7 Mystery Riddles Only the Smartest 5% Can Solve

  • Опубликовано: 15 сен 2017
  • Bright Side found several brain teasers that only a few people can figure out. Test your detective and logical skills with these amazing riddles!
    Are you a fan of a good old Agatha Christie novel? Or are modern works with the elements of thriller more to your liking?
    Time to test yourself! We are all familiar with typical IQ tests that rate your intelligence level after you have answered 40 standardized questions. But there are some other ways to find out what your inner genius can do!
    We've found several riddles that only a few people can figure out. Do you feel brave enough to crack them? Then go ahead and test your detective skills with these riddles! After each riddle, you will be given 15 seconds to find the answer!
    Music: Sugar Plum Breakdown by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) is licensed under a Creative Commons license
    Jailbreak 0:50
    A stolen necklace 2:03
    Murder at school 3:04
    A lonely man 4:13
    Two pills 5:27
    Frozen windows 6:27
    Chemical substances 7:36
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Комментарии • 79 561

    BRIGHT SIDE  8 месяцев назад +3483

    Hey guys! Did all of you manage to solve these riddles? I hope so. If not, tell me which one you found the hardest!

  • Madeline Rigler
    Madeline Rigler 29 секунд назад

    It was the mailman obviously

  • Madeline Rigler
    Madeline Rigler 4 минуты назад

    He uses the shovel to ply open the bars

  • Ignited TNT
    Ignited TNT 36 минут назад

    Because he sorted the pills and he had poisoned the water

  • Abhinav Ranjan
    Abhinav Ranjan 4 часа назад

    I solved 6...I am weak at chemistry

  • SansTheSkeleton
    SansTheSkeleton 5 часов назад

    I got 5

  • Chanakya Yogesh
    Chanakya Yogesh 5 часов назад

    I got 1to6 the second question I failed question number seven was the hardest one I failed question no 7

  • Chanakya Yogesh
    Chanakya Yogesh 5 часов назад

    Question 7 there was only 2 people in the lab the killer and chemist

  • Chanakya Yogesh
    Chanakya Yogesh 6 часов назад

    Question-6 obviously jhon because he was the only person there

  • Chanakya Yogesh
    Chanakya Yogesh 6 часов назад

    Question 5 the victim takes the pill first that's why the kidnapper survived

  • Chanakya Yogesh
    Chanakya Yogesh 6 часов назад

    Question 1 I got one victory

  • Chanakya Yogesh
    Chanakya Yogesh 6 часов назад

    Question 3 the granderner was guilty

  • Chanakya Yogesh
    Chanakya Yogesh 6 часов назад

    Question 2 sorry I mistakenly cheated sorry

  • Chanakya Yogesh
    Chanakya Yogesh 6 часов назад

    I got first one correct

  • Shaun Thomas
    Shaun Thomas 7 часов назад

    1. Dig up the dirt and make a pile to climb out
    2. She did everything and was arrested fo fraud
    3. Math teacher is the killer why was he holding a mid year test at the start of the year
    4. No clue
    5. Simple. Victims water was the poison
    6. No clue
    7. Chemicals on the periodic table when rearranged spell Nicolas Ni C O La S

  • Jaja Macavinta
    Jaja Macavinta 7 часов назад

    By shovel

  • Jaja Macavinta
    Jaja Macavinta 7 часов назад

    Break the wall

  • Mohammad Affan
    Mohammad Affan 8 часов назад

    I solved all of them 😀😀😀😀😀😊😊😊😊😀😀😀😊😊😊😀😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • death 122333
    death 122333 10 часов назад

    Math teacher looked so nervous that it gave it away

  • Lul Moniee
    Lul Moniee 13 часов назад


  • Kaidyn Jones
    Kaidyn Jones 13 часов назад


  • HipB!!!
    HipB!!! 14 часов назад

    Or Jack could've just stepped on the shovel, used the shovel as a hook against the wall and climbed on that. Pretty easy.

