Using NOKIA Phones as BRAKE PADS

  • Published on Jul 18, 2018
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  • Life OD
    Life OD  Year ago +337

    Nokia for the win ! Comment what your first phone was ! Also don’t forget to click that subscribe button and enter for a chance to win the Rx7 FD !

    • Paul Ackhurst
      Paul Ackhurst 6 days ago

      What was the song on the end of the video

    • yeet man500
      yeet man500 7 days ago

      @Nurjanah Prihartono it was a lumia 530

    • yeet man500
      yeet man500 7 days ago +1

      give me the keys pal

    • h I
      h I 3 months ago

      But I also have a Nokia I like to play SNAKE.EXE

  • Morafski 0103
    Morafski 0103 6 days ago +1

    6:11 Guy on the passanger seat, where can I buy this t-shirt ?

  • Eoin Mccollum
    Eoin Mccollum 11 days ago

    Yous guys should get a shot car and hita speed bump at crazy speed

  • king slayer
    king slayer 20 days ago

    Or Engine oil

  • king slayer
    king slayer 20 days ago

    Use Mountain dew for engine oil

  • Daniel Meyer
    Daniel Meyer 23 days ago

    My first phone was a htc

  • global tips
    global tips 24 days ago

    Nokia that phone will never ben destroyed but if you put a mask on it its realy never gona breake

  • j Walster
    j Walster 26 days ago

    Nokia brakes. Or does it broke?
    Lets find out

  • Thomas Mueller
    Thomas Mueller 29 days ago

    Pump the breaks, really smash that phone.

  • Dylan Godfrey
    Dylan Godfrey Month ago

    The Nokia is in unbrakubul

  • Dylan Godfrey
    Dylan Godfrey Month ago

    Imagine the new kids batteries lasted as long is the Nokia did

  • Jay Monay
    Jay Monay Month ago +1


  • Bobby Coakachee
    Bobby Coakachee Month ago

    Yeah but it's official dumb as a box of rocks

  • kjsidbdhdsjsbsjsjkkj D

    You laugh like a lil bitch

  • Siraja Munira 03
    Siraja Munira 03 Month ago

    No no fake

  • Jamari Suazo-West
    Jamari Suazo-West Month ago

    @Life OD Where is that dirt road that looks fun as hell!

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester Month ago +1

    we united the junk cars are luxuries in Brazil !

  • flip ninja
    flip ninja Month ago

    This video is fake... McDonald's ice machine is always broke

    JORIK SULAJ Month ago

    toyota carina again 😂

  • Keith Ezell
    Keith Ezell Month ago +1

    How do I sign up for the giveaway

  • Keith Ezell
    Keith Ezell Month ago

    I didn't think the Nokia work but it worked

  • Computer Crap plus
    Computer Crap plus Month ago +2

    if it were a real one it would work

  • Shane Brown
    Shane Brown Month ago

    A iPhone would do you better

  • Krishna Singhal
    Krishna Singhal Month ago +1

    Use old nokia phone it has the maximum power

  • Luis Eduardo
    Luis Eduardo Month ago

    Ok, when your go to fix real car, one car, whit turbo, or any thing? or only your broken cars, if is only this, I out

  • Curt Roth
    Curt Roth Month ago

    use piss as engine oil

  • Curt Roth
    Curt Roth Month ago

    i am watching this video on my first phone ipod

  • John Aldrich
    John Aldrich Month ago

    Did anyone else notice the ratchet strap still connected to the bottom of the car at 4:18 ?

  • SATRIA Project
    SATRIA Project 2 months ago

    Anak nakal !!!

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic 2 months ago

    correct me if im wrong is that white dudes name Brandon Shmidt lmfao i got a homie looks just like him and has the same name 😂😂

  • Fernando Risky
    Fernando Risky 2 months ago

    Its nokia 3310 reborn

  • Ian Rachid Perez
    Ian Rachid Perez 2 months ago

    Weld the coils and see how’s the car drive (no suspension)

  • Wafi 31
    Wafi 31 2 months ago

    You will destroy your disk rotor.

  • TheDark
    TheDark 2 months ago

  • Devlin Wilhelm
    Devlin Wilhelm 2 months ago

    lithium batteries for break pads holy shit??!!

  • John Aldrich
    John Aldrich 2 months ago

    10:09 XD Don't break the light 3 seconds later breaks the light

  • White mage
    White mage 2 months ago

    10:32 oh god i remember almost breaking a leg for doing that. hes pretty good tho

  • Dave Minuet
    Dave Minuet 3 months ago

    Next time i see some dumb cunts trying something illegal and stupid ill smash them in your honour. Fukwits

  • Guy Garic
    Guy Garic 3 months ago

    wait a minute, a stickshift camry??

  • Guy Garic
    Guy Garic 3 months ago


  • John Aldrich
    John Aldrich 3 months ago

    I died laughing when the car got stuck and when Torin broke the taillight with the scooter.

  • John Aldrich
    John Aldrich 3 months ago

    At 0:25 and 3:02 it sounds like Patrick star.

  • Aaron Gilliam
    Aaron Gilliam 3 months ago

    Try wood lol

  • Baby Jason
    Baby Jason 3 months ago +1


  • Yolo X GT ツ
    Yolo X GT ツ 3 months ago

    What happened at 0:50?

  • dmart706
    dmart706 3 months ago +1

    You guys need a job and a life

  • 頭がマヨネーズ
    頭がマヨネーズ 3 months ago


  • swaygfx
    swaygfx 3 months ago +1

    The Nokia brick phones are like brembo brakes

  • fikluk
    fikluk 3 months ago

    4:27 techrax? is that you?

  • the Game, Review and Reallife Channel

    How dumb are you to think new "updated" things Last longer than good old quality ones ?!

  • TKR
    TKR 3 months ago

    One of the most stupid things I have ever seen somewhere

  • John Wick's left butt cheek

    I see but-ins

  • PS2 Drifter
    PS2 Drifter 3 months ago

    You guys act like me in 7th grade

  • GadDabu
    GadDabu 3 months ago

    Btw that orange celica is I think Connor nation

  • Fernando Deras
    Fernando Deras 3 months ago

    Y yo queriendo un auto

  • how to sing
    how to sing 3 months ago

    am I the only one that thinks his voice sounds very fake 5:40

  • Josue Castillo
    Josue Castillo 3 months ago

    El nokia ni se inmuta

  • fly one
    fly one 4 months ago

    Can you hear me now?, (cell phone advertisement) Young kids, before your time.

  • James Price
    James Price 4 months ago

    Poor camry is getting the piss beat out if it but its a toyota so it'll take it like a champ (posted before end of video)

  • Little Skittle
    Little Skittle 4 months ago

    Dude that kids laugh is so blasting squeaky

  • Бауыржан Жусупов

    Вы все ГОВНО!!!

  • AlexGamer XD
    AlexGamer XD 4 months ago +1


    NEO_AUT 4 months ago


  • bob thompson
    bob thompson 4 months ago

    Proff those are the toughest phones ever

  • the roblox andrew
    the roblox andrew 4 months ago

    My first phone was a apple 📱 4s 2g

  • damb fak
    damb fak 4 months ago +1

    Where is the original 3310?
    That new is bad.

  • raccoon _tube
    raccoon _tube 4 months ago

    I would like to be your friend😂😂

  • ApeChimp
    ApeChimp 4 months ago

    the new ones are garbage compared to the classic (durability wise)

  • K
    K 4 months ago

    I started laughing soon as i saw the name of the video 😂

  • M Ahsan
    M Ahsan 4 months ago

    Bule mh narekad.. Garelo hahaha