What's inside a Metal Baseball Bat?

What's inside a Metal Baseball Bat? We cut one open to see this inside. One is a Rawlings Plasma 32 inch 28 ounce bat while they other is a kids bat, Easton 27 inches long. Before we cut them open we had some fun with them and hit some peaches rather than baseballs.

If you would like to buy a Rawlings baseball bat here is a link to Amazon affiliate:

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Автор mushkamushko ( назад)
Cut open a baseball cleat

Автор Lobsta Comics ( назад)
What's inside my son's backpack, *pulls out pistol

Автор Jeff Behn ( назад)
Shouldn't it be "Basepeach" instead of "peachball?"

Автор Martin Saugsted ( назад)
Yfi I haven't even watched the video, it's hollow.

Автор Kylie Boylan ( назад)
It's not metal it's illuminam sorry for the spelling only 11

Автор TF2 Axel ( назад)
Painfull watching those peaches get wasted

Автор Baseball 101 ( назад)
Those are good bats

Автор DynamiteDylan ( назад)
What's inside a what's inside video

Автор Dan Smith ( назад)
Kids in Africa could have eaten the peaches

Автор Nasser Altwajer ( назад)
Ipad pro or iphone 7

Автор Jake Vernnon ( назад)
It bigger bc it's a drop 3

Автор Ice Tripp ( назад)
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Автор Owen Rawsom-ward ( назад)
Cut open a chainsaw

Автор Grady Lucas ( назад)
Peach pits are deadly

Автор gary ybc ( назад)
What's inside your son's head

Автор Sheldon DeSalvo ( назад)
what's inside hillary Clinton. let's cut her open

Автор A Kirsch ( назад)
There's no such thing as a metal baseball bat there aluminum

Автор Chiefjordan102 ( назад)
gee I wonder what's inside a "METAL" baseball bat😂

Автор Logan Cannon ( назад)
For your next vid you should cut open a alarm clock

Автор Owen Price ( назад)
You guys should cut open golden beats wireless headphones

Автор Snazified Rebel ( назад)
I was at that wedding for my. Cousin amberlees weddibg x3

Автор Owen Rawsom-ward ( назад)
I subscribed

Автор Owen Rawsom-ward ( назад)
What's inside stretch arm strong

Автор friction less ( назад)
you should open a 1980's car

Автор cool things creator the greater good of the channel ( назад)
What's inside a slap bracelet

Автор Thomas Cecutti ( назад)
He has abs of steel

Автор Mr baseball ( назад)
That's a homer in peach league

Автор Khalid24 Hsg ( назад)
mini fan

Автор TheTacoBros ( назад)

Автор TheTacoBros ( назад)
I'm gonna play baseball in the 2017 summer

Автор Clarice Loray ( назад)
we can you have a lot of this is not the other than that I have the new year and then we are you can you have the new year and I can you can you can be a bit of a few months ago but I can get a I am so that I can get a I i hdj sky rodeo drive back to see you can get a lot of a few weeks months ago but I can you get it is not sure you can get be a lot to the way to see you can get a lot of a bit of a few days i

Автор The Random Zone ( назад)
they just ruin stuff

Автор Dragonborn ( назад)
V for Ven"bat"ta

Автор Josh Padilla ( назад)
The gooey stuff inside of the Rawlings bat is the BBCOR. It's a high school certified BBCOR bat. That's why Lincoln's bat didn't have it

Автор Anthony Velasquez ( назад)
Cut open a bunkbed

Автор Braydon Krueger ( назад)
now you know what's inside a peach!

