Learn How to Backflip in 5 Minutes | ASAP

This is a tutorial on some secret exercises and techniques in order to learn the backflip in 5 minutes!
[Get Bodyweight Strong] - http://onlykindsfitness.com

Disclaimer: Attempt at your own risk. Make sure you are warmed up and are in general shape before attempting.

[Roundoff Backflip in 5] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeB-zGSyXHU

[Instagram] - http://instagram.com/bboyballz
[Full Backflip Tutorial] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_p4dybt94c

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Автор Daniel Lewis ( назад)
thank you so much

Автор Max Cypert ( назад)
none of this helps

Автор Szymeno 88 ( назад)
i tried the backroll and almost broke my neck XD

Автор Keishla Crawford ( назад)
Thanks to you I know how to backflip

Автор faye jumetilco ( назад)
A fake i only had pain in the neck

Автор ryan sequeira ( назад)
KeEp iT Up.... AwEsOme

Автор Gitesh Gaude ( назад)

Автор Emil Ibrahim ( назад)
Ok dude that was awesome bro i just did it in the 5 mins wtf thnx bruh always wanted to do a back flip

Автор Romet Lepiku ( назад)
i think i can do this but i scared

Автор emox videos ( назад)
sub's cribe me

Автор Akash Prabhu ( назад)
nooo. no possible to learn it in 5min..

Автор where 2 go What 2 eat? ( назад)
love food?
kindly visit on my channel.🤗🤗

where 2 go what 2 eat?

Автор victor gutierrez ( назад)
OMG I did a backflip😀😀🔥🔥😱😱😱😨

Автор Candice Henry ( назад)
I can't do it

Автор Infamous Onion Cutting Ninja! ( назад)
I wanna try a power roll. How many minutes do I need to microwave it though?

Автор aaliyah petito ( назад)

Автор Thomas Hopper ( назад)
the instructions was very unclear I got my dick stuck in a tree

Автор Timmy Smith ( назад)
when he goes back on the floor he looks retarded

Автор Timmy Smith ( назад)
I bet no one learned how to do it lol😂😂😂😂😂

Автор David Wood ( назад)
thanks it worked really well just need to tuck

Автор Antoine Gort ( назад)
Why is the video 6mins and in the titel 5 mins???

Автор PRERNA SINGH ( назад)
This is the video which says how to get admitted in the hospital just in 5 minutes

Автор AMINE FELITI ( назад)
I broke my nose my legs and ...

[NOTE](don't go down unless you have a strong heart .

i broke my PS3 gamepad .

Автор Dominic Nick ( назад)
about to try

Автор Stayinit Grotopia ( назад)
hi bro

Автор Youtube Guy ( назад)
how to look retarded in 5 minutes

Автор Saad Omar ( назад)
I have a wife now

Автор Fabulicious 4 Life ( назад)
Please sub to my channel

Автор Vegetto Blue ( назад)
How to break your neck less than 5 minutes

Автор Samuel Belyea ( назад)
Thanks for teaching us

Автор Jalon Staples ( назад)
drive up into the 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор burger hut ( назад)
lol what

Автор Nickz421 ( назад)
Holy dude not 5 minutes but 10 minutes ican do backflip now thank you very much! I'll sub's and like. Dude you help me a lot!

Автор Salman Khan ( назад)

Автор Nae Minnie ( назад)
No No No dont eat that power roll.......

Автор AcegamerTV ( назад)
it worked for me

Автор Jason Bunn ( назад)
aye, I'm in toumbling 4 in my school and he doesn't do half of anything he's doing right. this guy taught this to himself. look at his backward roles, they are bad. I don't think that these steps will do much in 5mins.

Автор Meka Achilles ( назад)
hell yeah I support you because I just subbed! back flips and all of the gymnastic moves are all in my bucket list to do and I'd like to learn.

Автор justsomeawesome dude ( назад)
the backflip broke my neck.

Автор XxGang SlayerxX ( назад)
I Woke Up With This Vid On My Phone xD

Автор XxGang SlayerxX ( назад)
Good Steps....How did I end up with a fork in my hand next to an outlet?!?!?

Автор XxGang SlayerxX ( назад)
What's a moo-cockoo

Автор Yolo Young ( назад)
Didn't work.... I tried this in my backyard and snapped my vertebra. Now I'm paralyzed from the neck down.... thanks😳

Автор L ( назад)
i love when he says bam and low at 2:27

Автор CP Imagined ( назад)
"It'll help loosen up the spine"....before you lose the use of it forever.

Автор Hector Garza ( назад)

Автор Nicktar YT ( назад)
i broke my finger when i tried this and im only 10 years old

Автор Wing Yeng Tan Illuminati ( назад)
I taught it is very hard and when I c so easy

Автор Wing Yeng Tan Illuminati ( назад)
I have already know it since I was very young

Автор maxim beazley ( назад)
i broke my foot. ):

Автор maxim beazley ( назад)
thanks very much b**** im in hospital!

