Obama Lights Up Donald Trump | The Daily Show

  • Published on Sep 11, 2018
  • Eight weeks ahead of the midterms, Obama fires up voters by slamming Trump on health care, his soft approach to Nazi sympathizers and the anonymous op-ed leaked out of the White House.
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Comments • 10 884

  • Dayanna Villarino
    Dayanna Villarino 2 hours ago

    I keep saying this .... Obama worked for 8 years to make everything better .

  • Jessica Bolas
    Jessica Bolas Day ago


  • overbanked
    overbanked 3 days ago

    "Some jobs just aren't going to come back" and "What magic wand do you (Trump) have?" All by the incompetent highly divisive community organizing numbskull Mr #44. Of course Trump continues to bring back tons on tons of various manufacturing jobs to the US and Obummer has the audacity to try to take credit for them. #ObamaAndLibtardsHateAmerica

  • overbanked
    overbanked 3 days ago


  • Rautha Kaye
    Rautha Kaye 6 days ago

    I laughed when I heard “ could Donald beat Obama “ like we need to ask

  • Tiffany Sebastian
    Tiffany Sebastian 7 days ago

    How can ppl listen to such dimwit like trump?

  • Kng Tch
    Kng Tch 12 days ago

    Does this orange SOB even read the script if someone wrights one or does he make up stuff I mean really he had a so called list three pages of "things that have been accomplished" never said what one of them was

  • prince fadhili nayituriki

    Trevor noah should be happy that trump is the president otherwise he surely wouldn't have a job ...........just saying he 's getting the bread off trump

  • Mindy Hitchcock
    Mindy Hitchcock 12 days ago

    Love Obama. He DID pull us out of an economic crash into moving forward into economic success. douchebag (trump, loser) rode on Obama's coattails to claim credit for all of Obama's hard work. Hard work. Something trump knows NOTHING about.

  • Gary Vaiphei
    Gary Vaiphei 13 days ago

    trevor.. i am sad...u r sponsored by democrats.. neway i like ur show neway...

  • lizard9
    lizard9 13 days ago

    I like the Obama roast Tour suggested by Trevor

  • El Tigre
    El Tigre 13 days ago

    The brown Bomber would have kicked both their asses . I'm talking about Tyson and Ali .

  • x_MauiWowie_x
    x_MauiWowie_x 13 days ago

    Damn, I didn’t even realize my insomnia started when trump became POTUS

  • Nripo Khan
    Nripo Khan 14 days ago

    Not only Americans but also people of other countries were worried when president Obama left the presidency... Its turns out one president can get only two terms is not good at all.

  • B Walk
    B Walk 14 days ago

    Civil war

  • Nothern indie hits
    Nothern indie hits 14 days ago +1

    greetings from g0ds)

  • Br Sha
    Br Sha 15 days ago

    The Kenyan was the worst thing that everrr happened to our Republic.. because dumbasses like Trevor drank the Islamic socialist Kool-Aid.. then spewed it out onto the masses. Somewhere..Joseph Goebbels is smiling.

  • Shannon Martin
    Shannon Martin 15 days ago

    Trump is our president accept it already 🤯 #makeamericagreatagain

  • Graphic Great
    Graphic Great 15 days ago +2

    America is a laughing stock now because of Trump

  • Teboho Moloi
    Teboho Moloi 15 days ago


  • Els
    Els 17 days ago

    California has just become as large as Trump!

  • Chicken Wingz
    Chicken Wingz 18 days ago

    I love that all the comments are metaphors about how much trump sucks. Thank You guys 😀

  • Chicken Wingz
    Chicken Wingz 18 days ago +1


  • GoVeganBro
    GoVeganBro 19 days ago

    twins 4:46

  • Esraa Karim
    Esraa Karim 19 days ago

    I don't like Trump at al but I wanted to say don't say ALL Trump supporters are bad, they are human too and they have voted for what they thought was right. I am not defending Trump at all but just some of the supporters who have a decent mind.

  • Oliver Benn
    Oliver Benn 19 days ago

    I would still rather have Trump than Zuma

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez 19 days ago

    Donald Trump is right about California and believe me is not a good thing when people that work and want to make an honest living are struggling to go to work and make an honest living like me 5/5/2019 12:00pm

  • joe Vasquez
    joe Vasquez 19 days ago

    Trump smashed the shit out of Obama’s punk ass, you literally have to be stupid to believe otherwise. You don’t have to like him to see it. Obama care was a trap and a failure. And 2020 is going to be delicious 😋. Get woke go Broke bitshes!!!!

