ( назад)
Reform Surgery?!?! Seriously?!?!?!

Автор alfin syah ( назад)
u should fix ur nose?! 😂😂 i wonder if im the one who walk on gangnam? they probably say i should fix everything i had! 😂😂 crazy ps clinics..!

Автор Laura Fountain ( назад)
The way I see plastic surgery has changed a lot since I got into kpop and more in particular Korean culture. I used to be totally against plastic surgery and hated the idea of anyone getting it and would absolutely never even ink of dating someone who's had plastic surgery but after looking into Korean culture and understanding the Korean mindset more I'm actually ok with it now !? I mean I'd never get it myself because I just do t feel the need to I'm perfectly fine the way I am and I would still rather people didn't get plastic surgery but if someone wants to get PS I'm fine with it now, it wouldn't bother me and I wouldn't choose not to date someone because they had plastic surgery. Basically it's up to them what they want to do with their bodies.

Автор Arielle Yay ( назад)
In Germany it means Schönheitschirugie which means Beauty surgery, and we still think it's really negative.
But i agree language says a lot.

Автор Curry Rice ( назад)
3:20 LOLOL

Автор Syifa Haunan ( назад)
I looked up for 성괴 on google images and the result scared me out 😱

Автор Valintina Broken ( назад)
Can't stop watching your vids now! So good you guys are such a cute couple as well :D

Автор LadySephora ( назад)
I didn't even think about mole removal, I'll be thinking of that when I want to get one removed.
this video really changed my mind about plastic surgery.

Автор MagesticDragon ( назад)
Well I'm Korean (Korean-American technically), but I honestly don't disagree with surgery, it's more like I don't want to get it done. Honestly if I'm ugly, so be it, but I don't want to change myself just so I can look more 'attractive'. People can get plastic surgery done, I'm just not going to do it. Anyways I live in the US, so who cares,

Автор Simon and Martina ( назад)
Lovely! Danish subtitles are now up as well! Thank you to whoever made them, you beautiful person :D

Автор amesakurako1 ( назад)
I remember having to get a work photo taken at this photo place in Shanghai, somebody was photoshopping my face right in front of me, and it wasn't like removing spots it was like completely changing the shape of my jaws/making my eyes bigger/hair more volumous etc. Was extremely annoyed by that to say the very least!

Автор mia.notmya ( назад)
A swampdonkey YESSS HAHAHA

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