Which Celebrity Makes The Best Fried Chicken?

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
  • We searched for the absolute BEST celebrity fried chicken recipe!
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Comments • 9 259

  • Busterbill0 Kears
    Busterbill0 Kears 4 minutes ago

    LOL of course Gordon Ramsay has the worst fc he should really stop judging people of there food and taste his.funeral in their mouth

  • BoxStudioExecutive
    BoxStudioExecutive 55 minutes ago

    Putting potato chips in fried chicken batter is such a weed thought.

  • Talal Dhaknani
    Talal Dhaknani 7 hours ago

    The boy eint playing

  • Oh
    Oh 9 hours ago

    all looks good

  • This Is Something
    This Is Something 10 hours ago


  • Wayne PA
    Wayne PA 11 hours ago

    ew @ that chang recipe

  • TenGallonHead_ l
    TenGallonHead_ l 12 hours ago

    Never gave specific amounts

  • Raiden
    Raiden 15 hours ago

    Stopped watching the video after the snoop dogg recipe cause I already knew he won

  • Reverse Card
    Reverse Card 15 hours ago

    He only won because he's black

  • Daniel Carbajal
    Daniel Carbajal 16 hours ago

    Snoop Dogg puts weed in his chicken erbody knows that

  • 2 DICE gaming
    2 DICE gaming 16 hours ago

    yeah i bet snoop dogs is better because well is a fancy chicken or a chicken made in the hood when he has 12

  • ceeblerfox fox
    ceeblerfox fox 17 hours ago

    You got this all fing wrong first smash the cloves of garlic use the herbs and plz if you are going to try to replicate make sure you REPLICATE if your going to judge it come on this is garbage this is the first Taste video I I wish wasn't made no thank you

  • Preston
    Preston 18 hours ago

    Fuck snoop, Gordan is better

  • tenoj
    tenoj 19 hours ago

    nice clickbait title.

  • 1christopherroben
    1christopherroben 20 hours ago

    If you don’t know how to season flour. Don’t make a fried chicken video. Please shake off excess flour. (Cringeworthy)

    SLAYLORD FOCKER 22 hours ago

    The black girls commentary was my favorite.

  • ZiggyZeg 2005
    ZiggyZeg 2005 23 hours ago

    wow i thought they would actually make it there...

  • MrGuidogr95
    MrGuidogr95 Day ago

    I kinda knew that was wanna be the outcome I ain't gonna lie

  • Ashton Blancas
    Ashton Blancas Day ago

    People saying gordons cooking fried chicken recipe trash

    Gordon: u fkn donkey

  • Capa Blanca
    Capa Blanca Day ago


  • Capa Blanca
    Capa Blanca Day ago


  • ThatGamerOfYoutube
    ThatGamerOfYoutube Day ago +1

    You know the winner when theres black people

    Its the black one

  • Minh Hieu Le
    Minh Hieu Le Day ago

    I tried snoops recipe but it just 2 high for me

  • Jack Spratt
    Jack Spratt Day ago

    snoop used dried cat shit and pot. He also rolls a blunt and deep-fries it.

  • carman601
    carman601 Day ago

    I knew Snoop was always an OG

  • GSynCH
    GSynCH Day ago

    snoop ofcourse his chicken will make me fly high af

  • 1truenamekian
    1truenamekian Day ago

    I thought I saw Raman in the open .
    I was like what !? But ok I dig it . it's creative

  • Arlind Selami
    Arlind Selami Day ago

    Yeah you don’t want to be a victim of the comments


  • John lam
    John lam Day ago

    I knew snoop was gonna win the second the add orange peel. At that point I realized snoop wasn't playing with his recipe, that this mofo put work into making that recipe gourmet.

  • Cubcake Death
    Cubcake Death Day ago

    Snoop will drop the chicken into the fryer so it gets hot

  • Moisture
    Moisture Day ago

    Health and taste wise, gordon takes the cake everytime. Obviously people can make a fatty chicken wing and be good

  • AJfromPhilly
    AJfromPhilly Day ago

    that asian girl is hot af

  • SavageHaz N
    SavageHaz N Day ago

    This is how many chickens they used asking this

  • ruth arjona
    ruth arjona 2 days ago


    TUDOR 2 days ago

    I am a simple man, i see Snoop Dogg, i click

  • Valryle Sonechka
    Valryle Sonechka 2 days ago

    Is it just me or does Inga look like IU

  • Ozan Guvenc
    Ozan Guvenc 2 days ago +1

    İ am starving

  • 240 Kojo
    240 Kojo 2 days ago


  • GossipGirl16
    GossipGirl16 2 days ago

    The best fried chicken is actually Rie's and that's judging from watching it alone. I will only be blessed if I am to be given an opportunity to try them.

  • organic lucky charms

    I met guy fieri in Alaska when I was 5... what was sad is that I never knew he was famous and never went up to him .. I swear I saw him I literally remember him

  • mv scene
    mv scene 2 days ago

    cause gordon use 2 layer

  • Steven Tan
    Steven Tan 2 days ago

    I guess I got different Ramsay chicken video.

  • Linewater
    Linewater 2 days ago

    You wanted me too drive to KFC at 1:56 AM

    PAPACITO GRANDE 2 days ago

    U know martha Stewart showed snoop how to make that chicken recipe!!! 💪💪

  • Bro Cool6
    Bro Cool6 2 days ago +2

    Who else went in the comments to se if Gordon Ramsey commended

  • Bhargav gogoi
    Bhargav gogoi 2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey Get the fuck outa here

  • Alex chong
    Alex chong 2 days ago

    i still think Gordon Ramsey

  • Camie
    Camie 2 days ago

    Fuhhhk I’m so hungry 😩😩😩

  • XrRed
    XrRed 2 days ago

    He said steve dog

  • Really?
    Really? 2 days ago

    My man butchered gordon's recipe and still calls this a challenge? dislike idiot. follow the recipe and find that damn lamb sauce

  • Prince King
    Prince King 2 days ago

    Snoop Dogg the OG master of fried chicken

  • mindseeker
    mindseeker 2 days ago

    I wanted to choose snoop dogg but i want the recipe haha

  • kopytek36
    kopytek36 2 days ago

    Gordon needs to hit a Snoop Blunt first.Then start cooking.

  • Mountain Angel Gacha

    I thought snoop dog was Stevie wonder for a sec and I was gonna comment , “isn’t Stevie wonder blind?” Lmao

  • Tabrez
    Tabrez 2 days ago

    That's why you need to be stoned

  • Latina_17
    Latina_17 2 days ago

    Snoop makes some bad chicken! Gonna try it 👍

  • Niya
    Niya 3 days ago

    David Chang is a different breed

  • RyanC907
    RyanC907 3 days ago

    Gordon ramsay recipe looks like you barely put any seasoning in the flower

  • Sandwich Boi
    Sandwich Boi 3 days ago

    None of the judges said “some good f#$king food”

  • Erin Buckley
    Erin Buckley 3 days ago

    Bahaha The Englishman scored The Most Tasteless! So funny! Snoop is The Dawg