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  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
  • David, Liza, Jason, Zane and more. EVERYONE finds out we're having a kid. Thanks to all our friends for being so incredibly sweet and for all the great advice, thanks to my beautiful wife for being the best baby oven, and thank YOU guys for watching. love you. I'm emotional, don't mind me ahaha.
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Comments • 33 695

  • kaleigh crafts
    kaleigh crafts 2 hours ago

    A little Josh U BETTER NAME IT DRAKE

  • Nimsi Montano
    Nimsi Montano 7 hours ago

    Aww I loved David’s reaction so much 🥺🥰

  • Emma Penney
    Emma Penney 15 hours ago

    I freaking loved Liza’s reaction 😂♥️

  • Madeline Loyd
    Madeline Loyd 17 hours ago

    The Drake Bell segment was great

  • DatDesa VA
    DatDesa VA 23 hours ago

    I like the way the thumbnail turns into the video making it really come life which is cool

  • Natallie Boyette

    Seeing David tear up made me tear up.

  • Myah Weber
    Myah Weber Day ago

    Ok so I watched this when it was first uploaded and it says 9 months ago on the video lol

  • Ashley Longoria
    Ashley Longoria Day ago

    This was so cute. When you said "You're crushing it" I couldn't help but think "it" was her bladder.

  • Abby Potts
    Abby Potts Day ago

    My childhood 😭😭 nooo

  • Alex Précourt
    Alex Précourt Day ago

    "It" 😅😅😅😭💜

  • The Winningest Duo
    The Winningest Duo Day ago +1 Such great people

  • Roblox Adventures With Liv & Ray

    I just love Jason's reaction 😂
    "wow.....congratulations...." 😂

  • Alex Précourt
    Alex Précourt Day ago

    Ok, I'm stupid y'all. I just to find out that this man his Josh in Drake and Josh, I just thought he was an amazing RUclipr but he's also an amazing actor who was part of most of my childhood like wtf!? I never thought, never could imagine it was him, because he looks so different. I found out googling him to know more about him and I wasn't expecting that. #shook!

  • Alex W
    Alex W Day ago

    Man said deaDaSSS


    U know John stamos I love him!!!!! Ever since I got introduced to full house!!! 💕 ❤️ 💗

  • Nora xxx
    Nora xxx Day ago +1

    Uncle Jesse saying he’s going to be the greatest father on the planet made me so emotional

  • Lord 2
    Lord 2 Day ago

    Yo imagine getting fathering advice from uncle Jessie

  • RxccoLxndon
    RxccoLxndon Day ago

    You would think David drove Uber or Lyft cause he’s always driving lol.. but I love y’all all

  • Bts Life
    Bts Life Day ago

    I thought u was gay 😭😂

    PAIGE LUNSFORD 2 days ago

    Omggggg it’s sooo wired because my name is paige

  • CJDraws
    CJDraws 2 days ago


  • Uzair Sabih
    Uzair Sabih 2 days ago

    You are my favourite josh

  • arv
    arv 2 days ago

    im cryingggg

  • Addison Simmons
    Addison Simmons 2 days ago +1

    why does jason look like he is high

  • YoSoyJoseLuis
    YoSoyJoseLuis 2 days ago

    Isis ya viste el vídeo ?

  • Bianca Gutierrez
    Bianca Gutierrez 2 days ago

    Lizas reaction was the Best!

  • serena woolley
    serena woolley 2 days ago

    the difference between guys vs girls reactions to the news is crazy to me 😂😂

  • Isaiah 0
    Isaiah 0 2 days ago

    Zane's Girl impressions are so on point and satisfying 🤣

  • Vintage Autumn
    Vintage Autumn 2 days ago +1

    “You ain’t squat”😅😂😂😂

  • Kamila Esquivel
    Kamila Esquivel 2 days ago

    The fact that Gabbie only believed him when he said deadass lmao

  • yanni psh
    yanni psh 2 days ago

    This vid was 9 months ago now. Baby time

  • Nim_ RvWvL
    Nim_ RvWvL 2 days ago

    Name ur baby drak

  • Maro - mess
    Maro - mess 3 days ago

    Everyone thinks of David of a like kind of selfless person but here gets really touched by the cutest things

  • Alex Shih Mendez
    Alex Shih Mendez 3 days ago

    Jason: oh wow....

