Hey Steve: I'm 24 Years Old And Have Never Had A Girlfriend

  • Published on Jun 14, 2018
  • This is a first- Steve Harvey brings an audience member on stage to practice flirting!
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Comments • 3 424

  • Daksiezo
    Daksiezo 3 hours ago

    Awww, he's a handsome guy too. He'll find the right girl soon enough.

  • Thomas Grabowski
    Thomas Grabowski 7 hours ago

    LOL! Steve Harvey is always killing it!!

  • Heyits Dave
    Heyits Dave 11 hours ago

    People need to stop sugar coating stuff. It is all about looks when it comes to girls. Forget swag forget confidence and etc it is about looks. Men stop lying to yourselfs and girls stop lying to these men period.

  • Jean Mukwiye
    Jean Mukwiye 14 hours ago

    She bad

  • Malcolm X Made
    Malcolm X Made Day ago

    Damn she looks like Lauren London

  • travon5337
    travon5337 Day ago

    How many boyfriend's?🤔

  • jamey smith
    jamey smith Day ago

    Steve wouod be annincel if he wasnt rich lol

  • Johnny Brown
    Johnny Brown Day ago

    She fine afffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • Shan
    Shan Day ago

    Em not alone😭

  • Lance Rivera
    Lance Rivera Day ago

    It ain't all about her 🤦‍♂️

  • I AM KaYnAn
    I AM KaYnAn 2 days ago +1

    Swag isnt something you can develop. It's an innate attribute

  • Earnest Hill
    Earnest Hill 2 days ago

    S/o to Steve It take a real O.G to try and teach another man how to get some swag about himself. I've tried

  • Frank
    Frank 2 days ago

    This man should be proude that he didn't meet those black holes where your wallet magicialy disspear. and if you reaaly wanna be doomed son, just put your wallet on the table @ were your eating, If its fat enuff they will come around the corner xD

  • paintballfreak98
    paintballfreak98 2 days ago +1

    😂😂😂 im cracking up before he even spoke to her

  • RebelLeader
    RebelLeader 3 days ago

    The girl was instantly attracted to Steve. When Steve turned his back, you could see her step forward in his direction. That's a sure sign of atttaction.

  • Dennis A
    Dennis A 3 days ago

    All he needs is money. Forget swag!

    • Dennis A
      Dennis A 2 days ago

      Repent and Believe ok dad!

    • Repent and Believe
      Repent and Believe 3 days ago

      +Dennis A no way what if he's robbed by his girlfriend. Then he may never trust another woman. What are you thinking bruh?

    • Dennis A
      Dennis A 3 days ago

      Repent and Believe That’s the easiest way to get a girlfriend. Yes way!

    • Repent and Believe
      Repent and Believe 3 days ago

      No dude so women can take advantage of him. No way!

  • Slow Turtle Love Bug

    I love his voice😍😍😍☺☺☺ and his hair is cool

  • Tirrell25
    Tirrell25 4 days ago

    whoever posted this was slick.putting the pic of a woman up with the title to tet extra views

  • Lindsay White
    Lindsay White 4 days ago

    Swag isn’t everything. I don’t think he needs swag. He already seems pretty confident. Pick up lines and “plays” don’t work on or for everybody. He’ll probably be better off just being himself and just finding women with similar interests.

  • Jessi _ Robin
    Jessi _ Robin 4 days ago +13

    It’s the red hair honestly , makes him look like a serial killer kinda .... 👀🤷🏽‍♀️😫

    • Daksiezo
      Daksiezo 3 hours ago

      No...I think it's nice! Maybe a different style though.

    • Jessi _ Robin
      Jessi _ Robin Day ago

      Okie Rider lol they do indeed but this particular one needs a little sun 🌞 😫😂

    • Okie Rider
      Okie Rider Day ago +1

      Ginger lives matter, too! Lol

    • Jessi _ Robin
      Jessi _ Robin 4 days ago

      jed52 he needs darker highlights added in at the very least , the orange : red hair gives him a pale complexion , looks like his palms are damp and clammy 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • jed52
      jed52 4 days ago +1

      No, it just needs to styled differently.

  • lungelo ngobese
    lungelo ngobese 4 days ago

    Steve is the best!🙆💓🔥

  • FelineFokus
    FelineFokus 5 days ago

    I'm 28 yrs old and have never had a girlfriend. So.. but I've hit on 1 and kissed 1 😹

  • Arjustice Davis
    Arjustice Davis 6 days ago +4

    The lady in the video beautiful I need to meet her just a thought doe

    BIG6BOXING 6 days ago

    first thing he should have done was complimented the girl. like "awe man Steve!! you had to pick the prettiest girl out the crowd?"

