People Reveal Their Cartoon Crushes

  • Published on May 9, 2016
  • Who’s your cartoon crush?
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    The Streets of Paris
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  • Sunzu49
    Sunzu49 22 hours ago

    While we were vacationing in Cabos, my sister told me about this video, specifically about the Man in the Yellow Hat (because we were watching Curious George in our room). I laughed so hard at that, which she didn't expect! I was just thinking, 'The Man in the Yellow Hat has _always_ been hot!'

  • springtrap star wars fan

    The man with the yellow hat name is ted.

  • Lily Gleeful
    Lily Gleeful 5 days ago

    Gideon Gleeful from Gravity falls and Jasper from Steven universe
    IDK I'm weird

  • Shy Bria
    Shy Bria 5 days ago

    Robin from teen titans
    Yamato from say I love you
    Seiya kou from sailor moom
    Nowak from, junjou romantica

  • Hurricane Katrina? More like hurricane tortilla

    Everyone forgot about Jack Frost

  • AdrenaLynn
    AdrenaLynn 10 days ago +1

    I don't remember many of my cartoon crushes but here's some. I'm gonna mention some game characters too. Prepare to question my sanity.
    Old crushes that make you question my sanity:
    -Eduardo, Bloo, and Mac from FHFIF
    -Monster from Robot and Monster
    -SpongeBob from SpongeBob SquarePants
    -Charlie from Charlie and Lola
    -Pocoyo from, well, do I have to say it?
    -the polar bear and the cat from Octonauts
    -Chowder from, again, do I have to say it?
    -Gumball from TAWOG
    -Pac-Man from PMATGA
    Game characters:
    -Sans from Undertale
    -Bendy from BATIM
    -Freddy and Foxy from FNAF

    -Tom and Marco from SVTFOE
    Will edit this when I think of more
    Aaaaaand I think I might be getting a crush on Trent

  • Kamani the Koala Vlogs

    Every single boy from BNHA

  • Strangers Memories
    Strangers Memories 14 days ago

    Look... Shang from Mulan. Gotta say he was good looking.

  • Dorian Gipson
    Dorian Gipson 15 days ago

    Simba was mines lol I’m guilty so what

  • Jasondra Posey
    Jasondra Posey 16 days ago

    The prince from princess and the frog

  • Angelina Something
    Angelina Something 18 days ago +1

    My childhood crush was...

    Shikamaru Nara

  • Burnt Loafy
    Burnt Loafy 19 days ago +1

    Mine are:
    ●Bonnie (FNAF)
    ●Asriel Dreemur /Flowey (Undertale)
    ●King Dice (Cuphead)
    ●Mettaton (Undertale)
    ●Grim matchstick (Cuphead)
    ●Cagney Carnation (Cuphead)
    ●Boris (BATIM)
    ●Blind Specter (Cuphead)
    ●Djimmi the great (Cuphead)
    ●Gumball (TAWOG)
    ●Mangle (FNAF)
    ●Goopy le grande (Cuphead)
    ●Froppy (MHA)
    ●The devil (Cuphead)
    ●Quest Oswald (BABTQFTIM)
    ●Quest Felix (BABTQFTIM)
    ●Cala maria (Cuphead)
    ●Meta knight / Dark meta knight (Kirby)
    ●King Dedede (Kirby)
    ● Galacta knight
    ● Anon (Blush blush)
    ● Alastor (Hazbin hotel)
    ● Husk (Hazbin hotel)
    ● Angel Dust (Hazbin hotel)
    ● Ralsei (Deltarune)
    ● Jevil (Deltarune)
    ● The Snatcher (A hat in time)
    XD I have too many crushes

  • Jeff Something
    Jeff Something 19 days ago

    Jack frost from rise of the guardians
    Tadashi from Big hero 6

  • Prince Nelson
    Prince Nelson 22 days ago

    Roseanne is my crush too.

  • Prince Nelson
    Prince Nelson 22 days ago

    Lola was my crush too.

  • Laurel Elliott
    Laurel Elliott 23 days ago

    Danny Phantom,Prince Zuko, and Ben 10 are my all time crushes

  • keira wynia
    keira wynia 24 days ago

    am i the only one who had a crush on bipper from gravity falls or was that just me-

    pls help o_o

  • A N
    A N 24 days ago

    I love how they all said Aladdin in the beginning 😂😛🤤

  • Zephricus
    Zephricus 24 days ago

    Sooooooo. What about female characters? XD

  • Анастасия Исаченко

    Sasuke from Naruto))))))) His eyes are just unbelievable

  • Merekat
    Merekat 25 days ago

    Double d from Ed edd n eddy 😊

  • BohoFlow
    BohoFlow 25 days ago

    *TOP 10*
    Aladdin (1st cartoon crush)
    Simba & Scar - Lion King
    Danny Phantom
    Zuko - Avatar TLAB (HUGE CRUSH!!!! 1st time fantasizing & making up scenarios)
    Kida - Atlantis
    Trunks -DBZ
    Lola Bunny - Space Jam
    Roxanne - Goofy Movie
    Kakashi - Naruto

  • Info Chan
    Info Chan 26 days ago +1

    Zuko is so cute ^_^

  • Mikanarka
    Mikanarka 28 days ago

    The man with the yellow hat is HAWT?! Nani!?

