Fishermen discover STRANGE Rare Fish

From the ancient painkillers of Neanderthals, to some bizarre looking critters from the deep sea; This is TRENDING TUESDAY !

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Stand Up Critters
Have you ever wondered why some dinosaurs evolved bipedalism? Researchers have found that the two-legged trait was actually inherited from their ancient ancestors -- known as ‘proto-dinosaurs’. These smaller ancestors likely walked on all fours, but ran on two legs. They evolved that ability to better evade predators. These critters had big, muscular tails that enabled them to run faster upright for longer distances. Smaller forelimbs improved their balance and reduced their body weight. Experts say some of these proto-dinosaurs gave up walking on all fours altogether. It had previously been argued that bipedalism allowed the creatures to use their forelimbs for hunting … but that wouldn’t explain why many ancient herbivorous dinosaurs -- like the plateosaurus (PLAY-tee-oh-sore-us) -- retained the ability. Did you know that some of the proto dinosaurs could be around the size of a squirrel?

Down the Rabbit Holes
You wouldn’t guess that something the size of a rabbit hole in the West Midlands of England would lead to a sanctuary for a persecuted order of knights. A series of caverns was discovered in Shropshire (shrop-SHUR) that were once used by the Knights Templar … more than 700 years ago! The subterranean caverns attracted so much vandalism that they were closed in 2012. They’ve since recently been reopened, and a photographer named Michael Scott came away with some amazing pictures of the eerie location. You can see the caves have remained in excellent condition over the centuries, and have subsequently been used by druids and pagans as a place of worship.The Knights are said to have once used the underground network as a ceremonial spot … and as a refuge, after efforts were initiated to dismantle the group in the 14th century. It’s still not known exactly when the Caynton Caves were carved out and first inhabited … and some even argue that the ancient order may have never used them at all … what do you think?

Ancient Antibiotics
There’s more evidence that Neanderthals weren’t as slow as is sometimes though … Researchers have found they may have been using antibiotics and painkilling drugs as long as nearly 50,000 years ago! While examining the fossilized teeth of a Neanderthal man that once lived in Spain’s El Sidron (see-DRone) cave, scientists detected the genetic material of a mould with antibiotic properties. Nicknamed ‘Sid’ scientists found that the caveman suffered from a dental abscess and bacteria that would have resulted in gastrointestinal problems. But DNA analysis of his dental plaque suggests that Sid ate poplar to treat himself … that bark contains salicylic (sal-ih-SIL-ik) acid, the primary ingredient of aspirin ... which wasn’t synthesized until 1890. There’s also evidence suggesting Sid used a prehistoric antibiotic … traces of the fungus used to create penicillin was also found in his teeth. Penicillin wasn’t discovered until 1928! Did the cavemen really know how to self-medicate?

Deep Sea Mystery
Was it some bizarre hybrid of a fish and a prawn? Fishermen in the waters of Australia’s Northern Territory found some creatures with a bizarre, prehistoric appearance. The critters were found at a depth of nearly 1,000 feet (300m) at a spot close to Darwin’s maritime boundary with Indonesia. The unusual specimens had bulging eyeballs, horned spikes, and was encased in heavy scales covered with slime. The weird marine life had the locals baffled … until experts identified it as an armored sea robin … They’re known to have thickened fin rays they use as feet to scuttle about the ocean floor, instead of swimming. They’re considered a rare species of fish that’s normally found in deep tropical waters. Unfortunately, these critters became scarcer still … coz it looks like the fishermen slung ‘em on the barbie.

Chill By Nature
And finally … Have you had a bear of a day? Well, we’ve found a way to help you instantly unwind. Actually, a study was recently conducted about the beneficial effects of watching nature documentaries … and it showed that watching even only a few minutes of such programs can relieve anxiety and stress … and boost your joy and happiness. The study used the BBC programme “Planet Earth II” as a model …the BBC’s research was a collaborative effort with the University of California Berkeley … and has resulted in The Real Happiness Project

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Автор blackflagqwerty ( назад)
I swear I've killed a number 2 in Zelda game once.

Автор Erik Iacopelli ( назад)
why dont they just go down there and see what it is?

Автор SamuraiCat ( назад)
I would like to believe that we aren't alone in the universe I mean if all life on Earth was gone there wouldn't be life in this universe in the case we are alone

Автор Jack o ( назад)
Title is at 5:06.

Автор Cobalt Falcon ( назад)
This is great and all, but can we get some links to your sources?

Автор Daniel Woods ( назад)
5:03 this is what everyone came for

Автор Hunk Golden ( назад)
Catch a prehistoric fish that looks like that and your first thought is to eat it? Got to be Chinese. Those ghouls eat anything

Автор Mabra Fule ( назад)
Zackey-Boy, you're so fucken stoopid, you're sure enough Trump supporter!!
Salicylic Acid isn't found in Poplar bark, it's found in Willow Tree bark. - It's Latin name is salix, hence Salicylic Acid; otherwise the drug would be called Populicyclic Acid, just to mention ...
The trick with the Willow Tree bark is even known to Grizzlies, so yes, we can assume that Homo neanderthalensis was a very clever human being.

