Fortnite X Batman: Exploring Gotham and Batman Gameplay

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • Tilted Town has become Gotham and Fortnite needs you to save the town as Batman. Glide into the video and see what all changed and check out the new Catwoman and Batman skins!
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  • Sea
    Sea Month ago

    I did not expect much from this hence I was not disappointed

  • Xervantez Xvi
    Xervantez Xvi Month ago

    What’s so fun about this Fortnite game? I only played it for 30 minutes and I’m hella bored already with this game this game has no story mode it’s only online shooting game but still boring

    • Mike Wazowski
      Mike Wazowski Month ago


  • StickBoizAnimations

    I wanna see Iron Man

  • Are u Dumb
    Are u Dumb Month ago +1

    Wait people still play this game

  • SolidSnake
    SolidSnake Month ago

    Closest we can get to new arkham gane

  • Alexander Lacaden
    Alexander Lacaden Month ago

    Still not downloading this game

  • WinterTN
    WinterTN Month ago

    Fortnite Kids: „oMG tHis iS so cOOl"

    Hugo Strange: „Protocol 10 begins in 10 Hours"

  • Kenzø
    Kenzø Month ago

    This batman is wearing hockey pads

  • 10000 subscribers without a video challenge

    Me- mom I want to play Batman arkham knight
    Mom-we have arkham knight at home
    Arkham knight at home-

  • Zeyad Ashraf
    Zeyad Ashraf Month ago

    2019: i have batman with guns

  • willyum
    willyum Month ago

    Batsman doesn't deserve this pain of being in fortnite

  • Bagoflaze
    Bagoflaze Month ago

    I just wanted to see him actually use the batarang on someone

  • Moises Skidaddle
    Moises Skidaddle Month ago

    Epic Games: Hey I heard it's Batman Day! Let's introduce Batman to our game so we can make money.

  • KarmaLama
    KarmaLama Month ago

    Loser game

  • Maher Debbichi
    Maher Debbichi Month ago

    Worst gameplay ever

  • Spectacular Spider-man

    Dead game lol

  • GrimmPersona
    GrimmPersona Month ago

    Now I want Spawn

  • Kaitlin Andreia ツ

    How to solve all of the hate:
    -play as batman- *WEAR* the *COSTUME* of Batman

  • Deathy kat
    Deathy kat Month ago

    Batman should use his fists, not a pickaxe

  • Sergiu Manus
    Sergiu Manus Month ago

    Is this the trailer for the new Arkham game?

  • Hamed Hilal
    Hamed Hilal Month ago

    I thought Batman would never shoot people

  • RexFaceLess
    RexFaceLess Month ago

    I've never played Fortnite nor do I ever intend to. But, I'll be honest with you guys this does look pretty cool

  • faking kid
    faking kid Month ago

    Batman dont kill people :v

  • Arya M
    Arya M Month ago +1

    Oh yeah remember when Batman started shooting guns, yeah me neither.

  • TheDrunkenPigz
    TheDrunkenPigz Month ago

    They done my boy dirty

  • Desi Studios
    Desi Studios Month ago

    Batman pulls up a tac smg

    Joker oh shoot

  • SS - 07BC - Hazel McCallion Sr PS (1549)

    Batman doesn't kill and doesn't use guns.

  • David Graham
    David Graham Month ago

    This Displeases the Bat

  • P- Star7
    P- Star7 Month ago

    Does anyone knows how I can get this ?????

  • MudkipchanT
    MudkipchanT Month ago +1

    Arkham series in a nutshell

    • _
      _ Month ago

      MudkipchanT except instead of Grapnel Guns, he uses Submachine Guns

  • Brock Obama
    Brock Obama Month ago

    Kill fortnite please.

  • Z-REX
    Z-REX Month ago

    Wtf have they done?!!

  • Dev Iyer
    Dev Iyer Month ago

    This is an insult to batman

  • Edwin Gibson
    Edwin Gibson Month ago

    This is more Big Daddy since Batman doesn't use guns

  • God
    God Month ago +1

    Why tf is it so thin?

  • poopy frank
    poopy frank Month ago

    fortnite is trash

  • WRLD OverHeaven
    WRLD OverHeaven Month ago

    Dear lord, what fresh hell is this?

  • Jovy Rivera
    Jovy Rivera Month ago

    But, batman doesn't use guns, except for that part when he killed darkseid

  • Williammanasye Sufiady


  • AsgarDaBoss
    AsgarDaBoss Month ago +1

    I don't like fortnite

    I like minecraft

  • Chudy Danny
    Chudy Danny Month ago

    Batman killing people with guns, weird

  • Garv Sethi
    Garv Sethi Month ago +1

    Either die a hero or see yourself coming into fortnite

  • Antonio Reyes
    Antonio Reyes Month ago

    Hell yeah!! The design on the costumes is BADASS as hell!!! Especially Catwoman’s. You can’t design crossover designs in this game 💯💯💯💯

  • John Blake
    John Blake Month ago

    So that was the new Batman game that WB was teasing..nice!

    • _
      _ Month ago

      John Blake yeah but where’s the 12 hours of BatTank gameplay they promised?

  • Marian George
    Marian George Month ago

    Marvel and DC in one game?

  • Durkey
    Durkey Month ago

    nobody plays this hot garbage anymore

  • ayysop
    ayysop Month ago +1

    New Arkham looking very weird

  • that's Juan cool dude


  • kent leonhart
    kent leonhart Month ago

    If fortnite does a crossover for batman x avengers, that would make history for a game. 😅

  • Moto Vidz
    Moto Vidz Month ago

    *Dark knight theme plays

  • Bobby Collins
    Bobby Collins Month ago +2

    1:53 I loved using the advanced grapple hook in Arkham Knight.

    • Bobby Collins
      Bobby Collins Month ago +1

      @_ yes. I forgot what it was called cuz i have not played the game in a while.

    • _
      _ Month ago +1

      Bobby Collins you mean the Grapnel Boost?

  • Collin Haponenko
    Collin Haponenko Month ago

    So sad

  • Laurynas Zubavičius

    I am new to Fortnite. Will this be one time event and I can't access Gotham city / batman costume, or this will be available all the times?

    • _
      _ Month ago

      Laurynas Zubavičius
      1) it’s a limited time event like the Avengers crossover and ends in less than week
      2) the Batman costume is $20 USD and the Gotham City map is clearly listed in the in-game map (it’s in the Top Left corner)

  • The Artsy Fartsy Guy

    "Mom, can we get Batman? "
    "We have Batman at home."

  • UndeadApocolypse
    UndeadApocolypse Month ago

    Must be Thomas Wayne

  • John Rey
    John Rey Month ago

    Please dont ruined Batman With Fortnite

    TEAM PHOENIX Month ago

    WTF to all the people saying batman does not use guns man, they did gave us bat rangs and the grapler gun so if you are so safisticated DONT USSE GUNS

  • PierrotBolnezify
    PierrotBolnezify Month ago

    Batman with guns is the epitome of oxymoron.

  • black screen with 10k subs?

    This deal was for the new batman Arkham game. As he enters the cinema you see the masks from the court of owls. If you know about the Instagram pictures and deleted Twitter post you will understand🦉🦇