Jerusalem & Bethlehem Has Become A Home To Palestinian & Israeli Tensions | Arabia With Levison Wood

  • Published on Jul 22, 2019
  • Levison Wood visits Bethlehem during Christmas and then goes on to witness the political and religious tensions within modern day Jerusalem.
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Comments • 85

  • Sudhanshu Bhai
    Sudhanshu Bhai 10 days ago

    Paelistenians are terrorists

  • Mohammed Jeelani Shaikh
    Mohammed Jeelani Shaikh 22 days ago +2

    Palestine will be free again

  • Mike Sanchez
    Mike Sanchez Month ago

    Ahhh Rothschilds and Rockefellers playgrounds

  • Terry Mance
    Terry Mance Month ago

    the problem with Islam is that they want to choke everyone who is not a muslim if they do not convert...and they even kill their own who convert to other religion... this is not a religion of God...

  • Terry Mance
    Terry Mance Month ago

    it is funny how the UN says it is illegal to build homes in Palestinian communities... Israel is for Jews and Palestinians just moved in hundreds of years ago... the Jews let them live in this land and if the muslims behave like civilized human beings there will be no problem...

  • rideordieguy rideordieguy

    The old generation on both side fucked everything up>>>>> Arrogant hard headed MF

  • HDStudios
    HDStudios Month ago

    Wood, You’ve proven that you’re one vile ignorant fuck willing to spew lies & twisted half truths for your own vile biases

  • golanisheli
    golanisheli Month ago +1

    As an ex British army officer I would have expected a far more astute appraisal of the Arab Israeli conflict. This is just more propaganda. Wood has given voice to one side alone, individuals holding a deep hatred for Israel. Never mind that they have spouted a series of fabrications and fictions, it is just so blatant. That wall and (95%) of it, fence, has saved thousands of Israeli lives. Yes Palestinians have been inconvenienced by it, so what? BTW those “IDF soldiers” he shows are police, not part of the IDF. So much for this professional soldier. I guess the British Army these days is too preoccupied with trying to work out which bathroom to use. References to the “wall dividing communities” is just bullshit. It keeps Woods’ terrorist friends out, and a good thing too. Woods you have exposed your own nasty prejudice here. No wonder that 38% of British voters are perfectly happy to have a vile anti Semite as their PM. Wood, you are symptomatic of your diseased society.

    • jonathan wakefield
      jonathan wakefield 29 days ago


    • jonathan wakefield
      jonathan wakefield 29 days ago

      Israel doing to Palestine what u British fuckers did to Ireland... Besides the land grabbing there is occupation imprisonment military abuse... The Balfour declaration and partition made by u British fuckers is the result of this 70 year long issue... Why didn't the British make a Palestinian state during the Balfour declaration wouldnt that have solved this fucking issue... As a "British soldier" did you know The Zionist terrorists Irgun bombed British soldiers and civilians in July 1946 at the King David Hotel bombing 91 dead they still attacked you even though u made their fucking country

  • Kenneth Gedeons
    Kenneth Gedeons Month ago +6

    God bless Israel ,Israel is there before so called Palestinian

    • Swej kcuf
      Swej kcuf Month ago

      @Kenneth. Take your head out of where the sun don't shine and haShem resides in. Many jewish leaders got birth certificates stating they were born in Palestine you inbreeding winged Hebrew monkey

  • k Daingam inkah
    k Daingam inkah Month ago +2

    From India, Thank you for your vidoe, it's warm up my heart desire to see the Jerusalem. God bless the whole world.

  • meriem bell
    meriem bell Month ago +1


  • Anfy_ Gengs
    Anfy_ Gengs Month ago +2


  • Joseph Buckhoff
    Joseph Buckhoff Month ago +1

    *The JEWS are God's chosen People :) JESUS is God & one day soon everybody will know. Muslims/Palestinians are of Great EVIL & will go to HELL !!*

  • Muhamad Siswanto
    Muhamad Siswanto Month ago +2

    F*ck Israel.

  • Edys
    Edys Month ago +1

    let's go live on mars. because it's still wide there. where are astronauts, where are the scientists. their discovery is very slow now. .

  • quest 77051
    quest 77051 Month ago

    so jesus was not born in a manger next to animals on a bed of hay?

  • F N
    F N Month ago

    The Jewish people have one country in the entire world where they are the majority. Muslims have over 80 countries where they are the majority. Let the Jewish people have one sanctuary, one place to call home. Muslims can find sanctuary in 80+ countries of their people.

  • F N
    F N Month ago


  • elchnan m d
    elchnan m d Month ago

    ישראל של עם ישראל 😘

  • G Watsittoyaa
    G Watsittoyaa Month ago +6

    Jews were there first , not proof palestine was ever there before , its not even close , so yup its jewish land.

    • O sa
      O sa Month ago +1

      Stupid moron, why is there a mosque that is more than 800 years old

  • Moatez chaouaf
    Moatez chaouaf Month ago

    Free palastine forever Algeria with the free palastine 👌

  • Someboi
    Someboi Month ago

    We will take the Jerusalem dues vult dues vult dues vult.

  • Francis Lawrence Caasi

    Another anti Jewish video. Smh

    • the dark age
      the dark age Month ago

      A jew is not a zionist

    • Hot Dogs
      Hot Dogs Month ago

      Lmao. Way to pull the antisemite card, you bagel.

    • imjustsaying tho
      imjustsaying tho Month ago +2

      Francis Lawrence Caasi Anti Jewish? HAH! Forever the victim, even when you yourself are the perpetrator of violence, and sower of conflict. Return the land your people have stolen, and give up the idea that you are gods chosen people. More like satans

    • shereine sada
      shereine sada Month ago +2

      Francis Lawrence Caasi another video showing reality of others who have lesser than the Jews. The oppression. Fuck you

  • TecH_GuY
    TecH_GuY Month ago +3

    Wait… i don’t understand the situation someone explain…

    • Zv Na
      Zv Na Month ago +1

      Ben Heiman basically men created gods, then men created the worst version of god - Islam, and it took the whole Middle East back to 7th century.

