The five major world religions - John Bellaimey

  • Published on Nov 14, 2013
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    It's perfectly human to grapple with questions, like 'Where do we come from?' and 'How do I live a life of meaning?' These existential questions are central to the five major world religions -- and that's not all that connects these faiths. John Bellaimey explains the intertwined histories and cultures of Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.
    Lesson by John Bellaimey, animation by TED-Ed.

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  • nPhlames
    nPhlames 6 hours ago

    This is a clean comment section. I really did expect religious people to be toxic here, but I was proven wrong.

  • samana1fromsomalia
    samana1fromsomalia 19 hours ago

    There’s no way Christianity has 2 billion follows and Islam has 1.5! Most professional, well-researched studies show that Islam has more than 1.8 billion followers and will soon surpass Christianity in few decades.

  • Lunaster Bane
    Lunaster Bane 19 hours ago

    "Actions are more important than beliefs." ✨Now I'm really interested in exploring Buddhism as well :3

  • Lunaster Bane
    Lunaster Bane 19 hours ago

    I had such a good insight on Hinduism I never had before, even though I'm a Muslim it was interesting to know little about Hinduism as well :3 All religions teaches us to be good ✨

  • Chachi Ji
    Chachi Ji Day ago +1

    No religion is as greater and as peaceful as Hinduism and Buddhism 🕉️

    • Grey
      Grey 22 hours ago

      Is that so

  • taha elhour
    taha elhour Day ago

    I am so proud of this comunity

  • AJtheory
    AJtheory Day ago

    They've obviously conflated Food Groups into 'religions'

  • ligth wight
    ligth wight Day ago

    It's beautiful video

  • classic work
    classic work Day ago +7

    Who else is watching it in *RAMADAN*

  • Rubika Poudel
    Rubika Poudel Day ago

    Buddha was born in nepal

  • Andrew Heffel
    Andrew Heffel Day ago

    Great video, in 11 minutes you were able to outline many of the major tenants of 5 world religions, with respect towards all of them. Worth listening to again. And what is up with the comment section, it was a pleasure to read kind and thoughtful comments to people from several of the religions in the video. Really nice.

  • Slim_Shells
    Slim_Shells Day ago

    I loved this video but you forgot about sikhism which is larger than judaism

  • ZyL
    ZyL 2 days ago +1

    Come on! Let's be real!

    Spaghetti is better than pasta

    • ZyL
      ZyL Day ago

      +Nukumori you got me there

    • Nukumori
      Nukumori Day ago +1

      Spaghetti *is* pasta

  • Nathak Ki Bakchodi
    Nathak Ki Bakchodi 2 days ago

    All religions are good but some people make it look bad

  • Nathak Ki Bakchodi
    Nathak Ki Bakchodi 2 days ago

    So Gabriel is God's favorite angel

  • tahniyat saher
    tahniyat saher 2 days ago +1

    Beautifully described islam🌹

  • Tan MK Irene
    Tan MK Irene 2 days ago

    Christian here!! ;)

  • Aditya Das
    Aditya Das 2 days ago +1

    Any atheist here ???

  • Lars van der Laan
    Lars van der Laan 2 days ago

    You forgot atheism

    • Nukumori
      Nukumori Day ago

      Atheism isn't a religion...

  • johnraven claro
    johnraven claro 2 days ago +1

    Indian drawing back then are weird lol...

  • high eagle
    high eagle 2 days ago +1

    this peaceful comment sections reminds me of a verse in quran speaking to other religions ""O People of the Scripture, come to a word that is equitable between us and you - that we will not worship except Allah "

  • Jana Abou Hassan
    Jana Abou Hassan 2 days ago +1

    Finished strong🙏

  • Qui Vincet
    Qui Vincet 3 days ago

    Islam is *HORRIBLE*

  • Ziggy thezag
    Ziggy thezag 3 days ago

    This is the most peaceful comment section ive seen

  • Sina Bayat
    Sina Bayat 3 days ago

    Looking at religion as explained in this video, it's a good thing that can save societies. But unfortunately some people misinterpret religion and misuse it to their own benefit which makes most people to be skeptical about it. And this man does a fine job at defining it, and gets my respect.

    • Nicht von dieser Welt
      Nicht von dieser Welt 2 days ago

      It's not so much defining religions but more to give an outlyer what any of those five religions are all about.

  • Adam Malik
    Adam Malik 3 days ago

    Too many comments on how peaceful this comments section is. Someone disagree with me.

    SON YANKI 3 days ago

    i this video i have heard many mistakes.

