Buddhist success mantra

  • Published on May 15, 2011
  • Secret Buddhist chant for health and success. This Buddhist chant is based on healing the mind, body and spirit provided by the ancient Buddhist masters at HealthChants. The mantra for success sends your intentions.
    Improve your life, increase your health and life force. Become a better person than you ever were before. Do not stay rigid, do not rot away in misery. Decide to change your life, try new things, make people happy, live life to its fullest.
    Simply, practice compassion.
    Provided to you by HealthChants
    Website: healthchants.com/
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  • Neo Anderson
    Neo Anderson Day ago

    Mind Body and Soul is merkabah used in the belief in God as well I have clear quartz healing beads if you charge it in the ground or from the sun or moon this is what's called Reiki. Some crystals can give you metaphysical power and telepathic control over your self. We are nothing more than an ocean of energy living out lies and fantasies some idiots cling to churches when you could have faith in your own self.

  • Sushmita Prasad
    Sushmita Prasad Month ago

    Please do not dislike Buddha mantra it's very powerful if you don't believe try it...

  • vishal jagtap
    vishal jagtap 2 months ago

    Listening this third time and feeling peaceful.

  • Janny Woo
    Janny Woo 4 months ago


  • Innocent Boy
    Innocent Boy 4 months ago

    om namah buddhi.

  • ac35 publishers
    ac35 publishers 4 months ago

    You are true blessed from Sri budhaa deva

  • Jaynish Panchal
    Jaynish Panchal 5 months ago

    Lovely with great Vibes

  • Sanchita Chowdhury
    Sanchita Chowdhury 6 months ago

    Though I did nt understand any lyrics but its very peace full mantra with lot of positivity

  • Aditya Kakde
    Aditya Kakde 10 months ago +1

    Where can I download this ? It’s so lovely and I would like to listen to it everyday

  • War ra
    War ra 11 months ago

    from India

  • Vaibhav Wankhede VLOGS

    How to download this mantra... please send me the link of this buddhist success mantra video...please..👍🙏

  • Santosh Sinha
    Santosh Sinha Year ago

    Very Nice Video Liked It so much ! Please checkout my new Radhe Krishna Bhajan here ruclip.com/video/AWcApjY94XI/video.html

  • Saroja Agammudaliyar

    I am proud of Hinduism, Buddhism. I proud of India (BHARAT)

    CINDERELLA Year ago +1

    i love buddha

  • nice songs good
    nice songs good Year ago +3

    good I want rich

  • trinadh reddy
    trinadh reddy Year ago +1


  • Pemba Tamang
    Pemba Tamang 2 years ago +2

    mind fresh mantra love it

  • asha sarkate
    asha sarkate 2 years ago +1

    may all beings be happy

  • dagoods528
    dagoods528 2 years ago +1

    I take refuge in The Risen One.

  • Ami Siso
    Ami Siso 2 years ago +1

    Love love love it

  • Nicole Jotara
    Nicole Jotara 2 years ago

    I love this mantra

  • Ninja Warrior
    Ninja Warrior 2 years ago +2

    Avalokiteshwara is the MOST POWERFUL GOD OF ALL. All hail Guanyin Pusa!!!!

  • Sanjeev Kumar
    Sanjeev Kumar 2 years ago +2

    i like this song......................................

  • Vijay Kaler
    Vijay Kaler 2 years ago +1

    very peaceful magical...

