Designing The Fastest Wheels in History

  • Published on Nov 24, 2017
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    The equation is a=(w^2)*r where a is the acceleration, w is the angular velocity and r is the radius.
    First we must convert RPM to radians per second. There is 2(pi) radians per revolution and 60 seconds in a minute. So 10,000 RPM equals (10000*2(pi))/60, which rounds to 1047. We then simply enter these values into the equation. For our first calculation on space station v we get a=(1047)^2*0.455=498,775 m/s^2
    Acceleration due to gravity equals 9.8 m/s^2, so if we divide our answer by that we can see that it is 50,895 times the acceleration due to gravity.

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    • Mutt W
      Mutt W Month ago

      @David Kurtz both are correct, it just depends on whether you are using American English or just English. And it's unbearable, not unbareable.

    • Richard Joyce
      Richard Joyce 2 months ago

      Calling america the civilised world is an insult to civilisation, you are the single most violent country that has ever existed, you have the highest prisoner to population ratio on earth, the worst education of any developed country, and your presedents are a list of psychopath murdreres, morons and what ever the hell trump is meant to be other than the most embarrassing leader a country has had since george waved at stevie wonder bush, and your constant lies and bullshit about why you constantly need to bomb countries with cold war era technology, your not civilised, you are the biggest bunch of obese terrorist morons that ever existed and you will be remembered as an embarrassment and an example of how wrong a culture could get it, in short go fuck yourself and i will buy an american flag to piss on and think of your channle while im doing it, fuck you and fuck everyone that likes you.

    • online gamer
      online gamer 3 months ago

      Pompous git... You know why I said it

    • Ethan Pender
      Ethan Pender 3 months ago

      @Ernest Petros the Irish accent be that way

    • PyroRomancer
      PyroRomancer 3 months ago

      A civilized world would have invited the US to the first Metric Convention, but nope the US was below them.
      Present day the descendants of the invited countries are full of misguided salt.

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams 5 days ago

    That's one hell of a press working the aluminum blank. It would be cool to see a video on that.

  • oliver eggenberger
    oliver eggenberger 6 days ago +1

    Just this month, the chiron actually broke the magic barrier of 300 mph!

    THE GAMING PRO BRO 12 days ago

    There isn't a tyre which can withstand the pressure and would peel away from the hub ,then just go to the mech and later to the club.
    This is what happens when he posts all those crappy formulas when he doesn't need to use them at all🥴
    Hope you got my point

  • Jacob M.
    Jacob M. 13 days ago

    Trust SSC

  • Bram Moerman
    Bram Moerman 13 days ago

    Tiny wheels! Tiny wheels on aerodynamic pylons!

  • Aryan
    Aryan 14 days ago

    Here after the Chiron broke 300 mph barrier.

  • Bob Holmes
    Bob Holmes 14 days ago +2

    Update: The Chiron has since broken the 300mph barrier. It did this on 2nd August this year and reached 304.77mph (490.48kph).

  • Brian Soares
    Brian Soares 14 days ago

    fucking idiot 1997 already had rubber tires on an rx7 in utah that hit 322 mph without the tires falling apart.

  • Sebastian Stefan
    Sebastian Stefan 15 days ago

    Long live IS! :))))

  • jo hn
    jo hn 15 days ago

    Rip jessie combs

  • wunderhase
    wunderhase 16 days ago

    Why Aluminium and not a Titanaloy?

  • David
    David 16 days ago

    0:36 that middle finger

  • Veliladon
    Veliladon 19 days ago +3

    Bugatti just broke 300mph!

  • whitehall GAMING and VLOGGING

    I’m just watching this Cus I’m bored as fuck and I have no fucking clue what this guy is saying when it comes to the maths

  • Random Otter
    Random Otter 19 days ago

    I love it when you Americans get annoyed coz you have an old system

  • Crypt1cmyst1c
    Crypt1cmyst1c 21 day ago +2

    "for those of us living in the civilized world"
    Well we've sent someone to the moon (multiple times) and hold every land speed record since 1964 so....
    how's that for civilized?

    • whitehall GAMING and VLOGGING
      whitehall GAMING and VLOGGING 19 days ago

      Bro who gives a shit learn to not give a shit that’s what you should do and stop fucking whining about the km/h Honslty stop complaining

  • Da Book
    Da Book 23 days ago +1

    The new record they are going for is...
    1000 mph.
    Seems like a nice round even number.
    But the "civilized" world calls it 1609km/hour.
    I wonder why the bench is 1000 mph and not the more attainable 1500km.

  • Gerald Nordahl
    Gerald Nordahl 25 days ago

    Metric condoms are to small for me imperial penis.

  • Luke P
    Luke P 26 days ago +1

    Tree-D Printing xD

  • Aaron Seet
    Aaron Seet 28 days ago

    A world with jet engine cars. Ah, the world will surely be a much better place.

  • Leonid Denisenko
    Leonid Denisenko 28 days ago

    Where does “car” and “rocket with wheels” begin?

  • i. rob
    i. rob 29 days ago

    Rolls-Royce jet engine manufacturer produces compressor and turbine discs under similar demands and technics but also use exotic materials and design to withstand high temperatures and the " hoop" stresses trying to explode the discs and high rpm and temperatures. The Bloodhound wheels look like jet engine discs prior to machining for blades.

  • Tom Hedger
    Tom Hedger 29 days ago

    I reckon that was a very very expensive mistake friend. Good luck after that. Goodbye.

  • Talaat Abir
    Talaat Abir 29 days ago

    "Civilised world", shots fired.

