TSRTC Strike : RTC Women Employee Slams CM KCR | V6 Telugu News

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
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    Teenmaar News :
    డెడ్ లైన్లు నడ్వయంటున్న కార్మికులు, పవనన్న రెండు పడవల ప్రయాణం, రాజన్న హుండీ రద్దైన నోట్లు
    వార్తలకు పద్మ డెడ్ లైన్
    చంద్రవ్వ కొత్త దందా
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Comments • 183

  • santosh sanganoor
    santosh sanganoor 2 months ago

    Rtc is private

  • sree kumar
    sree kumar 2 months ago

    Ippudu eemi iyinthi

  • Mohan sai_ch
    Mohan sai_ch 2 months ago

    Coding nerchukondi software lo job vasthadi.anukuna danikantey salary pay scale ekuva vasthadi😡😡😡

  • Kaushik msi1222
    Kaushik msi1222 2 months ago +1

    Heard truth @2:00 mins
    Feeling happy , atleast now people are realising .

  • mohammad khan
    mohammad khan 2 months ago

    Please change to total RTC in to private sector

  • Mela Nagaraju
    Mela Nagaraju 2 months ago

    Memu aite govt ki support ga unnam.. Sammae antae shantiyuthanga cheyali ivala mahabubnahar Lo mee rtc sodarulani mee rtc vallae kottadam chaala baadhakaram..

    PRADEEP REDDY's 2 months ago

    join kacand... city lo edandi itondi

  • Hemanth Varshi
    Hemanth Varshi 2 months ago

    Well said sisters

  • thatikonda yadhavreddy
    thatikonda yadhavreddy 2 months ago +1

    ఇంట్లో కూర్చొని

  • Guda Karthik
    Guda Karthik 2 months ago +1

    RTC loss lo undi low prices valla ..price low unchi serve cheste profits ela vastayi aa matram alochinchava poni prices takkuva Kada ani govt diesel meeda tax taginchinda..kcr vachaaka Danni inka penchaadu.....ippudu losses workersni ela tidataru asal

  • Guda Karthik
    Guda Karthik 2 months ago

    Great..after losing 22 colleagues how anyone can join with blackmail..papam aa mental sale KCR gaadu em chestaado...telangana techukoni 79 years history unna RTC ni 5 years lo close chestundu

  • PrakashRaju
    PrakashRaju 2 months ago

    RTC JAC ,KCR KI match fixing iyendi......Employee balipasuvulu avutaru...Strike musugulo private ki permission echaru......
    Why apudu government sector strikes chestaya private sector strike nduku cheyavuuu

  • PrakashRaju
    PrakashRaju 2 months ago +2

    Thalii 5 ,10 thousands ki bayata kuralu enta mandi jobs chestunnaro telusaa......Join avandi extra lu enduku

    LAKSHMAN RAO 2 months ago

    prathi okka Department salary kosam samme chaysta dtate develop kadu plz respond kcr

  • Talluri s.prabhakar
    Talluri s.prabhakar 2 months ago +1

    KCR ,JAC RTC మధ్య match fixings
    ఏమైనా ఉన్నదా?

  • Shyam D
    Shyam D 2 months ago

    Atleast, discussions pettandi...chaala anyayam...

  • RAJ
    RAJ 2 months ago +1

    Rtc following vinasa kale vipareeta buddhi. Soon rtc will be like other states which doesn't have any presence of rtc

  • HussainPille Nallabothula
    HussainPille Nallabothula 2 months ago +7

    Meru eppudu cm mata venatledu government employees ayaka yala ventaru

  • Venkat Ramana
    Venkat Ramana 2 months ago

    జై హో మహిళా శక్తి 👍👍👍💪💪💪👆👆👆

  • DP DP
    DP DP 2 months ago +4

    Court lu emi cheyalevu...meeru join avvakapothe meeke nastam..already konni routes ki cabinet approve kooda chesindhi...

