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Автор nowledge kills ( назад)
dat bich stupind

Автор CountyKittyGirl ( назад)
BRO! There is scientific proof that the earth is not flat! She said that it was, "Easy to fake a satellite image" Let's see her do it then! c;

Автор MultiKookiemonstaz ( назад)
F- for her

Автор Aramis Richards ( назад)
I think she should get a F------

Автор Charmander lvl4 ( назад)
Oh man thank you for telling me this information. I always thought that the earth was a triangle!

Автор CheyTheComicCAT Cerney ( назад)
No, ROUND EARTH BELIEVES WILL LIVE!!! Because we know that if all the flat earth believers or feb will fall off to prove it and we the Round earth believers will live because we are reb FOR THE REBELLION!!! OOOOOH

Автор Danielle Skylar ( назад)
She is a disgrace to Australia 🇦🇺

Автор Link Tidal ( назад)
if there was no gravity, you could not breathe. gravity keeps in air.

Автор The Twins And family ( назад)

Автор I am Stupid ( назад)
She's just trying to get attention she actually doesn't think that

Автор Jon Budzienski ( назад)
I will travel out to space, take a picture of the ROUND earth when i am old enough, and send it to her..

Автор Robby Kabobby ( назад)
I quit the same time you did

Автор Cooper Benoit ( назад)
Bro if the is flat then yeah we would fall off but sense the earth is round we won't

Автор Lion Lover ( назад)
I nominate her for her falling off the edge

Автор Lion Lover ( назад)
she is stupid

Автор Bob Jones ( назад)
The Earth isn't flat. If it was, I agree with Christy G

Автор Dawn AKA spongebob fan club leader ( назад)
Also the Illuminati is actually a secret bank society

Автор jaasmine webster ( назад)
It is Tal not sal

Автор Dawn AKA spongebob fan club leader ( назад)
If the earth was flat than please this emoji🌎🌏🌍 do u see any ice dummy?!

Автор Lilyahna Hopkins ( назад)
some people

Автор AzkaYTChannel /Games ( назад)
How can we travel if the earth is flat the people on the under side on the world can't and also wouldn't gravity easily squeeze earth if it's flat so it's hard to walk I bet your a Kepler Hater and also don't use Freakin Illuminati so let get this straight The Earth is 🌎🌍🌏

Автор muhammad Saddal ( назад)

Автор jackelhigh ( назад)
the fuck did we just see lol gods be dam this wanch has lost her EVER lasting monedd

Автор muhammad Saddal ( назад)
I nomanate this girl to jump off the edge

Автор Kawaii FoxAJ ( назад)
this girl is such an idiot

Автор MOBILE GAMINGZ ( назад)
Tal she made another video about u go check it out like so tal sees this

Автор Sarah Baldridge ( назад)
And I'm going too Hawaii

Автор GamingKid22 ( назад)
i would push her off

Автор The War Pig ( назад)
No, they get an F-

Автор gamergirl4ever ( назад)
this girl is a idiot.I think I'm 10% dummer by watching this.

Автор Brody Grman ( назад)
that girl is 100% STUPID!!!!!!

Автор Brooke Martinez ( назад)
She needs some COMMON SENCE!!

Автор An Est ( назад)
i but trump is proud of her for the wall of ice

Автор Swag Master ( назад)

Автор Chocolatecat AD ( назад)
How can someone be so stupid to think that the earth is flat? 😂😂 like she think that you would fall off the edge if you were in an airplane. There's a thing called gravity, and also the ozone layer too LIKE WTF

Автор Sharkalakin Awesome ( назад)
How do satellites stay around orbit of the earth"huh!"

Автор Rose 2848 ( назад)
I'm sorry the earth is round they take pictures from space and if the world was flat where is the end of the world

Автор Map Creator ( назад)
is there a hammer nearby? I need to knock myself out xD

Автор Leonel Vila ( назад)
first of all the earth is round and GRAVITY does exists because anything that falls is possible if not everything would float so if anyone still thinks that the earth is round talk to a scientist like if you agree😉😀😙

Автор DOGEMASTER96 ( назад)
I want someone to take the "Flat World Society" to space.

Автор Jackson0405 ( назад)

Автор Cookie Monsters ( назад)
She has very tiny fingers?

Автор Arcader Games ( назад)
If the Earth wasn't round, then the further you get from the core, the less gravity we'll have.

Автор Najwa Iannuzzi ( назад)
If there's no gravity how in the actual fuck are u supposed to throw it out a door

Автор Erik Moore ( назад)
She needs an F

Автор Zigmaster4 ( назад)
Words can not explain how dumb she is.

Автор Big E Dog ( назад)
someone please give me a bottle of bleach i need it so badly

Автор BJ Brown ( назад)
since when in history has there been an incident that an airplane has fell of the earth ?????

Автор Meow Meow ( назад)
"Gravity is not a thing"

Then how are you on the ground for that video?


