BTS: BT21 Makeup Honest Review {BT21 x VT Cosmetics}

  • Published on Nov 22, 2018
  • Today's video is a BT21 cosmetics review ft my sister, i hope you guys enjoyed the video ^^
    You also can buy the makeup on Cokodive: the cute Korean website that sells many official BTS and BT21 merch.
    Buy BT21 makeup here:
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  • Her Jams
    Her Jams  11 months ago +115

    Hello hello beautiful friends, I'm back and will make sure to upload more ^^ I hope you guys are doing great, today's video is a little bit long so bring some snacks and enjoy *-* Make sure to check the description box!
    Thank you & I purple youuuuu

    • ÃMØŘÏ - MîÑ
      ÃMØŘÏ - MîÑ 10 months ago

      اوني شحال مبلغ المنتجات و كيفاش توصلت بيهم و هل يوصلوا للجزائر ردي بليز

    • TaeTan
      TaeTan 11 months ago

      The foundation is too white becuz all Koreans are white I guess😂 right!

    • heba widaa
      heba widaa 11 months ago

      انت مغربيه ؟

    • Taeshara 1
      Taeshara 1 11 months ago

      Her Jams where have you been😢
      I really missed you.
      Please continue to upload all news about BTS.

    • Taeshara 1
      Taeshara 1 11 months ago

      yes she is from tunisia😊

  • Mustaqal Mustaqal
    Mustaqal Mustaqal Month ago +1

    يمه شفيك مره إنجليزي ومره عربي

  • meet bts bangtan
    meet bts bangtan 5 months ago

    اي بلاد انتي أول مره اعرف أنك عربية

  • shookyuuut nyannieee
    shookyuuut nyannieee 5 months ago

    Hope you'll answer. Does the cushion puff sucks the sunscreen? Wanted to buy that. But I hope I'm not wasting any. Does it have whitecast also?

  • roxanne delosantos
    roxanne delosantos 6 months ago

    (ㅠ_ㅠ) i'm broke.. huhuh i wanna buy da mask and hoodie

  • Ebdelli Rania
    Ebdelli Rania 6 months ago

    Can I know the link for these products I mean how can i buy online

  • LaBananaDeJin 94
    LaBananaDeJin 94 7 months ago

    No entendí la mayoría del video :v pero me gusto mucho :3

  • Derouich Dorra
    Derouich Dorra 8 months ago

    تونسية ؟؟❤❤🙌🙌

  • Safa exol
    Safa exol 8 months ago

    تونسية ❤

  • عاشقه BTS الملوك السبعه

    وش اسم الموقع الي اشتريتي منه المكياج

  • yoongi's left tiddy
    yoongi's left tiddy 9 months ago

    ur sister so beautiful

    FAJER BTS 9 months ago

    انتي تتكلمين عربي ؟!!!

  • Safia mohammad
    Safia mohammad 9 months ago

    U are Arab right

  • leesu
    leesu 9 months ago


    DAN STORY 10 months ago

    Omg do you talk Arabic?

  • ÃMØŘÏ - MîÑ
    ÃMØŘÏ - MîÑ 10 months ago

    اوني انتي عربية شحال المبلغ نتاع المنتجات و هل يوصلوا للجزائر رجاءا ردس

  • Hector paredes soto
    Hector paredes soto 10 months ago

    fome alguna pendeja me agrego a qui pero no me inporta deja de meterte en mi cuenta para sucribirte pendeja si lo lees dejate8

  • imane Army
    imane Army 10 months ago

    Omg I was following this account for about two years And I JUST FOUND THAT SHE IS ARAB LIKE ME. IS SHE MOROCCAN??????!??!?

  • Jung Shookga
    Jung Shookga 10 months ago

    I’ve always watched your videos and i’ve never knew you are arab

  • Avrora Louis
    Avrora Louis 10 months ago

    When did bts have a makeup brand!? Someone help im so loss!! Like do they own the company??