  • sreekanth bezzanki
    sreekanth bezzanki 2 months ago +3

    Loss lo unna jeetalu penchala government lo vileenam cheyyala...okka saari vileenam chesthe evariki vinaru...jobs leka chaala mandi tirugutunnaru...dismiss them and appoint unemployed youth

    • Arif Mohammad
      Arif Mohammad 2 months ago

      Ayya salary kosam kaadu konchm telsukomdi

  • Sikindar Goud
    Sikindar Goud 2 months ago


  • Naresh Thippani
    Naresh Thippani 2 months ago +10

    ఆఖరికి వస్తే అందరూ ఇంట్లోనే పడుకోవాల్సి వస్తది పోనీ

  • Vishnuvardhan Reddy
    Vishnuvardhan Reddy 2 months ago


  • bharath reddy manyam
    bharath reddy manyam 2 months ago

    Meeru union chusukoni samme cheyandi. Idhi praja ravana samastha prajalakulu hani chesey cherya mee rtc employees chesedhi. First common people ki service ivvandi. But strike cheyyandi it’s your right but you don’t Have right to cause harm to common people. Bloody rtc and govt wake up. You are loosing support.if you loose jobs what is alternatives??

    • hey elite
      hey elite 2 months ago

      Nobody will loose job, kcr is just barking.
      Because there is no law/power that can remove a government organisation.
      Kcr is the one who said that RTC will be merged in government in election campaign. Now changed his stand

  • Khaja Khaja
    Khaja Khaja 2 months ago +2

    Jai kcr

  • chilpuri reddyj
    chilpuri reddyj 2 months ago +3

    21 members chavadaniki karanam RTC unions and political parties response not government.

    • yanala bharath
      yanala bharath 2 months ago +2

      They died because of self dismissal and financial prblms because of no salaries in September

    • hey elite
      hey elite 2 months ago +3

      Government didn't even respond for their demands., Even if government don't what to give them anything, kcr should have meet them once to listen their pain. But monarch kcr didn't do that.

  • chilpuri reddyj
    chilpuri reddyj 2 months ago +5

    RTC ni suspend cheyali.

  • Sudhakar Goli
    Sudhakar Goli 2 months ago

    They can send their children to private schools and colleges but don’t want others to travel in a private bus.

    • Sudhakar Goli
      Sudhakar Goli 2 months ago

      @yanala bharath Lavada la korikalu untey Lavadala baasha ne vastundi Lavadala Moorkulaku.

    • yanala bharath
      yanala bharath 2 months ago

      There demands are valid demands

    • yanala bharath
      yanala bharath 2 months ago

      Lol. Vinay if union leaders reason aythe eppatiki chala mandi join aye valu this shows that's it's employees swachandanga vidulaku hazar kaledu

    • yanala bharath
      yanala bharath 2 months ago

      Lavada lo. Logic

      VINAY REDDY 2 months ago

      @hey elite
      Comon man!!! Act like a grown up!!!!
      There are around 2 lakh unemployed youth in telangana alone and they're struggling a lot for a clerk post. And these RTC people with 10th certificate asking for govt job!!!!! Moreover, what they're getting now is more than enough. And have you ever wondered about making farmers as govt employees because they're feeding you (sounds illogical right??)
      Same way, these people are blindly following union leaders and as far as I know ......none of the common people i know are supporting RTC in this regard.
      Recent election is the best example for that.....

  • Pavan English Academy
    Pavan English Academy 2 months ago +2

    I think these employees will be out of the job soon because kcr is monarch

    • Venkat Ramana
      Venkat Ramana 2 months ago +1

      తెలంగాణా ద్రోహి

  • yanala bharath
    yanala bharath 2 months ago +6

    Karmikula swachandanga vidulaku hazar kaledu so it's employees strike not unions strike

  • k3295in
    k3295in 2 months ago +14

    Meeru chocolate adigara...

