CNN reporter sent to secretive N. Korea event

  • Опубликовано: 13 апр 2017
  • CNN's Will Ripley is given a last-minute invitation to attend a secretive event in North Korea

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  • MR. Gamer Gaming
    MR. Gamer Gaming 9 месяцев назад

    when we he return

  • RobbieFPV
    RobbieFPV 10 месяцев назад

    CNN is fake news.
    Kim Jong Un is a hero. A true American Icon.

  • PhillyJilly
    PhillyJilly 10 месяцев назад

    This is HILARIOUS!!

  • Alex 1218
    Alex 1218 Год назад

    Should've assassinated him there.

  • Mm Mm
    Mm Mm Год назад

    Scary ahahhaha😂😂😂😂

  • NightWing
    NightWing Год назад

    All that to open a street

  • Do Bo
    Do Bo Год назад

    He needs to be destroyed. For the sake of humanity. He even ruins his own people. So he is good for noone. I am not American. I dont have that bias. I am speaking strictly from a human rights perspective and a worldy persepective. He needs to be assasinated but that would be a suicide mission most likely. I truly the U.S and South Korea and other allies strike against North Korea. People must die, unfortunately, in order for real positive change to happen in North Korea. But Kim will obviously be hidden in some underground bunker and whisked away if his coutnry falls. I have no doubt in that. He is a coward not a leader.

  • Vinay Vinay
    Vinay Vinay Год назад

    CNN funding Kim I guess so

  • S S
    S S Год назад

    North Korea is a joke

  • Nicio Evertz
    Nicio Evertz Год назад

    Secretive event???? Lmaoo
    Ohhh CNN...

  • RayS2able
    RayS2able Год назад

    That was a last gen S-class you poor fat bitch

  • geno mccgeno
    geno mccgeno Год назад

    It's hard to believe that a regime like that still exists in the 21st century.

  • lynnthegreat10
    lynnthegreat10 Год назад


  • Ernesto Dela Cruz
    Ernesto Dela Cruz Год назад

    Media people are close minded. They read and judge....judge.....udge.......udge.......udge......udge...........

  • v lorenzo
    v lorenzo Год назад +2


  • Malachi Ben Yisrael
    Malachi Ben Yisrael Год назад +1

    I certainly hope he wasn't sent all the way to NoKo for a damn ribbon cutting ceremony

  • supergrover6868
    supergrover6868 Год назад


  • Michael Nelson
    Michael Nelson Год назад +2

    He drove away to go get lunch.

  • Chris Prol
    Chris Prol Год назад +1

    Didn't look that secretive

  • kim kim
    kim kim Год назад

    southkorea Jeolla Do people! Against usa

  • Eternal Pink Void
    Eternal Pink Void Год назад

    No so secret now.

  • Deshawn Jackson
    Deshawn Jackson Год назад


  • Riddikk187
    Riddikk187 Год назад

    Way to go CNN you broke the story on operation ribbon cutting. The world is a safer place for your efforts.

  • Dmhs Projects
    Dmhs Projects Год назад +4

    In the beginning I was afraid because of the music I thought he was going to see like a missile launched.

  • tina
    tina Год назад +1


  • Victor Yorro
    Victor Yorro Год назад

    Must be good to be king 👑

  • darkshadow955
    darkshadow955 Год назад

    Fake news :'(

  • anon. istari
    anon. istari Год назад

    I watch CNN because I like to have my emotional buttons pushed such that I am played like a fiddle. With CNN, I can put down any critical thinking and let the Pyracites do all my thinking for me. That way, I can be manipulated with the rest of the ignorant sheep, all for the outcomes of those with money and power. Who is more foolish, the fool, or the fools that watch CNN who merely follow...

  • Noah Ingram
    Noah Ingram Год назад

    no speech?

  • whoRwe02
    whoRwe02 Год назад

    So it was claimed "secret". So this is one reference of "being secret". A unseen vagina exposed...and it is still the shape of a vagina. Someone's trip might be better.

  • Joshua Suggs
    Joshua Suggs Год назад

    not even secretive what is the CLINTON NEW NETWORK Talking about!

