• Published on Sep 16, 2018
  • Hello Guys,
    In this video, I have shared my experience of Hitchhiking from Kapan to Goris. After reaching Goris, I have stayed with an old lady named "Larrisa," I have stayed with her for 3 days & I felt like I'm staying with my grandparents. She was super nice.
    Travelling has taught me a lot of lessons, in other words, I can say that traveling completes me.
    If you ever go to Goris, I think you should stay with Larrissa. She lives on Mashtots street, House no 32. She is an old lady, sho lives alone. If you guys stay with her, we can help her by providing her with some money.
    --------Equipments I use -------
    Primary Camera:-
    Action Camera:-
    Wide Angle Lens
    Memory Cards & HDD ------------
    Go Pro Memory Card
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    HDD :-
    1 TB:-
    2 TB:-
    Bags & Camping Equipment. ----------
    Laptop Bag:-
    Sleeping Bag:-
    Camping Tent:-
    Trekking Shoes:-
    Other Accessories -----------
    Power Bank:-
    Go Pro Battery:-
    Go Pro Charger :-
    Go Pro Accessories Kit
    Selfie Stick:-
    Gorilla Pod:-
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  • Nomadic Indian
    Nomadic Indian  6 months ago +13

    What I promise in return ?
    Expect the unexpected thrills of life from the desert of IRAN to the fisherman of Indian Ocean.
    Honest experiences with local peoples which are far from the reach of usual travelers.
    2-3 videos a week.
    My daily life while traveling vlogged.
    I will make you feel and see what I do.

    • Anish Salian
      Anish Salian 5 months ago

      how to do you make time fromyour life to travel around???
      please teachme!!!

    • sprtpradhan
      sprtpradhan 6 months ago

      Russia Jane Ka plan lab hai ??

  • anurag tripathi
    anurag tripathi 14 days ago

    Thats not juice that is home made wine

  • m mas.
    m mas. 18 days ago +1

    I love Armenia and my armenian brother and sisters, from Iran.

  • Study Plus
    Study Plus Month ago

    13:35 Reynolds 45 pen 😃😃😃

  • Dinesh Kumar trd
    Dinesh Kumar trd Month ago

    Mujhe aaj pata chala up Nikhil bhai ka fan Ho wow

  • Anupam Kumar
    Anupam Kumar Month ago

    emotional at 19:32..

  • Abhishek Yadav
    Abhishek Yadav Month ago

    Duniya ki koi v aur kahi ki v dadi ho. Khana humesa thus thus k khilati hai.
    Mai v hostel se ghar jata hu to meri dadi v bahut thus thus k khilati hai.

  • Monisha Boruah
    Monisha Boruah Month ago


  • Jash Parikh
    Jash Parikh Month ago

    Varun and dipanshu ull the proving that world has no boumdaries ive travelled abroad too but dint feel that i connecred with the locals so thnks


  • Ana K
    Ana K Month ago


    ANAND SAINI Month ago

    Bhai beginning ki audio incredible hai

  • dborg
    dborg Month ago

    Dekh ke meri dadi ki yaad a gayi..i miss her

  • Atul Kumar
    Atul Kumar Month ago

    11:47 pe ladki mere ko bahut beautiful thi

  • Ek Safarnama
    Ek Safarnama 2 months ago

    Bhaiya ji seat belt, please

  • Vikas Chaudhari
    Vikas Chaudhari 2 months ago

    I'm watching u r videos ...bcoz u r very honest person

  • Madhu sudan
    Madhu sudan 2 months ago

    भाई वरुन भाई से जरूर मिलना बहुत कुछ सीखने को मिलेगा

  • yunus gouri
    yunus gouri 2 months ago

    fantastic bro

  • Zulfi
    Zulfi 2 months ago

    apki video tu varun se b achi lagi hain varun k sare tour dekhe hain ab ap ki series shuru ki hai buhat maza arha hai.ab pakistan mein ane ka w8 kr rhe u

  • Vineet Saha
    Vineet Saha 2 months ago

    bhai mast lift milta hain

  • arun ibc
    arun ibc 2 months ago

    Good .dear like your tour. but many places you said amount in's UAE currency..?

    MUTHU RAMAN 3 months ago

    i like your videos and the thrilling journey

  • Ritwik .K
    Ritwik .K 3 months ago

    You and Varun bhai should go to a trip together, it would be great 👍

  • Biju Pr
    Biju Pr 3 months ago

    hello man pls talk in english also....

  • utpal sarmah
    utpal sarmah 3 months ago

    I stopped to watch mountain trekker from turkey series i want some freeness thats it

  • Gibb's Vlogs
    Gibb's Vlogs 3 months ago

    Bro eak baath bolu ...
    Aapke videos bohoth natural hai..
    Love it ...
    Keep Travelling
    God Bless You

  • Sele Said
    Sele Said 4 months ago

  • Sahil Gupta
    Sahil Gupta 4 months ago

    I am currently in Goris

  • cgartistsaifhaider
    cgartistsaifhaider 4 months ago

    I think you have been now habitual of doing your work with your one hand as you hold the camera in your other hand most of the time.