Автор Ondřej Kasicka ( назад)
That girl is stupid

Автор Henni CC ( назад)
I nominate her to go off the edge

Автор Wwe Fan1209 ( назад)
to be honest this video got a lot of hate before he made this vid

Автор modernbadog ( назад)
if the earth is flat? im pretty sure that we will all be dead

Автор TheCoalAdventures // GunnerTCA ( назад)
First Of All It Gravity Isn't Real How Is This Person On The Ground from :( to :| and then :)

Автор BluntNews Daily ( назад)
he didn't explain why earth is round oppose to flat...... NASA only has CGI( computer generated images) no official photos from space. All astronauts are freemasons, indoctrination from a small age in public schools automatically introduce us to a globe model. Lots of a major religions across the earth also refer to the flat earth theory. Check out Devin Magdy for a better explanation on these subjects

Автор Ratimir Karlović ( назад)
ok people it isn't ok to hate that girl...if she thinks earth is flat let her think earth is flat...btw there isn't clear prove that earth is round or flat...even if I belive earth is flat i gotta agree that this girl is very stupid and she doesnt know the flat earth society properly(sorry for my bad english)

Автор Veda Salerno ( назад)
so we live in a Minecraft world 😂

Автор Gerald Palachi ( назад)
I wonder what she would do if they took her to space

Автор ManyyReds ( назад)
How do we have seasons if the Earth is flat, we would be dead by now
And ice around us that will just melt
"There is no gravity" quoted by ignorant young foolish child who should be floating during the vid BOOM!

Автор magic messi ( назад)
is she a trump fan because trump built that wall M8 lol

Автор micky,mines The games ( назад)
earth isnt flat my father travled NASA

Автор Animator Rainbow drops ( назад)
Omg she's stupid

Автор Duke Darkpaw ( назад)
sorry about this but this lady is a stupid idiot

Автор Sparkly Rainbows111 ( назад)
The huge wall of ice got me laughing so hard 😂

Автор Skye Leenhouts ( назад)
what does she mean gravity does not exsist

Автор Jaysankar Menon ( назад)
If a person asked me "If you had just ONE pistol bullet and ONE Rifle bullet, who would you kill?"I would say "I would kill Donald Trump with the pistol bullet and I would kill that stupid girl who thinks the earth is flat by 360 MLG NOSCOPING HER with the rifle bullet."Like if you agree

Автор Seba Rivas ( назад)
shes fake

Автор JHONNY BOY ( назад)
Just skipped the intro...

Автор Samuil Nachev ( назад)
Stupid stupid stupid stupid girl

Автор Caitlin Fitzgerald ( назад)
Please can I be the one that pushes her off the edge of the flat earth. Maybe she would fall of the end and not come back😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

Автор Djlink01 minecraft ( назад)
Imagine if all of humanity was wiped out, and the aliens came and they found one surviving internet signal that is the only thing left of humanity, and it was that girl's video.

Автор Brysyn Powell ( назад)
tall look at her eyes on the edge it looks like Illuminati

Автор Djlink01 minecraft ( назад)
We should put her on an airplane so she falls off the edge of the world.

Автор Hopeful World ( назад)
She literally said that humans visiting space was fake....

Автор Robotcraft _Gr ( назад)
"Gravity is not a thing"
Oh yeah?! Let me get ma chair and throw it on your face. Oh! I forgot "it is going to fly straight because gravity is not a thing".

Автор Hopeful World ( назад)
soo I guess she proved how doomed humanity is..either that or she never went to school

Автор Nyah Clare ( назад)
The earth is flat. What???

Автор swetishcanoe 42 ( назад)
That girl is HIGH! as an eagle

Автор swetishcanoe 42 ( назад)
if the earth was flat we would be dead because we would have no atmosphere or magnetic feild

Автор George Pearce ( назад)
I volunteer to push her off who's with me?

Автор nicole lukas ( назад)
i feel the super giant ice wall... and when it melts... we all gonna drown!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (sorry triggered :u)

Автор Denise flaherty ( назад)
if Gravette isn't real then how do people jump and come back down?
just curious. lol

Автор Chimp CoupleTV ( назад)
You talk to much but ur looking good m8

Автор russell rodriguez ( назад)
I wish I can push her off if it was flat

Автор Kaitlyn Jacobs ( назад)
did she go to school

Автор StarStruck Gamer ( назад)

Автор StarStruck Gamer ( назад)
Actually the earth's shape is an oblate shperoid

Автор DanFuzzys ( назад)
if earth is flat how the bottom part get light ???

Автор Jack Jazzdeathform ( назад)
"greviti is not a ting" *drops a ball* why does it fall then?

Автор Pixel Gamer ( назад)
this is why some girls are dumb😂(just kidding)😉

Автор King Tagao ( назад)
If the earth were flat what would be under the earth and SERIOUSLY!!!!! the sun moves around the earth doesn't, the earth revolve around the sun

Автор darklord_silver ( назад)
wait what spheres have no edge so how would plans fall off an edge its illogical

Автор Madison Nephew ( назад)
you have the best

Автор Zachary Ingham ( назад)

Автор Books are Friends ( назад)
Gravity is not a thing..😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

literally me dying..😂😂😂
don't hate me if you see this..I can't help it

Автор Royal Lapis lazuli ( назад)
Um idiot have you seen it from out of space jesh

Автор Priscilla Rayos ( назад)

Автор 9987MEGARALPH 117 ( назад)
The people that is the fan of matpat or gt or ft. We know that when the earth was flat the corners of the world has weaker gravity. And we know that the gravities on earth are the same

Автор awesomegal mel2017 ( назад)
your a dumb girl shmitty

Автор Glenn Prast ( назад)
If the earth was flat... what would the core look like? Or the magnetic field? And gravity is a thing because I live in a part of Asia and went to the US that was the like the opposite way of Asia and I was not upside down the days were just different.

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