Do Everlasting Gobstoppers Really Last Forever?

  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
  • In this video we're taking all kinds of different jawbreakers and putting them in different scenarios. What happens when you melt, smash, heat up, or split them?
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Comments • 5 114

  • baseballintheface
    baseballintheface 11 hours ago

    I guess you could say he broke “jaws” with a jawbreaker

  • Madi Spencer
    Madi Spencer Day ago

    Is weird that I will only watch the video if Cali is in it

  • Elizabeth Evans
    Elizabeth Evans Day ago

    The way that he says Roald Dahl 😂😂

  • Carrie Niello
    Carrie Niello Day ago

    Jawbreakers have layers

  • sammie Canana
    sammie Canana 2 days ago

    Next up, is "all you can eat" at a buffet a choice?

  • alan phipps
    alan phipps 2 days ago

    My nan had a giant jaw breaker it kept her quite for 2 weeks

  • Oludae Byrd
    Oludae Byrd 2 days ago

    2:26 *No. just... No.*

  • Carolina Soria
    Carolina Soria 3 days ago


  • Andrew Zhang
    Andrew Zhang 3 days ago

    In Canada, Smarties are Rockets for some reason.

  • Ben Michie
    Ben Michie 3 days ago


  • David Cirigliano
    David Cirigliano 4 days ago

    Try to make a really really big jobreaker

  • Macho Marcy
    Macho Marcy 4 days ago

    What happens if you fry gobstoppers?

  • Morgan VW
    Morgan VW 4 days ago

    Gobs topper lava

  • Techno Mutation
    Techno Mutation 5 days ago +1

    King of Random: We are gonna melt a jawbreaker by flowing water until it melts...
    Me: what on earth is he doing?! Poor water
    Water bill: that'll be $1000
    (Just kidding though)

  • lol lol
    lol lol 5 days ago

    2:48 if you could saw that fast but it slips on ur finger

  • the bob squad
    the bob squad 7 days ago

    Ah yes, I too have *fire breath.*

  • Marian Kopram
    Marian Kopram 8 days ago

    no one:
    canadians at 8:30:

  • TXF
    TXF 8 days ago

    >Shows pouring liquid gobstoppers in molds
    >Doesn't show the result

  • Lil Cube
    Lil Cube 8 days ago +1

    Mom: Where's the jawbreaker?
    Me: Gone, reduced to atoms

  • Bay-Lynne Miller
    Bay-Lynne Miller 8 days ago

    Cut it in half

  • XTerra KnightX
    XTerra KnightX 9 days ago +1

    Don’t know why you used a Saw, it’s could of been a real, Saw-Breaker...

    I’m Not Sorry.

  • Ryan Ma
    Ryan Ma 9 days ago

    They were also checking their water bill go up and up and up..

  • Chineack Wa
    Chineack Wa 9 days ago

    Well watching this I was eating gobstoppers idk if I have a strong jaw but i bite them
    Edit:how did I just now realize they change color

  • kryptic explosion
    kryptic explosion 9 days ago

    Where did he find the jaw breaker

    GOAT GOATERSON 9 days ago


  • Meteour Beam125
    Meteour Beam125 10 days ago

    Does a normal sized gobstopper fits into your mouth?

  • emily hamilton
    emily hamilton 10 days ago


  • evey gaming
    evey gaming 10 days ago

    The godstopers look like salsa

  • Naomi Cain
    Naomi Cain 10 days ago

    do yall ever get ants in your working area or WHAT??? yall work with so many candies, i wouldn't be surprised yall would have some bugs

  • Leeann Murphy
    Leeann Murphy 12 days ago

    It looks like Chile

  • Mayah Nnunu
    Mayah Nnunu 12 days ago

    When he said smarties my eyes wondered around the room but then he said the American kind we call them refreshers in Ireland

  • Mayah Nnunu
    Mayah Nnunu 12 days ago +1

    At a BBQ
    Some people like chicken 🍗
    Some people like Steak 🥩

    Some people like gobstoppers

  • Mayah Nnunu
    Mayah Nnunu 12 days ago +1

    Jawbreakers have gum as well.

    Edited Jawbreakers in Ireland have gum in the middle

  • Life In A Nutshell
    Life In A Nutshell 12 days ago +1

    7:59 looks like red velvet pancakes ready to be flipped

  • Life In A Nutshell
    Life In A Nutshell 12 days ago +2

    Shrek: Jawbrakers are like ogres.
    Donkey: No they're not! Jawbreakers are sweet and no matter how painful, the people love them.

  • heyitsbilal
    heyitsbilal 12 days ago

    Anyone saw how veiny his hands are when he was putting the jawbreaker in the belt-sander?

  • Mariuska Martinez
    Mariuska Martinez 12 days ago

    Ed Edd and eddy?

  • Bustio
    Bustio 13 days ago

    my tongue is bleeding just looking at this video

  • Lizard Brick
    Lizard Brick 13 days ago +1

    What’s with the numbers popping up on the screen?

  • Deadpool Empire
    Deadpool Empire 13 days ago

    Use the liquid from gobbstoppers for cotton candy

  • Darquesse 629787753
    Darquesse 629787753 14 days ago

    Wouldn’t mould start growing because of the saliva or something...?

  • Sigyn Laufeyson
    Sigyn Laufeyson 14 days ago

    Ed Edd and Eddy would be losing their minds at this, trying to get all this for a quarter

  • Lily Wahl
    Lily Wahl 17 days ago

    You should make it into barbeque sauce and put it on meat

  • Görgölyő official
    Görgölyő official 18 days ago

    6:43 The lunch is ready!

  • ꧁TrashWaffle Studios꧂

    Woah there friend you might need to slow down...

  • Jameson Hill
    Jameson Hill 20 days ago

    I ate and finished one in two days

  • Monica Cha
    Monica Cha 20 days ago

    You guys should try blending a jaw breaker

  • FuzzyCat Creations
    FuzzyCat Creations 20 days ago

    Gobstoppers are NOT jawbreakers

  • Jelaah Jackson
    Jelaah Jackson 21 day ago

    1:31 this is what your teeth will look like if you attempt to eat a huge jawbreaker

  • Manticspark9215
    Manticspark9215 21 day ago

    Why are there different letters popping up in random spots?

  • Lian Hong Cai
    Lian Hong Cai 22 days ago


  • Caitlyn Knights
    Caitlyn Knights 22 days ago

    American "smarties" r rockets for Canadians dont know if they are anywhere else

  • DarkSlidGamer
    DarkSlidGamer 24 days ago


  • Donut_YT102
    Donut_YT102 24 days ago

    I wonder what the water bill was after that month?

  • LuXZerYiX
    LuXZerYiX 24 days ago

    Never say that smarties are like m&ms because they both have a very different flavour

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson 24 days ago

    king of loop holes

  • Michael David Collins
    Michael David Collins 24 days ago

    where i live you dont get jawbreakers and i really want one of those big ones so anyone feel free to send me a jawbreaker!

  • AnimeNinjaSpirit
    AnimeNinjaSpirit 24 days ago +1

    they should make a giant everlasting gobstopper like REALLY big

  • ale_cruz 06
    ale_cruz 06 25 days ago +1

    Jaw breaker = ball of diabetes

  • lone walker
    lone walker 25 days ago

    Ed Edd and Eddy saw this and cringed so much