The 5 Stages of Coronavirus

  • As worldwide cancellations continue, Jimmy shares the 5 stages of Coronavirus, Donald Trump addresses the nation after weeks of spreading mixed messages, the #ELBUMP continues to gain steam, Marianne Williamson is doing her part to fight the disease, disgraced TV Televangelist Jim Bakker faces trouble after selling bogus remedies, and Joe Biden moves into the lead for the Democratic nomination.
    Trump Washes His Hands of the Coronavirus
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    The 5 Stages of Coronavirus

Comments • 80

  • Dan Bertucci
    Dan Bertucci 4 hours ago

    The last thing this country needs is advice from Hollyweird, the Cult of Pedophilia.

  • I got dropped 3 time by a featherweight

    Well...they are all laughing now, aren’t they?

  • App Host
    App Host 16 hours ago

    I like Williamson's solution frankly. Pass out joints, and then Goose Farbar while contemplating how to deal with coronavirus with the "sound of the universe"..."Ummmmmmm..........Ermmmmmmmmmmm...."

  • App Host
    App Host 17 hours ago

    I saw your title - The 5 Stages of Coronavirus, and I thought it interesting, as I had to highlight 5 symptoms for Australians, as it appears our symptoms are a little different to the rest of the world.
    As for the hoarding of toilet paper, the reason is that we need toilet paper when locked inside our house as we normally run out of less-important things like food. But we realised the effects this could have on our beloved paper companies, and didn't want them to lose profit.
    Another good rule-of-thumb for keeping people at a distance is to walk around with a fist out, like when in a martial arts lineup, and you need to stand at arm's length. Just an arm's length away.
    Thanks for the video Jimmy. I learned a lot.

  • Brandie Escarzàga Hernandez


  • Roddny Jones
    Roddny Jones 2 days ago

    God is playing Plague Inc.

  • md nahid khan
    md nahid khan 2 days ago

    Sir , I would love to work at your place..

  • Nikolay Shirokov
    Nikolay Shirokov 2 days ago +1

    20th century: they will be flying cars at the beginning of the next century
    2020: Wash your hands to prevent viruses

  • GotherL
    GotherL 4 days ago

    Americans still laughing when half the population becomes affected.

  • GotherL
    GotherL 4 days ago

    Americans still laughing when half the world is gonna die.

    • cool mint
      cool mint 2 days ago +1

      Americans are great 🇺🇸

  • Francis Devine
    Francis Devine 4 days ago

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that an average of up to
    500,000 people die annually across the globe due to the flu.

  • Joyce Mendez
    Joyce Mendez 5 days ago

    We were laughing then and not so funny anymore. I think we are now entering acceptance.

  • warntheidiotmasses
    warntheidiotmasses 5 days ago

    So the studio audience is immune?

  • Ron Easley
    Ron Easley 5 days ago +1

    Jimmy Kimmel... You're a Special kind of Piece of S#*t!

  • The32512
    The32512 6 days ago

    F this guy.....all i got to say is girls bouncing on trampolines

  • des a ray
    des a ray 6 days ago

    Boy the mood has changed now danny brown said...Ain't it funny?

  • October Libra
    October Libra 6 days ago


    JAMES C 6 days ago

    No more cnn for my kids

    BIG BOSS 6 days ago

    The only thing worse then Corona.....This show

    AMANDA BAER 6 days ago

    Im starting to think Trump's orange color is immune to Coronavirus

  • marcum exe
    marcum exe 7 days ago

    No no no there is only one stage BULLSHIT that is what the bug targets first that is why Hollywood is so worried because that is where all the bullshit is stored it's been nice knowing you..