  • Riz Ask
    Riz Ask 20 days ago

    how did this man become president??

  • msw7qw11
    msw7qw11 20 days ago

    (@4:51) I know of one group of US citizens that haven't been sleeping well and in particular will never wake up. US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three other US contractors. Ten other US citizens were wounded because of Obama's choice of Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State.

  • Robert Banda
    Robert Banda 24 days ago

    Obama the president

  • bubbiesdad
    bubbiesdad 25 days ago


  • The Review Guy
    The Review Guy 25 days ago

    Jesus Christ listening to Trump is like listening to a 5 year old who still doesn't understand the basics of language.

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 26 days ago

    0:25 cause kenyans are fast 😂😂😂🤣 #Olympic

  • Spencer Calvert
    Spencer Calvert 28 days ago

    I can hardly wait till I can get a good nights sleep. Lets vote for someone that can speak English and possibly read at a 6 th grade level.

  • Katie
    Katie Month ago

    I miss Obama so much

  • Kaso627
    Kaso627 Month ago

    “Obama is great for sleeping”
    Trump 2050

  • Kaso627
    Kaso627 Month ago +3

    “California has just become one really large person” Trump 2090

  • Kaso627
    Kaso627 Month ago +2

    “Each dot is a thing and some of those things are really big things” Trump-2019

  • Laura Martin
    Laura Martin Month ago +1

    Noah and Obama need to work together and then go on the road. If p45 "can't handle swag", Noah's the writer for the job.

  • Kaye Wilde
    Kaye Wilde Month ago

    That's true. There is no saving trump from his dump. I feel so sorry for him and for the american people. He has been the subject of shame and ridicule the moment he spoke on tv. People around the world doesn't respect him as a person or him as a leader of his country. And hell, Pres. Putin doesn't give a shit about him either. They may be both villains but at least Putin presents himself as the leader of his country not much like trump who looks amd speaks garbage.

  • Rachma Pratiwi
    Rachma Pratiwi Month ago +1

    Seriously, how can Trump win the presidential election? Because his rival is Hillary?

  • AnarutoFan5000 Jmaster


  • Mariyah Ulfah setiawan

    why does trump always look like an impersonate himself?.. but it looks like it's exaggerated...

  • Davey Lambo
    Davey Lambo Month ago +1

    I pity america right now.....ermonimassh

  • Harmony A E
    Harmony A E Month ago

    Did... did Trump really pull a McCarthy?

  • andrea enriquez
    andrea enriquez Month ago

    trump should be a comedian 😂😂

  • Tracy Hughes
    Tracy Hughes Month ago

    theres only 300 million in America omg.....

  • Frances Duty
    Frances Duty Month ago

    I don't need no stinkin' pages.

  • Frances Duty
    Frances Duty Month ago

    Trump couldn't beat Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods is a much better golfer than Trump.

  • Chris Milton
    Chris Milton Month ago

    I'll have the chicken nugguts, please. 😡BITCH, YOU'RE GETTING THE SALAD!!!! LLLLLOL!!! Yooo I've Got to use this one, this iz comedic gold P.S. Suicide if said to a black woman; Buuuuttt, I could pay one of my homies to do it so i can get a viral vid out of it. Hee hee.

  • Silver Foxy
    Silver Foxy Month ago

    Health care should not be one size fit all 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Yuma
    Yuma Month ago

    California 500 Million people ? Wut 😂

  • Hachem Saddiki
    Hachem Saddiki Month ago

    3:11 , "california just increased in size to 500 million people"
    USA population in 2018: 327 million

  • Mr Me
    Mr Me Month ago

    President Trump was not elected solely because Senator Clinton wasn't likeable, he was elected because people did not want a continuation of President Obama's imagine with me or else policies. Let's not try to romance novel that portion of history.
    President Obama didn't get elected on one portion of the vote as voters across many nationalities voted for him; the same is true for President Trump.