  • Kumar Rakesh
    Kumar Rakesh 5 months ago

    Nice 2mh

  • Girish Hada
    Girish Hada 5 months ago

    Two motabhai
    Varunbhai... Dipanshu bhai

  • sanjay mathela
    sanjay mathela 5 months ago

    Best part of ur success is u connects well with people,& why u connects well with people is because every thing comes straight from ur heart !!

  • Biswanath tagore
    Biswanath tagore 5 months ago

    kya couchsurfing me logo ke ghar me rukne ke liya kuch pay karna parta hai kya ?

  • Surendra Pal
    Surendra Pal 5 months ago

    Turkey has done lot of injustice to Armenian. Islmic Jihaad to Christian Armenia

  • Cosmic Goat
    Cosmic Goat 5 months ago

    Armenia, the land of Levon Aronian :-)

  • niketan joshi
    niketan joshi 5 months ago

    Kapade alag alag pehante ho dhote kaha ho

  • Ritesh Kumar
    Ritesh Kumar 5 months ago

    I am loving your video

  • Ritesh Kumar
    Ritesh Kumar 5 months ago

    Good job

  • Manish Luthra
    Manish Luthra 5 months ago

    You shake your camera too much... Either you need to learn to make it stable or its camera problem.

  • Av63PNT0
    Av63PNT0 5 months ago

    Wow what a great people I really want to visit Armenia I love the humbleness, the hospitality, the kindness

  • beautiful india
    beautiful india 5 months ago

    Nice video,

  • Manraj Dhami
    Manraj Dhami 5 months ago

    Ur vlogs are just love and peace and ur smile ... god bless u Brother

  • shikharsharmasweet
    shikharsharmasweet 5 months ago

    Those non-veg ones no hastles !

  • shikharsharmasweet
    shikharsharmasweet 5 months ago

    Finally, done with subs'tion from starting hv been foll Mr.Varun !

  • Neeraj Tripathi
    Neeraj Tripathi 5 months ago

    What is the name of Tomislav Perko channel ?

  • Udit Patel
    Udit Patel 6 months ago

    One man show :) real vloging brother.. No unnecessary drama 👍 soon 1m

  • Da Dead Man
    Da Dead Man 6 months ago

    Good-morning Mr.Been

    • Da Dead Man
      Da Dead Man 6 months ago

      +Nomadic Indian tnx, and I'm back

    • Nomadic Indian
      Nomadic Indian  6 months ago

      Man! Where have you been ? I was missing your Comments 😊😊 it's good to see you back

  • Manish Legha
    Manish Legha 6 months ago

    Aap gear konse use karte ho like camera..???

  • sumit dixit
    sumit dixit 6 months ago

    bro from where did you started your journey from

  • Mithun Khare
    Mithun Khare 6 months ago

    Bhai name name nam nam... Hahhah

  • Balaji Singh .Y
    Balaji Singh .Y 6 months ago

    Hello Boss , one thing i noticed don`t take it bad , its just an advise ok when you seek help and when they help you by dropping or offering you a stay or dinner or food i see that though you tell thank you i don`t feel that you are saying from your heart. Please when people speak do stand for a sec and talk to them and even when you say thank you ,i see that you just say the word thank you and even before you complete the word thank you you immediately you turn your face other side and step out walking.
    Don`t feel bad otherwise everything look good , i really enjoy seeing your video and i always feel the pinch that i did not get an chance like you and being lucky as you.
    Though i am lucky as you but life is not beautiful until we visit different places and i actually i did`nt get an chance to roam around different places meet different people and see their rich religious culture and practices but i fulfilled all those desires by only seeing your videos.
    i Hope and will understand that you will take my things positively.
    All the best keep up your good work of travelling.

  • M Sayed Mohamed
    M Sayed Mohamed 6 months ago

    very good give us more english

  • Pranshul Tripathi
    Pranshul Tripathi 6 months ago

    Mumbiker nikhil should learn from you how to be humble and down to earth and how to travel and how to be a nice kind hearted human being are doing great things....may the force be with you

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    amar rp 6 months ago

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    Anvesh K 6 months ago

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    Nandan Kumar Sharma 6 months ago

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    ritesh mallik 6 months ago

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  • Oinam Amarjit
    Oinam Amarjit 6 months ago

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  • chandirakanthan Nmrs
    chandirakanthan Nmrs 6 months ago

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    Mukesh Pathak 6 months ago

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  • Mukesh Pathak
    Mukesh Pathak 6 months ago

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  • sneaky one
    sneaky one 6 months ago

    Really far much heart touching than staying at those big hotels !!!

  • dnyanesh panchal
    dnyanesh panchal 6 months ago

    I am also fan of Varun Vagish as he is a vegetarian, I am too. So would you please tell me some local vegetarian available food there ? I will be very thankful to you and one day you will be my inspiration to travel the world. Thank you Bhai.

  • ankush kumar
    ankush kumar 6 months ago

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    Gaurav vashistha 6 months ago

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    lastdropofpoison 6 months ago

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    Aussie Rusel 7 months ago

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  • Das dwaipayan
    Das dwaipayan 7 months ago +1

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    Kumar Saurabh 7 months ago

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    pulkit kumar 7 months ago

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    Ashu Khan 7 months ago

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    Ravinder Banduni 7 months ago

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