  • Boris Dzotov
    Boris Dzotov 6 days ago

    Thats are the same advice his brother told him when he was younger

  • EVO X
    EVO X 7 days ago

    For someone who is a loner, he did this on TV in front of the world.

  • Kh Surjakumar
    Kh Surjakumar 8 days ago

    Wow.. M gonna use that line right now... My whole night would be complete... Cool..

  • J M
    J M 8 days ago

    That old head game don’t work lmao

  • fabricetraub
    fabricetraub 8 days ago


  • Family 2
    Family 2 9 days ago

    And what is wrong with that?

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles 9 days ago

    Steve be swanging that swag!!

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles 9 days ago

    So girls will sleep with him but won't go out with him??

  • Rashon725
    Rashon725 10 days ago

    Those type of lines depends on the situation and HOW you say it and how you carry that out. It might sound weird or creepy to some people but its not. Depends on how you approach the girl and the setting. That wont work at nightclub at all. But maybe a bar or a party like a gathering or you being in a restaurant maybe. And if the female looks like she would take it wrong or negative I wouldn’t even bother

  • Nopity
    Nopity 10 days ago

    I swear when he started talking to her I just couldnt stop laughing.

  • Bertarontaria
    Bertarontaria 12 days ago

    No no no that walk.

  • TheBeauty
    TheBeauty 12 days ago

    I 29 and never had a real boyfriend.

  • Marcel Kurnia
    Marcel Kurnia 13 days ago +2

    He's look like the guy from Kingsman division.. hahahah😂

  • Deon Gordon
    Deon Gordon 14 days ago

    He look like dash from the incredibles

  • Ella R
    Ella R 15 days ago

    Devine??? Mkre like Defiiine

  • Starlin Peña
    Starlin Peña 15 days ago

    he's not bad looking so he should get a girl with no problem

  • w4k1- 70wn
    w4k1- 70wn 15 days ago

    The girl is gorgeous...she looks like Lauren London.

  • CRM Potential
    CRM Potential 16 days ago

    No matter how much swag one has, a woman will go for looks first

  • Ojogbane Amedu
    Ojogbane Amedu 16 days ago

    Bro you’re a ginger, time to jump off a cliff.

  • Milos Radusinovic
    Milos Radusinovic 16 days ago

    In the UK this never works for girls i bet all I got haha! They just think your corny with that approach...

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali 17 days ago

    She’s looks like Lauren London

  • let's do it 1000subs without a video

    That's our problem as introverts

  • king ayub
    king ayub 18 days ago

    1:19 "ahh... so cool"

  • Wisdom Tainamei
    Wisdom Tainamei 19 days ago +1

    First he had to stop looking like a 40..oops

  • Aj Morris
    Aj Morris 19 days ago

    How he teaching swag when he married his mistress?

  • Duke Cledson
    Duke Cledson 19 days ago +1

    I was rolling my eyes at Steve lame line,plus he’s missing the point.The guy has confidence and swag whatever you call it.He been smashing these hoes lol he is just an introvert, and wanna meet the special girl. I think he should go to libraries, college campus movies, book stores more often.

  • Aaron Brown
    Aaron Brown 19 days ago

    This dude dont have no problems. The problem isnt the introductions or who he is. He probably just needs to be more chill when at these dates. His time will come if it hasn't already.

  • 252laylow
    252laylow 21 day ago

    Who else caught the ''FML'' at 2:54..? LMAO

  • Ting Batuuka
    Ting Batuuka 21 day ago

    Mhm this man is strange

  • Pomas ALVAREZ
    Pomas ALVAREZ 22 days ago +2

    Steve is not as smooth as he thinks....i was laughing at his lame line

  • Thomas Wood
    Thomas Wood 23 days ago

    Straight outta the 716

  • Jacqueline Ramphal
    Jacqueline Ramphal 23 days ago

    Brandon, you look like Elton John!

  • MrTroysteeler
    MrTroysteeler 24 days ago +1

    21 and never had a girlfriend but I’m out here so 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Khanya Angie
    Khanya Angie 24 days ago +1


  • Roberto Brown
    Roberto Brown 25 days ago

    Yes señor Steve?

  • Roberto Brown
    Roberto Brown 25 days ago +1

    You have that swagger my friend?

  • Roberto Brown
    Roberto Brown 25 days ago

    Don't said you are this/you need to Lear there is many ways in life ?

