• Published on Feb 18, 2019
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  • CouRage
    CouRage  2 months ago +1954

    Part two tomorrow! Like the video for more DEATHRUN!!!

    • noah jones
      noah jones 12 days ago

      +King Wagwan You suck

    • Eric Soto
      Eric Soto Month ago

      +Kevin Jewell 37k likes lul xdxd

    • LilLuke 05
      LilLuke 05 2 months ago

      U hearted your own comment LOL

    • DrewH101
      DrewH101 2 months ago

      ur so ba d . making fun of ur grandma. f u

    • iSSUnknown
      iSSUnknown 2 months ago

      You hearted your comment, I’m dead 😂✌️💕

  • Anal Ashley
    Anal Ashley 5 hours ago

    so bad at fortnite/parcore

  • N word police Deafult dance

    9:29 courage turn the nigga mode on

  • Ultimate J's
    Ultimate J's 11 days ago


  • Still Chill
    Still Chill 13 days ago

    Arne Grandy followed you?!?!

  • xFate AssazzinX
    xFate AssazzinX 14 days ago

    12:00 when your girl cheated on you and she posts somethong on ig about loyalty

  • xFate AssazzinX
    xFate AssazzinX 14 days ago

    4.18 when you have to hammer to nails at once

  • Metal_323
    Metal_323 14 days ago

    Can someone tell me where to get this intro music

  • Playbutton with no video??

    18:02 best thing I have ever seen

  • MaxSuper
    MaxSuper 21 day ago

    *insert name here* dies in endgame

  • kevin mcmahon
    kevin mcmahon 22 days ago

    This is a man child in his natural habitat

  • kevin mcmahon
    kevin mcmahon 22 days ago

    Dude is such a pussy is real life.

  • Tom McCabe
    Tom McCabe 22 days ago

    7:48 your welcome lmfao

  • Nessa Jean
    Nessa Jean 24 days ago

    If you can make that pterodactyl sound as a ringtone, or whatever noise you make... Golden. JS
    You’re a winner regardless of any challenge.
    GG JD

  • Conor Buckley
    Conor Buckley 26 days ago

    glad to know that im not the only one to eat there headset

  • Ruben Koster
    Ruben Koster 26 days ago


  • karim kharchou
    karim kharchou 27 days ago

    12:03 these are the only things you know

  • Ary _Savage10
    Ary _Savage10 27 days ago +1

    11:30 he trying to hit Ariana's high notes😂😂😂😂💜🌙👀

  • Ary _Savage10
    Ary _Savage10 27 days ago +1

    Ayyy Im Aryanna, Ima be there lol😂💜🌙

  • Ary _Savage10
    Ary _Savage10 27 days ago +1

    Wtf the beginning😂😂😂🙃

  • Gus Films
    Gus Films 28 days ago

    hey courage ur my favourite streamer and i just finishing making a deathrun just for u extra hard if u want to try it my epic Guslennox242

    u dont have to but

  • Riley Williams
    Riley Williams Month ago

    17:45 when ur asked to get married

  • NSCrimson
    NSCrimson Month ago

    Bro wants with the new background

  • Deadfool 23
    Deadfool 23 Month ago +1

    I did level six one shot . And you are really funny

  • Saahil 56
    Saahil 56 Month ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love your vids

  • Itz Jr
    Itz Jr Month ago

    4:18 someone help courage

  • unknown
    unknown Month ago +1

    this is probably the most weigt jack has lost in one video

  • Mitchell Gamez
    Mitchell Gamez Month ago

    What’s longer cizzer neck or how long courage spends fortnite dancing

  • ProElite123600
    ProElite123600 Month ago

    8:49 we kinda don’t want to know your back problems🤭

  • RunezYT
    RunezYT Month ago

    courage acts like a boy :)

  • hailie quijano
    hailie quijano Month ago +1

    Break up with your girlfriend yea yea cause I’m boredd😂

  • God D
    God D Month ago +1

    remember mr beast blew u up

  • Mc K
    Mc K Month ago +1

    Is she still following him?

