Google Pixel 4 Review: Inside the Hype Machine!

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Pixel 4 is a massive victim of its own hype... It's a great Android phone that's hard to recommend 👀
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Comments • 11 029

  • Chris Schuler
    Chris Schuler 2 hours ago

    6:50 the galaxy s4 and s5 did this better without a radar lol

  • Ben
    Ben 5 hours ago

    Where can I find that wallpaper

    SHEHZAAD 8 hours ago

    How do the android strikers feel now?
    Google itself chose the way of iPhones! The camera module, no headphone jack, only face unlock. Say something :)

  • Gee Foo
    Gee Foo 8 hours ago

    HAHAHAHAHA can you imagine what this guy would be saying if this was a Samsung phone? He glosses over the shortcomings in the Pixel Phones but IS COMPLETELY FOCUSED on every single nitpicking item on a Samsung Phone, no matter how small. HAHAHAHAHA

  • Aniket Gowardhan
    Aniket Gowardhan 10 hours ago

    Yes I have love Pixel over iPhone I will never buy an iPhone if have a lot money then also I will never buy a iPhone I will always buy a Pixel phone but never an iPhone no

  • G Cat
    G Cat 19 hours ago

    I wonder if they made it disappointing like this to come back harder in 2020? 🤔

  • MALX
    MALX 20 hours ago +1

    It’s like they copied the iPhone 11

  • Елена Савидова

    Молодец, хороший обзор, красавчик хороший телефон

  • wynn4578
    wynn4578 Day ago

    First time I watched one of your videos. In depth, unbiased review. One of the best phone reviews I've seen.

  • Robi Francisco
    Robi Francisco Day ago

    Wallpaper please!!

  • mar1ann8
    mar1ann8 2 days ago

    I would have wanted the fingerprint sensor on the power button...

  • AbdulMuiz Khan
    AbdulMuiz Khan 2 days ago

    As a PIXEL LOVER it's heartbreaking to see the Pixel 4 being beat down like this. Battery life means sooooO much to me and it is the single most annoying thing about the phone. I am literally willing to look over EVERY other shortcoming of the Pixel if it wasn't for battery.

    GILANG NRNDR 2 days ago

    Smart user

  • Liofa
    Liofa 2 days ago

    Android is still a mess... Always has been, always will be...

  • Julian Smith
    Julian Smith 3 days ago

    I love Google pixel 4 it' so cool👍

  • LegoGuy87
    LegoGuy87 3 days ago

    I miss the Nexus line...

  • LegoGuy87
    LegoGuy87 3 days ago

    I opted for the Razer Phone 2 instead, best decision ever! Better battery, 120Hz screen is a treat, great speakers, nice rgb logo, expandable storage. Best of all, got it for $400

  • kln1908
    kln1908 3 days ago

    Got the pixel 4 for $500 through Facebook marketplace! That's price Google should be selling it for!!

    • kln1908
      kln1908 3 days ago

      @Joseph Stalin was not aware of it. Thanks!

    • Joseph Stalin
      Joseph Stalin 3 days ago

      kln1908 bro you could’ve got one for 400 on offerup

  • m s
    m s 4 days ago

    i don't like this guy

  • Zapablast05
    Zapablast05 4 days ago

    30FPS is NOT the correct frame rate >.>

  • woke af
    woke af 4 days ago +1

    I was thinking aboit getting this phone. But I think I'll pass now. Thank you for your video. Very informative!

  • Asestar
    Asestar 4 days ago

    Huge fail on this phone. Why remove features? Why not keep at least rear fingerprint reader? Also, 64gb storage and 2800mah on a flagship? Is this 2015?

  • Jim Ligon
    Jim Ligon 4 days ago

    I'll probably buy this phone because I am not a fan of Apple iOS & I love the fact that Google phones get the Android updates immediately. I currently own a Google Pixel 3 XL.

  • Nikolas Gunadi
    Nikolas Gunadi 4 days ago +4

    Google messed up with this one. And i have never said that about a smartphone

  • Ryan Guimares
    Ryan Guimares 4 days ago +1

    Check out the thumbnail: Marques positioned the Beats Solo Pro in the corner before they were announced. Sneaky.

  • Bill Zipprich
    Bill Zipprich 5 days ago +5

    Looks like Apple is running Google ragged on the playing field.

  • Mike Ochieng
    Mike Ochieng 5 days ago +1

    deal breakers:

  • Endezeichen Grimm
    Endezeichen Grimm 5 days ago

    Well, definitely not getting this.

  • Serge Pierson
    Serge Pierson 5 days ago

    I would take Face ID over any unlock stuff

  • Serge Pierson
    Serge Pierson 5 days ago

    I love the Face ID

  • Z2 Reloadd
    Z2 Reloadd 6 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with Google excellent phones but they disrespect their phones with shit battery life if they fixed this apple would be dead and unheard of

  • Ya’el Amsalem
    Ya’el Amsalem 6 days ago

    I personally don’t think Google copied Apple in this. Their Pixel 4 was released a month or so after Apple released the iPhone 11’s, meaning that Google and Apple probably had similar ideas, just Apple released their phone first.