  • I don’t fuck with Yooouuu!! Little stupid a**

    Replying one week after this was posted and I have to say I understand why this commentary was funny a week ago,things are looking more and more bleak everyday though, no one in America has lived through a pandemic like this, the last pandemic was in 1912, this is all new territory for all of us And our president( as much as I hated him for his entire term, he’s doing a good job with America’s response, whether it’s him or his employees that are really makeing these decisions idk but it’s working) is seeing a new world and trying to react to something that all of our people including him hasn’t ever lived through or prepared for we took our government for granted and assumed we were taken care of(yes trump fired the entire pandemic team) he made decisions hastily that in hindsight no one would make but it doesn’t even matter now... I’m almost certain I have corona virus, I’ve had a dry cough for at least a week, about 5 days after my sister came home from her vacation in San Francisco, 3 days after she came home my 5 year old nephew started having breathing issues we took him to his doctor and they gave him a breathing treatment never tested him and released him, all of our kids are doing good thank god but I’m having issues with shortness of breath, dry cough but when i blow my nose it’s clear fluid, no fever but sore throat for over a week, I’ve never had shortness of breath I couldn’t have even imagined how it would feel but experiencing it now it’s hard to explain all I can say is it feels like I should be breathing deeper like I keep wanting to take a deep deep breath to catch my breath just to reset my lungs but I can’t breath deep enough, I can’t go to a doctor for a test because they don’t have any and even if they did they’d tell me to self quarantine until I’m on my death bed, there are 7 children in my home, my 89 year old grandma, my asthmatic mother who has also had 2 heart attacks and my aunt with emphysema that comes by twice a week who lives with her daughter and 5 grandkids, i want to lock myself in a room and not see any of my family to protect them but they all work in food service and their boss is keeping them on and refusing to fire them or lay them off however you want to see it because they are waitresses and right now they can get away with paying them $2 an hour while they can’t make tips and their business is making all the profit on the cheap ass food they’re selling to go but the waitresses have to work because if they quit they don’t qualify for unemployment, I’m sick and I don’t have a job if I did I’d quit and not expose anyone else but food service is forcing my family who doesn’t drive to work so I have to drive them, shut everything down!!! Stop the spread, fast food and restaurants are not essential business!!!

  • Ram chandra Dahal
    Ram chandra Dahal 7 days ago

    Stages of grief

  • Ibikari1
    Ibikari1 7 days ago

    Just so funny

  • Amanda Conley
    Amanda Conley 7 days ago

    Isn't the whole point of coughing into your elbows because you don't shake elbows?

  • Daniel James
    Daniel James 8 days ago

    Trump and Fox News network will go on trial for affecting the death toll in the USA. They lied and lied and lied about the virus and now it is too late to stop. Evil behaviour. Criminal behaviour.

  • Glenne De leon
    Glenne De leon 8 days ago

    Western they need Paper Napkin!In South Asia, they need Alcohol!
    But no stuck of Food. Men! At least if I die I meet Amy Whinehouse!😂😇Stay Safe! Keep pray! See U soon or maybe in the next life!

  • Jonathan Grabban
    Jonathan Grabban 8 days ago

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  • Jack Helrein
    Jack Helrein 8 days ago +1

    Asshole, tell this to people who have died

  • Barbara Weiler
    Barbara Weiler 8 days ago

    I see people wearing masks but what about protection for your eyes. Why arn't people wearing goggles. This is what one doctor said " If a person who spits or sprays while talking has any type of virus you will most likely catch it"

  • Orvin Manes
    Orvin Manes 8 days ago +2

    Just say "Hey how are you?" just talk for a greeting , no need to touch
    another person.

    • Tatsumaki Mojo
      Tatsumaki Mojo 7 days ago

      Orvin Manes unless I meet any Evans Brother. Be sure I ll put my virusy hands ALL OVER THEM

  • Gigi M
    Gigi M 8 days ago +2

    Hey Jimmy,
    We American people like much better a great man with "tiny" hands, than a pity man with a very very small brain, like YOU !

    • Ty Sargent
      Ty Sargent 6 days ago

      Sarcasm, I can tell. Compared to inventive talk show hosts, Trump is a certified conservative hack.

    • JAMES C
      JAMES C 6 days ago

      Wow. How is Jimmy going to recover from President Trumps fake Google Account.