  • k3295in
    k3295in 2 months ago

    Mari chinnappati nundi RTC loss lo ne undi evaridi badyata, as a worker what you did?

    • Guda Karthik
      Guda Karthik 2 months ago

      RTC loss lo undi low prices valla ..price low unchi serve cheste profits ela vastayi aa matram alochinchava poni prices takkuva Kada ani govt diesel meeda tax taginchinda..kcr vachaaka Danni inka penchaadu

  • Chinnu lucky
    Chinnu lucky 2 months ago +2

    elannti samellu inka 100 chesina inka 100 mandhi chachinaa rtc TS government lo ki kalapadam asadhyam ...... Road midha nirudhyoga yuvatha paristhithi anti Mari ...... Job s Una mire ela ante job lenni valammm ma paristhithi anti ......😭😭😭

  • Rajesh Ballikurava
    Rajesh Ballikurava 2 months ago +2

    Ladies ekkuvnaru, em badyatha lekunda pravarthisthunaru

  • shaik minnu
    shaik minnu 2 months ago

    Governer em chestundi trs bjp rendu tamasha chustunnai eppudu prabutva udyogalanna samstalanna padadu villaki jai congress evarunna congress ni gelipinchukovadam uttamam rajyanganiki prajala manobavalaki viluva iche party bjp trs kula mata rajakeeyalu kula gajji tappithe prajalu desham bavishyattu bagogulu emi pattav corporate agenda corporate parties Chi

  • shaik minnu
    shaik minnu 2 months ago +1

    3:25 super amma

  • shaik minnu
    shaik minnu 2 months ago

    3:25 super amma

  • Sudhakar Goli
    Sudhakar Goli 2 months ago +1

    Privatisation is the best solution for RTC. Otherwise the employees think they are the owners of the RTC and loot it’s resources.

  • M vinod kumar
    M vinod kumar 2 months ago +4

    Lady conductors Baga matladuthunnaru

  • kishore surabhi
    kishore surabhi 2 months ago +2

    Rtc వాళ్లకు ప్రజలమీడ కుడా డయలైడు వీల్లకు జీతాలు సరిపొక potha సామాన్య ప్రజల పరిస్తితి ఎట్ల 30000 lada 50000 అంట ఇంక panchitha సామాన్య ప్రజలకి భారం ఒక పుట తిని పస్టులుండెవారు యండరొ వున్నారు

    • Fareed Md
      Fareed Md 2 months ago

      50000 jeethalu uthi mata retirement dagairinollaki unayi kontgamandhiki Adey other departments lo ekkina 5years ke 50000vastayi ,RTC pi tappudu pracharam chestundhu

  • Ashok Rock Star
    Ashok Rock Star 2 months ago +1

    Common people look for bus facilities ...people's don't think private bus? Govt bus ?......
    People's are not supported rtc srike....

    • hey elite
      hey elite 2 months ago +1

      Maybe dumb shits like you don't support rtc and don't understand their problems.
      But many are supporting them, if government privatize rtc you will be first one to cry for increasing its prices, you cheap idiot.

  • Ravichander Thalla
    Ravichander Thalla 2 months ago

    Private chesthunnadanta etla mari govt time bagaledhu,me time baga ledu etukakunta irakatamla paduthannaru inkenni rojulu chala badaga undi

  • Sukanya.gunnala Reddy
    Sukanya.gunnala Reddy 2 months ago

    Ask them die
    No one spend money for the job done for no use...
    In spite of this you want more salary. ...
    All government employees are looters let them die....

  • Murali Vemula
    Murali Vemula 2 months ago +2

    Good bye
    Ika matalu levu
    Noukiri poinaka telustadi.
    Union leaders mastuga sampadinchi unnaru
    Mee noti kada mudda teeskokundri
    Velma dora mondodu
    Ainaa mettu digindu
    Meeroka mettu digundri
    Noukiri pothe WHAT NEXT?
    high court teeyamani cheppadu
    Teeskommani kuda cheppadu
    Congress, bjp mimmalni malla teeskovalante 5 years aagali.
    Valla maatalu nammoddu.

