What Chris Hemsworth's Love And Thunder Role Could Look Like

  • Published on Aug 13, 2019
  • Thor: Love and Thunder will see Natalie Portman's Jane Foster taking up the mantle of the Mighty Thor, so where does that leave Chris Hemsworth's Thor? Here's everything we know, and everything Marvel fans can expect when the movie arrives in theaters.
    Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that the Thor in Avengers: Endgame looks a bit different from the chiseled God of Thunder we've seen in the last decade. Sporting a luscious gut where his six-pack once was, the latest version of Asgard's former king was met with mixed reception. So what does that mean for Thor: Love and Thunder?
    On one hand, it does make sense to take the fans' criticism into consideration. That being said, how exactly do you explain Thor losing his dad bod while he's in space? Unless Taika Waititi can come up with a feasible explanation for how Thor slimmed down in the time that's passed since the events of Endgame, don't be surprised to see another round of Bro Thor on the horizon.
    Speaking of the Guardians, what kind of role will they play in Thor: Love and Thunder? Although Kevin Feige did confirm that there will be a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 at some point in the future, it's clear that Thor's fourth solo outing will precede it. Considering that Thor was last seen on board the Benatar with the Guardians, is it safe to assume that they'll also make an appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder? If they do, will there be enough screen time to go around? Don't forget that in addition to Jane Foster becoming the Mighty Thor, the film will also include Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie finding a queen. Thor's new space besties may need to take a breather for the time being. Keep watching the video to see what Chris Hemsworth's Love and Thunder role could look like!
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    Thor: God or glutton? | 0:14
    Asgardians of the Galaxy | 0:53
    Lovers and friends | 1:29
    Unworthy Thor? | 2:34
    Oh brother, where art thou? | 3:10
    The end of a thunderous era | 3:53
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  • Looper
    Looper  Month ago +61

    Do you think Chris Hemsworth will have a reduced role in Love and Thunder?

    • John Powell
      John Powell Month ago

      Yes and I don't like it.
      For one reason only. Diversity and agenda marvel has gone woke.
      Also waititi's trolling to the fans is an insult and so disrespectful

    • Ac711
      Ac711 Month ago

      Portman was just so blah as Jane Foster. Hemsworth IS the Thor movies. Not at all interested in watching Portman on screen for 2 hours straight.

    • Ultra Instinct
      Ultra Instinct Month ago


    • Legend Bartlett
      Legend Bartlett Month ago

      @Lucky Sichali don't hold your breath on this and get back to me when you are proven wrong

      THOR ODINSON Month ago +2

      no and if this happen and Natalie will be thor all the next thor movies i will not watch a thor movie in my life

  • Van Board
    Van Board 14 days ago

    Ahh yes strip white men of power and give it to a Black LBBQT and she finds her queen. This is gonna flop all these phase 4 ant-white male will go over well with alienating you primary base.

  • William Wembley Wembley

    I like the idea of female thor but i hate natalie portman so much

  • brandon castillo
    brandon castillo Month ago

    Hope it fails
    -Sincerely, the majority

  • Tobias Benedict Dräger

    I would like it, if Thor: Love and Thunder plays after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, although the former one is released earlier.
    But this would work for perfectly well for some reasons:
    1st: Since Endgame ended in 2023, the timeline for excisting heroes is completely irrelevant currently, since Thor 4 and probably even GotG 3 are released before 2023.
    2nd: Both stories could stand for their own and mostly refer to Endgame. With this solution, Thor 4 can't make any huge references to GotG 3 and vice versa. Both films would have Endgame as a starting point.
    3rd: There would be no reduction of audience. It is possible, that some people wouldn't go into GotG 3, if they don't like Thor (and vice versa). But in this scenario, both groups could watch the movie without needing to watch the other one.
    4th: Fans of the MCU overall could be pleased by rather sublte references which make sense in the movie for itself, but even more if you've watched the other movie, too.
    5th: Wouldn't it be cool to have GotG 3 as an inbetweenquel? For example imo both Star Wars stories (Rogue One and Solo) are two of the best Star Wars movies. Mostly because they give you insight in a time period of series, which was kept in the dark. Such inbetweenquels are hard to make, since not only their beginning, but also their end is already known, so the creatives have to come up with even more interesting ways to connect those two points.

  • Ph@tMantv
    Ph@tMantv Month ago

    Thor: Meh

  • kebab lover 40
    kebab lover 40 Month ago

    For some reason i want no one to watch it so marvel realises they did something wrong

  • Kevin Holliday
    Kevin Holliday Month ago +1

    This is what happens when you let socialist 37 gender soyboys decide what your movies are gonna be.