Автор Tim Cross ( назад)
Seriously?  Why resort to CLICKBAIT?

Автор Ryun Repach ( назад)
that fish specie is also found there in phillippines

Автор Kent Don De La Cuadra ( назад)
that fish is common here in the philippines..

Автор cat nip ( назад)
fish extinct ..
BBQ fish ><

Автор Kristoffer Sana ( назад)
There's ONE damn fish in this video. The video description def needs to be changed.

Автор Kristen Taylor ( назад)
Actually the tails were used for balance just like a cheetah now a days. But I love the video.

Автор Mixey ( назад)
The Fish is called a Decepticon

Автор Mike Hamada ( назад)
Wrong title frogs aren't fish. I wanted to see fish. not some fûcking frog species I've already seen on natgeowild.

Автор William Taylor ( назад)
If you had infinite time you would see the imune system is your female self Bethany Swift, the male self, bumblebee is never a hindu god. So children, flys, never reach adulthood. So you explode into worms after 3 days at 800 farenheight by pure temporal duress.

Автор Neil Garcia ( назад)
That fish at 5:10 is what we call "tora-tora" in Negros Island in the philippines. I've eaten it and it doesn't have much taste. We grill it and the dipping sauce is the key ingredient to make a delicious lunch. 😊😊

Автор TheBlueCapitalist ( назад)
Looks like a silverswimmer from The Future is Wild

Автор TheEmperorFlygon 100 ( назад)
Was Euparkeria a Proto-Dinosaur?

Автор Brendan Anderson ( назад)
and now the fish is even more rare

Автор Adan Melendez ( назад)

Автор Fat Queer ( назад)
ofcource they used antibiotics! nature has everything we need. technology is devolving humanity!

Автор joshua geronimo ( назад)
wtf strange rare fish ??? frog and other damn are you sick dude

Автор Austin C ( назад)
2:43 Giant penis

Автор Robert Tito Dampor ( назад)
number two is not rare, i have seen many of that here in the philippines, its sold in the market @ 1.50 USD a kilo.. they usually grilled it. It taste like a regular fish but a bit fishy

Автор Tractoro ( назад)
WTF is that accent?

Автор Lithril Ashwalker ( назад)
looks liek a shovel fish

Автор BG Mike 1337 ( назад)
I've been clickbaited for fucks sake

Автор William Thomas ( назад)
This video was a poorly described waste of time

Автор X Thao ( назад)
I came for the fish and he started babbling about rabbit hole and colon acid

Автор zovla ( назад)
upsss,dislike ...

Автор Carcharodon Megalodon ( назад)
Please no. Not another million-sub clickbaiter.

Автор StarWars 2842 ( назад)
They should let the fish evolve into a freakin Dinosuare because have you seen that show where that CGI fish turned into a big newt and i think it was a new species of alligator... idk but you should see it.

Автор Doritos #69AdolfHitlerENDMYSUFFERINGishere ( назад)

Автор Tofer Naught ( назад)
#4 looks like dark souls 3

Автор Pahoua Lee ( назад)
Wrong title

Автор DARKDEF ( назад)
so sid is a genius?

Автор Nikolas Rodriguez ( назад)
you are asome

Автор Sesshomaru ( назад)
One thing that has always pissed me off, is that people assume that our ancestors were not smart. But here is another case that says otherwise. Just because we have more advanced technology than our ancestors did, doesn't mean we're any smarter.

Автор HyperMite94 ( назад)
Love the misleading title

Автор Mb M ( назад)
would anyone else here eat a unidentified fish that they found?

Автор Ian Macfarlane ( назад)
"What do you think this is that we've caught? Fish? Crustacean?"
"I dunno, but it's probably rare because we've never seen one, and we've fished these waters for years - in fact these might be the last of their kind. "
" Yes, you're right - we should photograph them - someone might know what they are"
"Good idea, and when you're finished photographing them, we should eat them"
"That's what I was thinking - if they are really rare we might not ever get another chance to taste them"
"True, and if it's the last of their species, who's going to miss them? "

Автор Alexander Antonin ( назад)
"Penicillin was discovered in 1928" WRONG! Ancient Egyptians were using it thousands of years ago.

Автор YU MMYGANJA ( назад)
this aussie fegget sounds like a retard where is the normal guy?

Автор Fox Mulder ( назад)
You seriously need to title your videos correctly. "7 Bizarre findings from around the World"

Автор Malaysian I. Rex ( назад)
The fish looks like an armored placoderm. A living fossil perhaps? If Coelacanth can do it, anyone can do it.

Автор Conor Schipul ( назад)
I love how educational this channel is. Keep it up guys.

Автор reesysleather ( назад)
knights templar are always shown to have been hiding. Why? Cuz they were fags and that was there closet.