  • calypsocat
    calypsocat 2 years ago +30

    oṃ namo ratnatrayaya. namah arya avalokitesvaraya bodhisattvaya
    mahasattvaya mahakarunikaya sarva bandhana chedana karaya. sarva bhava
    samudram sosana karana. sarva vyadhi prasamana karaya. sarva mrtyu
    upa-drava viansana karana. sarva bhaye su trana karaya. tasmat namas -
    krtva idam arya avalokitesvara bhastinam nilakantha pi nama hrdayam
    avarta isyami sarvartha-sadhanam subham ajeyam sarva bhutanam bhava
    marga visuddhakam tadyatha, om aloke aloka-mati lokati krante. he hare
    arya avalokitesvara maha bodhisattva, he bodhisattva, he maha
    bodhisattva, he virya bodhisattva he mahakarunika smara hrdayam. hi hi,
    hare arya avalokitesvara mahesvara parama maitra-citta mahakarunika.
    kuru kuru karman sadhaya sadhaya vidyam. ni hi, ni hi varnam kamam-game.
    vitta-kama vigama. siddha yogesvara. dhuru dhuru viryanti, maha
    viryanti. dhara dhara dharendresvara. cala cala vimala amala murte arya
    avalokitesvara jina krsna jata-makutavalam ma pra-lamba maha siddha
    vidya dhara. vara vara maha vara. bala bala maha bala. cala cala maha
    cala krsna-varna nigha krsna - paksa nirghatana. he padma-hasta cara
    cara desa caresvara krsna - sarpa krta yajnopavita ehyehi maha
    varaha-mukha, tripura-dahanesvaranarayana va rupa vara marga ari. he
    nilakantha, he mahakara, hala hala visa nir-jita lokasya. raga visa
    vinasana. dvesa visa vinasana. moha visa vinasana huru huru mala, huru
    huru hare, maha padmanabha sara sara, siri siri, suru suru, bucruc
    bucruc, bodhiya bodhiya, bodhaya bodhaya maitri nilakantha ehyehi vama
    shitha simha-mukha hasa hasa, munca munca mahattahasam ehiyehi pa maha
    siddha yogesvara bhana bhana vaco sadhaya sadhaya vidyam. smara smaratam
    bhagavantam lokita vilokitam lokesvaram tathagatam dadahi me drasana
    kamasya darsanam pra-hia daya mana svaha. siddhaya svaha. maha siddhaya
    svaha. siddha yogesvaraya svaha. nilakanthaya svaha. varaha-mukhaya
    svaha. maha-dara simha-mukhaya svaha. siddha vidyadharaya svaha.
    padma-hastaya svaha. krsna-sarpa krta yajno pavitaya svaha. maha lakuta
    daharaya svaha. cakra yuddhaya svaha. sankha-sabdani bodhanaya svaha.
    vama skandha desa sittha krsna jinaya svaha. vyaghra-carma nivasa naya
    svaha. lokesvaraya svaha. sarva siddhesvaraya svaha. namo bhagavate arya
    avalokitesvaraya bodhisattvaya mahasattvaya mahakarunikaya. sidhyanthu
    me mantra-padaya svaha.

  • Andres Rodriguez
    Andres Rodriguez 2 years ago +7

    l wish every one luck and compassion and love , peace in a world that at war, this will hopefully change.

  • Sadmim Hossain
    Sadmim Hossain 2 years ago +2

    what I understood from the whole mantra were Satya, Ye MahaGauri, Krishna, Narayana, Nilakantha, Swaha
    Enjoyed the song tho :)

  • Paul Santos
    Paul Santos 2 years ago +2

    Is this is tha Prajna Paramita chant from the Heart Sutra?

  • Neena Chhabra
    Neena Chhabra 2 years ago +1

    powerful mantra

  • fely bienentreu
    fely bienentreu 3 years ago +10

    It is not important that a mantra sounds good but that mantra brings pure,clear results. If that is what this mantra does then,congratulations.

  • Nipun Puri
    Nipun Puri 3 years ago +2

    its awesome 😊

  • Emanuel coimbra
    Emanuel coimbra 3 years ago +10

    Even for me who don't understand nothing that was said on that mantra, I got myself enjoying along the whole mantra. Namaste

  • pranesh lama
    pranesh lama 3 years ago +1

    amazing 😊

  • ThePunishedDruid
    ThePunishedDruid 3 years ago +3

    If you focus on success, in any form, then you will achieve nothing.

