GIANT Tetherball Challenge!!

  • Published on Sep 4, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 850

  • SnowyJP
    SnowyJP 6 days ago

    Did anybody else notice how in the first game of tetherball how Bobby was purposely switching right as Red was about to get the point

  • Baller
    Baller 11 days ago +1

    tanner:bryans a fat boy
    me: at least its not joyey

  • Elliott Soccer
    Elliott Soccer 11 days ago

    I’m diabetic

  • Matthew Petrie
    Matthew Petrie 11 days ago

    10:12 Bobbi's face is cut out

  • DLFchicken League
    DLFchicken League 13 days ago

    Hey was up love you guys

  • Emerson Koenig
    Emerson Koenig 13 days ago +1

    1:17 Whitney and Natalie just laughing

  • Jenny the GiRaFe
    Jenny the GiRaFe 14 days ago +1

    What about when Bobby got hit by a cantaloupe in the no no spot

  • Samantha Hall
    Samantha Hall 14 days ago

    1:38. I think the worst one was when Joey through the cantaloupe

  • Taliah Greasby
    Taliah Greasby 18 days ago

    What is that on bryito?

    PRO _GAMER 21 day ago

    Robert and booby look alike man

  • lucio Correia dos Santos

    press 8 while watching thank me later

  • Charlie Kingsley
    Charlie Kingsley 23 days ago

    Joy’s intro is amazing

  • Gymnastics_forever
    Gymnastics_forever 25 days ago

    Tanner with his *sexy* knees

  • Abby M
    Abby M 25 days ago

    Manly voice : "meoow" 😾

  • Genesis Figueroa
    Genesis Figueroa 28 days ago

    it was so accurate when bobby took a break, then spoke like the reporters on the news lmao!

  • Capitate Cab
    Capitate Cab Month ago

    Is there gonna be a point where Bobby isn't gonna be abused by the Team Edge Crew?!?

  • Christina Flores
    Christina Flores Month ago +1

    Hope you win the game joy and Ryan

  • Christina Flores
    Christina Flores Month ago +1

    Hope you win the game joy your them

  • Ella_PJ_ 36
    Ella_PJ_ 36 Month ago

    I couldn't stop laughing at the blind folded tether ball when tanner kepted dancing and joey and Bryan was scared

  • MehnameisFrances Sofia

    Jk I love your vids !

  • MehnameisFrances Sofia

    This is how many times Poke found discoveries in Minecraft

  • Reedy Boi
    Reedy Boi Month ago

    The editing is what really makes these videos so amazing. I love you channel so much!!

  • Audrey Getten
    Audrey Getten Month ago

    "Hey look it's a Siamese cat "
    *makes a deep meow*

  • Grace Purrier
    Grace Purrier Month ago

    I am a diabetic too Billy

  • Stefan Vujcic
    Stefan Vujcic Month ago

    Where was bobby in the last minute in the video???????

  • Brayden Cochrane
    Brayden Cochrane Month ago +1


  • Brayden Cochrane
    Brayden Cochrane Month ago +1


  • Brayden Cochrane
    Brayden Cochrane Month ago +1


  • AwesomeL14 Gaming
    AwesomeL14 Gaming Month ago

    I’m a beast at tetherball I wish I could play with you in your next tetherball video *cough* cough* friend me for next tetherball video *cough* *cough*

  • Kane J
    Kane J Month ago

    You do know that Robert is your name short name booby

  • LizzyBee Vlogs
    LizzyBee Vlogs Month ago

    Cause I have type one diabetes

  • LizzyBee Vlogs
    LizzyBee Vlogs Month ago

    What type of diabetes does billy have??

  • Huntergamer 2981
    Huntergamer 2981 Month ago

    We will miss you

  • Tony Thatch
    Tony Thatch Month ago

    No Bobby RIP

  • Mia Toles
    Mia Toles Month ago

    1 like = 1 less bobby abuser

  • CyberPrime 956
    CyberPrime 956 Month ago +1

    Do those glasses have lenses?🤣😂🤣

  • Kaila Dixon
    Kaila Dixon Month ago

    Bobby is lookin Professh.

  • Lai Moon Ying
    Lai Moon Ying Month ago

    Bryan is strong

  • Lai Moon Ying
    Lai Moon Ying Month ago

    Oh my god Joey scream like a little girl

  • Lai Moon Ying
    Lai Moon Ying Month ago +1

    Red team red team go go to give a like for red team

  • Adela Ulloa
    Adela Ulloa Month ago

    9:40 that around

  • Veronica Uhl
    Veronica Uhl Month ago

    Its not free! You have to pay for it!

  • TTV-YT _markeg579
    TTV-YT _markeg579 Month ago

    Joey wears Invisalign?

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike Month ago

    I HAVE J
    INVASINE SQUAD WHERE U AT?!!??! like if it’s u

  • Kurik Mcclure
    Kurik Mcclure Month ago

    poor bobby his balls have been replaced over and over

  • Lawliet for Lifue
    Lawliet for Lifue Month ago

    Yo Bobby looks good dressed up like that and the pause he did when it returned from Robert to him I'm wheezing but honestly I like Robert more his glasses thoooo

  • Krishna Ghosh
    Krishna Ghosh Month ago +1

    Love Bobby's hair💇

  • Meme Lordz
    Meme Lordz Month ago +1

    Hi tan man where's matt?

  • Annamations Owo
    Annamations Owo Month ago

    I had a rainbow unicorn kitty add right after a shot of Bryan lmao

  • J a e。
    J a e。 Month ago

    XD Billy and Bobby are twins??

  • Cassandra Ayala
    Cassandra Ayala Month ago

    Poor Bobby for getting hit below the belt😄

  • j time
    j time Month ago

    Bobby looking seeeeeeeeexy

  • Billy Hue
    Billy Hue Month ago

    Tanner is a legend💯 If you don't agree, you're not human🤔

  • Dara Lewis
    Dara Lewis Month ago +1

    its balls

  • Aaron James Valle Garra

    Bobby should always wear a cup

  • Zaria Rogers
    Zaria Rogers Month ago +1

    He kept switching in favor of red D

  • Lowkey Isaac
    Lowkey Isaac Month ago +1

    God! I’m 11 and I weigh almost more than Bryan

  • Nevaeh Harmon
    Nevaeh Harmon Month ago

    Im diabetic

  • Ben Snyder
    Ben Snyder Month ago +5

    Bobby: ladies and gentleman welcome
    Me: to tttttttt target

  • Jacob Krause
    Jacob Krause Month ago +3

    Legend has it that everyone is just Bobby with different glasses on