all animal || New animals in beta test || Giant squid & Octopus


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  • lie leni
    lie leni 6 месяцев назад

    maaf maaf

  • Wolfox games
    Wolfox games Год назад

    These animals are new: Cachalot , Giant squid, Stonefish later The swamp

  • Celia Playz
    Celia Playz Год назад

    tes un peu cheloux...

  • Celia Playz
    Celia Playz Год назад

    je vois , je vois enfaite tu a fait une chaîne anglais alors que tu est francais

  • Celia Playz
    Celia Playz Год назад

    Ta enfin écris en français ouff

  • damgar Video Jeux
    damgar Video Jeux Год назад

    Lol chaîne française est anglaise de mon point de vue

  • Pandita_Gamer_Power
    Pandita_Gamer_Power Год назад

    yo no se usar la orca XD

  • BFX_10x
    BFX_10x Год назад

    you die nuun

  • Shehan Stubblefield
    Shehan Stubblefield Год назад

    It's giant squid read it in animal encyclopedia book

  • pawel drozdz
    pawel drozdz Год назад +1


  • Letter S
    Letter S Год назад

    3:08 - 3:38 - when u hear that song (left afk bird)

  • sahraoui rami
    sahraoui rami Год назад

    Tu parle français genial j'ai cru que tu est englais!

  • Rachelle Castro
    Rachelle Castro Год назад

    call kraken or call giant squid

  • loutardo
    loutardo Год назад

    LlL je n'ajouterai rien

  • Gabriel henrique
    Gabriel henrique Год назад

  • Gabriel henrique
    Gabriel henrique Год назад


  • John Doherty
    John Doherty Год назад

    I was Gayfish on the leader board! :D

  • kyle the fox
    kyle the fox Год назад


  • Mah Lawn
    Mah Lawn Год назад

    i i hate these types of videos ONLY because of their annoying music
    i mean at this part 0:58 i thought something interesting was going to happen

  • Kamil Baczewski
    Kamil Baczewski Год назад +2

    i see this war in my game 8:23

    • YOUTUBE짠물
      YOUTUBE짠물 8 месяцев назад

      I am in da Manni-gaming's Video XDDDDD

    • YOUTUBE짠물
      YOUTUBE짠물 8 месяцев назад

      Oh u kucky!!

  • lau40
    lau40 Год назад

    there's in the game 2 more new animals narwhal and cachalot

  • Depressed Sceptile
    Depressed Sceptile Год назад

    OMG THAT SQUID MIGHT AS WELL BE NAMED KRAKEN! (also with some knowledge anyone would know that only colossal squid behave and look like that.)

  • Jonassien Dervils
    Jonassien Dervils Год назад


  • Kippu Hi
    Kippu Hi Год назад

    Why is this in a different language?

  • Zipek6683PL xX awn
    Zipek6683PL xX awn Год назад


  • Cosmic_ gamer
    Cosmic_ gamer Год назад

    I'm unsubbing because I was a colossal squid and you killed me 😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Jearbear 67
    Jearbear 67 Год назад

    Chinard can we play together?

  • Fox
    Fox Год назад

    i like the narwhale you know why cuz NARWHALES SONG SEARCE IN RUclip GUYS THAT SONG IS FUN

  • Tehzerr
    Tehzerr Год назад

    what does the beta server change?

  • Jackson007YT
    Jackson007YT Год назад +7

    Giant Squid Not Kraken

  • weef-weef Attack
    weef-weef Attack Год назад

    ya pas beaucoup de commentaire fr

  • Tyron93
    Tyron93 Год назад +4

    c'etais moi le cachalot sur l'île qui voulais te manger

    • Tyron93
      Tyron93 Год назад +2

      like pour qu'il le vois

  • Fatal Error Sans TR
    Fatal Error Sans TR Год назад

    pls giant squid vs whale plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • achir alalami
    achir alalami Год назад

    chinard dont u know there is also a narwhale and a whale creature too?

    • Fox
      Fox Год назад

      achir alalami yeah i like narwhales song xd

  • HippoKing
    HippoKing Год назад

    I'm back!
    Remember me?

  • Rei the dog
    Rei the dog Год назад +1

    and cachalot

  • Rei the dog
    Rei the dog Год назад

    narwhal is new too

    • Fox
      Fox Год назад


  • Saniik EX
    Saniik EX Год назад

    Wow in this video,we can see u like so much FatRat,right?

  • TheDiamond
    TheDiamond Год назад


  • kezuroth h
    kezuroth h Год назад

    FatRat's musics are the best.

  • Jhonatan Santos
    Jhonatan Santos Год назад

    very cool

  • Jack Mulcahy
    Jack Mulcahy Год назад


  • Tehzerr
    Tehzerr Год назад +1

    nice :D

    • Noob Animation
      Noob Animation Год назад

      Tehzerr lol toaster head xD

    • Elton Wong
      Elton Wong Год назад +1

      Tehzerr what are rules? Is that edible?

    • Tehzerr
      Tehzerr Год назад

      Elton Wong you know I have rules in my comment's comment section. 1. According to RUclip terms of service you must be of 13 years of age (none of you are) 2. You must spell correctly and not make everything shortened. 3. You need to not make my comment a discussion board for kids who use their school laptops to go on everything including record with a cancerous creencast o matic or whatever

    • Elton Wong
      Elton Wong Год назад

      fan LB its called a cacelot i think i played it for awhile its quite fun xD btw the Narwhals can walk on the igloo part xD

    • fan LB
      fan LB Год назад

      i miss the narwhal and misteriorus one the can leave in cold and hot part and hot part