  • falldown7x standup8
    falldown7x standup8 3 years ago +1

    thank your for this namaste

  • SwiftieTay Mac
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  • Siddhesh Krishnan
    Siddhesh Krishnan 3 years ago +16

    How could anyone dislike this?

  • Emz Twisted!
    Emz Twisted! 3 years ago +5

    From the bottom of my heart, may my wish will come true! and my great love of my life will be mine for eternity.

    • Emz Twisted!
      Emz Twisted! 2 years ago +2

      +cwcwx Thank you for the wish! =)

    • cwcwx
      cwcwx 2 years ago +1

      Wanting to "own" your love won't be satisfying on the long run, I'm afraid... Knowing that there is no need to own someone brings you the joy of loving them unconditionally. Expectations and rules will always limit you (and the other person) in being their real self. I wish you the best of luck.

  • Himadri Pareek
    Himadri Pareek 3 years ago +9

    This is "Nilakantha Dharani " or Maha Karuna Dharini , that is the great compassion mantra

  • spread positivity with nikki

    Really soothing...thanks for that...mangal ho..!!!

  • Pooja  Gaire
    Pooja Gaire 3 years ago +1

    I m really enchanted....

  • Siddharth Pihulkar
    Siddharth Pihulkar 3 years ago +3

    i loved the mantra its soooo relaxing !!

  • Johny Tulanga
    Johny Tulanga 4 years ago

    Bullshit! bullshit! Bullshit!

    • spread positivity with nikki
      spread positivity with nikki 3 years ago

      Find the right one then..the word " *&%$#@" might change..all the bests

    • Connor Ward
      Connor Ward 3 years ago

      +Nikita Wasnik Yes, respect is needed. Although, I have seen him on a couple of videos about Buddhism claiming how it's "bullshit" and stuff like that.

    • spread positivity with nikki
      spread positivity with nikki 3 years ago

      +Hector Aquino Buddha says..dont disrespect any religion or any statements. Even if u dont like it or u like it..The state should be same.

    • spread positivity with nikki
      spread positivity with nikki 3 years ago +1

      +Connor Ward he is unaware...just observe

    • Connor Ward
      Connor Ward 3 years ago +2

      +Hector Aquino What's exactly "Bullshit" do you feel threatened by other religions...? feel as if they are wrong? if so, then A) You have issuesB) Your close mindedand C) Why are you here?

    FRANCOISE MEUNIER 4 years ago +6

    merci bernard

  • jailbirdx0x
    jailbirdx0x 4 years ago +15

    Very relaxing...May all our dreams came true!

  • ApatheticEuphoria
    ApatheticEuphoria 4 years ago +4

    Can someone post the link to an instrumental version of this?(i want to isolate the vocals)

  • Sandia Taylor
    Sandia Taylor 4 years ago +5

    Very beautiful to hear and enlightens the mind body and soul. Thank you so much for releasing this on RUclip. Success to all who hear this beautiful Buddhist mantra.

  • László Pély
    László Pély 4 years ago +5

    I love it very much!

  • 69bakagaijin
    69bakagaijin 4 years ago +2

    Simply amazing.

  • Earache Erikkson
    Earache Erikkson 4 years ago +1


  • Goddess Rae' Ofsunshine
    Goddess Rae' Ofsunshine 4 years ago +9


  • Tuan Nguyen
    Tuan Nguyen 5 years ago +4

    All and everything! That is very good music. I pray for my daughter. 04/19/2014 Nguyêñ Tuâń Minh.

