THE SLEEP EXPERIMENT Official Trailer (2018) Horror Movie

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
  • THE SLEEP EXPERIMENT Official Trailer Movie in theatre Soon.
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  • ACrystalMoon
    ACrystalMoon 13 days ago

    Wow...No one in the comments even mentions the very real MK-Ultra sleep experiments.

  • Doggie Vlogs
    Doggie Vlogs 14 days ago


  • Jake Stanley
    Jake Stanley 15 days ago +1

    *watches this before pulling an all nighter*

  • Alexiah Solorzano
    Alexiah Solorzano 15 days ago +3

    me coming here bc of tic tok.😔👊🏽

  • SonicPlayz_YT
    SonicPlayz_YT 15 days ago


  • Spicy Cat
    Spicy Cat 16 days ago

    Anyone else get stranger thing vibes😂

  • Huma Bace
    Huma Bace 16 days ago +8

    Who else also watches everything in full screen?

    EUPHORIA 19 days ago

    I think this is fake

  • Tanner Williams
    Tanner Williams 20 days ago

    please someone link me a full version of this i randomly found it and i wanna watch it

  • Kitty of the Deep
    Kitty of the Deep 29 days ago

    Why that font?

  • ian camintan
    ian camintan Month ago

    Is it about the Russian Sleep Experiment????

  • Knee Ger
    Knee Ger Month ago +1

    Is this legit?

  • Sierra64 Playz
    Sierra64 Playz Month ago

    "Chill the fuck out,it was just a prank"
    -The Scientists

  • Mae McCardle
    Mae McCardle Month ago

    Wait...this doesn’t look like the Russian sleep expirement???
    I mean it was 15 days with no sleep and nothing else in the beginning

  • RainDrops -san
    RainDrops -san Month ago

    Has this movie come out yet? If so where can I watch it?

  • DRK_V1RO
    DRK_V1RO Month ago +3

    me: sees prison


    also me :me sees the the sleep experiment

    journal yesterday a person shot himself in the head because he heard about the sleep experiment

  • jdub. spice
    jdub. spice 2 months ago

    So what is the expirement about?

  • KiddoFN
    KiddoFN 2 months ago

    Was this bass boosted omg

  • Ashley Breezy
    Ashley Breezy 2 months ago +1

    Here after watching Patrick Cloud and Tahir Moore’s “damn internet u scary” podcast

  • NintendoKid 94
    NintendoKid 94 2 months ago

    Dude, i think it will be a great idea to make a movie about this Creepypasta!!!! They've made Slenderman!!! Make The Russian Sleeping Experiment!!!!!!!

  • OTFpapas
    OTFpapas 2 months ago

    After he said the experiment will begin now I could here my clock ticking in silence

  • Homie Dodo bird
    Homie Dodo bird 2 months ago

    It sure is different...

    *On the other side with the gas...*

  • Sean Cabanayan
    Sean Cabanayan 2 months ago +1

    Wow.. that bang at 0:04 came at the right time when my phone just went to 15% lolol

  • sO gUyS wE dId It
    sO gUyS wE dId It 2 months ago

    No way did they make the Russian sleep experiment. That’s awesome!

  • Gacha drama lama
    Gacha drama lama 2 months ago

    I peed myself whaching this movie but also the trailer

  • Fresh Mesh
    Fresh Mesh 2 months ago

    Did it come out

  • Am Duck
    Am Duck 2 months ago

    Lol pussies I can stay awake for a month

  • Deanna Norris
    Deanna Norris 3 months ago

    Is this gonna be a real movie

  • S l o w L o f i
    S l o w L o f i 3 months ago

    Im waiting for this

  • Why the heck not
    Why the heck not 3 months ago +1

    From what I saw in the trailer, it seemed to be missing the fact that the prisoners were silent during a long duration of the experiment which I found was the creepy part.

  • Danique Games
    Danique Games 3 months ago

    Well I int trying to stay up all night anymore 😂😂

  • SlushPlush
    SlushPlush 3 months ago +18

    *I'm going in full screen wish me luck y'all*

  • Rick J-420
    Rick J-420 3 months ago

    Hope this turns out well. Looks like it might touch upon decent territory but this premise could be a great movie. I feel like we're not going to get a great movie, though.

  • The_Unkown643
    The_Unkown643 3 months ago +3

    People with insomnia: It’s a real estate.

  • Auroni Bhattacharya
    Auroni Bhattacharya 3 months ago +1

    So this is just a sleep experiment? Not Russian?

  • im nothing ok
    im nothing ok 3 months ago

    This is now scp

  • 123 456
    123 456 3 months ago

    I just whatched the short movie XD

  • noah
    noah 3 months ago +2

    comes out 2020

  • Jim ??????????
    Jim ?????????? 3 months ago

    Wait is this real

  • Meat Beater
    Meat Beater 3 months ago

    y'all dumb as fuck you know mostly all trailer channels make fake as trailers to get views

  • Carson Burleson
    Carson Burleson 3 months ago +2

    Well if this is based off the Russian sleep experiment well it’ll have one heck of an ending

  • Cl1che2
    Cl1che2 3 months ago

    This should be a real movie

  • Youtube hours
    Youtube hours 3 months ago +728

    The scariest part was when the screen turned black and i could see my own face..

  • Nelcy Cultivo
    Nelcy Cultivo 3 months ago

    Hello person who is reading the comment hiw are you?

  • Hayden
    Hayden 3 months ago +1

    Actually they only stayed awake for 15 days not 30

  • Icecreemi creamy_
    Icecreemi creamy_ 3 months ago +3

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Im hiding in the comments section
    So are you

    • Soup Boy
      Soup Boy 3 months ago

      No, I'm not. Watched full screen pussy

  • Onan - Son of Judah Brother of Er

    The concept of staying awake for 30 days makes me tired and sleepy just thinking about it

  • DENNED Vlogs
    DENNED Vlogs 3 months ago

    Nice to see that Americans decided to change Russia sleep experiment to “Sleep experiment”. Dicks...

  • Mega UwU
    Mega UwU 3 months ago

    i want to do this but im scared

  • ShaBon
    ShaBon 3 months ago +3

    There's gonna be a real movie about this?

  • Aisha Hashmi
    Aisha Hashmi 4 months ago +84

    When is this movie releasing? Its ummm 2019 already

  • KingKraken
    KingKraken 4 months ago


  • Duong Sahra
    Duong Sahra 4 months ago +621

    90% people reading comments
    9% watching
    1% watching with full screen

  • AKaCracked
    AKaCracked 4 months ago

    I’m in2019

  • Sawtooth Dragoon
    Sawtooth Dragoon 4 months ago

    Hurry up

  • Deku Baku
    Deku Baku 4 months ago

    There's just one problem with this trailer, in the story of the Soviet sleep experiment, the people that they experimented on will prisoners and in the trailer they told the people they were about to experiment on if they wanted to leave or not which is not what happened in the actual story

  • Sneaky Symbro
    Sneaky Symbro 4 months ago +2

    when is it coming out?

    • Rommelthegamer
      Rommelthegamer 4 months ago +1

      @Luke Purcell nah maybe they cancelled it not fake
      there some on imdb site

    • Luke Purcell
      Luke Purcell 4 months ago

      IDK- Ombre think it’s fake

  • NappyHeaded Thief
    NappyHeaded Thief 4 months ago

    When i heard of this i thought this was like spy thing like they say a word then it activates your spy persona and shit

  • Olivia Blackmon
    Olivia Blackmon 4 months ago

    It's fake dumbasses

  • JiminMochi
    JiminMochi 4 months ago

    Is this real?