  • Burrito Supremacist

    "...his soft approach to Nazi sympathizers ..." LOL! Yeah, those Nazi sympathizers, they're so anti-Semitic. Oh, wait, no, that's the modern Democrats I'm thinking of. My bad.

  • SpectralKnight
    SpectralKnight Month ago

    Is the hacker group still out there and how do they feel about Trump butchering their name? Guess we will never know :)

  • Built2Fast
    Built2Fast Month ago

    So his California reference - Is there a crisis in Canada dealing with a flood of the worlds people due to Public health. How about Kuwait - They offer a government sponsored health care program and you don’t see a flock of people beating their borders down... There are countries out there with this kind of healthcare in place. They just don’t have a complete dick leading their country

  • Zaraki Kon
    Zaraki Kon Month ago

    Those 4 pages contain mainly if not all the things only done to improve things for rich people like him. He made it so that when he's done being President him and his Cronies are even richer and Nothing can be done to reverse that.

  • CJLAKE1234
    CJLAKE1234 Month ago

    No he didn't. Unemployment was not anywhere close to 5% before President Obama left office. Obama wasn't able to bring back ANY manufacturing jobs. He's full of shit ass always.

  • Mirror of Society
    Mirror of Society Month ago

    ah here we are... farmes get broke, workers doesnt benefit from trumps taxreform, 21 millions people with former conditions will soon have no acces to medicaid. schools in the usa are still have a very low standart for education etc. so... how is winning today?

  • Sharon Chinyere Isinguzo

    Trevor for president😂💔

  • daveogarf
    daveogarf Month ago


  • cineva
    cineva Month ago

    From the Entire world to Trump. We have free health care!!!!!

  • Benjamin Toby
    Benjamin Toby Month ago

    “Well crafted speech that appeals to our higher nature” ... you have to be an idiot to think a well crafted speech is always equivalent to actual value or even profound intelligence ...

  • William Clark
    William Clark Month ago

    Trump is such an idiot

  • Nathan Jarvis
    Nathan Jarvis Month ago

    Did trump ever shut the fuck up and read the list of things the trump administration did

  • Hammy Pigs
    Hammy Pigs Month ago

    is it just me or the way Trump talks kinda sounds like how a dictator would talk? His whole speech where he called a staff traitor and other stuff hes said gives me those vibes

  • Rakshit Puri
    Rakshit Puri Month ago

    They say speak only English in US

  • Bishop Tower
    Bishop Tower Month ago

    Obama should not challenge Trump. He would lose. And Trump would show his real birth certificate from Kenya.

  • rafi ibnul
    rafi ibnul Month ago

    Suddenly while seeing this video I remembered that being the us president is an important thing. Not a character in a comedy show.

  • Quirky Bou
    Quirky Bou Month ago +1

    I'm watching from a different continent .. is trump really that dumb? "There are dots .." how about reading a few so we know what that paper says

  • Crystal Wynn
    Crystal Wynn Month ago

    Trevor, you are so attractive and then you are funny, charming, smart and that accent smacks me in the face.

  • Wode Maya Jr.
    Wode Maya Jr. Month ago +7

    I still have my kenyan citizenship😍❤
    Kenyans Where are you my fellows⭐

  • Luis Olortegui
    Luis Olortegui 2 months ago


  • cayenne pepper
    cayenne pepper 2 months ago +2

    If this is how our presidency is going I'm writing in Trevor noah on the next election

  • Christina Matthews
    Christina Matthews 2 months ago

    SHM important dots

  • GenZgameZ
    GenZgameZ 2 months ago

    I can only imagine that the dots had the names of the women Trump sexually assaulted after he became President.
    Yeah, he achieved a lot

  • Tadashi Yasahiro
    Tadashi Yasahiro 2 months ago

    😂😂😂 the contrast between these two!!

  • Lorenzo Scirocco
    Lorenzo Scirocco 2 months ago

    This man shows is not funny.

  • Annaliese Cancilla
    Annaliese Cancilla 2 months ago

    The only reason trump fell asleep is because Obama didn’t have any dots.

  • Eat a Dic
    Eat a Dic 2 months ago

    I’m sure one of those dots was one of his favorite Accomplishments his daughter😏

  • worth it
    worth it 2 months ago

    trump is result of karma , USA that's because of what you did in world. 😂😂😂😂

    edit : it just supposed to be a joke , don't be offended.