  • Jose Barragan
    Jose Barragan Month ago


  • saif haddabeh
    saif haddabeh Month ago

    18 10 its just bruh

  • fred Baker
    fred Baker Month ago +1

    U are the best youtubar i six can y get me a wins

  • H7appy -L-
    H7appy -L- Month ago

    Dellor 2.0😂🤣😂😂

  • H7appy -L-
    H7appy -L- Month ago

    Courage is humping the bed when he was doing the warm lol

  • Amulya Sanghani
    Amulya Sanghani Month ago

    5:26 😄

  • Tortull
    Tortull Month ago

    *honestly thought I was watching Morgz with that intro...*

  • Ivan Moreno
    Ivan Moreno Month ago

    11:33 I thought pterodactyls were extinct

  • Ivan Moreno
    Ivan Moreno Month ago

    What was that intro

  • Elliot Martinez
    Elliot Martinez Month ago

    The deathrun has been leaked by nick eh 30, so most people already know the code

  • Dylan Rafford
    Dylan Rafford Month ago +1

    You look like you could be bijigglypanda's brother

  • Stevie Wonder
    Stevie Wonder Month ago

    My highest level is level 11 on PS4

  • General Peace
    General Peace Month ago

    What's bigger courages ego or cizzorz neck

  • Martin Dartin1212
    Martin Dartin1212 Month ago


  • Alejandro Burgos
    Alejandro Burgos Month ago

    But its funny

  • Alejandro Burgos
    Alejandro Burgos Month ago

    You say a lot of junk man

  • Top 10 Nation
    Top 10 Nation 2 months ago +4

    4:18 and 12:47 would be my reaction if ariana even knew I existed

  • Optic430Original
    Optic430Original 2 months ago

    Everyone already knows the code

    FRESH BALLER21 2 months ago

    12:18 he only made because he thought of food

    FRESH BALLER21 2 months ago +1

    Her reaction when you just came inside 17:44

  • Matthew Hahm
    Matthew Hahm 2 months ago

    Congrats on the achievements

  • Loot Shark
    Loot Shark 2 months ago

    Which is longer the time it took courage to beat level 2 or cizzorz neck

  • akaAlpha
    akaAlpha 2 months ago

    CourageJD I could clap you

  • TheTypeOfGamer Yt
    TheTypeOfGamer Yt 2 months ago

    What longed cizerz death run or courge saggy tits

  • TheTypeOfGamer Yt
    TheTypeOfGamer Yt 2 months ago

    Yeah you did that highest record on having saggy tits and doing hype fast

  • Sam Here
    Sam Here 2 months ago +6

    11:34 when u realise u can go as high as Brendon urie him self

  • Kamden Dawes
    Kamden Dawes 2 months ago


  • MaGlcc_snip_r
    MaGlcc_snip_r 2 months ago +1

    LMFAO the amount t of people who got memed in this is on a new level "what's longer, cizzors neck or the last time symphany had a shower"😂😂😂😂

    • HappyPappy21
      HappyPappy21 2 months ago

      MaGlcc_snip_r English class has left the chat

  • noahshively
    noahshively 2 months ago +1

    That intro lol

  • Tracey Wilding
    Tracey Wilding 2 months ago +1

    You had a hairy tong

  • Ajay 1404
    Ajay 1404 2 months ago +1

    Can someone tell me his outro song please

  • Hayden Veliquette
    Hayden Veliquette 2 months ago +1

    It’s funny cause I 1 shot level 1

  • Catherine Szakal
    Catherine Szakal 2 months ago

    have to jump lol

  • Nightkiller channel
    Nightkiller channel 2 months ago +1

    I could beat jack at this

  • Angel Merisma
    Angel Merisma 2 months ago

    Okay courge

  • cole5480 cole5480
    cole5480 cole5480 2 months ago

    You should tell conner

  • Trampoline nobbas GamingCRINGE

    Nice Hape 4.24

  • [GD] Jason
    [GD] Jason 2 months ago

    Dat intro Doe, amd dat laff😂😂

  • slicer940
    slicer940 2 months ago

    He’s about to pipe.