Автор vlogger5678 noah ( назад)
Lincoln is left handed

Автор rainbow micraphone ( назад)
ooh it's raining peaches me:(singing)it's raining peaches from out of the sky

Автор Mary A ( назад)
I am amazed 😇🐼

Автор John Thomas Gingles ( назад)
the gooey stuff in the handle of the bat absorbs the shock when you hit the ball

Автор Ashlee Wenn ( назад)
You don't need to cut open a metal baseball bat to determine its hollow, when you hit a ball with it listen to the sound

Автор Nick Lloyd ( назад)
London is a lefty

Автор Ibrahim Alsamach ( назад)
2:42 wtfu*ck

Автор TTallDoesEpic Vlogs ( назад)
Do what's inside an iPhone 7

Автор Lottie Wantue ( назад)
I subscribe

Автор magic man RP ( назад)
Can you oping a nerf gun

Автор Jordan Tufano ( назад)
It goes hollow to goo because they don't want you to get James every time. So the two different material are different parts

Автор nmikk10 ( назад)
I just now realized (after the 4th time rewatching all their videos) that Lincoln is a lefty.

Автор Cool Kid ( назад)
That's a triable bat

Автор OverTheBay ( назад)
Lincoln sucks

Автор Sacred_ Orbit_298 ( назад)
at my grandpa's house we cut open a bat in half like they did and we played baseball like that

Автор AndrewLishes ( назад)
Cut me

Автор Kevin Hahn ( назад)
Do what's inside a battery

Автор Owen Park ( назад)
I've been subscribed for 3yrs

Автор WillF40PH ( назад)
now I can keep my baseball bat.

Автор Jeff Clarence ( назад)
How old is Lincoln anyways

Автор BrotherSkux ( назад)
does anyone know if the stickers can be removed from metal bats to leave just a plain bat?

Автор Raven Carrethers ( назад)
I love the Mom's life, it makes me smile. :D #ILoveWhatsInside

Автор Mohamed W ( назад)

Автор Yolie Pie ( назад)
This channel has a weird family

Автор Kareem HD ( назад)
What inside a magnet

Автор MuillerTheDog ( назад)
I was wondering how Lucille looks like in the inside!

Автор Marlee Jarrett ( назад)
You should do what is inside a softball!

Автор Septiplier FanGirl96 ( назад)

Автор Ayla Hartman ( назад)
ilove the first time you made a show

Автор Jayse Uemura ( назад)
Use a composite bat

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sky box

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Автор Music non Copyrighted ( назад)

Автор Orange Crush ( назад)
Do what's inside a football

Автор Sebastian Cruz ( назад)
This video hurts me inside

Автор Sebastian Cruz ( назад)
Bet you his homeruns were inside the park

Автор Techpro ( назад)
the gewy stuff is so the shock from the ball hiting the bat does hert your hand

Автор Daniel Vidal ( назад)
What's inside a 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard card?

Автор HE Gaming ( назад)
Should've kept them for the killer clowns.

Автор vimal pro ( назад)
whats inside a gopro

Автор Super gamer Xt ( назад)
What's inside a plasma globe

Автор Dylan Crawford ( назад)
Must have a lot of money!

Автор Lolmans Game Kanaal ( назад)
leuk om te zien maar die mensen hebben ziek veel geld een tv/xbox1ne kontroler door midden zagen respect voor die mensen

Автор Austin Vosler ( назад)
The kid is a lefty

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O i cart look why

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Pls do what's inside a deodorant can

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kids in africa could have eaten those peaches

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What's inside a clock

Автор Rasa S ( назад)

Автор Rasa S ( назад)
views you get

Автор Rasa S ( назад)
no when you get 1 milion

Автор Idk • ( назад)
What's inside football pants padding

Автор Rose Davis ( назад)
What's in side a sake bored

Автор Father and Son Productions ( назад)
do what's Inside a baseball helmet please😆

Автор Dawn Wilcox ( назад)
that's a waste of a good bat.

Автор jayden allen ( назад)
probibly metal

Автор Arthur Lelu ( назад)
Cut open a human bone

Автор haid mahmood ( назад)
Cut open a car

Автор gavin brown2 ( назад)
lol the answer is in the titlr

Автор Shakevia Johnson ( назад)
can you cut a hoverbord

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