The Struggles of Having Long Hair

  • Published on Jan 23, 2017
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  • Farwa Rizvi
    Farwa Rizvi 7 hours ago

    2:39 exaggeration much

  • Farwa Rizvi
    Farwa Rizvi 7 hours ago


  • Giovanni Laboy Valentin

    Is it just me, or is there a little skit missing? The one with the willow smith song?

  • Joan Diaz
    Joan Diaz Day ago

    Using public transport!! Standing in a crowded bus and ur hair falls onto someone’s seat... gets ripped off every time the driver hits the brakes!! 😬😬

  • Matt v Gaming
    Matt v Gaming Day ago

    Repunzul: *sees this video*

    Repunzul: *hold my tiara*

  • mylife5
    mylife5 Day ago

    lmao 4:15

  • Alexcia Quintero

    Thick long hair that’s me lol this is meeee lol

  • Μαρία Δ.
    Μαρία Δ. Day ago


  • Abeer
    Abeer Day ago

    That moment when you take down your ponytail and it hurt so good yaasss

  • Emmie Playsgacha
    Emmie Playsgacha 2 days ago

    If you love lily make this blue

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 2 days ago

    My hair is so long

  • Natalie Cisneros
    Natalie Cisneros 2 days ago +1

    Who has short hair and all of this you can definitely relate!!!!????😢

  • afghan girl
    afghan girl 2 days ago

    Just me 😂😅

  • Gamer MirChan
    Gamer MirChan 3 days ago

    Well, i have short hair :v

  • Ravishing Raveoli
    Ravishing Raveoli 3 days ago

    I can totally feel this video... Having long hair is a real struggle.

  • Mia LaRuffa
    Mia LaRuffa 3 days ago

    ok but you know the buttons on the back of school chairs? they pull my hair every time lmao

  • Sahana Sankaradoss
    Sahana Sankaradoss 3 days ago

    This was the first video I watched from superwoman’s channel

  • April Voelkner
    April Voelkner 3 days ago

    Now i can actually relate to this

  • Dash_Builds
    Dash_Builds 4 days ago

    I think at 3:39 we all have that problem.

  • Emely Chavarriasewer

    I dont have long hair but i have very thick hair

  • Rita Al Safar
    Rita Al Safar 4 days ago

    So relatable girl😂

  • ll OLA K ACE l l
    ll OLA K ACE l l 4 days ago

    Lol that's me right there

  • Queen Keke
    Queen Keke 4 days ago

    1:10 what was up with her toe

  • •Amber The Midnight Wolf•

    Same lol

  • A gacha Galaxy
    A gacha Galaxy 4 days ago +1

    The next video thag popped up said 10 rapunzles in real life

  • Teja Ponnada
    Teja Ponnada 4 days ago

    I want this hair 😭

  • heather_withthelonghair

    Omg, I swear I have never had a video speak to my soul more! 🤣🤣 HILARIOUS and now you have a new subscriber!!

  • Everything Awesome
    Everything Awesome 5 days ago

    Well cut it then

  • sushmita rathore
    sushmita rathore 5 days ago

    My man too get stuck in my hairs nd my sunglasses also

  • dogs and alpacas can draw and dance too

    I have the same problem but I have curly hair

  • Rajneet Deva
    Rajneet Deva 5 days ago

    So true

  • Zoe Graziano
    Zoe Graziano 5 days ago

    2:20 turn on subtitles


  • Grace Enchanted
    Grace Enchanted 5 days ago

    I had thick, long curly hair ( not as long as lily's) for the majority of my life and then I decided to cut it short. Best Life Decision Ever.

  • Kara Mair
    Kara Mair 5 days ago

    what about the yogert and hair situation (ps i used to relate to all of these then i cut my hair)

  • Puppy Cake
    Puppy Cake 5 days ago

    *i can relate to all of these and the lip gloss witch you FORGOT*

  • Jraux
    Jraux 5 days ago

    Is no one gunna ask why the window was open while it was still raining.

