Cain Velasquez comes to the aid of Rey Mysterio: Raw, Oct. 21, 2019

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • When Shelton Benjamin tries to intimidate Rey Mysterio, former UFC champion Cain Velasquez comes to the aid of The Master of the 619, sending Benjamin running for cover.
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Comments • 4 200

  • Hector Calixto
    Hector Calixto 21 hour ago

    Como estas papa

  • ZK
    ZK 2 days ago

    No mames esos golpes seben muy falsos alv 😂

  • Fadhlih C. Widharto
    Fadhlih C. Widharto 3 days ago

    why everytime i see paul heyman, he remind me of humpty dumpty

  • Bib Bobby
    Bib Bobby 3 days ago

    Bro Cain velasquez is me I may not be the biggest ripped dude but I'm tough and I know I am

  • Kip Guidry
    Kip Guidry 3 days ago

    Please let Cain stay on wwe I like him better on wwe than on UFC fighting or what ever they call it

  • Adam Strine
    Adam Strine 3 days ago

    I like they didn’t show Cain punching Shelton for how fake it looked

  • Ernes
    Ernes 4 days ago

    Ray, how disgusting you are, since you hide behind Cain, you cannot protect yourself from Shelton! WEAK !!!

  • Ding Ding
    Ding Ding 4 days ago

    This was like a bad burrito

  • Matthew Torres
    Matthew Torres 5 days ago

    Haven’t watched WWE in so long. Glad Shelton Benjamin is back. Hopefully they don’t waste him again.

  • SuperBabyMario0C
    SuperBabyMario0C 5 days ago

    Cain should play a live action T Bone Mendez

  • Kshitij Tripathi
    Kshitij Tripathi 8 days ago

    Punches are way too fake

  • Rokanroleritoo. México cit Olis

    Que lo pongan con el toro blanco ( RUSH ). A BROCK LESSNER. DE. MEXICOOOO. MEXICOOOO

  • Mr. F.k
    Mr. F.k 11 days ago

    Anyone is here after cain Vs brock in crown Jewel😂😃.

  • Enes Sarsık
    Enes Sarsık 11 days ago

    Shelton: Let's see ur Buddy,Rey

    BUDDY: C-A-I-N V-E-L-A-S-Q-U-E-Z

  • Astral Puppet
    Astral Puppet 11 days ago

    Some people are saying "Cain fighting style is the same of UFC" and "Cain acting is poor in WWE" I say of course for a beginner in WWE he would need some time to develop his acting and wrestling skills but you'll need to say Lesnar's acting is the real poor one. he always needs Heyman as if he is a child who needs his father be with him everywhere. Now for his fighting style, well no surprise here because you know he spent years in UFC and he is but a beginner in WWE perhaps UFC style is better than (99% Suplex 1% F5) 😎😂😂
    *Sorry for my English*

  • Jordan
    Jordan 12 days ago

    wwe is abit boring and too fake. it be better if they made it more real

  • Ray-Mark Coles
    Ray-Mark Coles 12 days ago

    Cain is just joking in WWE .

  • Jerry Rodriguez
    Jerry Rodriguez 12 days ago

    Gah dammit I thought we were gonna get Rey vs. Shelton

  • DanDaMan2019
    DanDaMan2019 13 days ago

    Cain does not have that it factor unfortunately. From his entrance to his moves. He would need a few years of work to even start to resemble and act like a true WWE superstar.

  • Madan chanyal Madan mohan

    V.good cain Velasquez
    You are so good champion
    I like you.
    Brock Lesnar is very chiter wrestler

  • upsNdown
    upsNdown 13 days ago

    Fake punch caught🤓🤓

    • Seung woo Lee
      Seung woo Lee 13 days ago

      It gotta be fake
      Imagine taking actual punches, from a former UFC champion. Now that's gonna hurt.

  • Vanessa Álvarez
    Vanessa Álvarez 13 days ago

    Arriba Mexico Cabrones 🇲🇽

  • Vanessa Álvarez
    Vanessa Álvarez 13 days ago

    Ahuevo perros 😍😍🇲🇽 Mexicooo
    Rey Misterio y Caín Velázquez 🇲🇽🥰

  • NotoriousLife
    NotoriousLife 13 days ago

    We all seeing how cain could really drop thos bombs in lol

  • One Up
    One Up 14 days ago +1

    A real life punch from cain wud KILL A MAN

  • Troy.U
    Troy.U 14 days ago +1

    Cmon Cain, at least try to punch a little harder to make it look good. Sheldon won't be mad.