  • Eric Colwill
    Eric Colwill 2 months ago

    Tulsi for President

  • abraham Rubio
    abraham Rubio 2 months ago +1

    I just can't wrap this around my head that SpongeBob is our president!!

    • Tadashi Yasahiro
      Tadashi Yasahiro 2 months ago

      Don't you dare do SpongeBob like that 😂😂😂😂 even SpongeBob has is smarter than this guy, he's determined to stay in school until he passes his license exam!

  • Tawakalt Oseni - HKF
    Tawakalt Oseni - HKF 2 months ago

    I really like it when Trevor mimics Obama

  • Tawakalt Oseni - HKF
    Tawakalt Oseni - HKF 2 months ago

    I really like it when Trevor mimics Obama

  • bru beck
    bru beck 2 months ago

    pretendsident tramp is such fucking grifter. Americans are losers letting this con artist play on their ignorance (fueled by the arrogance of Americans who see themselves so superior to the other human beings living on this planet) and their own hubris. Sad, but the rest of the world will endure just fine,( thank you!) while we swagger, pontificate, and nuclear piss fight with our "enemies" and alienate our allies. Mini-# 45 is a hot, steaming and smelly pile of Fido's last bowl of Alpo.

  • Jean Jones
    Jean Jones 2 months ago

    Barack Obama makes me sick. Lies are the “germs” of moral disease, and no one bamboozles more than Obama. “Ninety-five % of Americans will receive a tax cut.” Lie. (Free-loaders don’t pay taxes.) “I will accept public campaign financing.” Lie. (McCain got taken to the cleaners.) “John McCain will give tax breaks to big oil.” Deceptive. (McCain’s platform included lowering taxes for ALL corporations.) Obama, who if he wacked a cherry tree would have blame it on Bush, lied by omission, lied directly, and lied to cover lies.

  • rare tube 0330
    rare tube 0330 2 months ago


  • SUtailored maxStar
    SUtailored maxStar 2 months ago

    That was a little petty on Obama's part, but it's no different then what Trump does. Constantly.

  • Gage Silvas
    Gage Silvas 2 months ago +1

    God damn this man couldn't even say a word with more than 2 syllables in it.

  • IT'S ME FROM 713
    IT'S ME FROM 713 2 months ago +1

    How did we go from Obama - brilliant, articulate, classy, charismatic, strong, integral, coherent, competent - to Trump - A borderline retarded, sub-literate, racist, pathological lying, petty, petulant, emotionally stunted, rampantly narcissistic, intellectually deficient, delusional, gaslighting, lazy piece of orange shit?
    With Trump as president, the bar has been dropped so low you need binoculars to see it.
    Trump wants nothing more than to outshine Obama when the closest he'll ever get is by walking in Obama's shadow.
    Trump demanded to see Obama's birth certificate, grades and test scores. Keep in mind that Obama was the editor of the Harvard Law Review.
    Trump threatened his former schools with legal action if they ever dare release his transcripts and grades and test scores.
    He's such a fucking imbecile.

    • FreyaSilverflame1223
      FreyaSilverflame1223 2 months ago

      Because enough inbred shitstains voted for this tangerine cancer cell. I'm waiting for the 2020 election, also known as Don't Fuck Up: The Do-Over

  • Debbie Janse van Vuuren-Arrow

    I’m South African and I still think Obama is an amazing president!!! Definitely one of the best!
    Trump is a joke with a bad spray tan!

  • multi one
    multi one 2 months ago +3

    The leader vs the tweeter 😂😂👍

  • Michael McBride
    Michael McBride 2 months ago +1

    “Ebony and anarchy” perfect

  • Adelchi Pelizzo
    Adelchi Pelizzo 2 months ago

    I would hire Obama as used car salesman, but I would hire Trump as a CEO for my company.

  • Ashne Obi
    Ashne Obi 2 months ago +1

    500 million people? Isn't the US as a whole 300 million....???

  • romeo Marten
    romeo Marten 2 months ago

    Obama vs trump no hold bare hardcore match coming to ppv in 2020

  • pep
    pep 2 months ago

    Fuck you RACIST, Anti-Semitic Obama!!! Obama and his soft approach to Black supremacist sympathizers!
    And fuck you racist, Trevor Pedophile Noah.