Vietnamese Girls Try American BBQ in Vietnam! (They put FISH SAUCE on it...) 🇺🇸🇻🇳

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
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    Restaurant Name: Quán Ụt Ụt
    Address: 60 Truong Sa street, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh city
    Operation Hours: 11:00AM - 10:30PM
    Mac & Cheese
    Price: 45.000VND
    Bacon Trio
    Price: 80.000VND
    Oh Heo Yeah
    Price: 300.000VND/ full - 150.000VND/half
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    • mr watcherofolde
      mr watcherofolde 29 days ago

      When they go back for a visit I will mention this place

    • Underground Soupking Deez Eats
      Underground Soupking Deez Eats Month ago

      lol those ribs almost made you do a Wiens lean

    • Guillaume Ishpatao,BFLR
      Guillaume Ishpatao,BFLR 3 months ago


    • A HsHm
      A HsHm 3 months ago

      @G W assnbabes

    • Kartiki Bhatt
      Kartiki Bhatt 5 months ago

      I m vegeterian still watch all yr videos only for you (sonny) u hv good sense of humour..luv yr style dat yummy expression n dat tlk inside yr shirt..hahaha .

  • mjgarrett9885ify
    mjgarrett9885ify 11 hours ago

    Mac and cheese to me is a plain dish . They should cut up bacon and sprinkle it on the mac and cheese .

  • Ira Rather
    Ira Rather Day ago +1

    I’m sure those ribs were delicious, but the meat is NOT supposed to pull off the bone like that, in American Q anyway. That just means it was cooked very long,disintegrating the tendons that hold the meat to the bone.
    In American Q competition, that’s a complete fail.

  • Daniel Hernandez

    Indeed complete euphoria of your taste buds I've most definitely have had the pleasure of eating bar b q and I tip my hat to this man and his honorable establishment may he prosper always

  • jadekayak01
    jadekayak01 3 days ago

    It doesnt matter where in the world or what culture it is if its MEAT,big slabs of MEAT it has to be good.

    Of all tge things that can kill you overeating has got to be one of the best ways to go

  • copyright striker
    copyright striker 3 days ago

    I like my sugar *GREEN* get out you white brown and black wusses.!

  • Mark BD
    Mark BD 4 days ago +1

    Those Vietnamese girls aren't used to the American long bones 11:33 lol

  • Jess Mai
    Jess Mai 5 days ago

    I love your Chanel.
    Thank you.

  • Ray Pintore
    Ray Pintore 6 days ago

    Been thru Siagon a few times. Big town, missed that place. Not that I look for American food when traveling, I avoid it. But the fusion would be cool to try. Maybe next trip,... if I can find it.

  • "Semper Smoke"
    "Semper Smoke" 6 days ago

    This is Vietnamese bbq, there's no American ingredients including the wood to smoke the meat.

  • Joe _
    Joe _ 6 days ago +3

    That one girl was impressed by the long bone lol

  • _Dark_Iconic
    _Dark_Iconic 7 days ago


  • bob bobbinson
    bob bobbinson 8 days ago

    Can someone make that for me yum ☺️

  • Chris Persad
    Chris Persad 8 days ago

    Sonny I got mad love for you bro trust me I do but you kinda look like fat bastard after he lost his weight in the Austin powers movie obviously that’s an exaggeration but look it up you’re gorgeous tho keep up the great amazing reviews and work you do and thanks you for the contributions

  • Eric Lakota
    Eric Lakota 8 days ago

    I need to go to Vietnamese just to order best bbq i ever saw darn is that some good looking food omg now i need to stop watching and go a hour away to a bbq pit with food that is good but id rather eat hear

  • Alan Peters
    Alan Peters 9 days ago +1

    Real American barbeque is eastern North Carolina pulled pork in vinegar base sauce...also...maybe next time find some Vietnamese girls who aren't so westernized 80% of Vietnamese don't even speak English so these girls have obviously had some interaction with the Western ways be it in school, family or friends ect. Then you get a true analysis.

  • Dee Jennings
    Dee Jennings 12 days ago

    I was about to not like it because of the 2 party poopers lol!! Saying its too fattening the mac and cheese lol... my only problem wit the mac and cheese was not baked but i love tho how it is spain off tho on box mac and cheese

  • Michael Sharp
    Michael Sharp 12 days ago

    luvd it!!! those girls are sweet as that sugar cane!!! american women could learn a lot from those beauties

  • Rebecca Whyte
    Rebecca Whyte 13 days ago

    That is not mac and cheese. No self respecting cheese sauce has just four ingredients and is fluorescent. Gross!

