Japan prepares for potential N. Korea attack

CNN's Ivan Watson goes inside a school in Japan, where teachers are preparing students for a potential attack from North Korea.

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Автор Fucking jalo Dont fucking use my account bitch ( назад)
don't try south korea is down there and other country like pop malasiya india don't try

Автор Hungry Guy ( назад)
I don't see what North Korea has to gain by attacking Japan. The rest of the world will rush to Japan's defense and North Korea is so poor that they'll run out of missiles very quickly. After a short brutal war, North Korea will cease to exist.

Автор vanessa robles ( назад)
😔 not Japan..

Автор Ye' Min Aung Steven ( назад)
Please don't attack to japan. I will do my best to pray for Japanese people. They shouldn't deserve to experience that day again.

Автор OrenjiTeam Sato ( назад)

Автор Angie! ( назад)
Damn, they just can't catch a break.

Автор MintyMiku ( назад)
I remember our country history when Japanese people come to our country and beheaded people, even the pregnant woman. But it's old and everything has changed lol

Автор Bird BirdBird ( назад)
Japan is in deep debt so much they are in war WITHIN the society! Go figure ! Japan has spent so much on advanced weaponry and they will conquer foreign resources in order to get out of their hell hole. This is economic.

Автор alexandru george Cristea ( назад)
NATO have to tack responsibility

Автор Paxton Park ( назад)
Haven't the Japanese been through enough????

Автор Anime Network ( назад)
I'm definitely care for Japan.
"North Korea must be stopped!"
eliminate that fat bastard!
because we need Japan. without Japan, it won't be no Anime or Manga...
We must get the North Koreans before they get us!"
I'll always love Japan very much!

Автор Abangnya Gerry Girianza ( назад)
dont worry they have Ultraman

Автор Billy McAuliffe ( назад)
well America should know they did of twice to them !!

Автор Dylan Smith ( назад)
Japan has the most advanced technology in the world, I wouldn't worry about them not being able to protect themselves.

Автор blaby4ever ( назад)
Imagine the amount of weeaboos enlisting in the armed forces if Japan gets nuked

Автор sonicfan09 super ( назад)

Автор Saiga Legacy ( назад)
if any world war breaks out, I will be the first to volunteer! been waiting to experience war😂😂

Автор Juan Ramirez ( назад)
They better not destroy Japan. I've visited there during spring break, and it is really beautiful.

Автор Sadat Shams ( назад)
makes me sad.... just the thought of little kids being casualties of war.....

Автор SlyzesTubeHD ( назад)
"a simulation preparing people"
meanwhile in Borneo→ goat simulator,cat simulator

Автор moderndudeman ( назад)
wat Japan? again? a missile? No!! Kim jun un is a fucking threat to the world. he needs to die.

Автор Shepherd ( назад)
Let's just slaughter the NK regime ffs why tf are not

Автор baddpeachez ( назад)
but who is helping n korea? somebody is helping them. whoever it is needs to stopped as well.

Автор Цар Никола ( назад)
N.Korea true Korea!

Автор Truth Honor ( назад)
people need to understand that North Korea is bluffing with their phony nuclear research. the Soviets didn't had the rudimentary technology to even manufacture the simplest computer chips and they obviously resort to faking their space program. Communism is an economic failure.

Автор ᄃ최윤석 ( назад)
How the fuck North Korea is going to attack Japan? They don't even have the balls. They're aiming at South Korea.

Автор Baltej Gill ( назад)
Man fuck n Korea

Автор himmler1007 ( назад)
Well Long Duck Dong of North Korea better watch out because Japan will kick them in the ass!!!!

Автор sam sam ( назад)
Blah Blah Blah !!!!!! This all are just imagination which Japanese/Other Nations think's can happens. But North Korea is not so stupid to use missile/nuclear weapon against any nation. Nice strick from America to sell more arms and amunation for generating revenue.

Автор Jorge Flores ( назад)
So sad

Автор Mark G ( назад)
come up. support North korea and North Asia. Tell the story!!

Автор med ray ( назад)

Автор spurs ( назад)
its just a show of force from north Korea nothing more

Автор Chivo ( назад)
Fearmongering CNN. Shame on you. You are becoming Fox News.

Автор choo Tech guy ( назад)
bye bye ..... 😇😇😇 finally justice is being done after so many years of suffering the Chinese country that cause by the Japanese imperial army invasion that lead by the former Japanese emperor aka hirohito in world war two.😇😉😆😂

Автор kadar adam ( назад)
Japan like disaster they never learn

Автор zaki hannan ( назад)
Kids that age should not have to face such threats and live in fear.
Japan's preparedness is understandable, but this is disturbing.

