PERFECT Ramen Noodles in Osaka Japan: Ichiran Ramen

This is a BOLD claim I know, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about this place since I came back from Osaka, Japan.

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Автор Phillip Ybarra ( назад)
I want ramen now

Автор MDUB W ( назад)
If u are ever in Salt lake city ut u need to try Tosh's ramen!!! So good and tastes legit!! The owner is from Okinawa!!

Автор Jeffrey Nguyen ( назад)
Ichiran ramen is awesome

Автор Miguel Ramirez ( назад)
Instantly hit subscribe after the pure broth description. Either Magic or pure love haha looks really amazing

Автор lin let ( назад)
Since you said you are going back to Japan you should make another video at this place but have different ramen combinations some with spice some without for example. But it may be best to not try the different ramen all in one sitting 😅

Автор Helga Pataki ( назад)
has anyone ever told you that you look like ken jeong? =) anyway, i'm going to japan next week and my friend specifically told to me to watch this video because we're going to try the ichiran ramen..yehey! i can't wait! i guess she wants me to see how to place your order and stuff but this is very helpful. thank you =)

Автор TheHolydruid ( назад)
I want to try this so bad, but theres not a single legit resturan where i live at least not withing a 200 miles

Автор Chris ham ( назад)
You know you have done a great video when ppl watch repeatedly. *raises hand* I have watched this video about 10 times..... Mike when your able to do cooking videos, please do a video making this type of dish #foodloveforMike 😄

Автор akshay patil ( назад)
I loved your video man makes me hungry 😋

Автор Isaac Vuong ( назад)
I bet there is someone on he other side of that curtain with their ear against it wondering who he is talking to

Автор ingrid ( назад)
Yum~ How do you compare Ramen to Pho?

Автор cyl ( назад)
the best part of hving ichiran ramen is that the taste stays in your mouth and u would still have that delicious ramen aftertaste when you're lying on bed at night☺️☺️

Автор Ariel N ( назад)
where did you stay? did you do airbnb..thx

Автор Adrian Garcia ( назад)
I didn't know Jackie Chan had a food channel

Автор Amy Na ( назад)
what do you recommend for someone that can't eat pork?

Автор Angela Sandoval ( назад)
Ive seen this video probably 15 times I need to have this ramen

Автор Evan Nguyen ( назад)
and I'm here eating instant ramen.......

Автор Gwad5593 ( назад)
Is it even hot? I can't see steam coming from it.

Автор Nara Kitsune ( назад)
Thanks to you and this video I was able to make a better PowerPoint presentation! Thanks Mike.

Автор KVL vlogs ( назад)
Why can't they have noodle shops like that in America

Автор VortecMax93 ( назад)
I'm going to Japan a month from now, and this is definitely on my list

Автор Refruiting ( назад)
Not pretty sure if i'd like that

Автор Tiki ( назад)
Have you tried the Brooklyn NY location? I haven't been but looks like there is one there.

Автор AlmostfaKe Corporation ( назад)
I am eating rice and squid, but I imagine being there so I can almost taste the Ramen.

Автор 2hot2hot34 ( назад)
Ive watched this video like 5x idk why its so satisfying to watch

Автор Vincey Lee ( назад)
Ichiran Raman noodle they have it in New York City, New York, USA if you still want to eat it yourself or with someone else. You should go try that place to see if the that place is as great as when you went to japan to try it there.

Автор Sepiks Perfected ( назад)

Автор Chalen Yee ( назад)
beyond science?

Автор Yuri Chang ( назад)
I'd eat this everyday and not get tired of it
Although I'd go broke

Автор Luck ( назад)
Mike would you say the firm or extra firm noodles was better?

Автор PrankTube ( назад)
I want some now

Автор Anirudh Sivakumar ( назад)
damn , I want ramen soo bad, but it is very costly here . :(

Автор TheNulwraith ( назад)
I'm gonna cry this looks so good

Автор Paige Acacio ( назад)
I'm dying I'm literally eating two minute noodles while he's eating this

Автор Ron S ( назад)
great nation....great cuisine!!!!

Автор Chan Yi Tao ( назад)
oh god how is he able to finish two of those big bowl of ramen😵😵

Автор Luci Nide ( назад)
do you pay immediately after giving them the ticket and the "still hungry"paper ?

Автор First name Last name ( назад)
please try the korean fire noodles!!

Автор Moose and Goose ( назад)
its like jackie chan teaching us good food

Автор tolikfox007 ( назад)
did he have to wait in line? when I was there all the good Ramen shops had like at least 1 hr line

Автор rockvader playminecraft ( назад)
when you want to subscribed but you already did

Автор Steven Lambert ( назад)
You rotten bastard! You've caused me to get up and fix 3 bowls of Ramen while watching this!!!! ...and as good as they were...yours was better! LOL!!!!!

Автор Laura Fox ( назад)
I can't tell you how much I want to taste that ramen, omg!😫

Автор Linda Stover ( назад)
Ichiran ramen is a must whenever I go to Japan. The chashu you got with that was a lot leaner than the ones I've had in Tokyo. Maybe it's a regional thing?

Автор Jacky Tran ( назад)
This is my favorite video

Автор James Mcarton ( назад)

Автор Faisal Akbar ( назад)
is it just me or Mike looks like Jackie Chan? lol

Автор mouseroad ( назад)
Never since I saw the movie Tampopo has watching someone eat Ramen made me so hungry for it!

Автор Debra Stone ( назад)
I wish I could afford to go try it. He makes me soooo hungry.

Автор Psychedelic ( назад)
Looks Good

Автор dtls JPN ( назад)
「この一滴が最高の喜びです」(kono ittekiga saikouno yorokobi desu)
=“This drop is the best pleasure ” →The shop thanks for drinking up

Автор Stephen Baggett ( назад)
It's been forever since I've been in a ramen shop. :(

Автор HueJenkins ( назад)
Hey y'all I need some help.