  • Samuel Gonçalves
    Samuel Gonçalves 5 years ago

    Um Prajna Paramita COMPLETO...Muito Grato isto é uma Jóia do Tripitaka só uma vez o li e recitei...muito difícil de se encontrar

  • dharma agus hiandhi
    dharma agus hiandhi 5 years ago +1

    Powerfull mantra

  • Chris Schembri
    Chris Schembri 5 years ago +48

    A gift to all ;) FINALLY got the words of such beautiful prayer!
    Maha Karuna Dharani Namo Ratna Trayaya. Namah Arya Avalokitesvaraya Bodhisattvaya Mahasattvaya Mahakarunikaya Sarva Bandhana Chedana Karaya . Sarva Bhava Samudram Sosana Karana. Sarva Vyadhi Prasamana Karaya. Sarva Mrtyu Upa-Drava Viansana Karana . Sarva Bhaye Su Trana Karaya. Tasmat Namas - Krtva Idam Arya Avalokitesvara Bhastinam Nilakantha Pi Nama Hrdayam Avarta Isyami Sarvartha-sadhanam Subham Ajeyam Sarva Bhutanam Bhava Marga Visuddhakam Tadyatha, Om Aloke Aloka-mati Lokati Krante. He Hare Arya Avalokitesvara Maha bodhisattva , He Boddhisattva , He Maha bodhisattva , He Virya Bodhisattva He Mahakarunika Smara Hradayam. Hi Hi , Hare Arya Avalokitesvara Mahesvara Parama Maitra-Citta Mahakarunika. Kuru Kuru Karman Sadhaya Sadhaya Vidyam. Ni Hi , Ni Hi Varnam Kamam-Game . Vitta-Kama Vigama. Siddha Yogesvara . Dhuru Dhuru Viryanti, Maha Viryanti . Dhara Dhara Dharendresvara. Cala Cala Vimala Amala Murte Arya Avalokitesvara Jina Krsna Jata-Makuta Valam Ma Pra-Lamba Maha Siddha Vidya dhara. Vara Vara Maha Vara . Bala Bala Maha Bala. Cala Cala Maha Cala Krsna-Varna Nigha Krsna - Paksa Nirghatana. He Padma-Hasta Cara Cara Desa Caresvara Krsna -Sarpa Krta Yajnopavita Ehyehi Maha Varaha-Mukha,Tripura-Dahanesvara Narayana Va Rupa Vara Marga Ari . He Nilakantha , He Mahakara , Hala hala Visa Nir-jita Lokasya. Raga Visa Vinasana. Dvesa Visa Vinasana. Moha Visa Vinasana Huru Huru Mala, Huru Huru Hare, Maha Padmanabha Sara Sara , Sri Sri , Suru Suru, Bhu ruc Bhu ruc Buddhiya Buddhiya , Boddhaya Boddhaya Maitri Nilakantha Ehyehi Vama Shitha Simha-Mukha Hasa Hasa, Munca Munca Mahattahasam Ehiyehi Pa Maha Siddha Yogesvara Bhana Bhana Vaco Sadhaya Sadhaya Vidyam. Smara Smaratam Bhagavantam Lokita Vilokitam Lokesvaram Tathagatam Dadahi Me Drasana Kamasya Darsanam Pra-Hiadaya Mana Svaha. Siddhaya Svaha. Maha Siddhaya Svaha Siddha Yogesvaraya Svaha Nilakanthaya Svaha Varaha-Mukhaya Svaha Maha-dara Simha-Mukhaya Svaha Siddha Vidyadharaya Svaha Padma-Hastaya Svaha Krsna-Sarpa Krta Yajnopavitaya Svaha Maha Lakutadaharaya Svaha Cakrayuddhaya Svaha Sankha-Sabdani Bodhanaya Svaha Vama Skandhadesa Shitha Krsnajinaya Svaha Vyaghra-Carma Nivasanaya Svaha Lokesvaraya Svaha Sarva Siddhesvaraya Svaha Namo Bhagavate Arya Avalokitesvaraya Bodhisattvaya Maha Sattvaya Mahakarunikaya Sidhyanthu Me Mantra-Padaya Svaha