  • Melodic Humming Bird

    Can you please use International Units so that all countries can comfortably understand your video? (km / h instead of mph). Thank you.

  • Neo
    Neo Month ago

    Surprising how people got pissed off by joke about imperial system in the beginning od the video

  • Isak Hammer
    Isak Hammer Month ago +1

    Why not making these vehicles autonomous to reduce risk of human lifes?

  • incognito 82
    incognito 82 Month ago


  • John Flemming
    John Flemming Month ago

    Good video, kind of anti-climactic though...

  • Firemoon Angel
    Firemoon Angel Month ago

    “1609 Kph for those of us that actually live in the civilised world” you earned my dislike

  • Dınø satay
    Dınø satay Month ago +4

    Me: *so what wheels do you...*
    Maglev train: *No*

  • T. V.
    T. V. Month ago

    0:37 *immediately clicks away*

  • Kerbodynamic X
    Kerbodynamic X Month ago

    To reach even higher speeds: add MOAR boosters

  • SeaSn
    SeaSn Month ago

    Roast the Imperial system yet uses our own platform

  • Cheap Is The New Smart

    Are you irish

  • Sofjan Mustopoh
    Sofjan Mustopoh Month ago

    There are civilized country that uses metric
    There IS a country that planted its flag on the moon more than 50 years ago


  • Batflapers
    Batflapers Month ago

    Treedee printing

  • Foxsloth
    Foxsloth Month ago

    Calls Americans uncivilized.. proceeds to speak in ‘first person’ on American engineering achievements. Typical euro trash.

  • Ourcarchase
    Ourcarchase Month ago

    0:35 so Americans are uncivilized now

  • Tanki The T-34-85
    Tanki The T-34-85 Month ago

    0:39 USA: because screw the metric system!

  • Ernest Canto
    Ernest Canto Month ago

    1:34 no need to roast united kingdom what are you ok

  • American Tea Drinker

    0:38 such a casual roast to America

  • Karthikeyan Jayachandran

    Yep admit it, americanos. You are too lazy to change your medieval era imperial system.

  • The Interesting Informer

    I agree the imperial system is dumb but don’t throw shade at the Uncle Tom

  • Hivolt Arc
    Hivolt Arc Month ago

    There are few things in life more rewarding than discovery. Loving this channel even though I reside in the uncivilized (but the food is outstanding!)

  • AliveButNotDead Mix

    Did anyone notice that lotus car was going in reverse

  • phil gibbs
    phil gibbs Month ago

    Quick replace these evil white men in STEM with victimised white women and POC.

  • Wow4ik4ik
    Wow4ik4ik Month ago

    presious time of real engineering wasted for shitty thematic

  • Jeff_ D
    Jeff_ D Month ago +2

    Bloodhound is out of funds lol

    • Logan Taylor
      Logan Taylor Month ago

      Jeff_ D rip, i didnt have that much faith from the begging anyway. Landspeed record attempts just arnt as interesting anymore

  • Mick Obrien
    Mick Obrien Month ago

    I can't believe so much thought goes into something I completely took for granted as being as easy as finding something circular, and the right size... and off to the races...
    I had no idea it's such a gigantic pain in the ass.

    • i. rob
      i. rob 29 days ago

      Try riding your bike or driving the car with metal rimmed wheels and no tyres. Tyre technology is over 100 years old.

  • Schniptzel 97
    Schniptzel 97 Month ago

    Are the wheels of the tesla roadstar with the falcon heavy faster?

  • Mozzarella Cheez
    Mozzarella Cheez Month ago

    Hahaha my friend is relly bad at lying, he said his grandfather drives this, he lives in indonesia

  • Scott Prendergast
    Scott Prendergast Month ago

    3:37 what a beauty that truck is- cant place the name

    DME EMD Month ago

    Don't forget drag racing tires! Specifically with Top Fuel dragsters & Top Fuel Funny Cars tires are rated for 350 miles an hour and actually have gone 339.87 mph (Robert Hight in Funny Car) 😊

  • Robert Zimmerman
    Robert Zimmerman Month ago +1

    I live in America but know 1 kilogram is 2.2 pounds and Celsius to Fahrenheit is -32 x1.8

    • Rubydragon 32147
      Rubydragon 32147 Month ago

      Robert Zimmerman do you know that we all have google and wth is wrong with your grammar

    • Robert Zimmerman
      Robert Zimmerman Month ago +1

      And school didn’t teach me this either lol, I also know nearly all my countries and more, school teaches nothing

  • Matt Cangie
    Matt Cangie 2 months ago

    I don't appreciate your distinction comment that the 'civilized world' uses kilometer for measurement. Kilo and miles are both scientifically based measurements of distance by humans in different locations on the same planet. Didn't Hitler use kilometers? What about Osama bin Ladin? Kim Jong-il? Saddam Hussein? Stalin?...all used the kilo. Please don't take something as pure as science or mathematics and compare human civility to its proper use or function. Thumbs down for this one.

  • danteelite
    danteelite 2 months ago +1

    Sometimes your ad transitions are so smooth I keep expecting more about the main topic before I realize... "oh, this is the ad segment lol okay cool." Haha

  • Mortimer Duke
    Mortimer Duke 2 months ago

    “Trust SSC”? Magically delicious. LMAO. Say “Koenigsegg” and “TreeDee Printing” again. Plz....

  • a meme duck
    a meme duck 2 months ago

    idk why but the wheels in the animation are making me really uncomfortable. why are they going backwards?