  • Tyla Morfee
    Tyla Morfee 3 days ago

    David dobrick has a soul

  • Breana King
    Breana King 3 days ago

    Awwww david made me cry!!!!

  • Maram Bahaa
    Maram Bahaa 3 days ago

    David has the sweetest reaction

    It's so adorable

  • 2000music
    2000music 3 days ago

    John Stamos!!!!!!

  • • Drafty •
    • Drafty • 3 days ago

    My childhood is having a baby

  • aespugic
    aespugic 4 days ago +1

    someone: so.. im pregnant.

  • Maysse Wiessner
    Maysse Wiessner 4 days ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Jason: mahahahaahah *goat noise*

  • Khady Moffett
    Khady Moffett 4 days ago

    No way I missed drake and josh 😭😭

  • Laura Schäfer
    Laura Schäfer 4 days ago

    I love how no one believes it because they prank each other so much😂😂

  • Claudia Butler
    Claudia Butler 4 days ago

    David’s reaction was the best thing ever

  • Maddie White
    Maddie White 4 days ago +1

    this came up in my recommendations again and i was like holy crap, there having any other kid already😂

  • Gacha Magic
    Gacha Magic 4 days ago

    Omg are you from a movie?!?? YOUR FRIENDS WITH JESSIE FROM FULL HOUSE

  • R A
    R A 4 days ago


  • Rachel Marie
    Rachel Marie 4 days ago

    Why couldn’t John stamos talk about joshs dad?

  • Lola May
    Lola May 4 days ago +2

    Some reactions were everything! I’ve rewatched this damn video so many times I FREAKING LOVE IT 😊

  • Pubert Dougly
    Pubert Dougly 4 days ago

    Josh is so sweet and cute 🥺❤

  • ChriBaby
    ChriBaby 4 days ago

    Gabbie mentioning Colleen lmao

  • curlyQ406
    curlyQ406 4 days ago

    I’m due in 2 months and would love if Paige would do a birth story video!!!!

  • IsaacXIsaac
    IsaacXIsaac 5 days ago

    Wait I’m watching this 9 months after it’s posted did she have the baby yet ?!?

  • iMDiamondCrafter
    iMDiamondCrafter 5 days ago

    drake n josh v2 LMAO

  • MaryE
    MaryE 5 days ago

    Every time I watch this it’s waterworks 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kay Law
    Kay Law 5 days ago +1

    David's reaction was so cute and pure❤❤😭

  • Serena Kaldas
    Serena Kaldas 5 days ago +1

    jason always looks high 💀💀

  • Mia Marie Riojas
    Mia Marie Riojas 5 days ago +3

    When he said uncle drake my heart stopped 😭❤️

  • regina gudmanns
    regina gudmanns 5 days ago

    Liza"you kidding me your kidding me"*slaps josh* oh I'm sorry *pushes him*

  • Makenna Patton
    Makenna Patton 5 days ago

    Liza’s reaction was by far the best

    • Makenna Patton
      Makenna Patton 5 days ago

      Never mind I take that back David’s reaction was the best

  • Melton Miles
    Melton Miles 5 days ago

    Haha josh had sex

  • Zane YB YT
    Zane YB YT 5 days ago +2

    I just imagine josh saying “am I the cooliest now” with a happy face. From drake and josh

  • jesus rosales ibarra

    I love your vids and good luck on your new position as daddy

  • raven bada
    raven bada 5 days ago +3

    i love david’s reaction he always acts so big and tough but seeing him like this feels great

  • Emilee Waite
    Emilee Waite 5 days ago

    Jason’s sooooo “sympathetic”

  • Abraham Gonzalez
    Abraham Gonzalez 5 days ago

    I didn't know Josh had a kid and I saw this video was 9 months ago then I was like dang I'm late he's already out

  • Alexa Jadyn
    Alexa Jadyn 5 days ago

    10:04 “if dobrik was here it would be funny” stamos said that... I’m thriving

  • Diva Cutegirl
    Diva Cutegirl 5 days ago

    Everyone: :O


  • Joe Philip
    Joe Philip 5 days ago

    Who is disliking this video josh peck is angle and deserves all the happiness in the world

  • David Benitez
    David Benitez 5 days ago

    Predic : the face of the mather , the eye of the father .

