Candice Swanepoel's 10-Minute Guide to "Fake Natural" Makeup and Faux Freckles | Beauty Secrets

  • Published on Oct 19, 2018
  • Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel reveals how to do sunkissed skin, faux freckles, and the perfect lip tint on camera.

    Filmed by Talia Collis
    Filmed at the Standard
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    Candice Swanepoel's 10-Minute Guide to "Fake Natural" Makeup and Faux Freckles | Beauty Secrets
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  • Liberty being
    Liberty being 6 hours ago

    11 minutes of ur life tryin to look good and fit in a fuckin sick society. Natual beauty is the real beauty.

  • ReferenceSlut
    ReferenceSlut 16 hours ago

    she's wearing makeup at the start...

  • Latif Astarsaky
    Latif Astarsaky Day ago


  • Leon Degrelle
    Leon Degrelle Day ago

    2:05 Subconscious reaction

  • ki ko
    ki ko 2 days ago +1

    she's so sweeet???!!!!

  • Anyela Öz
    Anyela Öz 2 days ago


  • Lisa Cheney
    Lisa Cheney 3 days ago +1

    you need your adam's apple shaved again.

    • Ooff Loof
      Ooff Loof 21 hour ago

      Jealousy is so ugly on you 💅

  • Gianna Rose
    Gianna Rose 3 days ago +1

    I love her, but idk if it's just me or her body (skin) looks really damaged? At least what I can see

    • Peaches 097
      Peaches 097 Day ago

      @AJ and she said if you heard in the video her "veiny chest" is due to breast feeding

    • Peaches 097
      Peaches 097 Day ago

      The effects of pregnancy she said if you heard in the video.

  • Diya Monica Mathew
    Diya Monica Mathew 4 days ago

    9:38 her hair looks like a miracle 😳

  • Daisy McKendrick
    Daisy McKendrick 4 days ago +11

    Keep in mind, this woman has had *multiple children*



  • REGINA Santos
    REGINA Santos 5 days ago

    Essa aí entrou na fila da beleza e não saiu mais😍

  • generate email
    generate email 5 days ago

    For anyone is wondering about the brushes she uses, it's NARS Yachiyo Brush #27 and everything else is pretty much Sigma (incl. an eyeshadow brush for her lip)

  • Devi Widodo
    Devi Widodo 6 days ago +1

    imagine being this beautiful 😍

  • xcooc d0d0d0
    xcooc d0d0d0 6 days ago

    baasically worst expericance

  • Eden Jaynes
    Eden Jaynes 6 days ago

    Okay so I’m copying this entire look

  • xcooc d0d0d0
    xcooc d0d0d0 6 days ago

    not a verty good one

  • ASMR Konney 고니
    ASMR Konney 고니 6 days ago

    so so beautiful🐣

  • Ena Ibrena
    Ena Ibrena 7 days ago +2

    one of the most beautiful and attractive mom ever ❤️ been a fan of her since I saw her Victoria's Secret performance

  • Pearl B
    Pearl B 7 days ago

    Next step, wedding dress


    Good Morning Britain

  • Furkan Sarıçiçek
    Furkan Sarıçiçek 8 days ago

    I used this product and liked it very much
    . I say advice

  • Jenny 19
    Jenny 19 8 days ago +1

    This is an asmr video

  • chemistry lab
    chemistry lab 10 days ago +1

    TBH she doesn't need any make up she is pretty af

    INFONEWS 11 days ago

    A maquiagem só ressaltou a Beleza natural dessa linda mulher.

  • Lola Lilac
    Lola Lilac 12 days ago +20

    If SHE gets cheated...lord have mercy on us uglies

    • Ooff Loof
      Ooff Loof 21 hour ago

      @Sallyy Zaidii I mean she looks unbothered. What a queen. 💘

    • nabila oukhiat
      nabila oukhiat 5 days ago

      Uglies never gent cheated on 😂

    • Sallyy Zaidii
      Sallyy Zaidii 6 days ago +1

      Lola Lilac Her babydaddy / husband cheated on her when she was pregnant with her second child

  • Alex Larson
    Alex Larson 13 days ago +3

    Aaaaaaaaaand she’s definitely more beautiful than I’ll ever be!!