    English (Translation) Adoration of the triple Gem. Adoration to the noble Lord who looks down, The enlightened sentient being, the great being, the merciful one! Oneness with all saints and their righteous doctrine After the adoration to that noble Avalokiteśvarā of the Mercy Land I Offer my respectful obeisances to the virtuous supreme lord who emits great brilliance light All sentient beings are without attachment and in undefeatable purity in all things. Adoration to the joyful being, adoration to the joyful virgin who served by all heavenly beings. Like this: Oneness (Om) with/adoration to the seer (avalokite) of the world whose compassionate heart. The great sentient enlightened being. All, all, are garland (immaculate), garland (immaculate) Great liberated heart, accomplish, accomplish the Karma Liberate, liberate; the victorious one, the great victorious one Hold on, hold on the brave freedom Lead, lead to my immaculate liberation Come, come; Fulfil the pledge, the pledge; the admantine king of awakening. Who rules, rules the peace. Purify, purify personification of delusions, purify, purify the heart Firm, firm ; brave, brave ; wonder form, wonder form. Enlightenment, enlightenment, the enlightened one, the enlightened one. The benevolent, virtuous one, success in power and fame. Success in benevolence. Success in great benevolence. Success in achieving freedom through union Success in virtures, Success in immaculate joy Incomparable success in ultima convincing speech Incomparable success in all profound meaning. Incomparable success in turning the wheel. Success in the red lotus deed. Success in becoming a virtuous Blessed one. Success in own prestige nature Refuge in the Triple Gem. Take refuge in the success of noble Avalokiteśvarā Oneness (Om) with the success of achieving these invocation verses!

  • Maxwell Goodall
    Maxwell Goodall 5 years ago +6

    Love this mantra, will use it every time I meditate.

    • Laura Šaripova
      Laura Šaripova 5 years ago

      Me too..fell in love with melody,sound and everything! Great and enjoyable mantra!

  • johnnyhuang100
    johnnyhuang100 5 years ago +2

    It's Maha Karuna Dharani.

  • Ninja Warrior
    Ninja Warrior 5 years ago +5

    Please post a download link and lyrics. Everyone pray to Mother Kwan Yin She will help us with miracles. All praise to Kwan Yin!!!

  • Taylorswiftvevo fan
    Taylorswiftvevo fan 5 years ago

    .save my sister.

  • Kenny Cao
    Kenny Cao 5 years ago +1

    Are there lyrics?

  • di ntia
    di ntia 5 years ago +1


  • Pere Luque
    Pere Luque 5 years ago +1

    Thank, I enjoy it amd my brain too.

  • thriveni saidam
    thriveni saidam 5 years ago +2

    very great! thanks you!
    I am firm believer of Buddhism and i practice even 8 noble path regulary using "BuDhamma" mobile app

  • varun rathi
    varun rathi 5 years ago +2

    Enlightment oh hell yeah

  • Hope diamond
    Hope diamond 5 years ago +1

    Lobsang say:not miracle be a focus but your MIND.

  • Honey Reyes
    Honey Reyes 6 years ago +3

    you can search in you tube Nilakantha Dharani (Sanskrit) - Great Compassion Mantra 大悲咒
    By Anapanasamadhi you can find the lyrics/ mantra words

  • Honey Reyes
    Honey Reyes 6 years ago +3

    Master Longyen chants the Nilakantha Dharani in Sanskrit. Commonly known as the Great Compassion Mantra, this Dharani can work miracles. Master Sea Cloud recommends that everyone chants this mantra 10,800 within 2 months. This mantra is 105 sec. long. If you wish to complete 10,800 within 2 months, you need to chant 180x per day or devote 315 minutes, i.e. 5 hrs 20 minutes each day. Plan your practice wisely and you will make it.

  • Ferencz Attila
    Ferencz Attila 6 years ago

    Vietnamese version :)

  • Ferencz Attila
    Ferencz Attila 6 years ago +2

    It is the Nīlakantha dhāranī the Great Compassion Mantra. It is very long so i can't post it but you can find the word of this mantra with google!