  • David Benitez
    David Benitez 5 days ago

    A lil josh . Congratulated !

  • Alicia Barber
    Alicia Barber 5 days ago +1

    That is so cool and I which you on TV grow up and now you can which your kid grow up and that's the most sweet thinking of all

  • Julie Kiker
    Julie Kiker 6 days ago

    Man Josh was so disappointed by Jason's reaction😂

  • jenna goodwin
    jenna goodwin 6 days ago

    Do you believe in God - Deadass

  • Roxy Rock
    Roxy Rock 6 days ago

    Liza was soo crazy 😜 about it

  • Cute Unicorn
    Cute Unicorn 6 days ago

    “Is it true that when women are pregnant, they tend to hate us?”
    My sister is pregnant now and all she does is get mad at her husband... for no reason

  • abbie kriskey
    abbie kriskey 6 days ago


  • abbie kriskey
    abbie kriskey 6 days ago

    JOSH: NO.

  • Rose Flips
    Rose Flips 6 days ago

    Dead dass

  • Emily Shelley
    Emily Shelley 6 days ago

    "I'm the dad."

  • Bryce Yeet
    Bryce Yeet 6 days ago

    posted 9 months ago 😂

  • Elliot Warren
    Elliot Warren 6 days ago

    Love that all it took for Gabbie to believe him is that he had to say "dedass" to believing in God

  • Ashleigh McLean
    Ashleigh McLean 7 days ago

    omg kasey got me 😭

  • Alisia Hellan
    Alisia Hellan 7 days ago

    Thumbs up if you loved Liza's reaction❤

  • Bella Mariee
    Bella Mariee 7 days ago +16

    the only times i’ve seen david cry is the break up vid AND when he found out josh peck is gonna be a dad 😂😂

  • ricebagaar
    ricebagaar 7 days ago +3

    “ do u believe in god? “
    “ DEADASS “

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller 7 days ago

    I love their crew, I can’t wait to move to LA when I start my clothing and vlogging.

  • Funtime Kim
    Funtime Kim 7 days ago

    The way you know they are you tubers is because almost all of them were making sure it wasn’t a prank. That proves they prank the squad people too much.
    With a p.s. I love how Gabbie’s shirt said sad yet she was super excited. That is so me!

  • Nename Saek
    Nename Saek 7 days ago

    I love that Jason didn't really care

  • Alexandra Sheridan
    Alexandra Sheridan 7 days ago +1

    David crying is the cutest thing ever ❤😍

  • j dinh
    j dinh 7 days ago

    Swear on deadass !!

  • Leah McDonald
    Leah McDonald 7 days ago

    Plotwist: *Josh isn’t the dad*

  • Scott Rhodenizer
    Scott Rhodenizer 7 days ago


  • Isabella Campos
    Isabella Campos 8 days ago +1

    ‘do u guys know colleen? no? 😮 don’t worry i’ll introduce u’

  • G E
    G E 8 days ago


  • Danielle Skye
    Danielle Skye 8 days ago

    NOOOOOOO it feels like just yesterday they were filming drake&josh.

    KID KUSH 8 days ago

    Josh is such a great dad...... to David

  • Mad Megan
    Mad Megan 8 days ago

    I with the child was me.... 😢

  • Jenna jo Lynn
    Jenna jo Lynn 8 days ago

    David is so fucking adorable in this

  • FpK RKelly
    FpK RKelly 8 days ago

    I’m thinking about the first episode of Drake and Josh