Spark The Conversation With Bianca Barnhill : B-Real, Snoop Dogg, Method Man and Redman

  • Published on Oct 4, 2014
  • "Spark the Conversation" Moderated by:Bianca Barnhill aka mizzbarnhill
    "Spark the Conversation" is a concept for a "grass" roots education and awareness campaign though social media, PSA's, celebrity ambassadors, cultural messaging, podcasts, and round table discussions. The focus will be on brining the truth to the forefront about the drug war in hopes to encourage people to take action and join the movement.
    Spark The Conversation Campaign & The Culture High (Movie Release Oct 17th)
    "The Culture High" is the riveting story that tears into the very fibre of modern day marijuana prohibition to reveal the truth behind the arguments and motives governing both those who support and those who oppose the existing pot laws.
    October 11th | Los Angeles
    The Culture High Event Hosted by B-REAL
    For Spark The Conversation Campaign
    IG: sparktheconversation
    TWITTER: theculturehigh
    FB: TheCultureHigh
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  • Sulejman Sulejmanovic

    Method was so baked af at this video 😂😂😂😂

  • Francisco Javier Padrón Esquivel

    Great gathering of great rap celebrities,authentic as there is a connection between both coasts of the US the East Coast and the West Coast, peace between both coasts and their rappers who are the announcers of the ghetto neighborhoods. Enough of wars between the two coasts of the United States of America. And that their bands Bloods, Creeps and many more that bury the ax of war and set an example to the neighbors of the neighborhood and help the neighbors of the neighborhood, with food, clothing, footwear, in which young people study and their schools have the necessary material for study, that young people do not get into gangs to commit crimes and kill in the territory,etc etc....

  • Joanna Sutphen
    Joanna Sutphen 8 days ago

    On the east coast it's hard to get that funk - hit me up I'm in Li , I got u Doc 🍀🌈🦄💀

  • Carlos Velazquez
    Carlos Velazquez 14 days ago

    Any one else wonder who does th cc for youtube these dudes need help

  • Carlos Vargas
    Carlos Vargas 14 days ago

    Would've been nice but the nice sucks and her questions are typical.

  • Saul Valles
    Saul Valles 15 days ago

    Lol snoop don't fuck with no oils yet... hell nahh, make that optional!! ^_^ snoop it's like weed on top of weed.. ahhhhhh he gonna love it when he gets over the lace skeptcism.. LIKE THE VERY 1ST TIME!!! SNOOP.. on me

  • Tony Crawford
    Tony Crawford 15 days ago

    Mount KushMore!

  • mOm GeT tHE CAmErA
    mOm GeT tHE CAmErA 16 days ago

    the music is so damn loud and they are so quiet

  • Bonita Gosha
    Bonita Gosha 18 days ago

    Remember that dumb ass movie the gov made about WEED🌲🚬in the 50"s about the effects of weed please remake the movie "REFER MADNESS"👏👏👏PLEASE🌲🚬🌲🚬🌲🚬🌲🚬🌲🚬😎

  • Michael pamei
    Michael pamei 22 days ago

    Here i am alone, leaving the fake world. Getting High and watching This shit. Better night than the party outside world. Cheers Happy New Year.

  • The Green Bastard
    The Green Bastard 25 days ago

    That fuckin' music???!!

  • Slide Ways
    Slide Ways 25 days ago

    Snoop. Say something intelligent.

  • Cannabis Moguls
    Cannabis Moguls 27 days ago

    The 4 Heads on Mt KUSHMORE smokin' Cavi Gold ... click here for more

  • Sichael Mcott
    Sichael Mcott 27 days ago

    Could you imagine hanging out with some real OGs

  • Shane Miller
    Shane Miller 29 days ago

    Fuck Obama

  • red eyed
    red eyed Month ago

    Madd respect

  • Mr. Bovine Joni
    Mr. Bovine Joni Month ago

    First off it doesn't cure cancer. Secondly a vast majority smoke to get high period. Yes a lot of people need it or use it for real medical reasons and it is so much safer but let's stop with the shit. As someone who has smoked for 12 years since I was 18 most smoke just to get high. I've had a shit load of injuries, and weed helps none of the pain it actually makes it fucking worse. I love weed but let's not jump on the train with everything else and start overblowing it and talking bullshit. Can't wait until January 1st baby, legal fucking weed here

  • Orien White
    Orien White Month ago


  • Los Goat
    Los Goat Month ago +1

    The next presidents after Obama is going to put us into a new hope oh wait...fuck

  • jordan lewis
    jordan lewis Month ago +1

    Fucking legends

  • Andre Sherron
    Andre Sherron Month ago

    Today is 12/6/19......this is epic....

  • Smoke talks
    Smoke talks Month ago

    Look like y’all bout to train this dumb bitch

  • 園田宏樹
    園田宏樹 Month ago

    naw slowly rap rizum how roket house house house cake creem den bad boys day? why haver maik no~ fuck rocky? den DAIHATU

  • Cannabis Moguls
    Cannabis Moguls Month ago

    Lovin' that herbal caviar, top flight dank .... click this to take it higher ...