    • Ty Sargent
      Ty Sargent 6 days ago

      Oh, zip it, will you?

  • Let’s grow
    Let’s grow 8 days ago +1

    8:45 that’s real Mexico food. I’m Hispanic I didn’t know I was eating the wrong stuff.

  • Let’s grow
    Let’s grow 8 days ago

    They should greet the way we it in the old days. most distance ~head Nod 🗣sup!

  • zoomforlife
    zoomforlife 8 days ago

    whos barak obama ?

  • Telly Vin-a
    Telly Vin-a 8 days ago

    putin will be president until he's 83? so we have to keep hearing about that dope for the next 16 years? i hope he experiences such severe mental decline, the russians learn a lesson in not letting one man run their country into a ditch for so long. at least trump will get kicked out eventually.

  • Sun Light
    Sun Light 8 days ago

    this is not a good time to make a jok .

  • EggsInA Basket
    EggsInA Basket 9 days ago +1

    Suddenly.. everyone has become Sheldon Lee Cooper

  • EggsInA Basket
    EggsInA Basket 9 days ago +1

    I said it from Day 1.. keep those people in China ... Inside CHINA..

    RAMMOHAN B REDDY 9 days ago

    Carona Virus is Imbecile world leaders like 1. Trump .2. MODI>>>>> .Nearly 1.25 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day.

  • M. Jason Orellana
    M. Jason Orellana 9 days ago

    Jimmy has no chill I love it!!


    Eats bigmacs for breakfast and sleeps in a tanning bed.🤣🤣

  • Stealthy McSteal
    Stealthy McSteal 9 days ago

    Rudy gobert:

  • susmita Barua
    susmita Barua 9 days ago

    Just say NAMASTE and move on

  • Brooke Miller
    Brooke Miller 9 days ago

    My birthday has to be in May now even though it is in March

  • Billie salzer
    Billie salzer 9 days ago

    But you sneeze or cough into your elbow

  • David Nelson
    David Nelson 10 days ago

    Keep shaking hands Trump!! I hope he gets the Coronavirus. He will most likely die because he is super unhealthy. It's my dream to hear breaking news that he had a heart attack or a stroke and died. I think about the funeral and how few people will be there. His kids saying "it was the most attended funeral in US history." One can dream but he never gets what he deserves.

  • Friday
    Friday 10 days ago +1

    When are we cancelling corona virus?

  • leonard chiarini jr
    leonard chiarini jr 10 days ago

    TRUMP 2020🇱🇷

  • T EG
    T EG 10 days ago

    Still not funny!

  • laynedrew wood
    laynedrew wood 10 days ago

    Funny ain't it? I will pray to God tonight for kimmel to be diagnosed. I will smile.

  • Blc ME
    Blc ME 10 days ago

    Travel vlog nightmare 😂sad for those RUcliprs.

  • Kurdi Nooh
    Kurdi Nooh 10 days ago

    Muslims wash their hands and face for at least 5 times a day for over 1400 years,

  • Moses Laws
    Moses Laws 10 days ago



  • william
    william 10 days ago

    Butt bumping would prove more effective.

  • mr k
    mr k 10 days ago

    there were about 40 no's in russia.

  • Darlene Christenberry
    Darlene Christenberry 10 days ago

    You let people on parole get pardend but not people with eviction notices get a chance from monroe county bloomington indiana 😡

  • Lokesh Thakur
    Lokesh Thakur 10 days ago +1

    people get shot by a psycho gunman, this guy bawls his eyes out, 7000 plus people dead cause of the virus, this idiot is all shits and giggles

  • interiormotivebwks
    interiormotivebwks 10 days ago

    PLEASE NOTE: if you or anyone you know -- feels sick. Take TYLENOL. Please DO NOT take ANY Anti-Inflammatories: such as Steroids, NSAIDs, Ibuprofen or Turmeric. It would worsen conditions., especially if person has ANY compromising preconditions. Pass it on. You could save lives.