Автор JustWasted3HoursHere ( назад)
And with Trump being nuclear-happy, it's scary to think how he might respond. (Remember, he "loves nukes...all the devastation and the power" and wants to increase our nuclear arsenal while reducing everyone else's....). He knows absolutely nothing about diplomacy.

Hopefully he'll be impeached long before anything like that happens.


Автор rushikesh reddy ( назад)
Japanese dont fall under cunning usa. usa bastards want you fight oneanother. how you forgive usa what they did to you?

Автор Huey Freeman ( назад)
That will never happen. N. Korea is craving for attention.Hence, the missiles.

Автор Peace ToAll ( назад)
kim jong un willing to kills his own family members without any hesitation so I think soon he will attacks his neighboring countries especially if NK successfully created a nuclear weapon.

Автор moneybuyspower ( назад)
How ironic! An American news channel is reporting that Japan is scared that N Korea might attack, but it was America that launched a nuclear missile in Hiroshima! Americans LOL

Автор erick villagrana ( назад)
I love Japan. We gotta stop N Korea ASAP. What did we do for the past 30 years??!?!?

Автор Affinity TRUE Nightmare Stories ( назад)
That's sad, can't tell if things in the world are overall getting better or worse...

Автор Kai Tang ( назад)
Don't use children for your evil agenda. This is gross.

Автор Mark Hartman ( назад)
Japan is the Nazis of the East. They killed millions and millions of Asians during WW2. Karma is a bitch!

Автор jokerbookshop ( назад)
Crazy ass North Korea leader Kim Yon whatever his name is.

Автор Brandon Black ( назад)

Автор FATIMA Ayann ( назад)
my heart breaks at the sight of this

Автор Aritul ( назад)
So damn sad.

Автор supergrover6868 ( назад)
A fear Mongering lie from a Dangerous irresponsibly criminal Organization .   LOCK THEM UP

Автор Camo Dog ( назад)
About the only area where the Deep State and Trump can agree is on North Korea. This is why this broadcast is not against Trump. CNN is Deep State Media. This is just more proof.

Автор Tanasha Mccray ( назад)
North Korea cannot afford nuclear war.

Автор ThatGuy ( назад)
If the North Koreans launch a nuke, it should land on Kim Jong Un's fat belly

Автор Gaza Somali ( назад)
hopefully the day will come for Japan!

Автор Gaza Somali ( назад)

Автор Gaza Somali ( назад)
this is how those kids be coming up with the cool zombie games and animes

Автор Gaza Somali ( назад)

Автор Quantum Computing ( назад)
It's a shame that Japan's future generation has to suffer for both: i) the actions of its past generation; ii) the inaction of its current generation (refusal to properly apologize for #1).

Автор KrossTruth ( назад)
WW#3 coming soon?

Автор jake hansen ( назад)
yah trumps war mongering with north Korea by completely ignoring there provocations lol?? *looks st cnn Russian videos liberals crying for war with Russia begging us to kill putinnand trump* and that is why liberals will never win the election...

Автор JustSome Dude ( назад)
Just fucking kill the NK bastard........why act like this is so complicated. kill his entire family in one strike.

Автор carlo mango ( назад)
what a bunch of bullshit propaganda. Typical of Clinton News Network.. CNN has completely lost credibility a long time ago... You know they are lying when they open their mouths..

Автор commonman80 ( назад)
What ever it takes to get WWIII Started... The Ideology of "White Supremacy" and "White Superiority" MUST BE DESTROYED... And Also? ALL THOSE WHO PRACTICE AND BELIEVE IN IT... Even If It Means Destroying Most of Life On Earth as we know it...


Автор Warren Gerein ( назад)
If the North Korean government were to think of pulling something like this off they would have to consider the almost guarantee that their government is going down as I don't even think China would put up with something like this as they want most of all international stability even if they aren't 100% friendly with the west. I think most of all this news piece is designed to create shock and awe and draw in viewers to sell advertising and the idea of North Korea attacking Japan is way overblown.