How tf do I make this. I got all the ingredients but how do I make the broth. And how should I cook them?

Автор HueJenkins ( назад)
Hey y'all I need some help.

How tf do I make this.

Автор Sauni Bledsoe ( назад)
wow the way the restaurant works is so cool, I wish we had something like this in the US

Автор mlcamc77 ( назад)
😱😱😱 omg!! that looks delicious & SPICYYYYYY😨.

Автор mlcamc77 ( назад)
😱😱😱 omg!! that looks delicious & SPICYYYYYY😨.

Автор Jack Brown ( назад)
@6:10 or MSG...

Автор James I ( назад)
Mouthgasm...squirting all kinds of fluid from my glands

Автор Harrison Huynh ( назад)
They sell ichiran instant ramen on amazon

Автор Gwaps Finest ( назад)
Is this what goku eats really fast

Автор irene L ( назад)
New York Brooklyn has this

Автор choboutube ( назад)
Ichiran has branches in many other countries/ cities now. They are fairly consistent.

Автор Anna Vo ( назад)
The amount of times that my saliva can out of my mouth when he shows parts of the ramen 👌

Автор LIFE Al-khater ( назад)
👍🏽👍🏽💪 l want to eat Ramen 🍜

Автор Shelton McPike Jr. ( назад)
That Man can eat.

Автор M C ( назад)
I wanna go eat with you now LMAO

Автор Aubrey Bushyhead ( назад)
I have never wanted to eat something so bad in my life 😂

Автор Dodge p ( назад)
The one is Brooklyn is amazing

Автор Cruddy Boy Savage ( назад)
iam so jelly how u got me sittin at work craving Japan's noodles damn

Автор Superchubbyninja ( назад)
makes pho

Автор Sergei Angatkin ( назад)
Amazing channel! The way you are describe your experience while eating delicious ramen is priceless! Well done!

Автор Anthony Link ( назад)
I'm sure he his happy that Ichiran came to NY

Автор rogermorse ( назад)
How high is the probability that such place uses monosodium glutamate, giving everything that taste that makes everybody happy? p.s. yes i was many times in japan and i obviously love ramen. but this is a chain, so.... ?

Автор Patrick Chhakchhuak ( назад)
The thing i love about japs is how they do everything with love and respect for it

Автор Mashell Brooks ( назад)
i like what your doing.. what i don't like that u keep dising Americans.. at least we dont have led in our paint and plastic in our foods...

Автор snowfire5050 ( назад)
Mike, you make me wish I could go on a food adventure with you. You seem to enjoy each experience so much. It makes me sad to live on the East coast of Canada where we can't get Ramen and I have to try to make it myself ( not nearly so delicious looking as what you show. I enjoy your videos very much. informative and funny

Автор haimynameiz shublabadub ( назад)
I used to like ramen but that was before I tried top ramen and it ruined ramen for me but I love Pho

Автор Peachy ( назад)
that looks so good I'm gonna cry

Автор Christine Jung ( назад)
this ramen will ruin your life!!! i was never that big on ramen, i'm from vancouver where we have a lotttt of ramen places to choose from, but i prefer other asian noodle soups (pho is my #1) but when i tried ichiran in tokyo... CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER haha now im constantly on the hunt for good ramen but im always left disappointed... going back to japan in april!!! so excited to eat ichiran again!

Автор iAbbi ( назад)
It's that Antisocial ramen restaurant I saw on Facebook! I'm crying. I want some of that so bad. 😂😭

Автор Digmer ( назад)
i envy how big is your stomach. i have 10 bites of anything and i´m full.

Автор ms wasabi ( назад)
ramen fairy handing it to you, sweet, did you go to ramen musseum?

Автор Syed Shoaib ( назад)
That ramen soup is Beyond Science

Автор mbsec ( назад)
Mike, Can I ask you a favor? I like Ramen and I am going to OSAKA in the end of this month and will certainly go to Ichiran. Since there are so many Ramen lovers out there, I feel that Ramen deserves to be properly pronounced. Ramen came from Chinese noodle, 拉麵. In Japanese's transliteration, the letter "R" is like the English letter "L". So the "Ra" part is pronounced as "LA". The "Men" part is just like ''MEN". So it is LA-MEN, not RAAM-Mun as so many Americans have called it.

Автор 17teacmrocks ( назад)
it's ichiraku ramen in disguise. go check out the forest to find konoha village

Автор JohnRottieWick ( назад)
Boiiiiiiiii you betta put some lotion on them crusty fingers

Автор Lord Dale ( назад)
I'm poor and hungry and can't travel to other countries. Watching this video is one of the worst mistakes of my life

Автор Jason Grey ( назад)
When the video ended i bet he licked the bowl!!! Lol

Автор Jason Grey ( назад)
The melted yolk slowly covers yur tongue 😂😂
he in love with that ramen

Автор siaoliao ( назад)
Ichiran is my true love. I am weak for their ramen. One branch in Shinjuku slightly dropped in standard but EVEN then it's better than many other stores. Uggh craving it now!!!

Автор Le Thomas Chun ( назад)
You should've done spice 100

Автор scarce john ( назад)
hey man really enjoy your content, keep it up.

Автор Kylie MinyaBlackie ( назад)
that's it! I'm booking flights to Japan 😍

Автор brian6265 ( назад)
who else is here from his other channel " beyond science " ?

Автор clarinet3131 ( назад)
The egg is generally my favorite part of ramen, tbh.

Автор A PROCC ( назад)
Check my Tokyo experience video!

Автор nguyen minh ( назад)
damn that bold is appetizing

Автор 紫陽花 i ( назад)

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