  • Jam SF
    Jam SF 10 days ago

    No elbump! Just stare at each other from 6 feet 😁

  • Mark Workman
    Mark Workman 10 days ago


  • anti quantum
    anti quantum 10 days ago

    300 Million humans will be walking around infected (not necessarily confirmed, and excluding recovered) in the next two months, and 566 strains have already mutated.
    Well folks this could be it, if Covir's mutations stay ahead of our immune defenses (antibodies).
    Buy more toilet paper NOW!

  • fnbqhxvchcdxqacvchd vxbgacxlpdbxhbahzvha

    Throw Thunberg off a cliff and the virus will die I ress my case!

  • Ron Wuerch
    Ron Wuerch 10 days ago

    Do Us All A Favor And Get Idiots Like This Off Of TV...We Do Need This Crap In Our Lives.

  • Olive loaf lookin ass
    Olive loaf lookin ass 10 days ago

    Are people really attending this show? I thought we had to stay away from big crowds.

  • Michael Dean
    Michael Dean 10 days ago

    The VA just sent me a text, telling me that they have given 322 Covid-19 virus tests. Not in the town where I live, not in the larger city that my town is part of, not in my state, not today; this week; this month, but nationwide since first case was reported over 50 days ago. 322 tests. Meanwhile, South Korea administers 10,000 tests a day. Some ask, "How is that possible?" The reason is that the Republicans and the Democrats elected to represent us have stripped every cent they can from social safety programs and ported it into militarizing the planet. This is not a problem that can be addressed by voting for Obiden or Ibernie or We-trump. Speak openly with your friends about the assaults from this government. Know that there are many with whom speaking is a waste because they support weaponized finance, militarization and hatred against us the working class. Speak only with those who are open, honest, caring and who are not irrational.

  • darrell johnston
    darrell johnston 10 days ago

    How about a flying elbow drop.

  • Vimal V
    Vimal V 11 days ago

    Only if one group of people decided to NOT eat f**k**g bats!

  • Lee King
    Lee King 11 days ago

    Yo jimmy .. I've seen your name on the epstein flight list. ..

  • AAJ
    AAJ 11 days ago +3

    if only people can react about climate change as they do with this virus.

  • Byron Devene
    Byron Devene 11 days ago +2

    “I don’t understand the hoarding toiletpaper thing” Don’t worry mate, not even Australians understand it.
    We’ve been wondering why it has been happening for several weeks now, but we haven’t had a proper reason for it.
    Idk why it’s happening, you can’t eat toiletpaper

  • Syed Rayhan Rahman
    Syed Rayhan Rahman 11 days ago

    It looks you have cold!

  • Ally McDonald’
    Ally McDonald’ 11 days ago

    Ok the toilet paper was started by a rumour in Australia. Someone posted on fb that toilet paper is made in China which it isn’t! It’s made in Australia. People if you believe this from social media what happens when someone posts “today I went out and saw this” a picture or video of a zombie will everyone believe that? Probably! 🤦‍♀️😂

  • Miyuden
    Miyuden 11 days ago +1

    "So that we don't spread the Coronavirus"
    Totally ignoring that it spreads over the air by simple breathing...

  • R. Renovatus
    R. Renovatus 11 days ago

    And your buddy Pelosi and her Jew side kick Schumer want to reverse the travel ban to let all infected in the US ....every country on the planet is on lock and only the US socialist want to keep borders open hell even the king of socialist pussies Trudeau has looked his country down....lolololol

  • Dastkari Haat Samiti
    Dastkari Haat Samiti 11 days ago

    Why not a namaste which greets and means I am respecting the god within you ?

  • Sensei Nichol
    Sensei Nichol 11 days ago

    The world is getting worse n worseless

  • GoodGuy
    GoodGuy 11 days ago +1

    I really hate the fact how americans think this is a joke.

  • Ben M
    Ben M 11 days ago

    Funny stuff about sucky stuff.

  • Smoovie119
    Smoovie119 11 days ago

    I'm not a fan of Mike Pence, but I'll give him a +1 for the elbow bumps.