  • Trent Riley
    Trent Riley 14 days ago

    Cain is a trained killer
    He needs to go soft or he will literally murder people

  • كل شي
    كل شي 14 days ago

    Crown jewel in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

  • mohit singh
    mohit singh 14 days ago

    Cain Velasquez has two sons Rey mysterio and dominic😂😂

  • Dejw
    Dejw 14 days ago

    Lesnar and Shelton ve Velásquez and Rey Mysterio

  • OC Guy
    OC Guy 14 days ago

    at this point shelton is just collecting a paycheck

  • Superkick party
    Superkick party 14 days ago

    Push shelton benjamin 😔

  • Julian Wooten
    Julian Wooten 14 days ago

    Shelton Benjamin is quite the physical specimen 🍆

  • Pencilcrazy250 Cool kid

    Brock Leasur sucks

  • C.R.E.A.M.
    C.R.E.A.M. 14 days ago

    Cain come back to ufc plsss

  • MoaOD1234
    MoaOD1234 15 days ago

    4:22 a helicopter???!!!

  • MoaOD1234
    MoaOD1234 15 days ago

    Imagine that guy chasing you

  • Attack The Game
    Attack The Game 15 days ago +6

    "How many guys have you seen manhandle Shelton Benjamin like this?"
    WWE Roster: Yes

  • Chorejas Chorejas
    Chorejas Chorejas 15 days ago

    Velásquez ahora es el Papá de misterio😁

  • Jihad Qazi
    Jihad Qazi 15 days ago +2

    Brock Lesnar:Attacks Rey
    Rey:Makes Cain,Batista and Eddie Guerrero kill him

  • Jihad Qazi
    Jihad Qazi 15 days ago +1

    Paul Heyman:Hey Brock,who should we attack next?
    Brock Lesnar:Uhh...Roman Reigns maybe?
    Paul:Does he have any cousins who can beat you?
    Paul:Holy sh*t,we almost forgot about The Rock.

    • stripe801
      stripe801 8 days ago

      the rock has never beaten brock Lesnar

  • Don’t let The pic fool you

    I don’t remember Shelton being this big lol

  • Vijit Jain
    Vijit Jain 15 days ago

    He won’t be here for long. He can’t even act like beating

  • Rooney
    Rooney 15 days ago

    lol cain is very bad at acting

  • Angshu Chatterjee
    Angshu Chatterjee 15 days ago

    Woah !! those punches looked real 😂😂

  • Mauricio Ayala
    Mauricio Ayala 15 days ago

    if story ended the match that Cain beat Brock it would be a joke. Cain look like he's playing fighting in there and Benjamin doing his part to make him strong

  • XenoCtry_YT
    XenoCtry_YT 15 days ago

    Wtf were those punches from Cain??

  • WWE-Highight Fox
    WWE-Highight Fox 15 days ago

    So COO

  • Jason Ritter
    Jason Ritter 15 days ago

    This is AWFUL!!!. BRING BACK THE RIC FLAIRS, HULK HOGANS, and DUSTY RHODES we all grew up with. New stars are built over time with stories that suspend belief. Not some dude who decides he wants to be a wrestler.

  • 도저나ᅮ아ᄒ어ᅣᅥ당두

    Watch him in his professional debut. He’s way better than this.

  • gohantaro
    gohantaro 15 days ago

    Lol the fakest punches ever thrown. Hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Christopher Martin
    Christopher Martin 15 days ago

    They actually acknowledged Shelton and Brock's real-life relationship?

  • Ed B.
    Ed B. 16 days ago

    It can’t look any faker then this

  • Pankaj Arya
    Pankaj Arya 16 days ago

    Come on everyone saying that They were laughing bcz cain couldnt act well in the ring.
    Reality:If he really acted how to wreslte then .........


  • Julian Poma Poma
    Julian Poma Poma 16 days ago

    like si eres latino

  • 2003 Maurya
    2003 Maurya 16 days ago

    Admit it, this episode was Lit

  • Joseph Gonzalez
    Joseph Gonzalez 16 days ago

    His punches were so fake bro

  • 2xtriplght2k rgriff.3_9

    Man i used to like rey but now he needs someone to protect him from brock lesnar and looks up to cain velasquez to babysit him

  • SirRule
    SirRule 16 days ago

    Unpopular opinion: World's Greatest Tag-Team really was the World's Greatest Tag-Team.

  • Boi Chuah Sang
    Boi Chuah Sang 16 days ago

    dear WWE, Cain Valasquez is not good for business. he doesn't draw the crowd