  • John Powell
    John Powell Month ago

    Adam warlock and beta Ray Bill will probably be announced in guardians of the galaxy 3
    Adam warlock was sort of announced at the end of guardians 2

  • Mutaz Muhanad Hammad
    Mutaz Muhanad Hammad Month ago +2

    I really want it to be based on WAR OF THE REALMS

    • Mr. H
      Mr. H 22 days ago +1

      love the ending of it , Thor becoming allfather and all and the ThorCorp!

  • Joshua Ware
    Joshua Ware Month ago

    Noones answering this how tf is mjolnir back this is annoying me

  • Herpes Free Since 03
    Herpes Free Since 03 Month ago +3

    Did you guys see the plot leak for this film yet? It is flipping awesome!

  • New Outlaw
    New Outlaw Month ago

    They’re gonna get A LOT of backlash if Thor gives up his role to Jane Foster.

  • Gamin Timeee
    Gamin Timeee Month ago

    Soo valkyrie is a lesbian?

  • C4Zero
    C4Zero Month ago

    I don't think I will like this movie.

  • Judy Hazard
    Judy Hazard Month ago

    I love all the Thor movies

  • Mr. Blueberry
    Mr. Blueberry Month ago

    I’m not all that excited for Phase 4 tbh

  • Mr totorro
    Mr totorro Month ago

    go read the unworthy thor yoi will understand the whole next story

  • Michael Still
    Michael Still Month ago

    Should’ve had Beta Ray Bill rather than Lady Thor

  • Paul John
    Paul John Month ago

    One more Marvel movie I will not be seeing in the theaters for sure. Thor ragnarok really got me liking thor and now its all done. And it was not because of Taiko, I've always like Chris hemsworth as Thor, the earlier movie plots just sucked.

  • Thor Thunder Warrior

    Only good thing about Jane thor comics was the art

  • Spyder Man
    Spyder Man Month ago +2

    Why make a female or male copy character? Just make a new one

  • Kyle Black
    Kyle Black Month ago

    If the ban wagering foster is a one off cool. If they dont give her cancer like she had in the comics and it's nothing but the actress who jumped ship before the hype just to return and take the actor who has put in the work's role than Endgame will be my Endgame for later partaking in the viewing of the mcu.

  • Ross Coe
    Ross Coe Month ago

    This film sounds awful

  • SW
    SW Month ago

    I thoguth fat Thor was a shite cheap joke. It literally happened to get a quick laugh but they didn't have a way to get rid of it. They'll say "it's realistic because people deal with depression differently" but everyone knows it's bullshit, they're trying to make him the comedic guy for that film. It just felt totally out of place for the majority of the film, especially in the final battle.

  • LunkovichTromofski
    LunkovichTromofski Month ago

    Its going to be a massive flop, just like the comics were, as will Valkyrie's movie and pretty much all of the "Phase 4" films other than possibly the Black Widow one ( which fans have been asking for since Iron Man 2, but noooo we hate female characters dontcha know )and Dr. Strange one. The MCU came to an end with Endgame, everything after it is just going to be pandering fanfic that they'll insist is going to do great right until it bombs and then will blame those nasty nasty toxic male fans for their own failure.

  • Patrick Shafer
    Patrick Shafer Month ago

    Wahmen movement at it again

  • Mario Alt
    Mario Alt Month ago +1

    Jane is bi and will become Valkyrie's queen :)

  • Jack Cowling
    Jack Cowling Month ago

    Why can’t there be 2 Thor’s as Thor has storm breaker so that leaves someone else to use Mjölnir

  • Ace Gamer
    Ace Gamer Month ago +5

    I'm fine with Jane being Thor as long as they don't screw with Chris Hemsworth's Thor

  • Gurta
    Gurta Month ago

    What so you mean beer bellied thor mixed reception, it was glorious

    • Mr. H
      Mr. H 22 days ago

      He was getting his ass kicked by Thanos , many people didn't like it.

  • arno victor
    arno victor Month ago

    phase 4 thot : gay and banging

  • Vin Lizzy
    Vin Lizzy Month ago

    Rune king thor

    MR SEcRET Month ago +1

    The title shouldn't be Thor love & Thunder...it should be Thor M.G.T.O.W

    • Thor Odinson
      Thor Odinson Month ago

      @MR SEcRET or maybe I'm just not an American so just tell me

    • MR SEcRET
      MR SEcRET Month ago

      @Thor Odinson because this movie gonna be a (wah'men') movie...if you still don't understand what it means, it's ok,you still a kid anyway...😂😂😂

    • Thor Odinson
      Thor Odinson Month ago

      And what's that supposed to mean?

  • Allan 101
    Allan 101 Month ago

    Always dislike Jane called as thor, did they call cap as a thor too? Just give her a separate identity like beta ray bill, I like godness Jane design tho

  • Crash Bandicoot
    Crash Bandicoot Month ago

    i'm hoping they just go completely over the top and make thor even fatter, just make the movie like Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps but with a whole family of fat thors all played by hemsworth.