  • Daniela
    Daniela Month ago

    I have shang and zuko you can kinda guess i have a thing for east asians😂😂😂

  • Daniela
    Daniela Month ago

    I have shang from mulan😂😂🤣

  • Himiko Yumeno
    Himiko Yumeno Month ago

    kokichi ouma .......

  • chubby foxu
    chubby foxu Month ago

    my first crush ever was Megaman X, and now it’s whoever is in my Boys Meme animation lol

  • Jasmine Soriano
    Jasmine Soriano Month ago

    Varian from tangled the series ( dont judge me I love him so much 😍😣😐)

  • Hip - Hop Bird
    Hip - Hop Bird Month ago

    My cartoon crush was (and still is) The Shredder from the 2012 tmnt series

    NATALE _GACHA Month ago

    Anyone else got it going on for the Amigos in Happy Feet

  • kendra f
    kendra f Month ago +2

    Clicked because I saw Trent from Daria.

    • Show & Mel
      Show & Mel 18 days ago

      kendra f same tho also I was looking at cartoon crush videos anyways

  • Sin-namon Bun
    Sin-namon Bun Month ago +1

    Finn the human 😍 or the rowdyruffboys

  • Blxegxrl201
    Blxegxrl201 Month ago +2

    Marceline from adventure time

  • Mina Goldenhammer
    Mina Goldenhammer Month ago

    Jon Arbuckle anyone?

  • Uym O
    Uym O Month ago

    I had a crush on brock as well😂

  • Unstoppable Oreo
    Unstoppable Oreo Month ago

    Danny phantom and Ash from Pokémon that’s all I’m saying 😂

  • Try iets
    Try iets Month ago +1

    Does Anyone had crush on Kakashi Hatakay from Naruto
    And Damian Wayne (ROBIN)😎

  • July Summer
    July Summer Month ago

    Let's see... Flynn Rider, Danny Phantom, Jude from 6teen, Robin from the original Teen Titans, Trent Lane from Daria and Wesley from the Princess Bride.

  • Averina Sanchez
    Averina Sanchez Month ago

    Zukko from Avatar

  • AM or FM?
    AM or FM? Month ago

    Not necessarily a crush, but I’d like to have tea with Scar so he can tell me how he gets his black mane so silky

  • Unnecessary
    Unnecessary Month ago

    Ok I know this is anime but
    L form death note oh boy

    VLOG STAR Month ago


  • hannah grrr
    hannah grrr Month ago

    I have a crush on Mike from TD and Jane Lane from Daria..

  • Nóri
    Nóri Month ago

    Prince Eric and Peter Pan 🤗❤️

  • Sherlock Katrito
    Sherlock Katrito Month ago

    Shiro from voltron, and Im also gay for goku cuz when I first watch the 1st episode of kai when I was little I was like DAYYYYUM HE AINT A SNACC BUT A FULL ON MEEEEL

  • Cool Drawz
    Cool Drawz Month ago

    Believe it or not starfire from Teen Titans >#

  • angela rodriguez
    angela rodriguez Month ago

    Danny Phantom , Vegeta & Future trunks from dragon ball z , Tarzan , Li Shang from Mulan , and Phineas from Phineas and Ferb💀💀

  • denki's anime
    denki's anime Month ago

    Yurio from Yuri on ice

  • Coyote
    Coyote Month ago +1

    *Coughs* Jessie from Team Rocket *coughs*

  • Gabby Rea
    Gabby Rea Month ago +2

    Mine are
    Katsuki bakugo
    Shoto Todoroki
    Chat noir( his puns are funny ok)
    Adrien Agreste( ik there the same people but hes just to perfect and kind!!!)

  • Reb Meeker the Random

    I used to have a crush on Jessie from Toy Story, and I knew a guy who had a crush on Violet Parr from the Incredibles lol...

  • sleep deprived
    sleep deprived Month ago +1

    I had a huge crush on Hercules (the animated one)

  • Elia Paipai
    Elia Paipai Month ago

    Peter pan

  • Jasmine Soriano
    Jasmine Soriano Month ago

    is anyone here have a crush on One from kids next door.

  • Jasmine Soriano
    Jasmine Soriano Month ago

    here are my cartoon crushes list👇
    1. Pen zero - pen zero part time hero
    2. Varian - tangled the series
    3. the once-ler - the lorax
    4. miles morales - spider man into the spider-verse movie
    5. rodney copperbottom - the robots
    6. jack frost - rise of the gaurdian
    7. hiccup - how to train your dragon
    8. Lou - uglydolls

  • peachy 100
    peachy 100 2 months ago

    Mine is yugi from yugioh

  • BRi iS A WHORE Heck yeah

    Mine is Alexis from Transformers Armada

  • E v i l e s t
    E v i l e s t 2 months ago


  • Žaynab ßaig
    Žaynab ßaig 2 months ago

    Hiro from big hero six and hiccup from how to train your dragon.