Box Joint Jig, Finger Joint

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  • BaoLong Nguyen
    BaoLong Nguyen Год назад

    Hi Joe, do you have a video of how you added the modifications (T-track and other features). Thank you very much.

  • Marcos Mancini
    Marcos Mancini 2 года назад

    Amazing !

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson 2 года назад +2

    High Def Video!!! Awesomeness!!!

    • Haylee Stein
      Haylee Stein Год назад +1

      joelupah Follow your own advice.

    • Paul Johnson
      Paul Johnson 2 года назад +2

      "Parents just don't understand" - Will Smith

    • SuperBardley
      SuperBardley 2 года назад

      +joelupah 'Tis true. It is hard being a young'un.
      "Youth is wasted on the young." -- Bernard Shaw

    • Paul Johnson
      Paul Johnson 2 года назад +2

      Thats why it was funny

    • joelupah
      joelupah  2 года назад +1

      +Paul Johnson
      Hey Smart Guy......High Def wasn't a thing in 2008 when this was released.
      "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." - Mark Twain

  • mortdiver
    mortdiver 2 года назад

    shop notes #62 vol 11? Thought it looked familiar. Just bought a new table saw and first thing to make is this box joint jig! Thanks for the vid.

  • Darnley Bynoe
    Darnley Bynoe 3 года назад

    Made one of these with both the T-track and the sawdust relief modifications you suggested, also added about 5 inches to the front shelf, which allows me to clamp and cut all 4 boards (2 offset by one pin width) at once, like those screw advance sliders. Works quite well. Btw, after running around from one hardware store to another to find the right size screw knobs, T-nuts, threaded rods, etc. (ended up using 32 tpi screws), the $15.00 for the set would have been a bargain ;-).

  • dreamwisperer
    dreamwisperer 3 года назад

    what blade do you use to cut such a big portion of the wood?

  • ductile12
    ductile12 4 года назад

    like it !! well done..

  • primitivescrewheads1
    primitivescrewheads1 4 года назад

    Now that is a box joint jig.

  • javier a. castillo
    javier a. castillo 4 года назад

    thank you brother

  • javier a. castillo
    javier a. castillo 4 года назад

    thanks a lot buddie .......great for sharing with us

  • SicSemper100
    SicSemper100 4 года назад

    Just watched your video and I really like the additions you made. I have bought the hardware kit and will add your idea to mine. I am glad I watched.

  • joelupah
    joelupah  4 года назад

    Same set here, also the best accessory for box joints are the new Rockler Clamp Cauls .
    Little pricey but WOW do they work.

  • roger johnson
    roger johnson 4 года назад

    Joe what dado set do you have.I just built the jig and I am still playing with it.I have a freud sd206.

  • Joe The Handyman
    Joe The Handyman 4 года назад

    Excellent jig. I just ordered the plans and hardware from the site you mentioned at the end. They owe you a commission!!! :)

  • John Barter
    John Barter 5 лет назад

    Highly informative.

  • BrushCountryJamboree
    BrushCountryJamboree 5 лет назад

    Joe the only thing about this box joint jig is you are cutting 1 pc @ a time instead of doing 4 pcs at once.
    This is the jig Incra looked at when they built the IBOX jig from what i can tell

  • BrushCountryJamboree
    BrushCountryJamboree 5 лет назад

    Freud makes a excellant blade for doing box joints that will cut 1/4" & 3/8"

  • BrushCountryJamboree
    BrushCountryJamboree 5 лет назад

    if you extend the ledge from being small to 3" you can cut all 4 pcs at once in 3/4" stock, you will need to change out the L brackets which are 3/4" X 4" to 3/4" X 8"

  • BrushCountryJamboree
    BrushCountryJamboree 5 лет назад

    dot = .

  • BrushCountryJamboree
    BrushCountryJamboree 5 лет назад

    delete the spaces

  • BrushCountryJamboree
    BrushCountryJamboree 5 лет назад

    Why buy shopnotes volume 8 when you can get it for FREE
    goto filecrop dot com / 3299922 / index dot html

  • Loco 4 Locomotives
    Loco 4 Locomotives 5 лет назад

    Amazon sells a box joint blade set by Olsun that has flat-ground teeth. You'll spend about $70, but get excellent results.

  • Russell May
    Russell May 6 лет назад

    @qstendious I made this jig according to the plans and am able to adjust the widths of the fingers and the spaces to the thousandth of an inch. So, as long as you can push your frame across the saw, you should be able to box joints on this for the widths you require.

  • maxdecphoenix
    maxdecphoenix 7 лет назад

    this is a good jig & good video but mathias wandell made a jig that pretty much blows away every other dovetail jig ever made.

  • Fishbreath81
    Fishbreath81 7 лет назад

    Great video...I purchased the plans and made my own jig. Works great. Thanks

  • woodworksman20
    woodworksman20 7 лет назад

    I recently made this box joint jig and cut finger joints for 23 boxes. It works really well with a quality dado blade set installed in your table saw. I used my Frued super dado blade set and it produced beautifully tight joints. I like this jig because it's accurate and flexible. Most other jigs are limited to only a few set thicknesses of wood. This one you can adjust to accommodate whatever thickness of wood you mill it to. Taller stock tends to slip upwards in this jig so be sure to clamp .

  • Aaron Bouverette
    Aaron Bouverette 7 лет назад

    @HalfCockedMD there are three types of table saw blades one rip, crosscut, and combination. If you use the combination they have bevels, but they also have a third tooth that bottoms out the Kerf.

  • ThisWoodwork
    ThisWoodwork 8 лет назад

    i didnt realise you vere udings a dado blade

  • Vulcan63
    Vulcan63 8 лет назад

    To joelupah::::Wow ! -That's the most wonderful,faster and simple joint jig machine I have seen until now, man.THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

  • ndktube
    ndktube 8 лет назад

    The idea is great but the small fee at the Woodsmith Store is $15.95. That includes the hardware but still that seems steep, especially if you've got a lot of hardware kickin around already.