  • I'm Iron Man
    I'm Iron Man 4 days ago

    I believe in buddism, Shinto, and Christianity.

    • Hayden Presley
      Hayden Presley Day ago

      Explain? I think that some of those are muturally exculsive. (I'm actually asking, not making fun of you.)

  • Elayna Kebe
    Elayna Kebe 4 days ago

    I’m catholic and it impresses me so much how Muslims fast for that long... that is commitment!!!!👏👏👏

  • dank666
    dank666 4 days ago

    Finally someone who only states the facts and not his or her opinion

    TOSIK 4 days ago +4

    Welp I'm starving to death rn for Ramadan 👌👌

    • DR. D-CODER
      DR. D-CODER 16 hours ago

      Haha don't worry load em up during iftar

  • Soumyo Mukherjee
    Soumyo Mukherjee 4 days ago +1

    Bottomline: Be kind

  • Shieda Kayn
    Shieda Kayn 4 days ago +1

    Guys, no matter what religion are you in or which God do you believe, we don’t have to fight each other. We’re not animals, we’re human and we know better.

  • Gacha Panther Studios

    I thought the comment section will be full of wars

  • Baron of Haste
    Baron of Haste 4 days ago

    Relegion is just a culture but none of it makes sense, all these believes, faiths, fasting and eternet life are just a mirage, everyone who follows relegion thinks that his life has a meaning, but in truth it's just meaningless.
    The Only True Salvation for mankind resides in Science, as we advance more and more in science and technology as our weaknesses will disappear in time.

  • Jack Padz
    Jack Padz 4 days ago +3

    Science flies people to the moon,
    Religion flies people to skycrapers.
    (Nobody will read this anyway)

    • MATH Genius
      MATH Genius 4 days ago

      😂🤣👏👏👏👏 Legendary comment. Too much Underrated

    • Nissy G.
      Nissy G. 4 days ago +2

      That is where you are wrong

  • Steven Kusar
    Steven Kusar 4 days ago

    I am a Smurf

  • Tahamul Soomro
    Tahamul Soomro 5 days ago

    00:13 bro those are colours, in Urdu. Red, green, orange, idk, yellow, idk.

  • Captainfahim 008
    Captainfahim 008 5 days ago

    Peace 💓💓💓

  • younus shariff
    younus shariff 5 days ago

  • parrotlover 045
    parrotlover 045 5 days ago +1

    hhhhm why is everyone so peaceful in the comic section
    *watches video*
    why do i feel like i wanna like everyone's comments...............................................
    i'll just give everyone cookies if y'all like this comment

  • Zee shaan
    Zee shaan 5 days ago

    I wonder how they simply link Israel to judism. There was no sign of Israel before 20th century. Pathetic

    • Nukumori
      Nukumori Day ago

      I think it is well documented that the Romans banished the Jews from Israel as punishment for being unloyal... can't point out sources rn though

    • Nicht von dieser Welt
      Nicht von dieser Welt 2 days ago

      Israel was founded by the Jews that fled western societies by the means of WWII. I think it was mentioned in the video briefly.

    • Zee shaan
      Zee shaan 5 days ago

      +Sayan Dutta in that sense pakistan and india belongs to Buddhism

  • Mattaku Bodimasen
    Mattaku Bodimasen 5 days ago +16

    Came for the knowledge.
    Got distracted by all the gorgeous art.

    • MATH Genius
      MATH Genius 4 days ago +1

      I guess that is all religion is good for and must be limited to.

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 5 days ago +11

    But wheres the almighty our lord and saviour lord flying spaghetti monster

  • Veerpal kaur
    Veerpal kaur 5 days ago

    Sikhism is also a religion. You should make a video on it as well :)

  • The real Badda
    The real Badda 5 days ago

    Buddhism was started in Nepal

    • MATH Genius
      MATH Genius 4 days ago

      Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar and Srilanka were all part of India at that time. Now they have all divided 😑

  • ZenThreal
    ZenThreal 5 days ago

    What about atheism?

  • Bhupali Jain
    Bhupali Jain 5 days ago

    yah know I am jain. And my parents told me that bhuddasm was inspired by jainism which makes sense. search it up

  • Sumira Adhikari
    Sumira Adhikari 5 days ago

    My religion is Hinduism, but I am not Indian. I am Nepali.

  • LovaticForLife
    LovaticForLife 5 days ago

    Highly informative video and you pretty much found a way to provide information about all major religions without offending anyone... the only thing missing is information about the links between all Abrahamic how Muslims believe in most of the stories mentioned in Torah and Bible, Abraham and Jesus play vital roles in all three of these religions etc.

