HOW TO USE MOZZIE - Rainbow Six Siege (Burnt Horizon)

  • Опубликовано: 21 фев 2019
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  • Felixes guard from memes
    Felixes guard from memes 4 дня назад

    Who budned the toast so fire alarm went off

  • EggzBenedict 367
    EggzBenedict 367 4 дня назад

    Nug why u no use the Commando 9? It’s better than the P10 breh in every way

  • Nando Dyer
    Nando Dyer 5 дней назад

    2:21 They had a Dokiebae. Look where Marley died there’s a phone.

  • Runescape better then Fortnite
    Runescape better then Fortnite 5 дней назад

    FUCK MOZZIE PLAYERS, when you shoot a fucking drone that isnt even mozzies they are gonna fucking teamkills you

  • thegamingnerd yeahitsme
    thegamingnerd yeahitsme 5 дней назад

    This video will work for those mozzies who decide to just not use their crossbow weapon to capture the drones but just shoot them instead

  • Hades 6-3-6
    Hades 6-3-6 6 дней назад

    The fire alarm was going off cuz the secondairy Shotgun of mozzie and gridlock is so shit ubi was burning it

  • Gavman106 34
    Gavman106 34 6 дней назад

    Hello person randomly scrolling through the comments I hope that you are having a good day :)

    XX FROSTBITE XX 6 дней назад

    I hate that marley kid i fuckin hate him like no joke hes a prick and i dont even play eith him and hes doin my head in

  • Imf0cking Yourmother
    Imf0cking Yourmother 7 дней назад

    U sound like pinky malinky but swears

  • RtD_ Dark
    RtD_ Dark 7 дней назад

    mozzierella destroy me, im italian

  • UberSoldat 05
    UberSoldat 05 7 дней назад

    Cooked nugget

  • Isaac Rivera
    Isaac Rivera 7 дней назад

    Roni is trash

  • Tucker Mason
    Tucker Mason 7 дней назад

    nug when did you first start siege

  • TOPython
    TOPython 8 дней назад

    3:33 iq plays

  • StrawHat Samurai
    StrawHat Samurai 8 дней назад

    “Pull up with a mf foreign car it’s a mozzie-rati”- Melly

  • Chan Baird
    Chan Baird 8 дней назад

    I fuckin hate people who spawn peek

  • Mozzie
    Mozzie 9 дней назад +1

    Oh yeah! I hacked a video!

  • Nicholas Baker
    Nicholas Baker 9 дней назад

    Instantly upvoted because of mozzie-rella

  • Fruity
    Fruity 9 дней назад

    Hell yeah, the Aussie bois

  • I hate fortnight Give me a reason why it doesn’t

    What’s more fire Australia heat or the cammando reload

  • Deyvison The person
    Deyvison The person 9 дней назад

    Mozzie= less chunky echo

  • Deyvison The person
    Deyvison The person 9 дней назад

    It’s ya boi

    Mr.steal yo drone

  • lichking
    lichking 10 дней назад

    And we never saw him again rip nug 2019

  • SquirrelFwend
    SquirrelFwend 11 дней назад

    that claymore bro

  • JuSt FoR fUn
    JuSt FoR fUn 11 дней назад

    I bought the season pass and it says the new ops are coming

  • bbfolkgg
    bbfolkgg 13 дней назад

    How to get FPS like that.

  • Accurate Panda
    Accurate Panda 14 дней назад

    When he walked through the spikes I had Sumit1g Molotov Flashbacks. 1:46

  • JxeWarren -
    JxeWarren - 14 дней назад

    1. Don’t use his SMG

  • RBxA Sharpshot
    RBxA Sharpshot 15 дней назад

    Lol my friends were like wtf when the fire alarm went off by I had my volume up and they were so confused

  • Andrew Thongphachanh
    Andrew Thongphachanh 15 дней назад

    what is the intro song

  • E 10 Alive
    E 10 Alive 15 дней назад

    This is the first video of your that I have watched and just want to say.....

    I love the videos where have these been my whole life 😭

  • xSmoke
    xSmoke 15 дней назад

    How to get him ?