Автор TylerCR ( назад)
Oh shit. I did it. It took 1 hour but I fucking did it. I DID A FUCKING BACK FLIP. Best tutorial ever.

Автор Kaycee Pedigo ( назад)
I learned this in five minutes thx dude

Автор Landrick Moore ( назад)
I broke my arm because of this

Автор Orlando Mendez ( назад)
Jaja that's a neck

Автор Jorik ( назад)
done on green screen

Автор updowndrugs ( назад)
I broke my neck and I am paralyzed for life, thanks.

Автор Sanyukta singh ( назад)

Автор C Sampract ( назад)
I'm still afraid

Автор Charles Goldsmith ( назад)
Am I the only one who thinks the last part is really hard?

Автор Captain Anarchy ( назад)
is it just me or is this guy an unlikable cunt.

Автор Bonzai 博佐 ( назад)
Guys, seriously don't attempt this at home. If you really want to learn the backflip, get a trainer don't learn it from a youtube video.

Автор Beeffuggee ( назад)
you need to jump high and as soon you are high enough, tuck your knees and flip! Dont be scared, just yolo

Автор Zef Markaj ( назад)

Автор Dijeesh Kumar ( назад)
I haven't studied & broken my neck..
now I'm in hospital..
these all happened by you.. bluudy *****

Автор Yacoub Siniora ( назад)
I fucked my arm NO NEED FOR SCHOOL that helped more than the flip thx bro!!!!!

Автор Aliyah Diaz ( назад)
Dumb ways to die
So many dumb ways to die
Try to do a backflip
And snap your neck
There so many other
Things that could happen next
Dumb was to die so many dumb ways to die

Автор Adrenaline Rush ( назад)
1 like= 1 respect of people who ended in hospital doing this

Автор Justin Boloss ( назад)
people who says this is shit ... go hang yourself , this videos is not here to teach you how to backflip after 5 mins , but the training you need to do daily , you do the first step 2-3 weeks (10mins /day) second same , third same...

Автор Benjamin Kom ( назад)
hello Bro... which one if difficult between backflip and front..???

Автор Naman Ganjur ( назад)
Who was inspired by the Dudesons to do a backflip?

Автор Mohammad Jalal ( назад)
very nice , cool

Автор Snafus ( назад)
wierd he could do a backflip. he is not in shape haahahh u can hear it haha

Автор Santhosh Vicky ( назад)
which camera u used

Автор Aidan Gutierrez ( назад)
That is the nicest field ever I wanna play soccer on that so badly

Автор Jaas ( назад)
I couldn't learn in 5 minutes, per sè...

50 minutes x 100.

Автор Microwaved Pancakes ( назад)
Thanks, now I can be Josh Dun

Автор paul james ( назад)
But the video goes for 6:04

Автор Miss. Sona Entertainment ( назад)
Subscribe me I will subscribe you back. thank s

Автор Emilly Sander ( назад)
Best friends
Now engaged
I died laughing

Автор Emilly Sander ( назад)
Power jump lol

Автор StyLo ( назад)
instructions not clear,I fucked my cat

Автор LightZ™ ( назад)
i did broke my arm tho LOL

Автор Rahul open mind ( назад)
good job bro

Автор Kashif Ch ( назад)

Автор Suha Ahmed ( назад)
Really nice.....

Автор Meme Yautja ( назад)
bullshit, this is a 6 minute video

Автор Get some Awesomeness ( назад)
plz sub me I will sub u

Автор KSI Tonto 1st ( назад)
I got a backflip in 1 minute

Автор COLEPlayz4dayz ( назад)
subscribe to me for a giveaway

Автор Jahyra Williama ( назад)
omg he helps alottt

Автор spoder man ( назад)

Автор Poke Freak ( назад)
Its not possible to learn the backflip in under five minutes for a person who hasnt got any experience with it.

Автор Top 3 ( назад)
oh shit I broke my ass from "makako"

with mi like

Автор Raja Daniyal ( назад)
This video is of 6 minutes so how the fuck would that be learn in 5 minutes ... you dumb fuck -_-

Автор radzi ibrahim ( назад)
u need to know at least.. a basic front flip to learn it in 5 minute.. i know it bcuz i do freerun😁😁

Автор กฤติธี ศรีชนะ ( назад)
Thank you very much^^

Автор Ayin Ayin ( назад)
i can't do that!!!. HOW TO DO THAT!!!!!!!

Автор Harsh Avinash ( назад)
you broke my neck

Автор Random Name ( назад)
thanks that helped

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