  • Arya Chatterjee
    Arya Chatterjee Month ago

    The girl gets high by the air in this room🤣🤣🤣

  • Morries Wataluk
    Morries Wataluk 2 months ago

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  • Jimmy731b np
    Jimmy731b np 2 months ago

    Weird start to a porno

  • YoungLG2K
    YoungLG2K 2 months ago


  • Norin Radd
    Norin Radd 2 months ago

    The comment about east coast weed, hahah I was feelin that.

  • passion for cannabis
    passion for cannabis 2 months ago

    Cannabis is my culture

  • Noe Zavala
    Noe Zavala 2 months ago


  • NomadicEmcee
    NomadicEmcee 2 months ago

    This mufucka said "51 states" lol.

  • Julien Bedard
    Julien Bedard 2 months ago

    Snoop is weird and boring !

  • Cannabis Moguls
    Cannabis Moguls 2 months ago

    CAVIAR GOLD is highest grade cannabis covered in hash oil & keif, like Moonrocks! THE BEST! ..not 'injected' with anything!

  • Pre Voku
    Pre Voku 2 months ago

    Why she didn’t want snoop tapping her ?

  • Wise Man
    Wise Man 2 months ago

    I smoke like this rrrrrryDay 💯

  • Foodland Mackfa
    Foodland Mackfa 3 months ago

    Legendary 💯💯 salute

    C-BIDDY STYLE 3 months ago

    Well Snoop, Trump, the WHITE guy is in there, so what if he Federally legalized it...oh yeah, you already shitted on the dude, so why should he!? Maybe you should have given him a chance, but I think you thought Hillary would've done it...yeah right. Not very bright on that subject.

  • john carter
    john carter 3 months ago +1


  • FoRealz325
    FoRealz325 3 months ago


  • Kyle Barron
    Kyle Barron 3 months ago

    Hahaha the white face has to legalize weed? Hey Snoop sounds Trump's you man for that shit hahaha 2020 Trump

  • Jordan Reed
    Jordan Reed 3 months ago

    Method was killing them swathers.. what else was he on? lomao jkjk

    TUFF GONG GB 3 months ago


  • Mr.X
    Mr.X 3 months ago

    I can't hear them at all

  • ilovehouse888
    ilovehouse888 3 months ago

    Weed is getting way too strong these days. Didn’t know weed gives you hangovers. Crazy sheeeoot.

  • Negative Clout
    Negative Clout 3 months ago

    Ik snoop didn’t just say there was 51 states

  • jordan lewis
    jordan lewis 3 months ago +1

    Bring my g willy MF nelson

  • Andre Booker
    Andre Booker 3 months ago +1

    So I wonder if they ever smoked with Obama lol

  • R W
    R W 3 months ago

    BTW there's 338 haters as of 9/28/2019

  • R W
    R W 3 months ago

    Hip hop seams come true 4 of my favorite artists at one table oooooooh

  • jordan lewis
    jordan lewis 4 months ago +1


  • jhoops tv
    jhoops tv 4 months ago

    Legendary ass video 😂🔥

  • -Lil Sosa-
    -Lil Sosa- 4 months ago

    4 rbongs right in front of them and no one rips one🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Tom Tyler
    Tom Tyler 4 months ago

    I thought they knew about weed lol thc is medicinal too they talkin shit

  • 13th Exit
    13th Exit 4 months ago

    Did Obama end the War?

  • dj dope dope
    dj dope dope 4 months ago

    Legalization of all STATES in America

  • ॐSmá RaGdoSॐ
    ॐSmá RaGdoSॐ 4 months ago

    Mount Kushmore 💎🐲🐲🐲

  • Benito Juarez
    Benito Juarez 4 months ago

    ese verga de Snoop Dogg no deja hablar a los demás

  • FightWorldSlavery
    FightWorldSlavery 4 months ago

    get a real education guys. Trump has created an economy that has black unemployment and welfare at all time lows, black housing at the all time highest. highest employment numbers and GDP percentage ever in history, highest amount of minority women in the work place women are getting higher wages that ever before ALL Trump policies, you can go look it up.They want Trump out because they dont want minorities to do well in America, they want to just use us for our votes and keep us barely eeking by. . I got news for you Mexico and the Democrat party have been fucking the black communities for decades. KKK, JIm Crowe laws- anti 13 14 and 15 amendment, no father in the house hold removed DC student voucher program. The media is run by the liberals, you have been brainwashed, Vote Trump in 2020, he is a vote to keep helping minorities get more equity in our country, isnt there a chance the very evil that wants us minorities poor and desperate are controlling the media. Let it sink in

  • Martin Orea
    Martin Orea 5 months ago

    Yo all I know is did they all smoke that or who took the weed in the end if the day an or did the lady take it back