  • Kevin Ashil
    Kevin Ashil 16 дней назад

    The main thing on this vid was on the last, "promote ape*x leg*end" lol

  • Yung Puzzle Piece
    Yung Puzzle Piece 16 дней назад

    Step one:equip literally anything. Step two: PROFIT

  • Dib
    Dib 16 дней назад

    let me know when you can be my dentist

  • PreMadeLasagna
    PreMadeLasagna 16 дней назад

    Can we hit 1 million views?

  • Tanner Johnson
    Tanner Johnson 17 дней назад

    What weapon skin is that?

    SHAWN BISCUIT 17 дней назад

    I wish I wasn't either TKed every time I got a new op or the op wasn't picked as soon as I loaded.

  • El Mamadou Qc
    El Mamadou Qc 17 дней назад

    Legit made me pause the video and quickly get up cause that sounded 100% like my alarm haha

  • Yankee R6
    Yankee R6 17 дней назад


  • Tanner Mccloskey
    Tanner Mccloskey 17 дней назад

    Nug come on man

  • ii Lorxnz
    ii Lorxnz 17 дней назад

    Corny ass joke

  • Tooney Games
    Tooney Games 17 дней назад

    PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stop making titles like this. Just make it “Mozzie gameplay” or something. I’m tired of squeakers trying to copy strats off of RUclip and getting killed in the process

  • Nicky Puttera
    Nicky Puttera 18 дней назад

    Mozzie-rella. That cringe make me laugh

  • Gamy Vids
    Gamy Vids 18 дней назад +1

    Always starts with a horrible pund

  • Juls ___wydrz
    Juls ___wydrz 18 дней назад

    Adopts child ..." I OWN U NOW SON"

  • Trey Green
    Trey Green 18 дней назад

    Who else thot the alarm was there house

    R6S CLIPS 18 дней назад

    As MeatyMarley would say, he went nuggo mode a couple times in this vid

  • Joe Sanabria
    Joe Sanabria 18 дней назад

    Can u make youth merch

  • Anonymous error10101
    Anonymous error10101 18 дней назад

    Does mozzie actually say/react to the twitch drone or is it like how he would with a regular drone.

  • Alex Ochoa
    Alex Ochoa 19 дней назад

    1000 hour jackel???

  • The gamer G
    The gamer G 19 дней назад

    How many hours do u have on this game

  • Greetedfo x
    Greetedfo x 19 дней назад

    6:46 I love mozzie's reload animation

  • dantheman456
    dantheman456 19 дней назад


  • dantheman456
    dantheman456 19 дней назад

    I want to ride that drone son

  • Artic 659
    Artic 659 20 дней назад

    No please i'm italian and the Mozzie-rella kill me😂

  • Federico Lepore
    Federico Lepore 20 дней назад

    Apex LOL

  • dave isa thing
    dave isa thing 20 дней назад +3

    Waitin for that steve irwin elite skin for mozzie.

  • SlateOfDeath Opaf
    SlateOfDeath Opaf 20 дней назад

    7:26 Marley called gridlock a him. 😥

  • Smiley Girl
    Smiley Girl 20 дней назад

    Go do your homework

  • Sebbonen Clan
    Sebbonen Clan 20 дней назад

    Song 9:46 ?

  • Sebbonen Clan
    Sebbonen Clan 20 дней назад

    Song 9:46

  • Nyssiss
    Nyssiss 20 дней назад

    Oh hey this cheating scumbag snuck back into my feed.

  • Slicer_ 1Shot2ShotReaper
    Slicer_ 1Shot2ShotReaper 20 дней назад

    Hey first vid of watching u, u seem like a funny dude, I’m thinking of manning mozzie so this helps

  • Xavier Chapa
    Xavier Chapa 21 день назад

    The shot gun is small it’s self but it’s 300x bigger than my peepee

  • David Jimenez
    David Jimenez 21 день назад

    What gun skin do u use🤔🤔

  • Alejandro Paredes
    Alejandro Paredes 21 день назад

    Like if you would want to see nug 1v1 all his friends, especially Marley because I feel they’re the better players

  • Wade Statham
    Wade Statham 21 день назад

    No hate but video 10min 1second

  • Im Beuky
    Im Beuky 21 день назад

    Twitch drone 1v1s please

  • MattaMakaPlayz 19
    MattaMakaPlayz 19 21 день назад +1

    Wait isn’t twitch completely useless against mozzie because her gadget is the shock drone and mozzie can just take it for himself?