  • Linda Easley
    Linda Easley 13 days ago

    It's not authentic American BBQ if adaptations have been made

  • BuffaloSpirit
    BuffaloSpirit 14 days ago

    Ribs are better when there is a little tug...don't like them when they fall off the bone.

  • CrimsonPrince 『κσtαrσυ』

    Mhm those ribs... So tendah

  • a a
    a a 16 days ago

    Fish sauce i love fish sauce. Vietamese girl i knew said ok you had some fish sauce see you tomorrow. Please remember you eat that in front of me 3 times. Your out.

  • Randy Le
    Randy Le 16 days ago

    Marrry vietnamese girl

  • TechTom
    TechTom 17 days ago

    Viet Amer Girls Ican Try BBQ?

  • Graveheart
    Graveheart 17 days ago

    This video made me so hungry...

  • King Lurch
    King Lurch 17 days ago


  • FistOfFury Ng
    FistOfFury Ng 17 days ago

    Come to Malaysia bro.....

  • g1native
    g1native 18 days ago +1

    American BBQ is Loved all over the world. Enough said....Start Grilling!.

  • Bill Jones
    Bill Jones 19 days ago +1

    Love your girl reviewers of Asian decent. They are cute and honest in their response to the BBQ. Great Format!!!

    RHINOVET 20 days ago +1

    I wasn't even hungry. Now I am going to have to get some smokehouse bbq beef brisket...thank.
    In all seriousness, that looked amazing. 👍😎

  • benjamin rauschenbach

    Your videos are baller. Thanks for sharing.

  • John Muldoon
    John Muldoon 21 day ago

    Vietnamese Girls Try ribs that have not a fkn thing in common with American BBQ... He even with holds the info on the rub . Title should be. Vietnamese Girls Try completely full of shit, fake American bbq.

  • chris jimenez
    chris jimenez 21 day ago +2

    Watching these beauties make me want to try Vietnamese Taco.

    • Michael Seth
      Michael Seth 20 days ago +1

      See what you started Chris? That's okay. The harvest is always plentiful in northern Utah where I hang my hat!

    • Michael Seth
      Michael Seth 20 days ago

      Perhaps more of a worldwide taste tester! The Norwegian variety being another favorite... even without the beard. Though most locally harvested there are on the hairy side. 😦😀😉

    • chris jimenez
      chris jimenez 20 days ago +1

      @Michael Seth A connoisseur I see!

    • Michael Seth
      Michael Seth 20 days ago +2

      chris jimenez The Vietnamese bearded clams are a fav!

  • Becky Barrera
    Becky Barrera 21 day ago

    After watching all the vids with Sonny eating Asian foods, this was way cool watching Vietnamese gals eating this Texas girls food. Absolutely grew up on ribs and mac'n cheese!!

  • Mark Schear
    Mark Schear 21 day ago

    I love how they blow up about Mac n cheese. They like pick the bones clean clean.😁

  • Destiny Love
    Destiny Love 22 days ago +1

    I'm sure it tastes good. But it's not American BBQ

  • Scott Richard
    Scott Richard 23 days ago

    These lady's did great the comments on the taste and expressions fun to watch

  • Cheryll Oliver
    Cheryll Oliver 23 days ago

    I want some Vietnamese bacon!!!

  • Cheryll Oliver
    Cheryll Oliver 23 days ago

    I'm hungry

  • Esaw Parker Jr
    Esaw Parker Jr 24 days ago

    That's not American BBQ American BBQ is cooked on a pit smoker using Kingsford or other various types of hardwood definitely not cooked on broiler or with gas or in the oven and get it right people

    • boston ma
      boston ma 24 days ago

      Did you watch it? He was smoking it. In one of those metal smokers just like they use in texas with a vietnamese wood.

  • Kirby Maylish
    Kirby Maylish 25 days ago +2

    *takes a bite
    "I'm not gonna talk"

  • Willard Hazen
    Willard Hazen 25 days ago

    Sorry....gotta do it. That's right girls....that's an American bone...

  • Chris cookies
    Chris cookies 25 days ago

    This savages eat dog meat 🍖 so I’m sure they will eat pork and like it 🤣😂🖕🏻🇺🇸

  • Aaron Sutherland
    Aaron Sutherland 26 days ago

    Slow and low that is the tempo

  • Bart Starr
    Bart Starr 27 days ago +1

    Can we trade all the American women for the Vietnamese women?