Автор Dream ( назад)
Destroy NK now before they destroy the civilized world

Автор Charlotte Aaron ( назад)
Understand China's and Japan's readiness. Do not understand their ignorance. Ready for nuclear attack? Where? When? How? There are no sirens in a nuclear attack. An atomic bomb is relatively small. An EMP is relatively large and is a machine gun of atomic bombs when it melts down core reactors. What sirens??? It's like they're preparing for absolutely nothing at all except confusing amongst it's people. If an atomic bomb hits, it's not like you can take shelter. If your hit, your gone. And an EMP, you have to prepare in other means. So just a little lost on the effectiveness. Sirens are only good if a nuke hits elsewhere and you are evacuating. But where are you evacuating to and why, as that bomb has already done it's damage? It's less than a few minutes before one hits. Hardly enough time to evacuate the area. And when an EMP is detonated, are these people going to stand at all if all you did was teach then to run and hide? Run and hide is only effective to an EMP in the first 3 minutes while satellites and airplanes crash. Then what? Food, water, resources???? Where? When? How? I just don't see anyone using precision and pin point accuracy in counter measures around the world. Where did intelligence go? About the only thing any of this type of preparation does is prepare any who are left alive for invasion following an attack. But these teachers aren't prepared to realize when an EMP goes off they are stuck with all those children for good or leave them to die because there's nothing left in infrastructure. A majority of their parents will never make it back to them! It is is a crime how little our leaders are doing to prepare the people. Even the good ones like Trump. Even though he knows Jade Helm was EMP fallout prep, he hasn't prepared the country at all for the reality that will follow. No one is. It is disgusting!

Автор cZJRE211 ( назад)
sad if our enemies woyld want to hurt us bad this would be the perfect time to do it. our government is split in two and we are weaker then ever.

Автор Raoul Radio ( назад)
I'm so disappointed that humanity hasn't evolved past the need threaten and terrorize each other by now.

Our wisdom as a species hasn't kept up with our technology.

Автор Harvey Thompson ( назад)
Japan's birthrate is awful. There are like no children there

Автор Zep Tepi ( назад)
Japan likes to terrorize it's population too.

Автор Ian Meadows ( назад)
Top Three Crazy leaders of the world
1.Kim Jon Un

Автор Joseph Stalin ( назад)
North Korea won't stand a chance against nato,Russia, and China

Автор joe watson ( назад)
Japan can kick their ass.

Автор Dee Jeff ( назад)
It's really sad that this country who have already experience atomic bombs now in fear of more missiles.

Автор K M ( назад)
Hope N. Korea gets rid of the wrong

Автор rinjimaru ( назад)
good! need to be prepared. we will end north soon

Автор President Don J Trump ( назад)
Oh look CNN is trying to provoke war again. First they make false claims and blame Russia for everything, now they're trying to get other countries to fight

Автор Adrian Reyes ( назад)
China needs to step up & help take out the North Korean regime!!!

Автор Captain Obvious ( назад)
I may hate Donald Trump, and I know he is a pathological liar, and is as corrupt as they come...but I do realize there are issues in this world bigger than him and I do wish him well in making sure he makes the right decision in dealing with NK. If there is nothing I agree with him on, then this may be the one thing that I commend him on.

God speed asians.

Автор bctopper ( назад)
They need to sit North and South together and figure this crap out. This is immature.

Автор DidUSay Chocolate? ( назад)
All North Korea wants is all our pasta

Автор Rubber Duggy ( назад)
Feels like the Cold War. Hopefully Japan isn't attacked

Автор Bio Hazard ( назад)
This is sad honestly.

Автор Syahareen Sha Rani ( назад)
Well looks like World War 3 is coming soon pack your bags boys we're moving to Canada

Автор tvdigi ( назад)
Hope nothing happen to any country not only Japan or South Korea God bless all....

Автор Dr. Bees ( назад)
Japan should just invade North Korea first.

Автор Ivan Agyeyev ( назад)
war with North Korea coming very soon. and it won't be America's fault

Автор Shafic Muwanika ( назад)

Автор A Cool Million ( назад)
It breaks my heart to see children lined up on plastic sheets. Chilling image. Adults need to do better - everywhere.

Автор mrwong11989 ( назад)
Don't Japan got American Fighters and allies to deal with North Korea?

Автор Ardi Rex ( назад)
that kid on 0.14 hahah just Run bro
thats how you survive

Автор Aaron Carr ( назад)
fuck Kim jon un

Автор Marcel Rodriguez ( назад)
ya dudes gotta chill aint shit gonna happen. Media just likes to hype shit up.

Автор Suroee K ( назад)
So sad. Humanity shouldn't have to live like this.

Автор 승화 - ( назад)
i think Japan will use this chance to rearm their troop. Abe's dream is likely to come true soon.

Автор Sarah Magdalene Roser ( назад)
it bothers me that Much.

Автор Sarah Magdalene Roser ( назад)
and I know that I fucked up by letting shit get under my skin and being stupid in area's but I know that I had to uncover the lies too.

Автор Sarah Magdalene Roser ( назад)
she's a nurse major too she knew my mental background she knew how to trigger me.

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