  • sudam pandule
    sudam pandule 25 days ago

    I have girlfriend.
    She is from Australia.
    And I am from India.
    And last thing is that I am a visually impaired person.
    There is no matter that if you have a girlfriend or not.
    Just because of life is beautiful,wee need to celebrate every day in our life

  • lana sealy
    lana sealy 27 days ago

    Really?? That works?? Guess your night not gonna be complete then cause that is creepy smh

  • Lolo Moss
    Lolo Moss 27 days ago

    wow i would love to see that episode of the swag class cause he needs help. i'm like him laid back don't like to be in crowds unless its church or a concert. i prefer bowling or an arcade to a club or a bar. i would love to see the episode where he finds a date tho!

  • Michael Savin
    Michael Savin 28 days ago

    Looks like Jimmy Hopkins

  • black and silver diamond

    Steve has his flaws but he still has class.

  • ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ

    Welp that weren't awks at all

  • My Movie Clips
    My Movie Clips Month ago

    She fine!

    MD LUQMAN AHSEN Month ago

    Official girlfriend...🤔🤔🤔

  • Paul Mcdowell
    Paul Mcdowell Month ago

    It’s all about the shoulder touch now 😂 “hey”

  • sawako lucia
    sawako lucia Month ago +2

    0:17 lower left corner will make you smile

  • Ali Masoom
    Ali Masoom Month ago


  • Ali Masoom
    Ali Masoom Month ago

    I am 20 and I also don't have a girlfriend so that's not a problem bto


    This girl so beautiful tho

  • wiisalute
    wiisalute Month ago

    I've been avoiding girls a lot for about 9 years now. I'm not kidding. I mean I've always wanted to talk to a girl before but I'm afraid to have a crush on someone or think a girl is cute because everybody says "let it happen naturally" which to me sounds like just keep avoiding women, as If having a crush is forbidden, get that out of your head. it's been frustrating me for years the more I avoid women that I cant even sleep. I'm going on 26 in just a couple of months. And yes I'm introverted.

  • Our Blended Family Life Living our best life

    lol nice Brandon he tried

  • life is give or taken

    I never had a girlfriend am 19 but I have friends with benefits

  • Master Mind
    Master Mind Month ago

    She's burning hot man!!!!

  • lutendo netshikweta

    Steve is too old School 😂😂😂that won’t work

  • Mathias K
    Mathias K Month ago

    He's antisocial but came on a national television show

    NEW HOPE Month ago

    Wtf I'm 29 I have never had a official or unofficial girlfriend

  • paulettie mwami
    paulettie mwami Month ago

    I feel you brother.....

  • Hakim Diggins
    Hakim Diggins Month ago

    Tell bro come to my hood we gunna get him swagged out 🙌🏾

  • tellno lies
    tellno lies Month ago

    he's still young... he got time

  • Mr Slate
    Mr Slate Month ago

    Doesn't realize how lucky he is

  • Devil Reborn
    Devil Reborn Month ago

    Get some SWAG man...

  • Job John
    Job John Month ago

    I'm 23 and never had a girlfriend, not a problem to me. Where I'm come from girls are dream killers, which is what I am in love with nw

  • Reagan Muriuki
    Reagan Muriuki Month ago

    Apparently Steve has been offering solutions to people facing the same challenges I face.People have been opening up about situations I used to avoid opening up about,which makes me realize am not the only one struggling with these situations.I better fly to Los Angeles.

  • Kody Lujan
    Kody Lujan Month ago

    Dudes like him is lucky he never had one cause at least he dont have to worry about what it be like to be with a no good woman! Real talk I wish ive never met my ex 😂

  • Sun 54
    Sun 54 Month ago

    2:36 like steves audience dania was only taught how to clap and smile 😀

  • Kathrine Exume
    Kathrine Exume Month ago

    24 lol bruh u look like 37

  • Patchmade Bum
    Patchmade Bum Month ago +1

    Here in 2019 and I remember when steve brother told him to used that pickup line when he was in college. Good to see it stayed with him 😂😂👌🏾

  • Nathaniel Barnes
    Nathaniel Barnes Month ago

    She is beautiful he better get her take her on a date

  • Juan Acosta
    Juan Acosta Month ago

    Bro you ain’t the only one I’m 22 and never had a girlfriend as well it’s because women now a days don’t like shy guys that’s what I think

  • Sugar Spice And Everything Nice

    He does have a good voice

  • changlensher charles

    He seem kinda old for 24 probably 34

  • lily lunsford
    lily lunsford Month ago

    Well hell ima be just like him 😂

  • E The Youtuber
    E The Youtuber Month ago

    All he needs to do is grow his hair out, girls will be all over him Lol!

  • Mel Mel
    Mel Mel Month ago +2

    This is deceptive because of the title and the face they put in the thumbnail.

  • Jay Buc
    Jay Buc Month ago

    I didn’t have a girlfriend at 24 I tried all the time I just got rejected every time 🤷🏽‍♂️