  • 消灭台独
    消灭台独 Год назад

    Hope that China and the United States friendly and common development

  • Sebastian Haumering
    Sebastian Haumering Год назад

    I would laugh if he cut his finger

  • USMC
    USMC Год назад

    What a waste of that poor reporter's time. Kim Jong Un shows up, cuts a ribbon, and leaves for another meal!

  • gigmaster222
    gigmaster222 Год назад +1

    drone strike the limo

    THIS IS OUR TIME Год назад


  • ranko 67
    ranko 67 Год назад

    i thought KIM is American bicouse hi is fat

  • Joop de Jong
    Joop de Jong Год назад

    CNN makes one sick. They are slowly becoming irrelevant.

  • Joop de Jong
    Joop de Jong Год назад

    Kim Jung knows CNN will be on their side.....CNN is against Trump so is he... They are welcomed with open arms.
    CNN are experts in stirring for wars. Just look at their dramatizing and instigating wars in Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Lybia etc.etc....

  • korlu01
    korlu01 Год назад

    Isn't it so crazy seeing this massive horde of Koreans and not a SINGLE ONE of them is fat or the least bit overweight whatsoever. Not one! I dare you to try and point one out. The only one who is fat, of course, is Mr. Supreme Leader who doesn't poop or pee with his pinky nail sized little teeny weeny red Asian peeny.

  • polifatts
    polifatts Год назад

    lol knowing CNN it was probably just a green screen..

  • Jacob Magnuts
    Jacob Magnuts Год назад

    I told you this is where Hillary gets her outfits

  • im hotter than you yoongi
    im hotter than you yoongi Год назад

    Why depend on nuclears like if y'all want war fight soldiers to soldiers and see who wins. Like y'all think nuclears make you tough but no it makes you seem weak because you can't use hands to fight for your country.

  • kit osman
    kit osman Год назад


  • Fr3ShPRiNC3
    Fr3ShPRiNC3 Год назад

    Why not bomb them during these events ?

  • NinjaRider777R
    NinjaRider777R Год назад

    He's standing out in the open with literally thousands of sniping positions overlooking the event. You could rid the world of one more crazed dictator with a single suppressed round for him and one each for all of his top military staff.

  • Jeff Spehar
    Jeff Spehar Год назад

    A muscular, yet thin leader

  • G.R, Dray
    G.R, Dray Год назад +1

    FUCK KIM & CNN!!

  • Jeff Spehar
    Jeff Spehar Год назад

    Kim Jon is a stud.

  • WanderingStar
    WanderingStar Год назад

    Looks like he just woke up "What am I supposed to do, cut this ribbon think, ok, peace"

  • Addicted To Stacks
    Addicted To Stacks Год назад

    CNN? How the heck is CNN even still in business. #Fakenews I used to watch CNN, now you just make me want to vomit.

  • Harrison Blackwood
    Harrison Blackwood Год назад

    OMG what a drama queen lol!

  • OhItsBrandon
    OhItsBrandon Год назад +3

    Thanks for teaching me how to tie a tie

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah Год назад

    North Korea will be the first country to stop letting white people in. Y'all either get in trouble or post something on RUclip that would be considered illegal in their country. I mean, fuck North Korea. Im just saying.....

  • Steven Markoll
    Steven Markoll Год назад

    Doughboy took a break from pretending his bottle rockets are scary to the Americans ?

  • Roberto Malatesta
    Roberto Malatesta Год назад

    it's cruel but rational: to break nk dictatorship and cult of personality you need to be prepared to drop tje nuke. just like in japan.

  • Sean
    Sean Год назад

    Kim Jung un my ass

  • Tharin 4Prez
    Tharin 4Prez Год назад

    And .... ??

  • Pacific Express
    Pacific Express Год назад

    Dude, Get the fuck out of NK, before this blows up.

  • John Woodruff
    John Woodruff Год назад

    Who better to send so they can report moew fake news...

  • Jorge De
    Jorge De Год назад

    hey guys remember this is CNN it's probably fake.

  • Mike Choi Droma
    Mike Choi Droma Год назад

    Those people should of been armed. Missed a chance to snipe

  • MaxiMilianmus 2nd Commander
    MaxiMilianmus 2nd Commander Год назад

    even tho this is fake news. That reporters surroundings is real

  • Jishwha
    Jishwha Год назад

    gotta give him some epic troll credit. Almost got his ass blown up with that ( got a big surprise stunt ) . Some new apts. too funny but not.. lol ouch. Everyone needs to smoke a phatty & chill & I'm not even a smoker.