  • SUGA tongue technology A
    SUGA tongue technology A 10 months ago

    Girl u broke me from the insaid out , bcuz i cant have those 😵😵😵

  • Pink_ Loves
    Pink_ Loves 10 months ago


  • You are ugly But still a human

    Bts have to give these toys for free to there poor army 😂😂😂 #poorarmy

  • Anthony
    Anthony 10 months ago +2

    Creo que seguiré viendo el video de Fabbi Lee 😅 porque está en español

  • Aru Kim
    Aru Kim 10 months ago

    Omggg nourrrrr hiiii enti mechia lil house of kpop?? Nchlh nchoufek 8adi💜💜

  • Narmyne날민
    Narmyne날민 10 months ago

    Tounsiyaaa ?????? Oh gosh i didnt know this omgggggggg i dont know why i'm happy lol we're both tunisians

  • Hae Soo Del
    Hae Soo Del 10 months ago

    You look so beautiful❤

  • INFPLibra
    INFPLibra 10 months ago

    Thank you so much for doing this 😘 been looking for someone to review on their Sun Fit Cushion..❤️❤️❤️

  • winter bear
    winter bear 10 months ago +3

    can i be your other sis? 🥺
    pls share that makeup with me i’d clean ur room everyday lmao
    also! bless your genes, your sister is so soo so pretty masallah 😻

  • S
    S 10 months ago +2

    Arabic/english/french 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cryztal 27
    Cryztal 27 10 months ago

    I am not broke but BT21 doesn't available in my country 😢😢😢😢😢😳😳😳😳😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kookie Chip
    Kookie Chip 10 months ago +6

    I’m seeing my future wedding ring

  • 재윤
    재윤 10 months ago

    wow.. the lipstick colors are so vibrant

  • Kpopdeal
    Kpopdeal 10 months ago


  • Kiminai
    Kiminai 10 months ago

    Im late, but youre so pretty!

  • Excuse ma Charisma
    Excuse ma Charisma 10 months ago

    Hi, I'm a broken tunisian army :')

  • kelly chan senpai
    kelly chan senpai 10 months ago

    When you wanna buy bt21 makeup but you don't have money to get..
    I'm really sad that u have bt21 YOU ARE LUCKYYYY ;-; *crys*

  • lia •-•
    lia •-• 10 months ago

    You are so lucky that u can have that make up tbh i loveeee ur channel

  • Debadrita Mukherjee
    Debadrita Mukherjee 11 months ago

    I the shopping site international and does it cause any exeptional charge? ?

  • Savannah Watson
    Savannah Watson 11 months ago

    I'm kind of disappointed like BTS knows they have fans all over the world so where is the diversity

  • hanimahanani96
    hanimahanani96 11 months ago

    What shade is your cushion tho? Is it 21 ivory?

  • Md. Helalur Rahman Bhuiyan

    J-hopes sister made it herselffffff!!!! I'm shoooooooooky

  • Md. Helalur Rahman Bhuiyan

    I guess this is specialized for the Koreans, Chinese, Thai, Taiwanese and other people with fair complexion.

  • minnie
    minnie 11 months ago

    Are you Morracon cause the language your speaking sounds like it it's really pretty 💜

  • BtatmaS Girl
    BtatmaS Girl 11 months ago +2

    *when your rich*

  • Abby Cher
    Abby Cher 11 months ago +2

    Everyone here is too broke to get this while I'm over with the ability to afford these products but it does not accommodate my wonderful melanin.

  • Jeonghan’s judging face

    your sister is so beautiful.

  • Takanoえと
    Takanoえと 11 months ago

    Nour I love you tu es magnifique je t'aime Unnie

  • HipHoeLover
    HipHoeLover 11 months ago +1

    When you Black and can’t even dream of wearing some of this stuff😫😖

  • Kookie & Jimin
    Kookie & Jimin 11 months ago

    I love the BT21 cosmetics😍😘

  • Axel.p керато
    Axel.p керато 11 months ago

    0:00 what the title ?? I know the song but i dont knoe the title .... Can someone please tellme ??..... I like your vid by the way ... And its my first time watching your video i really like it !!!

  • Whole Cake Island
    Whole Cake Island 11 months ago

    I loved this cute little review from you!

  • Laxmi Kc
    Laxmi Kc 11 months ago

  • Laxmi Kc
    Laxmi Kc 11 months ago

    i am sorry unnie but i have found some one posting your video and here is the link
    plzz check it thats its your video or not

  • Evuxs
    Evuxs 11 months ago +1

    Can someone answer me if the BT21 plushies on Cokodive are fake or authentic? Becouse I'm kinda skeptical, they have a few fake BT21 items, and I don't want to get fooled...

  • Rasha 1D
    Rasha 1D 11 months ago

    واو انا متابعتك من زمان بس ما توقعت تكوني عربية

  • TaestySugaKookeis o3o
    TaestySugaKookeis o3o 11 months ago

    Why am I torturing myself like this...

  • TaestySugaKookeis o3o
    TaestySugaKookeis o3o 11 months ago

    OMG you speak Arabic 😍😍😍

  • jungkook AMY
    jungkook AMY 11 months ago

    Please give me one i live in Bangladesh

  • #me
    #me 11 months ago

    Your sister is gorgeous ❤️