  • Clar Wikk
    Clar Wikk 6 days ago

    Catholic with a deep respect for Buddhism chiming in. Pax et bonum!

  • bhavya jain
    bhavya jain 6 days ago

    Hinduism will be as great as it was once if we get rid of all superstitions and so called local "gods".

  • Aishath Alma
    Aishath Alma 6 days ago +1

    As a Muslim I don't believe it and there is only one god

  • Sebastian Cristan Bellarmino

    I don’t have a religion but I believe in the higher power. I respect everyone’s beliefs and religion. More love and kindness!

  • Real Name
    Real Name 6 days ago

    I was expecting a army of neckbeards,i found quite the opposite

  • 猫我蜜糖
    猫我蜜糖 6 days ago

    Love and forgiveness is very powerful. Peace to all!

  • Daksh batra
    Daksh batra 6 days ago

    Hinduism is not a religion but only tells you about life an how to find yourself, that is, it is the way of living life for a human with full understanding of what they actually are and what they want to be their Karma is their Dharma.

    • Daksh batra
      Daksh batra Day ago

      +Nicht von dieser Welt Hinduism is not a religion, and our dieties are not prophets and do not tell us what to do how to do when to do what not to do 🤣
      It will only help you to enhance your good character and gives you rational thinking, with time many people made it look like a cult like jyotishis telling people's future infact jotish vidhya is for planet earnt and not people living on it, ye we do do worship a lot of dieties because we want to be like them our characters represent somehow them only they were living on higher consciousness than our civilization they are not god's but with time this was made a cult like thing in society, go and read history of India first and I am sorry but you even dnt know Hinduism is not our words it was given by arabs it's all about Vedas and Sanatan dharama

    • Nicht von dieser Welt
      Nicht von dieser Welt Day ago

      +Daksh batra It is. Even how you promote it right there makes it clear. If hinduism was not a religion to teach people 'how to behave', 'how to think', 'what to desire and what not to' etc. thean it didn't need your promotion at all.
      Plus hinduism comes with a tuck load of gods and prophets on its own. You may call those different but you can not trick people like me into your religion.
      I do not need a religion to tell me who I am.

    • Daksh batra
      Daksh batra Day ago

      +Nicht von dieser Welt no it's not brother, Sanatan Dharam will help you to know who you actually are and what's you own dharma on which you will do karma.

    • Nicht von dieser Welt
      Nicht von dieser Welt 2 days ago

      All religions are 'the way of living life for humans".

  • Khairin 2007
    Khairin 2007 6 days ago

    I think people that dont believe in god are very egoistic cause they dont believe there is god.

  • David Torto
    David Torto 7 days ago +9

    I am a muslim and from the way he descriped and talked about islam, I know that he is for sure talking truthfully about the other religions.

    • Hayden Presley
      Hayden Presley Day ago +2

      As a christian, the writer did a very good job dodging the internal divisive issue of baptism and boiling it down to the the things that everyone agrees upon

  • arief fauzan
    arief fauzan 7 days ago

    It doesnt matter what religion you believe, as long as your heart full of love and happiness. I’m Moeslim.

  • Sheeza Saleem
    Sheeza Saleem 7 days ago

    Thank you ppl 4 spreading positivity in the comments section, ppl of their various religions

  • vaibhav gupta
    vaibhav gupta 7 days ago

    Hinduism has only one formless god who has no shape no structure we also have holy Trinity like Christian's our holy Trinity is Brahma ,Vishnu ,Mahesh but all three are just names of one formless god and hence there is only one god.

  • Sheeza Saleem
    Sheeza Saleem 7 days ago

    Those paintings and artwork, make a corrupt view of any religion. As a Muslim those paintings are not realistic, those are random arabic paintings of supposedly arabic people, know one knows how our prophet looks, so don't go thinking that was him.

  • no name hi
    no name hi 7 days ago +1

    dont read the comments of the comments





    • no name hi
      no name hi 6 days ago +1

      WOW ! the comments is peacfull but not the comments comments

    • WOW !
      WOW ! 6 days ago +1

      what? everything seems peaceful

  • Gabriel Olofernes
    Gabriel Olofernes 7 days ago

    Atheism and Deism is the only religious views I admire the most.