  • Elaine Ramkissoon
    Elaine Ramkissoon 28 days ago

    Love your videos

  • Lt Krytzer
    Lt Krytzer 29 days ago

    Its Pork' YUUUK!!

  • Pablo Wilkano
    Pablo Wilkano 29 days ago

    Using foil to "smoke" ribs is cheating! They still look good, though!

  • Pablo Wilkano
    Pablo Wilkano 29 days ago

    That rub is awfully yellow

  • mr watcherofolde
    mr watcherofolde 29 days ago

    Going to show to my Vietnamese niece in law

  • Jeff Rice
    Jeff Rice 29 days ago

    Great. American food will make Vietnamese women fat now.

  • Amazing 101
    Amazing 101 Month ago

    Heo is mean pigs, but whatever i guess.

  • Aaron Barton
    Aaron Barton Month ago

    I'm half asian. I need rice to go with the BBQ ribs.

  • plantmaniac
    plantmaniac Month ago

    Dude....I love this video....great job......

  • dutch
    dutch Month ago

    Wtf do you expect ? They eat fucking bugs parasites dogmeat catmeat snakes centipedes worms poop soup etc etc etc disgisting things. Off course they will like it

  • Billy  Xayasomroth
    Billy Xayasomroth Month ago

    Oh Heo yeah!!

  • Lucifer Dark Prince

    Much love from 🇺🇸 🇻🇳!

  • trump 2020
    trump 2020 Month ago +2

    This isn't American bbq. We dont grill ribs. We smoke them. Grilled ribs=🤮

    • trump 2020
      trump 2020 Month ago

      @Richard Depaola jr i find it disturbing you think its ok to grill ribs. But... you are probably one of those people who cook briskets in the oven or crockpot. If you think grilled ribs are even remotely close to smoked ribs, you are welcome to move to mexico. Where that is common practice.

    • Chimmy Chonga
      Chimmy Chonga Month ago

      Richard Depaola jr True

    • Richard Depaola jr
      Richard Depaola jr Month ago +1

      Ribs are also fact, they are mostly grilled and you not knowing this is disturbing because its done all over the country.

  • Mrg Blue
    Mrg Blue Month ago

    Cheddar powder gives it that authentic taste? So Kraft is authentic now...eek

  • Mellon Walker Movies

    you are making me hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • CaptainAwesomeGuy
    CaptainAwesomeGuy Month ago

    New Zealand white cheddar cheese: is straight up yellow, lmao has anyone told new Zealand that's not white?

  • Shonita Garcia
    Shonita Garcia Month ago

    I love how they adapted the Texas sized BBQ pit. But I think that's the Tennessee mopping of sauce on the meats cause Texas usually has them dry rubbed and with BBQ sauce on the side or added after. Awesome! I love how they got to try Mac-n-cheese! Yeah! Love how well the Pit Master adapted Vietnamese ingredients to create his BBQ. Should have finished with banana pudding for dessert. Nice job! Thank you for sharing!

  • smokedog number1
    smokedog number1 Month ago

    If a lived over there add be at that place all time

  • City of Gentlemen
    City of Gentlemen Month ago

    Not sure if this was the BBQ joint I went to. But met an expat from Oklahoma who opened a BBQ joint in Saigon as well.

  • MrYy45
    MrYy45 Month ago

    I thought this was about BBQ from USA to Vietnam but instead you have Vietnamese BBQ infused with American style so it's a mix fucking idiots will sell you shit and call it food.

  • Luis The Humanist
    Luis The Humanist Month ago

    I thought most Asians were lactose intolerant.

  • MrNumber1gator
    MrNumber1gator Month ago

    Commented 3 time great job.. looks awesome sir!!!

  • MrNumber1gator
    MrNumber1gator Month ago

    oh.. heck no southern style MAC...

  • MrNumber1gator
    MrNumber1gator Month ago

    perfected it??

  • Mark Heller
    Mark Heller Month ago

    You say the salt will draw in the other flavors? I’m sure those ribs are sublime but your meat science is faulty.... but who cares I’m just envious. Exec. Chef Atlanta

  • Louis Cypher
    Louis Cypher Month ago

    Speaks perfect American english, yet has never heard of Mac and cheese. Oooook.... lmmfao

  • Mike B
    Mike B Month ago

    Bishes love Mac&cheese

  • Anthony Astwood
    Anthony Astwood Month ago

    I really enjoyed the video, it was nice to know that people from another country can enjoy our food as much as we do theirs, would like to see some more videos like that, with people from other countries! Wonderful!

