This Game Is EVERYTHING Clash of Clans is NOT! - Coming Soon!!

  • Published on Nov 30, 2018
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  • HaVoC Gaming
    HaVoC Gaming  Year ago +11

    This is not sponsored, I just found the game very interesting after flying to Cancun 😃
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    • Mateen Raoufi
      Mateen Raoufi 11 months ago

      It’s there a last date to pledge money? Since I want to but I don’t have a job anymore so I’m looking for one atm but I want to pledge some money

      CRY BABY HERO Year ago

      Lol pillows look good

    • Arthur Morgan
      Arthur Morgan Year ago

      HaVoC Gaming - Clash Royale & Brawl Stars hey havoc if you got another 25 things clash of clan players love and if you haven’t mentioned yet I got a picture of me unlocking a new legendary from a wooden chest

    • Alicia Fuentes
      Alicia Fuentes Year ago

      Are you considering doing another day in the life of Havoc?

    TREKS 11 months ago

    This game seems pretty good

  • Snitch_blaster04
    Snitch_blaster04 11 months ago


  • AmerK_YT
    AmerK_YT 11 months ago

    I liked and subbed and turned on notifications

  • Joseph/ vëgîtø_CR


  • Ramiro
    Ramiro Year ago

    Wow I’m letterly un subbing

  • BillChips
    BillChips Year ago

    Does somebody knows how the fuge can trops fit in tiny chest

  • Abdullah Javed
    Abdullah Javed Year ago

    Shut up

  • Dany B
    Dany B Year ago

    No one cares about a new game if it is not made by supercell and epic games

  • Waddles
    Waddles Year ago

    One video is way too much to do on that horrible game. You play what games the fans want and that is clash royale, brawl stars, or clash of clans. If we don’t ask for you to play a different game it probably means you shouldn’t try any other games. The game ain’t dank so no more of it after that video

  • Naythalater
    Naythalater Year ago

    I bet your ready for the new update

  • Carlo
    Carlo Year ago

    hey havoc did you see clash royale December update, its a fucking shhitt

  • Angel Lorenzo
    Angel Lorenzo Year ago +1

    Thanks for the likes ill add 😎for each like

  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar Year ago

    I’ll stick to Clash of Clans

    CUPHEAD ́ Year ago

    When is the next part of 25 things players hate in clash royal coming

  • King Guapo
    King Guapo Year ago

    Made You Look 😂

  • Danyay
    Danyay Year ago

    Hey havoc would u be able to make a vid together?

  • Personal Channel
    Personal Channel Year ago

    I'm sorry but that voice does not fit that body

  • flaming taco
    flaming taco Year ago

    Part 20!!!

  • Mr. Bullshit
    Mr. Bullshit Year ago

    1:23 lol what

  • Rakisuta V
    Rakisuta V Year ago

    Hey havoc can u do a video with your siblings

  • Shahrul Azwan
    Shahrul Azwan Year ago +1

    i can't believe you're 17

  • Sreehari Madhu
    Sreehari Madhu Year ago

    I just noticed that he finally changed his Channel name.

  • Muralidhar Naidu
    Muralidhar Naidu Year ago

    if its everything what clash is not then its nothing !

  • devil killer
    devil killer Year ago

    We want more vids with Apoc

  • Karjuu
    Karjuu Year ago +5

    Everything Clash of clans isn’t.


    • HaxxTheFox
      HaxxTheFox 11 months ago

      He basically said clash is good and that game is trash

    • Legendary LaundryViking
      Legendary LaundryViking Year ago

      if im wrong,its cuz ima dumbass and didnt understand o mighty shiba

    • Legendary LaundryViking
      Legendary LaundryViking Year ago

      are you saying that clash of clans is boring,shit,broken,etc?lmao joking

  • Ghilas Maouche
    Ghilas Maouche Year ago

    Dark conspiracy theories part 2

  • siddharth parthasarathy

    havoc how can you do this to me i am unsubbing imediatly traitor

  • Nerdetina
    Nerdetina Year ago

    Its a coc rip off and nobody will play it

  • Dean Goodwin
    Dean Goodwin Year ago

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz good on you for finally getting on board...#toolate

  • K. Bii
    K. Bii Year ago


  • Pranay Kant
    Pranay Kant Year ago

    Please like my latest video

  • Pranay Kant
    Pranay Kant Year ago

    Iam early

  • verr
    verr Year ago +1


  • verr
    verr Year ago +1


  • Ekiisde _
    Ekiisde _ Year ago

    am i still on time for the november giveaway? xdxdxd

  • Josue Montes
    Josue Montes Year ago

    Havoc u cool!!!!

  • Bushcamper The
    Bushcamper The Year ago

    I don’t get it

  • Donghoon 2
    Donghoon 2 Year ago +1


  • Donghoon 2
    Donghoon 2 Year ago

    HaVoC did u see the new brawl stars update?

  • Colin Diffenderfer

    lol u listened to me

  • jean-luc-gatoh
    jean-luc-gatoh Year ago +1

    Havoc branching out

  • Black Beyonder
    Black Beyonder Year ago +1

    the outro was DANK!

  • Angel Lorenzo
    Angel Lorenzo Year ago +32

    25 things people hate in clash of clans 5 please who agrees

  • Respect *
    Respect * Year ago +2

    Havoc how you been brother?

  • Sniper Joe
    Sniper Joe Year ago +20

    I click on the video and fell asleep and then he said BACK and I woke up

    • Morphz
      Morphz Year ago +2

      LameBoy how do you fall asleep 5 seconds in the video? You must’ve been really tired 😂😂😂

    • HaVoC Gaming
      HaVoC Gaming  Year ago +3


  • Apoc Brawl Stars
    Apoc Brawl Stars Year ago +2


  • Andrei 114
    Andrei 114 Year ago +1

    U know what..... u got me huked. I really want to play this game because I got tired of my th 8 and it sounds fun but we will see if what u are saying it true.

  • J•S•J
    J•S•J Year ago +2


  • SpacemanSpiff 4
    SpacemanSpiff 4 Year ago +8

    They did surgery on a saturated raisin

  • Nitro Night
    Nitro Night Year ago +1

    hello guy that you are not Havoc

  • Crystal nexo
    Crystal nexo Year ago

    By clash of clans unsubscribe

  • NubTime
    NubTime Year ago +1


  • Liam Crawley
    Liam Crawley Year ago +1


  • Lone_ly4life
    Lone_ly4life Year ago +1

    Hi guys

  • MountainDew
    MountainDew Year ago +30

    Dark Conspiracys Part 2 please 🙏

  • Ultra Playz
    Ultra Playz Year ago +10

    I love Coc more...

  • MLG
    MLG Year ago +1

    why u havae 2 cats

  • Yhung Dagger
    Yhung Dagger Year ago +1


  • some random guy
    some random guy Year ago +1