• Published on Jul 14, 2019
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Comments • 20 461

  • Football LIFE
    Football LIFE Hour ago

    First girl 👅👅

  • Elizabeth Thompson

    Don’t they all have girlfriends? But are constantly in dating series

  • 258mrmac
    258mrmac 5 hours ago

    Part 2 is a must LMAO
    and girl 3 is attractive asf

  • Its REDD
    Its REDD 7 hours ago +1

    This needs a part 2

  • AbdulUk1
    AbdulUk1 15 hours ago

    2nd girl is bare anorexic fam

  • Highly_strange s
    Highly_strange s 18 hours ago

    Girl #3😍😍😍😍

  • Leo H
    Leo H 22 hours ago +1

    When is the second part coming?

  • lethalsniper188
    lethalsniper188 23 hours ago

    gotta do a second version of this 😭🤣🤣

  • Sam Shanto
    Sam Shanto Day ago

    Can I get instagram of the first girl

  • Dylan Farinha
    Dylan Farinha Day ago


  • Sasountsi Ball
    Sasountsi Ball Day ago

    Can we all acknowledge the fact that Vik was picked twice

  • Likeranimal
    Likeranimal 2 days ago

    This is how many people want a part two

  • Big Teddy Reddy
    Big Teddy Reddy 2 days ago

    Vik is Cringe ...

  • Yeti
    Yeti 2 days ago

    whats the song at the end?

  • iTRY_ Mash
    iTRY_ Mash 2 days ago

    Tobys mom sounds like she whips the sidemen😂🤣

  • iTRY_ Mash
    iTRY_ Mash 2 days ago

    wtf Harry know Robert Mogabe?🤣🤣🤣 i live in Botswana right next to Zimbabwe

  • Stuart Hart
    Stuart Hart 2 days ago

    1:01 little does harry know that Robert Mugabe would be dead within a month

  • Regan Simmins
    Regan Simmins 2 days ago

    Girl #1 looks like Jenny from Gossip Girl

  • Christian Morgan
    Christian Morgan 2 days ago

    29:11 😂😂

  • ツYonimon
    ツYonimon 2 days ago

    - Ethan 2019

  • Hadie Ayache
    Hadie Ayache 3 days ago

    Lol Harry

  • RaulVivas11
    RaulVivas11 3 days ago

    3:30 ethan is the guy that tells the joke and laughs about himself AHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

  • Slippery Paperclip
    Slippery Paperclip 3 days ago

    they’re virgins?

  • Hej Hej
    Hej Hej 3 days ago +1

    This is absolutely one of my favourite sidemen vids

  • BlackJesusTheBest
    BlackJesusTheBest 3 days ago +1

    I like how Vik made a joke and no one laughed but once Harry says one word “Dead” everyone laughs 😂🤣😂

  • cookies
    cookies 3 days ago

    14:46 why isn't the mic/audio syncing with your mouths??

  • MystiC_ Turkz
    MystiC_ Turkz 3 days ago +1

    RIP Robert Mugabe ~1924-2019

  • Kevin Handal
    Kevin Handal 3 days ago

    Whats this song at the end of the video

  • 입니다니콜
    입니다니콜 3 days ago

    I've been dying from laughter :D

  • Bamham
    Bamham 3 days ago

    “Syria” “why?” “Because Its the bomb”

  • Eisa Salman
    Eisa Salman 4 days ago

    This is sooo under rated

  • YouTube Fan
    YouTube Fan 4 days ago +1

    The lion king part cracked me up

  • Dawud
    Dawud 4 days ago

    Robert Mugabe died harry predicted the future

  • Angelo
    Angelo 4 days ago

    KSI definitely smashed the blonde chick in the beginning

  • Emma ca
    Emma ca 4 days ago

    Harry is so funny god damn

  • Qwerty
    Qwerty 4 days ago +1

    11:12 tobi just looks like a little animation😍

  • ZMann
    ZMann 4 days ago

    Phil shouldve been one of the dates and he should have used a voice chnger thing. The look on their faces would have been priceless.

  • L1 - 76
    L1 - 76 4 days ago

    Rip Robert Mugabe

  • Finn Walser
    Finn Walser 4 days ago

    More of this plz

    Jack PACYBITS 4 days ago

    Who is here when Robert mcarby is dead

  • Box Of Bacons
    Box Of Bacons 4 days ago

    when harry said "probably dead" that had me dead

  • josh hodgson
    josh hodgson 4 days ago

    30:03 that women when Simon got out said it was classic and then said it wasn’t original

  • rtyrty12
    rtyrty12 4 days ago

    The first one is the most obvious gold digger I've ever seen

  • HonkyTonkyZoma Amr
    HonkyTonkyZoma Amr 4 days ago

    Why i feel ela is talia's sister?
    Ela is the 3rd girl

  • zzz
    zzz 5 days ago

    the first girl is mad cute gd

  • Emily
    Emily 5 days ago

    The third girl was probably my favorite she was nice and she was pretty so

  • Tanna A
    Tanna A 5 days ago

    i love harryyy

  • Emily
    Emily 5 days ago

    2:20 Harry is honestly the funniest tho

  • DanforthSalunek
    DanforthSalunek 5 days ago

    "nice guy finish last" tell that to vik

  • Cavin
    Cavin 5 days ago +1

    Please make a part 2 of this I beg

  • 96EckeBryan19
    96EckeBryan19 5 days ago +1

    What is that song I cannot find it.
    He says V Chief - Fades Away right?

  • Lasseboss
    Lasseboss 5 days ago +2

    16:24 rip vik, look how sad he got..

  • example 2844
    example 2844 5 days ago

    19:40 harry was great in this video, but Ethan had the funniest response in the video here

  • Aniq Anuar
    Aniq Anuar 5 days ago

    the third girl is absolutely gorgeous

  • Girl with flaws
    Girl with flaws 6 days ago

    3rd girl was lovely.

  • James Fishing NQ
    James Fishing NQ 6 days ago

    Outro song?

  • magzz
    magzz 6 days ago


  • 8hdz ⚜️
    8hdz ⚜️ 6 days ago +1

    22:47 - 22:49 If Randolph ever busted a fart 💨🤢!

  • Billy Foley
    Billy Foley 6 days ago +2

    Tobi and girl 3 are gonna get married

  • Snak Pak
    Snak Pak 7 days ago

    Vik makes me cringe so hard it’s not even funny. I love the sidemen but Vik can u stop trying to be smart and actually be funny. Same with Tobi, he cringeworthy.