  • Oblivi0n
    Oblivi0n 7 days ago

    I'm just surprised by how literally nobody is starting a war here but I feel like nobody's making any negative comments because of the way this guy explained everything in the video. He went really into detail in every aspect and I feel like he was very understanding of every religion which ultimately, instead of creating a war, created a comment section full of positive comments on all religions. Good job TED-Ed. You did it.

  • Silent CG
    Silent CG 8 days ago

    Sikhism has over double the adherents than Judiasm. This video is flawed.

  • Vaishu
    Vaishu 8 days ago

    This vid was pretty interesting. Really helped for mai world history exam

  • Matias Barth
    Matias Barth 8 days ago +1

    I'm not even Christian but the way the narrator said Jesus' message brought me to tears... "Love one another, as I have loved you". So simple, direct and tender. Amazing video.

  • Katy I like birdz
    Katy I like birdz 8 days ago +2

    First negitive comment:

    Marvel is better than DC

  • Asura Khæñ
    Asura Khæñ 8 days ago

    *I have nothing to say about any religion, I am no one to say which incident happened and which did nyet , so respect and love all*

  • Vjolca Shabani
    Vjolca Shabani 8 days ago

    Love your religion respect other🤗🤲🏻

  • Zatchooze Naut
    Zatchooze Naut 8 days ago +1

    I am a Godslayer but to each, their own.

  • Lê Anh Tú
    Lê Anh Tú 8 days ago

    I don’t get why there’s some people hated on other people just because they said “thank God” or “God bless you” etc...

  • Rhoxe .C
    Rhoxe .C 8 days ago +1

    Bet you can't guess my religion

  • Octo King
    Octo King 8 days ago

    I'm Muslim, pbuh inshaallah

  • lobsterbobable
    lobsterbobable 9 days ago +5

    I am an Atheist for 74 years. I have a deep interest in this subject, which has led to study. I am uplifted to see peace among my fellow men and women here in this comment section.
    This points to the effectiveness of the video itself and to the sincerity of we viewers.
    Before I came here, I would have thought this was very unlikely. Thank you.

  • Gabriel Croft
    Gabriel Croft 9 days ago +1

    There's no evidence the Israelites were ever enslaved in Egypt.

    • Patrick
      Patrick 5 days ago

      there is no evidence for any religion, it's all based on faith

  • Arya Thapa
    Arya Thapa 9 days ago +5

    Prince Siddhartha known as Buddha was actually born in Nepal, not India!!!! 🤷🏻‍♀️😔 I don't know why the media does not portray this information. :(

    • Anish Goel
      Anish Goel 5 days ago

      +Arya Thapa well clearly you're misinformed as it Nepal was only formed as a country in 1768

    • Arya Thapa
      Arya Thapa 5 days ago

      Anish Goel so you’re teaching me the history of my country!!!!!!??????

    • Anish Goel
      Anish Goel 5 days ago

      Nepal wasn't a country when he was alive

  • Sriteja Kallepu
    Sriteja Kallepu 9 days ago

    The time of Krishna is after lord ram’s . So ted Ed . You guys have got your facts wrong .

  • Samurdhi Perera
    Samurdhi Perera 9 days ago

    It has always confused me as to why people consider Buddhism a religion when in fact it is a philosopy. A philosophy of life. To me a religion requires a God/s to be called so. Buddhism does not have such a God to whom we can turn to to be our saviour. We must find the answers in ourselves. The soul can be reborn in a higher state which belongs to the godly realm depending on the good karma one achieves. But the human state is considered the best as one can do merits by oneself and is not dependent. Buddhists that pray to Gods actually combine Hinduism and pray to Hindu Gods. But Buddhism as it was during Gautama Buddha's time does not depend on a God to find Enlightenment. Anyone can belong to a certain religion but still practice Buddhism in his everyday life.

  • Trung Hoàng Minh
    Trung Hoàng Minh 9 days ago

    I feel like each religion somewhat conveyed a message. Why don't we try to connect all of the messages together?

  • 100 subs with no videos?

    I like this comment section it’s chill

  • colin foster
    colin foster 9 days ago

    If religion is the pursuit of meaning in this fallen world, then it is merely a philosophy that does nothing to bring one closer to God. No wonder there are many "variations". Just the many failing ideas and attempts of man to find fulfillment. But there is truth and a way to God the Father. And He has intended it from the beginning and has expressed it in His written word. And it is through faith in Him who is the very "living word" of God that brings us to Him. Amen

  • zachary m
    zachary m 9 days ago +1

    I personally believe that there is no such thing as a religion of peace because almost all religions believe that peace can only be achieved by believing in their own religion.