  • TheSkinking
    TheSkinking Год назад

    He is going to die....... oh well, its raining outside and I am making soup.

  • Furtive Pygmy
    Furtive Pygmy Год назад

    I wouldn't go to North Korea right now even if you payed me!
    Things could escalate at any moment!

  • aj l
    aj l Год назад

    leave phones on bus. we edit your video. then put on CNN.

  • travis handshoe
    travis handshoe Год назад

    So CNN can get into North Korea with no problem, for a secretive event, while there's all this gruff about nukes and shit. CNN must be the enemy.

  • LBJ20XX
    LBJ20XX Год назад

    Secretive? Bullshit, CNN. Tons of reporters and tens of thousands of people isn't "secretive". Eerie music doesn't make it "secretive" either. Knock it off with this crap.

    NISHTAGRAM91 Год назад

    yehh buildings not gonna stand long ..MOAB and tomahawk is seeing you😹😹

  • Retired AF CE
    Retired AF CE Год назад

    He looks very nervous and stressed!

  • benvw
    benvw Год назад

    More shit news from CNN

  • oltedders
    oltedders Год назад

    Is anyone going to live in those buildings or are they for propaganda purposes like the department stores where the shelves are full but nothing is for sale?

  • Cat
    Cat Год назад

    lol americans should not be talking shit about his weight.
    america makes kim look like conan the barbarian.

  • Freddie Allen
    Freddie Allen Год назад

    Who ate all the pies!! 🤔

  • grokker99
    grokker99 Год назад

    the Dear Leader looks stressed AF--this is not a good sign. Trump better not fuck this up

  • Keith Cook
    Keith Cook Год назад

    The world goes on.

  • Wolf Coalition
    Wolf Coalition Год назад

    let me guess, CNN praises North Korea

  • STDrepository
    STDrepository Год назад

    That guy is in serious danger. If anything happens he either becomes a hostage, gets executed, or gets killed by American bombing.

  • Honey Sky
    Honey Sky Год назад

    The "big" buildings are empty.

  • Political Memes
    Political Memes Год назад

    hes just a pudgy korean man...

  • allen martinez
    allen martinez Год назад

    That wasn't him

  • Manuel Silva
    Manuel Silva Год назад

    He don't look to confident

  • J W
    J W Год назад


  • maldonvic
    maldonvic Год назад

    Hope there wasn't any secret information in those phones they had to leave on the bus

  • mike
    mike Год назад

    Thats it? thats all that happen? who F thought this was news worthy? oh ya CNN. what a waste of time. That fat little shitbag needs to catch a bullet already. Move along people move along.

  • Jessica Cervus
    Jessica Cervus Год назад

    They're all so short and cute lol 😂 I think their clothes are to big for them.

  • downstreamTV
    downstreamTV Год назад

    That fat kid is more braver than Orange Trump. Just a black Mercedes on route, no "beast".

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who Год назад

    No need patrol, Bc the streets r empty 😂

  • Downrange Film
    Downrange Film Год назад

    1:13 Everyone in black has the same length/stlyle trousers because Kim wears high heels.

  • brandon bright
    brandon bright Год назад

    They need to nuke his fucking haircut

  • Shawn Don
    Shawn Don Год назад

    Hey kim.. Our satellite followed you home 😀

  • Apostasy in Islam
    Apostasy in Islam Год назад

    Meanwhile farmers in the countryside are dead and dying.
    Kim Jong Un used the humanitarian aid money to fund a hotel.
    Kim Jong Un will go back to playing Xbox now.

  • mark007 t
    mark007 t Год назад

    what a fat bastard!

  • jmack619
    jmack619 Год назад

    cnn is doing north korean propaganda ??

  • Paul
    Paul Год назад

    haha the joke is that was the fake north Korea movie set in south Korea lol

  • americafirstgal
    americafirstgal Год назад

    The perfect place for a CNN reporter in the biggest fake news country on the planet. They would blend in very well LOL

  • Paul
    Paul Год назад

    Yes people he's fat, and no one else is, because only he eats good.

  • Paul
    Paul Год назад

    So they couldn't tell he didn't belong?

  • Seb
    Seb Год назад