  • Duck Molangs
    Duck Molangs 6 days ago

    I cut my hair bc it got damaged from a product that I didn’t win bc I was going to sue them but most of these are true and I have even longer hair than lily it’s up to my knees and you can use on hair tie to put up your hair and when I dried it it took 3 hours with a blow dryer! When it’s naturally it takes about 7 hours
    But the restroom one is so annoying and when people sit on your hair

  • wilfredoipac
    wilfredoipac 6 days ago



  • Skye Johnson
    Skye Johnson 6 days ago

    This is why I cut mine😂😂

  • Sabina Elhage
    Sabina Elhage 6 days ago +2

    I relate with all thes but i dont have long hair

    Oh yeah it's because i have A LOT of hair

    A LOT......

  • Ellie _
    Ellie _ 6 days ago

    I know how you feel... I have long curly hair. And when I say long I mean LONG

  • देशभक्त
    देशभक्त 6 days ago +1

    Hey Lily genuinely tell me which hair product do you use... because your hair is so smooth and shinning... how... 🤔😚🙄

  • Hannah Barton
    Hannah Barton 7 days ago +1

    My life in a 4 minute 58 seconds video lol
    Edit: this is why I’m cutting my hair to just below my shoulders lol

  • Husky_Queen 28
    Husky_Queen 28 7 days ago

    Wen I was 8 a had 1 meter of hair (Im 11 now soooo yeah I have like half of a meter of hair rn and yeah I understand the destroyed hear tie yup it rips every single time oof)

  • Bunnycorn Donut
    Bunnycorn Donut 7 days ago +1

    I can relate to sunglasses getting caught in your hair , all the hair tyes breaking and when people sit on your hair mines down to my knees

  • Agam Levy
    Agam Levy 7 days ago

    2:37 she is watching Dan!!

  • Olive Miller
    Olive Miller 7 days ago

    Cut it off! You would look really cute!

  • marka ho
    marka ho 7 days ago

    Who takes off their sunglasses like that 3:00

  • seerit the random vid gurl! :3

    Am I the only one who can relate to almost all of these?

  • Phan Phanatic
    Phan Phanatic 7 days ago +1

    2:36 how did I just realise now that she was watching Dan Howell 😱

    • Phan Phanatic
      Phan Phanatic 6 days ago

      Emily Grace Same ☺️☺️

    • Emily Grace
      Emily Grace 7 days ago +1

      Depression is my middle name
      i saw it and literally screeched

  • Bananakitty 100000
    Bananakitty 100000 7 days ago

    And thats why i cut my hair 😂

  • Susan Famuyibo
    Susan Famuyibo 7 days ago

    Change the title to struggles of thick hair

  • Apoorva Raj
    Apoorva Raj 8 days ago

    Exactly same situation!

  • Kashish
    Kashish 8 days ago

    I was facing same kind of things and now it's been almost 4 years me having shoulder length hairs.... 😂

  • Lowkey Chloe
    Lowkey Chloe 8 days ago

    can't relate

  • wismu Nisa
    wismu Nisa 8 days ago

    You are so bad

  • Tess slimes
    Tess slimes 8 days ago

    Al latest she has straight hair

  • Miracle Joy
    Miracle Joy 9 days ago

    Who here uses Etae to flatiron?

  • Zodiac
    Zodiac 9 days ago

    Please tell me someone else also saw her watching Dan Howell

  • Dancing Geek
    Dancing Geek 9 days ago

    What's wrong w her toes at 1:10

  • Kaylee Knowles
    Kaylee Knowles 9 days ago

    whoo I don't hav long hair i have pixie hair >:D

  • Jolette Alvarez
    Jolette Alvarez 9 days ago +2

    It’s even more of a struggle when u have long,thick, and curly hair

  • Beyonce Nicole
    Beyonce Nicole 9 days ago


  • Beyonce Nicole
    Beyonce Nicole 9 days ago


  • emilia hey
    emilia hey 9 days ago

    2:16 sorry but why would you have the window all the way down when it’s raining💀

  • lps luna
    lps luna 9 days ago

    Do you know what's sad I am the only teen in my family that has think hair. # struggle for me!!!