  • Althaea Ratliff the Religion

    "If there where only one religion, it would be zealous, if there where but two, they'd cut each others throats, but because there is such a multitude, they live in peace." -Voltaire, Letters Concerning the English Nation.

  • James Son of Mary
    James Son of Mary 9 days ago +4

    You left out Sikhism and Taoism.

    • KonoSuba this Wonderful World
      KonoSuba this Wonderful World Day ago

      +Hayden Presley some historians argue that Zoroastrianism isnfluenced judaism

    • Hayden Presley
      Hayden Presley Day ago +1

      +KonoSuba this Wonderful World Not older, wider affect on history Zoroastrianism is confinded to the middle east with no major religions coming from it

    • KonoSuba this Wonderful World
      KonoSuba this Wonderful World 5 days ago

      +foop exactly only because two major world religions christianity and islam are spawn from it, only for this reason judaism is included in the list of major religions, because that there are more other religions with bigger number of fallowers. Zoroastrianism is monotheistic religion from Middle East older than judaism

    • foop
      foop 5 days ago +1

      KonoSuba this Wonderful World But Judaism has much more historical significance

    • KonoSuba this Wonderful World
      KonoSuba this Wonderful World 5 days ago

      +foop judaism is not a big deal, sikhism has more fallowers than judaism

  • Truthasitis
    Truthasitis 9 days ago

    Your video was very interesting and i enjoyed it. Its always nice to learn how others worship and respect one anothers belief. May the Most High Bless you!

  • j. D.
    j. D. 10 days ago

    Eh, nice try, not as bad as I was afraid it could be but not near as good as it should have been. For instance, the fact that the Jewish people believe that they were exiled for their on-going and repeated disobedience, not just because they were situated in the "wrong place" (actually, many scholars believe that was done on purpose, so they would be an example of true faith to all those nations who came by).
    Also, why when the vid. goes over all 5 pillars of Islam would it only mention the 2nd great commandment of Jesus? There is little to no mention of the 1st command "Love God with your whole being". That's a Big gaff. Also, Jesus was killed not just for making waves, but ultimately for calling himself God. Oh, and crucifixion wasn't that common, it was restricted to a capital punishment for the most serious of criminals.
    Nice try, but it could have done with a bit more historical and doctrinal study before release. These are, after all, pretty big parts of these religion's histories.

  • MTMR 24
    MTMR 24 10 days ago

    It is respected if you say our prophet name Mohammed then say peace be upon him, but I say sallalah hi alayhis salaam which is Arabic for peace be upon him

  • peach tea
    peach tea 10 days ago

    I'm glad we studied that here in the Philippines.
    World History - 8th Grade

  • Kazpul Hadi
    Kazpul Hadi 10 days ago

    Great video..
    Auto Subs

  • O Fenómeno
    O Fenómeno 10 days ago +1

    I don't know why everybody expected this comment section to be a battlefield. Religious people are peaceful.

  • Agent 1
    Agent 1 10 days ago

    Hi. The only problem I have with religion is that maybe one is right and the wrong or all are wrong. All we can do is guess.

  • Bin Waleed Sampang
    Bin Waleed Sampang 10 days ago +29

    I am a muslim and I respect every religion.

  • beta tester 21
    beta tester 21 10 days ago +1

    Im a jain and I'm deeply offended that my religion isn't on this list

    • jordane studies
      jordane studies 7 days ago +1

      Jain isn't one of the five major religions...

  • SeniorCooler
    SeniorCooler 10 days ago

    This is a holy video

  • Wizzy's Wonders
    Wizzy's Wonders 10 days ago +1

    Guys I am a Muslim and I am from Bangladesh. So if you didn't know Bangladesh is home to both Hindus and Muslims. Apparently the picture of the cow with the Hindu gods (0:39) is written in Bengali/Bangla which I clearly did not expect because there are way more Hindi-speaking Hindus than Bengali-speaking Hindus. Anyways I speak Bengali so if you WANT to know where the Hindu gods are positioned in the cow picture I can tell you their names. Just ask me which part of the cow's body you wanna know about in the reply section.

  • rhea bhattacherjee
    rhea bhattacherjee 10 days ago

    Hinduism is a bit different from what the Western world commonly believes, that is to say more complicated. It is more a way of life than a religion. It has had its own evolutionary path and does not merely comprise of a number of God's and goddesses.

  • Darkhorsearmor
    Darkhorsearmor 10 days ago +22

    Comment Section for video involving religion: Not toxic
    Reality: Wait thats illegal