  • David Glodić
    David Glodić 6 years ago +1

    pet pet pet, pet pet the sunshine

  • Frederick L
    Frederick L 6 years ago +2

    Awesome energy! Buddhism is so peaceful, drama free, no hype or broken promises!

  • ian robs
    ian robs 6 years ago +3

    Dear Suzi, I am hurting in my life too but I will gladly hurt more if it can heal and help your problems to be solved. I hope one year since your message that you have progressed and the light is shining on you now. God Bless.

  • diamondiana namaste
    diamondiana namaste 6 years ago +1

    God bless you! Thank you!!!
    I like the energy!

  • Thomas Antony
    Thomas Antony 6 years ago +1

    god bless u

  • ghatika
    ghatika 6 years ago +1

    Dear Suzi, God bless you. Keep the faith,trust and belief, do your best and leave to the Divine the rest.

  • Rajat Arora
    Rajat Arora 6 years ago +1

    how are you now ?

  • isabel tomaz
    isabel tomaz 6 years ago +1


  • Ahmad Yousif
    Ahmad Yousif 6 years ago +1

    Really nice and deep! I can feel the healing! Thank you very much for this chant!

  • Kirc Eban
    Kirc Eban 6 years ago +1

    I will pray for your success stranger

  • Kirc Eban
    Kirc Eban 6 years ago +1

    How are things working out for u now?

  • VRAK
    VRAK 6 years ago +1

    It's a mahayana buddhist. Just listen to carefuly to the beginnin words:n amo ratnatraya (homage to the three jewels = buddha, dharma, sangha) Namo Aryavalokiteshvara (Bodhisattva of compassion)

  • TranLD Quan
    TranLD Quan 6 years ago +1

    Wishing all you here and all sentient beings gets rich soon and lives in happiness.!!

  • outputformat
    outputformat 6 years ago

    i wish you all the luck and positivity that you and your family need.

  • Crown Ambassador
    Crown Ambassador 6 years ago

    can somebody post the download link of this song?? thx... :)

  • Lama Palden
    Lama Palden 6 years ago

    believing is one aspect, fact other. it indeed is buddhist. the name mentioned in mantra is from buddhist text. however language is sanskrit n u r right about that. there is two language in buddhist text. Pali used by theravada also known as hinayana whereas tibetan buddhist also known as mahayana and vajrayana uses sanskrits. so you will hear same as sanskrit coz the text are written and recited in sanskrit however not all the words are due to cultural ad language integration.

  • Brian Curry
    Brian Curry 6 years ago

    This is a great mantra, and I love listening to it. But I do not believe it to be Buddhist, it is composed in Sanskrit the language of ancient Hinduism, and mentions Krishna among many other Hindu concepts.

  • Rosy Islas
    Rosy Islas 6 years ago

    mi intencion es por el milagro para la salud de el oido de mi hija...por amor te lo pido

  • 森史
    森史 6 years ago

    I see space around him. He has peace and calm solid dignified stately presence.

  • Frederick L
    Frederick L 7 years ago

    Very Angelic in its own way, comforting

  • Ivonne .Barreda
    Ivonne .Barreda 7 years ago

    I just love it! please somebody post the mantra words of this video.

  • aliena60
    aliena60 7 years ago

    Thank you so much! one question,is it enough if I listen to this or do I need to chant along?

  • Rjhay Gwapito
    Rjhay Gwapito 7 years ago

    thanks for posting this its a blessing having it!

  • ShakespearHD
    ShakespearHD 7 years ago

    Mantra can be found here under the comment by Kerby W-R
    city-data. com /forum/ religion-philosophy/393757-namo-ratna-traya-ani-choying-drolma.html

  • abayer1000
    abayer1000 7 years ago

    i like this

  • NervsofSteel
    NervsofSteel 7 years ago

    can anyone post the actual mantra words so i can memorize it because i can't figure it out by listening :(

  • NervsofSteel
    NervsofSteel 7 years ago

    @shaolinshifu1 , just google youtube to mp3 conversion and you'll be able to get it no prob :D