Автор reesysleather ( назад)
your lack of showing things that are worthy of a video amazes me. Go masterbate your mom

Автор reesysleather ( назад)
plain stupid video

Автор Jonluke Favia-Hish ( назад)
It's not a chinchilla it's a viscacha

Автор Alvin Dionaldo ( назад)
wesawthat fish here in philippines.

Автор علاء المهندس ( назад)
I only came for the fish

Автор Roy R ( назад)
Cool looking Sea Robin, but is this another case of "endangered species made extinct"....

Автор Alexis Randall ( назад)
Look like giant versions of my little Triops

Автор Fred- AKA MY LEG GUY ( назад)
Click bait

Автор Mark Jayson Ocial ( назад)
no.2 I saw that kind of fish caught here in the philippines a year ago few days after a storm hit the island..

Автор Genevieve Boudreau ( назад)

Автор Genevieve Boudreau ( назад)
I love your videos! they make me want to explore the bizarre willderness!

Автор Ella Phant ( назад)
Could the Crawling Circles be something like the Moving Stones of Death Valley?

Автор Misting Wolf ( назад)
lol. I just saw an old The Isle austroraptor (the brown one). XD

Автор Sam Vue ( назад)
you are funny, about the rare fish on the barb. lol

Автор DreamTalker ( назад)
Ooooh space ship and base are fish......

Welcome to the world of imagination

Автор Yihua Pu ( назад)
Fishermen are stupid to kill that rare fish

Автор supersonic060 ( назад)
I love the end!
Stay asleep Sheeple. enjoy Tv.

Автор Rog5446 ( назад)
How could those caves have been used by druids after the Knights Templar, when the Romans killed off the druids over a thousand years before?

Автор Robin Conkel-hAnnan ( назад)
Primitive humans and other animals used/use a lot of things medicinally..

Автор Factasaurus Rex ( назад)
The object moving on the sea floor could be a new species of jelly fish

Автор Stabbing FX ( назад)
Can u pls do a video that you'll explore with Coyote Peterson ?

Автор Christopher Martinez ( назад)
admiral Akbar's homies

Автор Marianne Galang ( назад)

Автор Kevin BLADADA ( назад)
Lobster fish!

Автор Elizabeth Shaw ( назад)
I lived in Shropshire when they were open.

Автор heyitsmejason1 ( назад)
I like frogs and turtles too

Автор Dixie May ( назад)
Left at 2:13 no Fish in site!

Автор Cameron Graves ( назад)
the under water UFO could be magnetic disturbances to a highly magnetic substrate much like ferafluid or however you spell the name of that magnetic oil

Автор Cody OR420 ( назад)
Wtf, Go down there and fucking get that two-mile round spaceship at the bottom of the ocean! Are you kidding me?

Автор Captain Cat ( назад)
Early sauropods (sauropodomorphs) are carnivorous.

Автор latinmike7 ( назад)
all lies, f you

Автор Darth Cuddlelfuff ( назад)
Maybe that "Object" is no single object at all, but a living bacterial mat traveling across the Ocean as part of some ecology heretofor unknown to science.

Автор roldan abejero ( назад)
#2 is not strange at all,,we always grill that fish here in leyte,phillipines..and the the meat was sooooooooooo delicious

Автор Oz Dillon ( назад)
i love youuuu

Автор Xavier Prime ( назад)

Автор Chris Fielding ( назад)
thank gosh BBC's planet earth 2 has the bear necessities for us to chinchill out for a while. its unhealthy being stressed out for too long.

Автор Purple Ninja ( назад)
you need to change your video title man, i thought it was just the animal in the thumbnail you were gonna talk about. Cool video though.

Автор Bulging Underwear ( назад)
that is big shrimp!

Автор Sin Slayer ( назад)
Please don't advertise BBC. BBC is sick.

Автор XxDragonellaveexX ( назад)
ur my 2nd favorite youtuber

Автор rackinfrackin ( назад)
Why is this being narrated by the Geiko gecko?

Автор Dr. Terraminator ( назад)
the isle

Автор igor ganipolsky ( назад)
the fish do look like a throwback from prehistoric times made me think of a cross between prehistoric fish and prehistoric amphibians maybe tiktaalik always new discoveries in Indonesia I would love to go there perhaps discover new animals maybe even rediscover a few prehistoric ones believed to be extinct I wonder if there are any living tiktaalik out there or dinosaur sure would love to discover one

Автор Brian Kelly ( назад)
Epic Wildlife I love all of your videos you make me so smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Автор Eno Gica ( назад)
that fish is not rare when u live in leyte Philippines

Автор Evan Norman ( назад)
its not protodinosaurs its archasaur

Автор Ruben Contreras ( назад)
Did Michael quit his job of being the boss of a major paper company to start his hidden dream of being a photographer.

Автор KURSHY ( назад)

Автор Gabriel Cook ( назад)
I saw those things (#2) in Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock.

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