  • Samuel Kiran
    Samuel Kiran 2 months ago +2

    Mdm strong speech super

  • Gedam Pranay
    Gedam Pranay 2 months ago

    Meru kakunte me placo vere vallu join avutharu .avaro matalu Vine chesthe modapoyedhi mere

  • Gedam Pranay
    Gedam Pranay 2 months ago +5

    kanisam people's ki respect kuda sarigga ivvaru dusthulanu Patti matlade Miku andku support cheyali join kakunte savandi

  • royal king
    royal king 2 months ago +5

    Save rtc

  • Pathem Srinivas
    Pathem Srinivas 2 months ago +6

    Johar RTC employees sisters manodhairyaniki 🙏🙏🙏

  • mm d puri
    mm d puri 2 months ago +1

    Mee aham debba tinte nastam ledu Kani Mee Pai adhara padda Mee kutumbalu nashana mavthai. Meeku public support cheyaledu. Chesthe huzur nagar lo KCR ki 48000 mejority Ela vasthundi.

  • guru prasad
    guru prasad 2 months ago +1

    In a few hours the dead line is going to be over. The cabinet has already taken a firm decision in the matter. When your strike has been already declared by the Labour court as illegal what are you going to do without salaries? Who will give you money to support your families? Do you have answers with you? You are all employees governed by your management/ Government. You must be loyal to the Govt& the management. Why can't your leaders go to the Govt alone to discuss with the TSRTC/ Govt without leaving you on the roads in the name of strike. Most of the demands can be settled by your TSRTC itself, where financial implications are not involved. Do you think you are the only choice for the entire state of Telangana people? Have you got any concern towards your responsibilities towards your department or lakhs of people who are suffering due to your unlegitimate strike. Thousands of people in the mornings itself go to hospitals, schools, colleges,and offices. Many poor people like vegitable vendors go to the markets to sell their vegitables. Many daily labourers have to go to their work sites by 7.00 am itself everyday, otherwise they can't get their daily wage. What help could you do? by abstaining from your duties to the downtrodden masses who are living in miserable conditions with poverty. Before asking for your rights, you must be able to fulfill your responsibilities first. The Government has already has declared that your strike is illegal. Your M.D has also appealed you people to join duty. The Highcourt has already questioned you people why have you resorted to strike without taking people's troubles into consideration and suggested to drop the strike. Our CM also have made fervent appeal to you and gave elderly advice to join duties. Do you wish to give a deaf ear to all these instructions, orders and advices? Think pragmatically, what are you going to do? When Hon' ble courts also support Labour court decision and enforce ESMA? declaring your strike is illegal? What ever steps taken by your management are you really prepared for them? Finally, what is the answer you are going to give to your families without money to be feeded? Think twice, Look before you leap.

  • Narender Gade
    Narender Gade 2 months ago +7

    KCR bcam fool.

  • Anil edu
    Anil edu 2 months ago +7

    Mee dhaiyaniki naa joharlu akka. MAA generation Mee daggara nundi ilanti dhairyanga undadam nerchukovali.

  • Narender Gade
    Narender Gade 2 months ago +6


  • jaideep kumar Mudda
    jaideep kumar Mudda 2 months ago +11

    Kcr is wrong. Workers r right in their demands
    Gov rule should be imposed in telangana

  • Srikanth Vangari
    Srikanth Vangari 2 months ago +8

    Jai RTC Jai congess

  • Bandela Swamy
    Bandela Swamy 2 months ago +2

    Pakkaku jaragandi memu ready ga vunnamu

  • Ravi Devella
    Ravi Devella 2 months ago +1

    Government, release notification for RTC jobs.

  • Naveen Sandela
    Naveen Sandela 2 months ago

    RTC karmikulu andharu chavandi