  • Mr. Fanatic Pyro
    Mr. Fanatic Pyro 21 день назад

    Mozzie is trash these new ops are so dumb who remembers the old days of siege when it was fun and could play with acogs in bandito and Yager and would watch serenity. Haven't played in a full year but want to play but know that it wont be the same with these new ops want to go and play how it used to be who else feels this way?😭🤧

  • Blank_________ _________
    Blank_________ _________ 21 день назад

    Remember when nugget still did tips and tricks

  • Sam Langston
    Sam Langston 22 дня назад

    Suck My nugget

  • Snoopgod Gaming
    Snoopgod Gaming 22 дня назад

    I think C.O.B should make an account that is named THE_REAL_ELON_HUSK

  • Help Me
    Help Me 22 дня назад +1

    Good content has entered the chat

  • David Henson
    David Henson 22 дня назад

    The reload is too fire for the alarm

  • Charles Flowers
    Charles Flowers 22 дня назад

    Hey so i want to know your setup of your astro A50 if you can lend me an image or something it would be amazing

  • Jashad Waller
    Jashad Waller 22 дня назад

    What is that outro song called

    MONSTER 22 дня назад +1

    Omg the Australians don’t even have the new update. The *_A U S T R L I A N S_*

  • aaa aaa
    aaa aaa 23 дня назад

    Pizza Motsirelloa rella rella rella

  • Joshua Allen Feliciano
    Joshua Allen Feliciano 23 дня назад

    Im just new in r6 world. And i’m glad i found this channel. You got a sub.
    You sound like tom holland btw.

  • XJiggleJelly YT
    XJiggleJelly YT 23 дня назад

    Wtf Gridlock and mozzie haven’t even came out

  • Joshua Z
    Joshua Z 23 дня назад

    0:09 song?

  • 10,000 subs with no videos
    10,000 subs with no videos 23 дня назад

    Mozzie is op

  • Mizumari
    Mizumari 23 дня назад

    8:54 i thought that was my fire alarm....

  • Mr Puppet jr
    Mr Puppet jr 23 дня назад

    U sound like spider man 💀

  • nic jones
    nic jones 23 дня назад

    First 2 mins girl laughs and high pitched voices

  • Thanos
    Thanos 23 дня назад

    Outro song?

  • Golden saint
    Golden saint 23 дня назад

    Did u like reverse puberty or something?

  • Dark _Clippeys
    Dark _Clippeys 23 дня назад


  • Santino Zucchiatti
    Santino Zucchiatti 23 дня назад

    If u mozzie a dron and then u trhow a smoke on him u can go whit the dron to the enemy and then explote the smoke?

  • E etra
    E etra 23 дня назад

    When does it come to ps4 and Xbox

  • Micah Comfort
    Micah Comfort 23 дня назад

    That shotgun is godly, you're just bad

  • Seed's Stream Archives
    Seed's Stream Archives 23 дня назад

    that alarm scared the fuck out of me and i jumped up and checked my house LOL

  • Driftninja2
    Driftninja2 23 дня назад

    Can't wait to get mozzie

  • bull party12345
    bull party12345 23 дня назад

    I cant find anyone on the tts and its sad

  • Yard work
    Yard work 23 дня назад

    Just watch what Ubisoft said about him, and how to use him

  • Henning Skerath
    Henning Skerath 23 дня назад +1

    How do i join the TeamSpeak?

  • Krzysztof Buliński
    Krzysztof Buliński 23 дня назад

    Waiting for 1000h when the operator isn't long enough in game

  • VNIX
    VNIX 23 дня назад

    2:26 the sight is aiming the back of his neck and the muzzle should be a bit lower, but it's a head shot lol