  • Megan Dorrough
    Megan Dorrough Month ago

    Cute change - but you needed to eat with them too!🙂🙂🙂

  • Megan Dorrough
    Megan Dorrough Month ago

    You make me smile!😎😎😎

  • AKA_ Ghosts711
    AKA_ Ghosts711 Month ago

    it smell good huh

  • Todd Nansel
    Todd Nansel Month ago

    OMG! Yum 😋

  • Dr. Westside
    Dr. Westside Month ago

    Well that settles that . I am going to smoke a pork butt this weekend , probably some ribs as well .

  • tim roddle
    tim roddle Month ago

    that's not American style bbq but it looks good

  • Raven Davis
    Raven Davis Month ago

    Come to Texas and try some bbq

  • needmoreramsay
    needmoreramsay Month ago


  • anonymous
    anonymous Month ago

    Was that Vy eating, the one who said she wasn't an expert with fork and knife at about 10:32?

  • Roland Tuason
    Roland Tuason Month ago

    Looks like Al Bundy (Ed O'Neil) from Married with Children comedy sit-com show.

  • Axeman
    Axeman Month ago

    Sonny I heard you were dating one of the Vietnamese girls is that true, the one with the curly hair??

  • Samuel Söderberg
    Samuel Söderberg Month ago

    plot twist its made with napalm and they're eating their parents

  • rebecca Thumper
    rebecca Thumper Month ago

    I like the girl's their funny there the same ones from your hamburger video and that one was good too👍👍😀😀💙💙

  • Mark Norris
    Mark Norris Month ago

    Am I just stereotyping here or does the pit boss look like he's in Southeast Asia for all the wrong reasons?

    • Axeman
      Axeman Month ago

      I was thinking the same thing hahaha

  • Patricia-Anne Cockburn

    I really enjoyed looking at this. Their facial expressions and reactions are priceless!!! LOLOLOL!!!!

  • Cucco el laboratorio

    nicessssssss i love it

  • fish sauce
    fish sauce Month ago

    Have them try chicken and waffle next haha

  • John Patrick Lopera Daza

    i'm gonna do that rib Bbq.. hahahahah i'm starving right now!

  • Holly-rebecca Landan

    Please come to Illinois so i can sample food with you, and show you the Best foods Chicago has to offer! A PEACE!✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  • Robert karalfa
    Robert karalfa Month ago +4

    good mac and cheese dont have that Velveeta flavor. it would have a cheese flavor instead

  • feMARIE614
    feMARIE614 Month ago

    That shit looks so fucking good.. excuse my mf-ing language.. but 😍😍🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • James Porter
    James Porter Month ago

    Who are you trying to kid. That girls speaks english like a rich prep. Theres no way she lives in Vietnam. She is americanized

  • Bruce Leeroy
    Bruce Leeroy Month ago

    I'm going!

  • Irish Tino
    Irish Tino Month ago

    I try to watch these comparison videos, really I do. However, if some douchbag with a funny hairdo, or pins in his face, whatever, pops out around a tree and begins to speed talk I click off. Later

    • Joe Blow
      Joe Blow Month ago

      Dude. Here. Tell me he isn't awesome.

    • Joe Blow
      Joe Blow Month ago

      Sonny makes the best food videos on the internet. You might want to give his channel a look. These vids where locals taste shit are rare and random. Sonny is the best since Bourdain. Normally it's just him interacting with one guide eating the local food. One of my favorites is when he creates a party in Cambodia by grabbing up a bunch of locals with his guide where he goes to a rice moonshine maker and then teaches the locals how to shotgun a beer. Him jumping out from behind stuff is a tongue in cheek act that his 2.5 million followers expect at some point in the video and it never gets old. He is beloved and a down to earth person. You first impression is incorrect. He's actually a comedian who has lived in Vietnam for about 8 years but his videos span all of Asia. Trust me, I'm not steering you wrong. Give his vids a second look and skip these "Vietnamese women eat American whatever....", that's not what his channel is about. Didn't mean to inundate you but your post caught my attention because when you dig, his videos are like the best on the internet and it struck me odd. Ah, Peace! ;)

  • chelle roberson
    chelle roberson Month ago


  • Tammi Rients
    Tammi Rients Month ago

    Apparently they enjoyed our American food it was fun to watch almost as fun to watch as you eating their food 😃👍