    • TecH_GuY
      TecH_GuY Month ago +1

      Ben Heiman Agree

    • Ben Heiman
      Ben Heiman Month ago +2

      TecH_GuY yeah its a complicated issue and my point of veiw is that Isreal and Palistine should establish a two state solution. Where they are essentially two separate countries. As of now and in the past the Palestinian president refuses to meet with America and Isreal and work out an agreement, hopefully after he is no longer present they can work something out.

    • TecH_GuY
      TecH_GuY Month ago +2

      Ben Heiman i mean 🇮🇱 people lived there before but palestiniens have been living there for 1000+ years

    • TecH_GuY
      TecH_GuY Month ago +1

      Ben Heiman yea hmm now idk who’s right

  • Aditya Mohapatra
    Aditya Mohapatra Month ago +2

    To protect the settlers while they are attacking. Who are attacking?

    • negro bsr
      negro bsr Month ago

      they dont attack he is full of shit

  • עדי שושני
    עדי שושני Month ago +10

    That is the most one sided way to talk about the wall

    • Mohammed Jeelani Shaikh
      Mohammed Jeelani Shaikh 22 days ago

      Yeah ... because ur occupier, long Palestine...... death to Israel...

  • Bzkxtt
    Bzkxtt Month ago +1

    Israhell and Paleshite.

    • O sa
      O sa Month ago


  • Ben Heiman
    Ben Heiman Month ago +3

    the hard part about palistine is that they are split up in two i guess if it becomes a state only the west bank will be recognized

  • No Place To Hide
    No Place To Hide Month ago +2

    What the Zionists seem not to understand is that Palestinians will never give up for their land
    There will never be Peace.

    • No Place To Hide
      No Place To Hide 17 days ago

      @Shiny Guitar Did You know Muslims believe Jesus come back before the end of the world?
      Love your neighbors is also in other religions and the teaching of the prophet of Islam, but if invaders come to your house occupy it like the Western countries did in Africa, India, Indochina, Zionists ( fake Jews from Eastern Europe in Majority) are doing it in Palestine,
      God expect you to defend yourself against the criminals and fight to the end
      Kingdom of injustice never lasts
      -Ezekiel 9:9
      -Job 5:16
      - Habakkuk 2:1
      - Habakkuk 1:3
      - Proverbs 22:8
      - Proverbs 16:8
      -Proverbs 13:23
      - Psalm 64:6
      - Psalm 58:2

    • Shiny Guitar
      Shiny Guitar 17 days ago

      When Jesus returns there will be peace.
      Jesus said; “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.
      Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
      God is love

    • colbytnt
      colbytnt Month ago +1

      Ben Heiman no you’re wrong they’ll be fighting till Jesus comes back. It’s all in the Bible :)

  • بذور النجوم
    بذور النجوم Month ago +2

    Palestine will keep Palestine Lady Earth

  • Hassaam Tariq
    Hassaam Tariq Month ago +2

    Jerusalem is part of the Palestinians... it's true...The innocent Palestinians are being targeted through Jewish terrorism.

  • TheBandit 2441916
    TheBandit 2441916 Month ago +9

    Free Palestine!!

  • Hassaam Tariq
    Hassaam Tariq Month ago +5

    We pray for peace in the whole world. Just the nation is the country that is destroying the world's comfort and ☮️, which is the most commonly known as the prejudice Israeli, India nations.

    • Billy the King jeans
      Billy the King jeans Month ago +3

      This world have been falling apart since forever. This world can do good but people are just to damn selfish to understand the true beauty of Mother Earth.

  • Toussaints' Wrath
    Toussaints' Wrath Month ago +3

    Why can’t they just go back to Germany, Poland, Russia, the US-since they get so much support from those radical evangelicals?

    • negro bsr
      negro bsr Month ago

      @Toussaints' Wrath israelis are not White Europeans you brain dead faggot

    • the dark age
      the dark age Month ago

      @TecH_GuY it is the land of canaan according to the torah the canaanites where here first after that the philistins who lived in the coastal area

    • Toussaints' Wrath
      Toussaints' Wrath Month ago

      TecH_GuY , I know that’s right. White Europeans from Europe calling themselves “Jew-ish” are Israelites.

    • TecH_GuY
      TecH_GuY Month ago

      Toussaints' Wrath but israelites lived there before them tho

    • Toussaints' Wrath
      Toussaints' Wrath Month ago

      G Watsittoyaa , it’s not. They are Europeans. That’s not their land.

  • David J
    David J Month ago +10

    ❤ Jerusalem ❤Palestine

    • negro bsr
      negro bsr Month ago +1

      jerusalem is jewish and its israel you pig fucking cunt

    • elchnan m d
      elchnan m d Month ago

      לישראל קראתם פלסטין לירושלים מה תקראו

  • RedemptionSoS
    RedemptionSoS Month ago +1

    jews drove the christians out of bethlehem ... not the palis
    nd fake american christians like john hagee & the stupid TBN Network helped them do it... they replaced the remnant of Christian Israelis with jews from russia & east Europe
    Thanks again murica!

    BL NATION Month ago +1

    I wish Iarael and palestine can stay together

    • TecH_GuY
      TecH_GuY Month ago +1

      Salah -Eddine or they kick palestiniens out of their country! 😂😂😂😂

    • Salah -Eddine
      Salah -Eddine Month ago +1

      In your dreams

  • Nishan Str
    Nishan Str Month ago +7

    I have to Visit Jerusalem once in my life