  • Trinity / Marina protector

    Me and courage are so similar we both love Ariana

  • ItsPurpleHornet
    ItsPurpleHornet 2 months ago

    All you toxic kids go back to Minecraft

  • Mute
    Mute 2 months ago +1

    My man making moves

  • thebeastballer
    thebeastballer 2 months ago

    Dances on point 👌🏿

  • Rafael Abi-Mrad
    Rafael Abi-Mrad 2 months ago

    11:28 jack is sheting him self

  • PaTrIsHa HuNnY
    PaTrIsHa HuNnY 2 months ago

    I'm actually deaddddddd lmaoooo

    WildOP GAMING 2 months ago

    CourageJD your the funniest twitch streamer I’ve known so far wow 😂😂😂

  • Wicked Akif
    Wicked Akif 2 months ago

    Code tfue

  • Ayan Khazanchi
    Ayan Khazanchi 2 months ago

    Drop the nut and escape the hut

  • Wesley Wiygul
    Wesley Wiygul 2 months ago

    10/10 on the dancing I effing love u bro! I’m sure Ariana will like that huge PEEN🥰😚😭

  • Joshua Fay
    Joshua Fay 2 months ago +1

    12:00 *he stubbed his toe*

  • Finley Osbourne
    Finley Osbourne 2 months ago

    My little sister thought you were a kid with a beard

  • kane willey
    kane willey 2 months ago

    When I accidentally skip school and they find out 5:09

  • Lefant botz
    Lefant botz 2 months ago

    why you bully me?

  • Reese Mouré
    Reese Mouré 2 months ago

    Nobody cares about ur grandma

  • Reese Mouré
    Reese Mouré 2 months ago

    Easiest level in my life as he died about 30 times on it

  • Reese Mouré
    Reese Mouré 2 months ago

    Cizz iz better than u courage

  • Wytsuhh
    Wytsuhh 2 months ago

    Laughed so much appreciate your content!❤🤙

  • Project Ember
    Project Ember 2 months ago

    Where is Conner

  • TheDarkestSoulz
    TheDarkestSoulz 2 months ago

    Listen a 2x when he calls his grandma *Top 10 rappers Eminem was afraid to diss*

  • Arkinova
    Arkinova 2 months ago

    Yall Gotta Remember That Mr Beast. Made This Man.

    • Arkinova
      Arkinova 2 months ago

      +P1SkrtSkrt anyway you have your fun mate I'm gonna do that too

    • Arkinova
      Arkinova 2 months ago

      +P1SkrtSkrt true I just wanted to say that

    • P1SkrtSkrt
      P1SkrtSkrt 2 months ago

      Arkinova You probably have no knowledge about the origin of “r/wooosh”, you saw it on a comment and you immediately use it whenever you can. Also telling from where you put your periods, you’re probably no older then 14.

    • Arkinova
      Arkinova 2 months ago


    • P1SkrtSkrt
      P1SkrtSkrt 2 months ago

      You’re stupid if you genuinely think that.

  • Saucy Mangoz
    Saucy Mangoz 2 months ago Like so that Jack can watch and rage

  • Christopher Aguilar
    Christopher Aguilar 2 months ago

    When you walk into the bathroom and you see someone taking a shit 11:26

  • Luka Mitchell
    Luka Mitchell 2 months ago

    He makes jokes about it, but wow he really is a bot

  • Anthony New
    Anthony New 2 months ago


  • dustino from somewhere
    dustino from somewhere 2 months ago

    Jack sucks at life

  • kristia amor
    kristia amor 2 months ago

    He's so funny looool

  • Dead pool
    Dead pool 2 months ago

    Is this guy gay or crazy ? or both ?