  • Jane Potter
    Jane Potter 14 days ago +3

    The lighting is kind of weird

  • Leslie Traveler
    Leslie Traveler 14 days ago

    Whats the lip tint that she uses before the Nars lip

  • Śhãłù
    Śhãłù 15 days ago

    U need 2 heavy make up

  • Nicole Weiland
    Nicole Weiland 15 days ago +20

    This woman is using a mauve Mac eye shadow as a freaking contour. Seriously? Only she could get away with that lol
    So freaking gorgeous

  • Alvin Vega Valle
    Alvin Vega Valle 16 days ago +1

    This is the third time I watch this video ❤️

  • Ateii Chinxah
    Ateii Chinxah 16 days ago

    You are very pretty Candice I'm your fans

  • khush lovie
    khush lovie 17 days ago +8

    She is so soft. Love her face

  • Le Magicienne
    Le Magicienne 18 days ago

    her natural eyebrows are awesome

  • Magdalena Wagner
    Magdalena Wagner 18 days ago

    Which sunscreen do you use in your face?

  • Celia Baybutt
    Celia Baybutt 18 days ago

    these videos are my favorite! check out my mock Vogue Beauty Secrets video

  • Mora Lake
    Mora Lake 20 days ago

    Thank you.

  • John Axe
    John Axe 20 days ago

    Now all you need is a puppy to lick it all off your face.

  • Karolina Milik
    Karolina Milik 20 days ago

    Any idea what bronzer is she using at the beginning ?? 🙏

  • Ceylin Üzüm
    Ceylin Üzüm 21 day ago

    she is so old😭

  • Lindsay DeClute
    Lindsay DeClute 21 day ago +5

    Lord have mercy!! My god she’s one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IVE EVER SEEN! I could literally watch her get ready for hours!

  • Pablo Gomez
    Pablo Gomez 22 days ago +3

    The sexiest and the most beautiful Victoria secret model ever !!!
    And forgot her voice she’s really a angel 🥰

  • Kiana Ramos
    Kiana Ramos 22 days ago

    Wow wow wow I wanna feel as good as she looks

  • Eden Barker
    Eden Barker 22 days ago

    The brooooows

  • anyssa00
    anyssa00 23 days ago +96

    And they say beautiful women dont have personalitys.

  • Pablo Gomez
    Pablo Gomez 23 days ago


  • Alex xx
    Alex xx 23 days ago +15

    I think someone left their kid loose he is typing many things xD

    • 渋い
      渋い 22 days ago

      bruh it’s literally a grown man typing nonsense what-

  • Talya Kurt
    Talya Kurt 26 days ago +28

    Candice could literally be Romee’s mam

    • Talya Kurt
      Talya Kurt 18 days ago

      FairGaladriel yeah that makes more sense actually!

    • FairGaladriel
      FairGaladriel 18 days ago +3

      More like older sister but I think she looks more like Elsa.

  • Roxfill
    Roxfill 26 days ago

    So beaultiful. Lovely.

  • Dark Rose15
    Dark Rose15 27 days ago +9

    This makes me happy to have thick eyebrows instead of pencil thin.

  • Galina Korf
    Galina Korf 27 days ago

    Amazing video!!! Love you so much!! 😉‍❤️‍💋‍💞
    Look this to

  • Yasasmi Herath
    Yasasmi Herath 28 days ago

    I know she's a very beautiful model. But she's such weird without make-up

  • jimmy youngblood
    jimmy youngblood Month ago

    yea but ur ugly

    • FIFA
      FIFA 25 days ago

      are you talking about yourself?

  • Robespierrey
    Robespierrey Month ago

    Wow. Over 3600 dislikes. Why?

  • Reyna
    Reyna Month ago +217

    6:08 "Put some lip balm on.."
    Candice: Pulls out a glue stick
    me: wHaT..?

  • Daniela Gómez
    Daniela Gómez Month ago

    She looks so normal with out make up,and she looks like a very nice person

  • 정진
    정진 Month ago

    Material: Candice's face

  • heya world
    heya world Month ago +3

    Her eyes ♥️OMG

  • what a cutie
    what a cutie Month ago +3

    HER EYES 😍😍😍😍

  • Melinda
    Melinda Month ago +1

    she looks like a tiger, in the best way