  • Gambit
    Gambit Month ago

    How king can be girl? For fuck sake, king is always male, and queen is always female..

  • Cisco Duncan
    Cisco Duncan Month ago


  • Jeanette Watkins
    Jeanette Watkins Month ago +2

    This looks stupid, I won't be watching it. We dont need a female thor

  • Bambi Rebel
    Bambi Rebel Month ago

    We want Beta Ray Bill not female Thor

  • Bambi Rebel
    Bambi Rebel Month ago

    Fuck Jane Foster

  • E. Double
    E. Double Month ago

    They completely ruined Hulk and Thor. “Hey here’s a thought. Let’s make Thor and Hulk two icons wear thongs...pussies!!!.” Thanks marvel. Keep up the shity work.

  • D
    D Month ago

    ... he’s so worth way too much $ for them to retire his character as well.

  • D
    D Month ago

    Fat Thor was the best in Endgame. Relatable, Anxious, Depressed, PTSD. That’s the best part, lots of us have one or more of these in real life, nice to see that seen on big screen and it being ok because he was still WORTHY. I’m sure his role in New flick will be limited but who knows. Maybe it’ll be a great shared movie

  • Paul Thompkins
    Paul Thompkins Month ago

    Jane becoming Thor is gonna suck!!

  • Subhan Malik
    Subhan Malik Month ago

    Man I dont care about Female Thor, Valkyrie, Loki, Korg or any of them. I just want a conclusion to the story of Thor. Does he die like Tony Stark? Does he live the rest of his days in peace on some far away world? Does he become king of another civilization? Endgame already shat on Thor atleast we could give him a sayisfying ending. Assuming this is the end of his story.

  • Abhinav Sunil
    Abhinav Sunil Month ago +1

    I'm officially done with the MCU... Lol

  • Jedi Knight Jairin Aiki

    I can wait for this film. Natalie Portman looks uncomfortable on screen and on stage holding meulnier, kind of like Rachel did on that episode of FRIENDS where she's holding baby Ben out in front of her away from her body. 😖

  • SeanTheMan1
    SeanTheMan1 Month ago +1

    I hope Thor is slimmer but not completely jacked again because they should show his journey to recovery mentally & physically

    • Garenthal
      Garenthal Month ago

      I kinda think star lord laughs at him for being fat, Thor gets hit with lightning losing his weight, then drax laughs his ass off that quill is now the fattest one here

  • ImStayGold42
    ImStayGold42 Month ago +4

    How does Thor lose his Dad bod while in space?... I predict he & Quill will become work out partners & Drax will be their gym coach. 👍

    • Lukzilla
      Lukzilla 28 days ago +1

      ImStayGold42 an invisible gym coach ofc! ☝️

  • tonedefhimfan
    tonedefhimfan Month ago

    he has to die then. some worthy death. can't have chris in the mcu while portman is thor. that would be extremely lame. he must die.

  • Ian Bonnar
    Ian Bonnar Month ago

    Jane Foster is She-Thor not Thor. Marvel needs to stick closer to the comics instead of trying to relate to the fragile people of this generation. Like Black Panther wasn't supposed to be a Black power move, Black Panther has always been black.

    • Ian Bonnar
      Ian Bonnar Month ago

      @JR The 2nd you still

    • JR The 2nd
      JR The 2nd Month ago

      Have you ever read a Black Panther comic? A great amount of his comics were focused on his race. He litteraly fought the Klan...i get what you're saying about Jane taking Thor's name, but what you said about Black Panther only reveals your ignorance about the character. Did it bother you that Black people flocked to the theaters to see a film about a Black superhero featuring a all Black cast, and Director? Who's fragile again?

  • D A L
    D A L Month ago +2

    Oh my god so lame. Thor is Thor. Not Portman. Love that the only way they got her back was they needed to make her the lead. Stupid.

  • sesh 17
    sesh 17 Month ago

    There's no high fructose corn syrup beer in space

  • Gerald Larry
    Gerald Larry Month ago +30

    Thor loses weight in space because him and Starlord buy a bowflex and dumbbells and commit

  • Wingman1977
    Wingman1977 Month ago

    The Big Thorbowski.

  • Deranged Capital
    Deranged Capital Month ago

    Thor has two hammers does he lose both??? Cause anyone can wield Stormbreaker heck thanos almost killed Thor with it.

  • BillyBrains Folse!
    BillyBrains Folse! Month ago

    I liked all the movies. Thor’s bouta be the Thor force I’d say

  • Bryan Evans
    Bryan Evans Month ago +8

    They literally stripped Thor of his Kingdom,identity and masculinity smh

  • Bryan Evans
    Bryan Evans Month ago

    Jane Foster and Valkyrie are going to be together. Damn we get it already!