  • Precious Jewel
    Precious Jewel 9 days ago +2

    2:51 great acting lil but actually put the Advil in your hand stop faking

  • Lucy Ewbank
    Lucy Ewbank 9 days ago

    2:53 nothing came out of the bottle 👎🏻

  • Maurice Quarles
    Maurice Quarles 10 days ago

    4:15 that's why I don't use hair ties anymore. I use my hair as my hair tie

  • cookie crunch
    cookie crunch 10 days ago

    Yes i hate my hair its so long

  • Gica Manlapig
    Gica Manlapig 10 days ago

    Hey she watching danandphil

  • avie keith
    avie keith 10 days ago

    Then cut It retared

  • Ivonne Arteaga
    Ivonne Arteaga 10 days ago

    You forgot the one hen it gets stuck in a chair like the ones with the circulars

  • Priscilla Espiritu
    Priscilla Espiritu 10 days ago

    I just chopped off 8 inches I feel so light and free hehe

  • Layla White
    Layla White 10 days ago

    my hair is over 3 feet long!

    i need to cut it!! its too long!

    • Layla White
      Layla White 7 days ago

      +Sofia Rich im not going to cut it short im just going to cut the ends

    • Sofia Rich
      Sofia Rich 7 days ago

      Just cut your hair short ok

  • GabiGamer
    GabiGamer 10 days ago



  • Am S
    Am S 10 days ago

    Omg #relatable

    IMMTIAZ 10 days ago

    4:38 had me dead

  • K-pop Lover
    K-pop Lover 10 days ago

    Why is this on my feed also I have long hair too and now I'm subbed

  • Dr. Kz1
    Dr. Kz1 10 days ago

    She didn't even eat the vitamin and 2019 anyone 😁😁😁😀😀😋😋😊🤗🙂😉

  • _*Yuma Yastic*_
    _*Yuma Yastic*_ 10 days ago

    One time someone at my school put and 5p in a girls hair it didn’t drop out until two weeks later🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mohika Bansal
    Mohika Bansal 10 days ago


  • Khushi Kudva
    Khushi Kudva 10 days ago

    i'm lucky i have the shortest hair ever 👌

    • Gina
      Gina 9 days ago

      that aint

  • Moggie loggie
    Moggie loggie 11 days ago +1

    I have hair to round about my knees 😂 but it's ok because I wear a hijab ! Xx

  • 钱币S P I L L T H E T E A.

    Non relatable. I hav super short hair. But people do get my hair in the armpits. 😂

  • Lia Griese
    Lia Griese 11 days ago

    4:20 me

  • Caroline Kenney
    Caroline Kenney 11 days ago

    You forgot when you pull up your pants and your hair gets stuck lol

  • ujjohnson25
    ujjohnson25 11 days ago

    Why don't u just cut half if it

  • IceFox_FireFox
    IceFox_FireFox 11 days ago

    Who else gets frizzies at the top of their head that stick up and won't go down at all..😓

  • Aradhana Singh
    Aradhana Singh 11 days ago

    You are India

  • pranu Pranavi
    pranu Pranavi 11 days ago +1

    My situation in home is same like that iam so struggling with that but saying no to cutting my hair is upto knees

  • Rajai Lamaster
    Rajai Lamaster 12 days ago

    I'm Indian to

  • Rajai Lamaster
    Rajai Lamaster 12 days ago

    That is me

  • Martina Predajňová
    Martina Predajňová 12 days ago +1

    I would kill for hair like this 😍

  • josef rigo
    josef rigo 12 days ago

    Long hair i have a hAck cut it

  • Hello peeps It’s me
    Hello peeps It’s me 12 days ago

    This is so true

  • Abby Donilon
    Abby Donilon 12 days ago

    my hair isn't very long but it's thick so it's really hard to do anything. like braiding it or anything is hard without it being really tight or anything like that. i need about 5 or 6 rubber bands for a bun and it's still a little loose

  • Gray Crowned Crane
    Gray Crowned Crane 12 days ago

    I wouldn't understand bc I have short hair 😂

  • May Sticatto
    May Sticatto 12 days ago

    Congrats on more subscribers than James Charles

  • seymour butts
    seymour butts 12 days ago

    I cut my hair so much, I might as well shave my head! I have a short haircut and the back of my head is already shaved.

    • seymour butts
      seymour butts 12 days ago

      I used to have hair down to my legs when I was younger