  • Brybry's Crazy Town
    Brybry's Crazy Town 14 часов назад

    Only 2 I could solve

  • Marco Santos
    Marco Santos 14 часов назад

    I knew it its because of the substances first palettes in the last case

  • putang ina mo
    putang ina mo 18 часов назад

    I dont know much speaking this question hard to me..

  • Adrian Donev
    Adrian Donev 18 часов назад

    6/7 i good or no

  • Chris Junior
    Chris Junior 18 часов назад

    He can get the shovel in hit the bricks and break out of jail

  • Skyler luvs minecraft
    Skyler luvs minecraft 18 часов назад

    Walter white

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever 18 часов назад

    lol, stop reposting the same ones. bad content

  • Noor Mahmoud
    Noor Mahmoud 20 часов назад

    Ik some of theme

  • Glenn Bankson
    Glenn Bankson 20 часов назад

    Jack could have used shvel as a prop to reach window. uses less energy with no food or water.

  • Tiqerboy
    Tiqerboy 22 часа назад

    I got the first and last one, but not the ones in between.
    Glad that 'detective' is not my day job, LOL

  • Mvelo Nyoka
    Mvelo Nyoka 22 часа назад

    I subscribed nice video

  • suman arfath
    suman arfath 23 часа назад

    the last one

  • lauretta ntumy
    lauretta ntumy День назад +1

    I answered all

  • JK Creations
    JK Creations День назад

    So difficult

  • Anya Chowdhary
    Anya Chowdhary День назад

    I solved all

  • suha Saba
    suha Saba День назад

    Nickel because his name is riten in the pepper

  • suha Saba
    suha Saba День назад

    because he can't see through the ice window

  • suha Saba
    suha Saba День назад

    maybe he put the poison in the water

  • suha Saba
    suha Saba День назад

    the male man because he new That no one is in the house

  • suha Saba
    suha Saba День назад

    the math teacher

  • suha Saba
    suha Saba День назад

    put a pile of dirt under the window and climb onit

  • Randomness YT
    Randomness YT День назад

    Only got 1 right

  • Hidde hoef12
    Hidde hoef12 День назад

    i solved the first one i got it richt on 9! first i thoucht clime on the suvel but i thought nah and then thats it!

  • kaye paldeng
    kaye paldeng День назад

    It's the math teacher

  • F For Funny
    F For Funny День назад

    which software is used to edit this?
    please tell me sir......

  • Dylonix
    Dylonix День назад

    i have 11years and i solve most of it

  • Dorsia Palacios
    Dorsia Palacios День назад

    The Gardner with the big sisers

  • Dorsia Palacios
    Dorsia Palacios День назад

    It wasint her own house she lied

  • Dorsia Palacios
    Dorsia Palacios День назад

    Stand on the shovel and go out the window

  • Mya James
    Mya James День назад

    I did

  • Joshua Frick
    Joshua Frick День назад

    #2 Someone explain to me how the inside of a window is icy in a warm, heated house. I live in Texas. I guess, I just don't have any practical experience with that.

  • Jackson jones
    Jackson jones День назад

    I got the first one correct im a natural born genius

  • AgeraAlt
    AgeraAlt День назад

    6/7 GG

  • sasan derooneh
    sasan derooneh День назад

    i just say wrong 2 of them

  • Deridex Zandbergen
    Deridex Zandbergen День назад

    First, as someone said, I considered using the shovel as step up, and jack would jump to the windows, pulling himself up. Jack can also use the shovel, hooking it in the window and pull himself up. Also, He can use it as anchor, using his clothes as rope, and pull himself up as well. He might even try to make a sort of ladder in the wall using the shovel to enforce some room to stick in the rod or the blade of the shovel itself, depending on quality of the wall.

  • Elina Lark
    Elina Lark День назад

    I got them all ☺

  • Ebony_Love_R_007
    Ebony_Love_R_007 День назад

    Guess I'm part of the "5 %" 😁 I like riddles and escape the room games! 😉 Cute video.

