• Published on Apr 4, 2018
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    Today's test kitchen is all about trying out weird egg gadgets to see which one is actually functional and which ones are just downright crazy.
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Comments • 909

  • Holly Nunnaphat
    Holly Nunnaphat 28 days ago


  • Jacob Wynhof
    Jacob Wynhof 28 days ago

    What is Julia doing in the background 5:48

  • Toontown Player
    Toontown Player Month ago

    Everybody is talking about Erik. But did you guys see Julia crawl across the kitchen floor?

  • Sheepman3557937 PlayZ
    Sheepman3557937 PlayZ Month ago +1

    Me when i eat pizza with sauce 6:45

  • NorwayGaming123
    NorwayGaming123 2 months ago


  • Timothy Obioma
    Timothy Obioma 5 months ago

    For anyone else was erik funny at the start and then it just got worse...

  • Gabriel Ganao
    Gabriel Ganao 6 months ago

    Julia is CRAWLING

  • Red 7138 69
    Red 7138 69 6 months ago

    Can you mak a cran to eat mad of kac and i am your digis fan love darlene ples 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • jada djigo
    jada djigo 7 months ago

    lmao 5:48 julia just radondomly crawling on the floor

  • Ricardo Nuncio
    Ricardo Nuncio 7 months ago

    Y did u invite that idiot

  • gamer boi6000
    gamer boi6000 7 months ago


  • HOBO
    HOBO 7 months ago

    Has anybody noticed that Erik looks like Denis O'Hare?

  • DiamondGamer
    DiamondGamer 7 months ago

    (Speaking if puns) i was going to make a joke about sodium, but Na

  • denise edwards
    denise edwards 7 months ago

    It was so funny and then getting more GP pretending to be crazy Russian hacker

  • Xiang hui Zheng
    Xiang hui Zheng 7 months ago

    The egg master also have an alternative function.you can “really”warm up your dick

  • Phoebe Abayhon
    Phoebe Abayhon 7 months ago

    We have the last gadget, called a a “Rollie” here & it says in the instructions/recipe book not to put beaten eggs. You’re meant to skewer the egg as it comes up.

  • Kobe Hicks
    Kobe Hicks 7 months ago

    1:42 - 1:53 relationships summed up in about 10 seconds

    • Kobe Hicks
      Kobe Hicks 7 months ago

      also...unpopular opinion: I thought Erik was pretty hilarious

  • Zevin Burkley
    Zevin Burkley 7 months ago

    Shut up crazyrusionhacker I'm but that is racist Jackie Chan sorry hahahahah

  • sid speaks
    sid speaks 8 months ago

    0:30 my chinese uncle tryna understand modern jokes😂😂😂

  • Paul Sanders
    Paul Sanders 8 months ago

    Add Eric to the title so I can stay clear of the next episode he's in .... Fail

  • kittycat mittens
    kittycat mittens 8 months ago

    dont be yelling at us cat people

  • thegreatsiberianitch
    thegreatsiberianitch 8 months ago


  • Mr Savage
    Mr Savage 8 months ago


  • Stay Trill
    Stay Trill 8 months ago

    JP loves math. Erik loves meth.

  • Ron Portnoy
    Ron Portnoy 8 months ago

    Cut that out

  • Ron Portnoy
    Ron Portnoy 8 months ago

    Stop copy crazyrussianhacker

    • katerine reyes
      katerine reyes 8 months ago

      mac-dogs 420 they didn’t copy crazyrussianhacker

  • Yashima Burke
    Yashima Burke 9 months ago

    My mom was right their when Jp cursed lol
    Mom:what u watching

  • Jeff Cavaliere’s green marker

    Shit dude remeber when julia hadnt fixed her teeth? She looks way more beautiful now

  • Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith 9 months ago

    Erik is not funny. Erik is annoying.

  • walkingwaffle333
    walkingwaffle333 9 months ago

    Crazy Russian Hacker 😂😂

  • Kennie Maple
    Kennie Maple 9 months ago

    Am I the only one who like Erik?

  • Joel Goddard
    Joel Goddard 10 months ago

    That sassy thin man is hilarious.

  • Oh Yea yea
    Oh Yea yea 10 months ago

    At 5:49 Julia’s head is peeking at the right bottom

  • Nissan R32
    Nissan R32 10 months ago


  • Billy Kapsis
    Billy Kapsis 10 months ago +1

    it looked like a pink sock lol look it up

  • Kamal Abdelbasset
    Kamal Abdelbasset 10 months ago +1

    I actually like the egg rings better but the medal

  • Narwhal Galaxy
    Narwhal Galaxy 10 months ago


  • Ovidijus
    Ovidijus 10 months ago

    she's so cute :OOO

  • Frances Camsz
    Frances Camsz 10 months ago

    5:47 Did you see that too ?

  • Judah Nanas
    Judah Nanas 10 months ago

    Erik reminds me of James Ellsworth!

  • Nitay g
    Nitay g 10 months ago

    epic crazy russian hacker intro hahaha

  • Na Sarah Anweiler blame Dinkleberg

    Julia we saw u

  • Kamal Abdelbasset
    Kamal Abdelbasset 11 months ago +1

    jp your really crazy but Julia is not crazy like you

  • Kamal Abdelbasset
    Kamal Abdelbasset 11 months ago +1

    jp you hurt your mouth when you said coffee

  • Kamal Abdelbasset
    Kamal Abdelbasset 11 months ago +1

    is it really jp's glasses are foggy

  • Kamal Abdelbasset
    Kamal Abdelbasset 11 months ago +1

    jp your really crazy but Julia is not crazy like you okay

  • Ethan Bacungan
    Ethan Bacungan 11 months ago

    Where does JP get these crackheads lmao

  • psydex
    psydex 11 months ago +1

    That comedian is super annoying... Reminds me of Fred

  • Duane Nickerson
    Duane Nickerson 11 months ago

    Cqn you deep fry water

  • ddawgdmitri
    ddawgdmitri 11 months ago

    All these poop jokes about food...... I've never wanted to unsubscribe more.