  • Viktor Grytdal
    Viktor Grytdal 6 days ago

    God fast at fuck om the gesture, that works

  • Mason Buchanan
    Mason Buchanan 7 days ago

    Just opened the box an hour or so ago. Love this phone. Dunno why but it for sure serves all my phone needs as a dumb dumb.

  • Nicholas Legend
    Nicholas Legend 7 days ago +1

    Google Pixel: Nobody Buys the phone
    Apple: everbody buys iphone
    Google Pixel: Welp, cant beat em' join em'

  • ZZP Zing Pheonix
    ZZP Zing Pheonix 7 days ago

    Still no 1/8" Analog Phone jack. WTF is wrong with today's product designers and CEO's making shitty decisions for us.

  • Xenogenesis X
    Xenogenesis X 8 days ago

    Watching on a pixel 4 🤣

  • M C
    M C 8 days ago

    Google you dropped the ball on this one. The hardware feels solid, but Android 10 is not ready for prime time, too many small nagging bugs and issues. Dropping the finger print scanner was a bad call.

  • Taha Benashur
    Taha Benashur 8 days ago

    just to be clear the gestures only work in specific countries like the us, canada. -_-

  • Nahid Hossain
    Nahid Hossain 8 days ago +1

    he is just a cheap guy who tells everyone to "THIS DEVICE" is great like pixel 4, however it's just a shit like all pixels except pixel 1...

  • TheeOhio StateBuckeyes

    Just received the pixel 4, I had the 3xl.
    The look sucks from the xl3, it's so small I can hardly see the keyboard even after enlarging it.

  • The Guy Who Cares
    The Guy Who Cares 9 days ago +7

    *Has secret information on my phone*
    *CIA finds me and kills me*
    *Agents put my dead face to phone and unlocks it*

  • william H.
    william H. 9 days ago

    That is like a copy of iphone 11

  • J D
    J D 9 days ago +1

    I have never liked any Google Pixel phone at all.

  • Ali Mürteza Yeşil
    Ali Mürteza Yeşil 9 days ago

    Watching on my glorious 30hz display.
    I was thinking that I would switch. But now, I am actually happier about my phone. It lasts for a day with 5 hours of display-on time.
    Thank you Sony. XA1 Ultra (with 2700mAh battery and 6" display) is a great device.

  • Shane Horne
    Shane Horne 10 days ago

    The pixel 3 was water resistant

  • Jose Davalos
    Jose Davalos 10 days ago

    Why pixel 4 comes with usb c cable both sides. So , How do you connect the phone to the pc?. Or you have to buy cable normal usb or buy a pc with usb c port?. What a service for what it cost the phone?

  • J. Carson
    J. Carson 11 days ago

    Eeeh... I'll still stick with

  • TheVegPie
    TheVegPie 11 days ago

    you liked the pixel 2 and hated the 3's notch but you dont like the forehead on this one? xD

    • Joseph Stalin
      Joseph Stalin 3 days ago

      TheVegPie 2017 is barley when phone manufacturers where chasing all display screens and the notch on the 3 was huge

  • ayylan
    ayylan 11 days ago

    If I ever buy another phone other than iPhone it would be the pixel

  • Hardik Arora
    Hardik Arora 11 days ago

    Thus is probably the most expensive midrange-y phone

  • Presto Preston
    Presto Preston 11 days ago +7

    Does anybody feel like Google Copies Apple

    • Presto Preston
      Presto Preston 8 days ago

      M C Exactly

    • M C
      M C 8 days ago +1

      Really there isn't much innovation they can add do on a smart phone. Now it's a matter of keeping customers on their relative platforms.

  • luke
    luke 11 days ago

    Pixel is great I like it over other crap out there. Apple is going broke as well hahaha

  • James Dartnell
    James Dartnell 11 days ago

    Totally agree and echo your comments. Google seriously needs to buck up their ideas next year, they've been quite rightly shredded by Linus and yourself. I held out all year hoping for at last a wicked phone ahead of its time, only to get let down again. It's as if they aren't putting the budget into it properly. The storage is a let down in this era, the camera app sucks, the removal of valid features and addition of almost useless ones just doesn't make sense. They seem to be losing the plot... Sad because the pixel XL 1 I have is still amazing!

  • Ge0 Time
    Ge0 Time 11 days ago

    I wonder if this guy has gotten any job offers from Samsung LG Google or Apple 🤔🤔🤔

  • Top Shelf
    Top Shelf 12 days ago

    And the fact if you were in costume you would have to type your password the entire time. Who ever designed this phone should seriously be fired. They didn't see any problems with that?

  • Top Shelf
    Top Shelf 12 days ago +1

    No fingerprint scanner, which means someone could unlock your phone while your sleeping definitely is a security failure. Also the gesture thing is incredibly dumb because if my alarm was going off and I swiped the wrong way because I'm half asleep it could really screw me over. And between not having the best camera or battery. This phone sounds like a big loser. Sad Google is losing quality 😢

  • Jason Elston
    Jason Elston 12 days ago +1

    So in terms of nomenclature, we went from notches to chins to foreheads. Wow!

  • Austin Lasater
    Austin Lasater 12 days ago

    Pixel 4 going for the ugly phone award

  • Jonathan Clarke
    Jonathan Clarke 12 days ago

    To make the swipe function work 100% of the time swipe diagonally towards the corner your swiping to. Thank me later.