Villanova's Crying Piccolo Girl Steals the Show

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As the final horn sounded in No. 8 NC State's upset over No. 1 Villanova in the NCAA tournament's East region, one band member beautifully reflected the feelings of a school's entire fan base after the heartbreaking loss. The wildcats piccolo player cried her way through a song played following her team's loss.

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Автор NYANCOREZ ( назад)
Why girl cry?

Автор Samantha Bentz ( назад)
We need this girl again

Автор Justin Fencsak ( назад)
that flute girl reacting to today's loss?

Автор Emilio ( назад)
Percocets, molly percocets

Автор jeremyNG25 ( назад)
Slut with her fake boobs

Автор CamFusion ( назад)
When they tell you to play sweatshirt

Автор Anime Please ( назад)
when you originally play saxophone for 6 years and then gives you a flute to play for concert season. but wait there's more. all of a sudden a piccolo magically appears in your hand playing long tones. kms

Автор Ronald Raegan ( назад)

Автор seebradrun ( назад)

Автор Eli ( назад)

Автор Daniel Johnson ( назад)
she must be happy now

Автор BugsBunny 313 ( назад)
don't cry we just won.

Автор Ryan ( назад)
where's she at now?? She should be happy

Автор Mach68 ( назад)
I wonder who's crying now? I'm serious.

Автор Michael Heap ( назад)
After watching 4 seconds of this video I spent about 15 minutes doing research on all of Crystal Marie's social media pages...

Автор mtg909mtg ( назад)
About host. Yummmmmmy !!!!

Автор Jeff Martin (1763 года назад)
how am I suppose to focus on the story when the reporter is that damn hot

Автор T. Harris ( назад)
well its just American culture my friend

Автор WTFPurpleAlpaca ( назад)
I can seriously never conceive of a world where I'm so emotionally invested in how a school sports team does.
Unless if they lose everyone in the losing school gets shot by firing squad.

Автор ( назад)
So THIS is what the Dixie Chicks were referring to.

Автор g0reypigs3 ( назад)
thats my teachers niese

Автор Catie Monroe? ( назад)
Hey, that's what I look like when I play the piccolo too!

Автор DuncanAndFriends ( назад)
Joe Biden lol

Автор autismpete ( назад)

Автор KingUfa206 ( назад)
Wow that dress is stealing the show 😘😘😘

Автор MarqueseScottNonStop ( назад)
nova sucks in the tourney. they do every year I cant even remember when they even last made the elite 8..kerry kittles days??

Автор RiakkteR4 ( назад)
I lost it at 0:47 xD

Автор Kalan Thrones-Jenkins ( назад)

Автор Bruce Lee ( назад)
Marry me?

Автор Peter ( назад)
Crystal you stealing this show.

Автор Hawkince ( назад)

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