  • •••Stella•Demons•Seek••• _

    Did anyone else see Julie crawl betide them at 5:48

  • Goodness Gracious
    Goodness Gracious 11 months ago

    Did anyone else notice Julia crawl across the floor at 8:17?

  • Naila Alam
    Naila Alam Year ago

    5:54 Julia 😂

  • Skywalker 1138
    Skywalker 1138 Year ago

    Why is this on the JP sweats playlist?

  • Kelly Rae
    Kelly Rae Year ago

    The sticks well keep the eggs from going all over the place. You have to insert the sticks while cooking the eggs not afterwards

  • Kelly Rae
    Kelly Rae Year ago

    That last Gadget came from a street food item sold over, I want to say Asia but I might be wrong. When they made it, they put oil inside of the unit & made sure the sides were coated. Then they cracked an eggs inside afterwards, placed a hot dog on a stick inside of the egg mixture. Once everything cooked, the hotdog covered egg come out fine.

  • Gregory Verba
    Gregory Verba Year ago

    You people are crazy funny! Lol!

  • anthony suddeth
    anthony suddeth Year ago

    Okay that one guy needs to chill out.

  • Janet Powers
    Janet Powers Year ago

    Did yall see how julia was pulling that egg out😂😂😂😂

  • Millie Santos
    Millie Santos Year ago +1

    Everyone’s so men to Erik , he’s funny as hell

  • Babies Nunez
    Babies Nunez Year ago


  • Ñøpĕ
    Ñøpĕ Year ago

    3:32 erik was beating his meat

  • Krusty Nuggets
    Krusty Nuggets Year ago

    The Egg Roll Cup looks like Fleshlight

  • Mr. Thiccman
    Mr. Thiccman Year ago

    I don’t get why all the comments are about Eric being annoying but I rlly thought he was really funny.

  • Mr. Thiccman
    Mr. Thiccman Year ago

    Eric is sooooo funny I love him

  • TheDuck01
    TheDuck01 Year ago

    Yeah. Hello Shitty😑😑

  • jordan west
    jordan west Year ago

    Did anyone else see Julia crawling on the floor? 5:47

  • XxNightmare BeautyxX

    5:06 his glasses fog up with only two bites of egg

  • Steoant 770
    Steoant 770 Year ago +1

    can you never bring erik back he is not funny and is really annoying

  • Brooklyn Edelen
    Brooklyn Edelen Year ago

    “I got it at Victoria’s Secrets.. nipples!”
    “my medication worn off and now i’m in a complete delusional state”
    “if i had money, yes.”
    my only moods

  • Reptile lover Guzman

    I’m dead at 5:49 Julia is just creeping around

  • Delicia Marie
    Delicia Marie Year ago


  • Brendaliz Velez
    Brendaliz Velez Year ago +1

    Tata yumers 6:44

    OG SCHWOP Year ago

    U can find him in oakland in the ally

  • Jason Cruz Flores

    Its gru

  • MrRoblox ARMY
    MrRoblox ARMY Year ago


  • Kath Rida
    Kath Rida Year ago

    Eric I enjoyed watching 😂

  • william hines
    william hines Year ago

    Could really have done with out Erik. I really feel like my IQ went down to meth addict.

  • Billie Eilish Fan

    JP the crazy Russian

  • h i
    h i Year ago +1

    What was Julia doing?😂😂😂

  • GianciliamM VlogzZZYY

    Lazy russian hacker lol haha

  • Mr. Issac Hernandez

    6:09 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Pmjg
    Pmjg Year ago

    Meghan Markle copy

  • Lil squib
    Lil squib Year ago

    Erik is like a crazy crack head.

  • Jan Pol
    Jan Pol Year ago

    Y'all are nothing bunch of IDIOTS

  • Quail Banks
    Quail Banks Year ago

    This was funny.


    5:48 you saw Julia crawl on the floor

  • Xcalibur Gaming
    Xcalibur Gaming Year ago

    Hahaha russian hacker

  • Christian Josh
    Christian Josh Year ago

    Erik thinks his funny, No its fucking annoying.

  • Grandmaster Bushido Brown

    Yeah Erik totally made this unwatchable

  • Mirr Baby
    Mirr Baby Year ago

    lmfaooo ! the beginning had me in tears ! that impersonation was hilarious !

  • Fir3spark The
    Fir3spark The Year ago

    The last gadget is like me trying to decide a name for something. Indecisive

  • Edgar Garcia
    Edgar Garcia Year ago

    We go hard thats what she said 4:34

  • Tuan Ibrahim Zaim Tuan Mohd Pauzi

    "would you buy this?"
    "if I have money?"

  • Cole Freeman
    Cole Freeman Year ago +4

    whats the crackhead doing in the video

  • AkyNeko 1105
    AkyNeko 1105 Year ago

    Watching thus vid just made me a little uncomfortable because of Erik.... God srsly WTF

  • Loud Nproud
    Loud Nproud Year ago

    Erick sounds and acts like a grandfather trying to be funny

  • panchyto1101
    panchyto1101 Year ago +1

    if you are making fun of the crazy Russian your a real dick...

  • The Happy Hazel
    The Happy Hazel Year ago

    I saw julia in the background

  • The Happy Hazel
    The Happy Hazel Year ago

    Hahaha jp is crazy Russian hacker