  • Captain Popcorn
    Captain Popcorn День назад

    5 out of 2 thought i would do worse

  • Nick Wilde
    Nick Wilde День назад

    I got 1,3,and 5

  • scottybunny
    scottybunny День назад

    The poison were in the water not in the pill

  • scottybunny
    scottybunny День назад

    The problem 3

  • Diarra Hoyte
    Diarra Hoyte День назад +1

    For the first one I didnt know so I assumed jack should just eat grass, wait for the police officers or captors to come in and knock them out with the shovel. I'm not the smartest person you'd meet.

  • Annie Reuter
    Annie Reuter День назад

    I got the 1st one

  • Lamar Alkhatib
    Lamar Alkhatib День назад

    my Cusin found all the answers

  • Lalmuanawma Khiangte
    Lalmuanawma Khiangte 2 дня назад

    All realy

  • Alexandria Keller
    Alexandria Keller 2 дня назад

    I got 5/7

  • Yashaswi Piplani
    Yashaswi Piplani 2 дня назад

    I got all the right answers.
    I already had heard most of them.😜😝

  • Ali Aksham
    Ali Aksham 2 дня назад

    only 1 i solved sad

  • Charalambos Georgiadis
    Charalambos Georgiadis 2 дня назад

    that was really hard

  • Henry Trowbridge
    Henry Trowbridge 2 дня назад

    0 out of 7 (sigh)

  • Evill01
    Evill01 2 дня назад


  • Salem Grantham
    Salem Grantham 2 дня назад

    Uh yes

  • Dolores Mungcal
    Dolores Mungcal 2 дня назад

    I got 6! Yayy!

  • CloudFlamez06
    CloudFlamez06 2 дня назад

    I solved 5/7 riddles.

  • karate masters
    karate masters 2 дня назад

    you are genius

  • Cezh Alagos
    Cezh Alagos 2 дня назад


  • Cezh Alagos
    Cezh Alagos 2 дня назад

    jhon killed him

  • Cezh Alagos
    Cezh Alagos 2 дня назад

    the serial killer didnt and the other one died

  • Cezh Alagos
    Cezh Alagos 2 дня назад

    the mailman killed it

  • Cezh Alagos
    Cezh Alagos 2 дня назад

    the gardener

  • Cezh Alagos
    Cezh Alagos 2 дня назад


  • Cezh Alagos
    Cezh Alagos 2 дня назад

    jack can stand on the shovel

  • Cat Bossanova
    Cat Bossanova 2 дня назад

    All of them was hard LOL

  • Hank H
    Hank H 2 дня назад

    4/7 I am 12 but still disappointed in myself

  • Prince Rayco
    Prince Rayco 2 дня назад

    i got 7/7 it was easy!

  • Candace Flint
    Candace Flint 2 дня назад


  • DJ Tech
    DJ Tech 2 дня назад

    i got most of them but the gall one was good and easy

  • Glenn Cran
    Glenn Cran 2 дня назад

    that was easy

  • Glenn Cran
    Glenn Cran 2 дня назад

    It was obviously the math teacher because there was maths on the wall he tried to trick them into thinking he was in the middle of correcting them

  • Daniel
    Daniel 3 дня назад

    5 of 7

  • Madison Brown
    Madison Brown 3 дня назад

    Well I got 4 right. But i didn't get the last one right for the right reason or the one about the lonley man

  • stop now.
    stop now. 3 дня назад


  • stop now.
    stop now. 3 дня назад


  • stop now.
    stop now. 3 дня назад

    Math geacher

  • Daniel Gammo
    Daniel Gammo 3 дня назад

    I solved every riddle even some for wrong reasons XD
    I said it was nicolas cause nickel was there it looked like nicolas so XD

  • Gaming Home
    Gaming Home 3 дня назад

    I got 4 of this one

  • JadeDragon1524Lover
    JadeDragon1524Lover 3 дня назад

    Are these supposed to be hard?

  • Jomarainne Angelique Estilles
    Jomarainne Angelique Estilles 3 дня назад

    Im sad:'(