$3,000 Gold Price- Popular Guest Back And Doubles Down On Call

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
  • Gold hitting $3,000 isn’t just a belief, it’s a “monetary science”, and will happen sooner or later said Dan Oliver, founder of Myrmikan Capital.
    Oliver said that the Federal Reserve has printed enough money to cause over-capacity in our economy and create a bubble that’s ready to burst.
    “When the bubble is happening people don’t need gold. You don’t need gold when the market is going up, when all your investments are paying off. You need it when the opposite happens, and so gold always does badly during a bubble…gold does not protect you in a credit inflation, it protects you in the crash,” Oliver told Kitco News on the sidelines of the 121 Mining Investment Conference.
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Comments • 41

  • General Yan
    General Yan 5 months ago +3

    Dan reminds me of Elon, he thinks faster than he can speak, yet he was still able to articulate the specifics of how our currency collapse will occur. Thank you sir.

  • Lady pilliwick
    Lady pilliwick 5 months ago +4

    He's the first that actually stated the fact that gold DOES NOT move in value. The dollar moves.
    The joke is that in Rome a one oz. of gold would buy you a good suit with two pairs of pants.... that is what it'll get you now

  • Great Gazoo
    Great Gazoo 5 months ago +12

    I like ฿itcoin... 🌎฿💨🚀 🌖💰

  • Todd Murphy
    Todd Murphy 5 months ago +6

    Excellent! Very good Dan Oliver. Thanks Daniela :)

  • mvl9591
    mvl9591 5 months ago +1

    Perseus Mining.

  • Nick Tobias
    Nick Tobias 5 months ago +6

    I like listen to this ladies interviews, until she brings up bitcoin.

  • JeffreyViews
    JeffreyViews 5 months ago +20

    I learned more from this guest than ten of your previous guests, thanks Kitco!

  • james M
    james M 5 months ago +4

    Never put your eggs in one basket. Own bitcoin and gold.

  • Jeff Higgenz
    Jeff Higgenz 5 months ago +1

    It's not possible. The paper market rules and they say no

  • Flipper
    Flipper 5 months ago +8

    95% of bitcoin is held by weak hands , never 20k again for digital air.

  • 2024 2024
    2024 2024 5 months ago +3

    He’s only been in the gold business since 2008 ?

  • N .A
    N .A 5 months ago +1

    Fucking kitco! pumpers promising 3k+ value of gold every year and were back to where we were with a fake manipulated gold bull market having good climbs like this from 2.5 years ago. Study that and compare it to this. The cycle is about to repeat.
    Pro free advice - do the opposite of whatever kitco says. Nows the time to sell. Then buy when it crashes within 6-8 weeks time.

  • Russell Schell
    Russell Schell 5 months ago +3

    Not to be a drag, but still waiting.

  • J Par.
    J Par. 5 months ago

    lol, I hope Bitcoin goes to 3000$ again, seems like the new gold.

  • Andrew Conway
    Andrew Conway 5 months ago +54

    This guy is great. He explains WHY gold prices have stayed so low, and WHY they will go up in the future, instead of just making predictions.

  • Hermand Lo
    Hermand Lo 5 months ago +7

    We are not going back to gold standard nor a Bretton Woods 2.0

  • Hermand Lo
    Hermand Lo 5 months ago +1

    Gold is money thousand years ..try to move 500 ounces thru TSA in your pocket

  • Silverspoon
    Silverspoon 5 months ago +4

    Love you Daniela!

  • Hermand Lo
    Hermand Lo 5 months ago +4

    Monetary science my @$$ ....you will see $30k BTC Before you $3000 gold ....you think paper market la will allow $14trillion gold market

  • Michael Jensen
    Michael Jensen 5 months ago +3

    Did he say monetary science?

  • Biff Bifford
    Biff Bifford 5 months ago +3

    Just stop it already. Stop.

  • Chris Janko
    Chris Janko 5 months ago +8

    250k bitcoin won't be volatile when it goes up down 1percent. You won't even notice and it will be more stable. That is when you will see bitcoin starting to turn into a global reserve currency. 2026-2027

  • Mark Corso
    Mark Corso 5 months ago +13

    This is one of the best interviews

  • D B
    D B 5 months ago +9

    Anybody who chooses gold over cryptocurrency is totally oblivious. Crypto will continue to destroy gold in long term appreciation. Not even close. I would never waste my money on gold

  • MistaMacCapone
    MistaMacCapone 5 months ago

    Its not that Bitcoin is unstable its that the fiat is unstable... Fiat is always at the whims of untrustworthy governments run by mafiosos known as politicians. The central bankers are a cabal of thugs.

  • Kam Pod
    Kam Pod 5 months ago

    Bulshitdiviredives manipulation s hes globalist banker puppet

  • SilverLimey 79
    SilverLimey 79 5 months ago +10

    Gold is finite, Bitcoin is finite and the US infinite! This guy thinks the dollars is the best thing ever! Shocked! I just smell dollar weakness on the horizon lol 😱😱😱

  • Hugh Hefner
    Hugh Hefner 5 months ago +6

    Bitcoin is not stable? 😅🤣😅 please dude keep making me laugh at you

  • Hugh Hefner
    Hugh Hefner 5 months ago

    Get rid of the fucking Fed!

  • Dreaming Life
    Dreaming Life 5 months ago +5

    Meanwhile, Max Keiser would tell a different story about gold manipulation.

  • Dugie Doogs
    Dugie Doogs 5 months ago +40

    What is exciting about gold is that common folk have now lost interest in it... They are neither buying nor selling, the weak hands are out of the market. Time to get in!

  • Golf PROcrastinator
    Golf PROcrastinator 5 months ago +1

    Gold price is set daily.

  • wayne mcclory
    wayne mcclory 5 months ago +1

    The biggest millionaire maker is GSS, Golden Star Resources 💫 look who is the Guardian Angel, hint a Billionaire !

  • wayne mcclory
    wayne mcclory 5 months ago +13

    We are about to have a Gold backed Currency, President Trump was get signatures while on his trip ! Also China and Russia just agreed to stop using the dollar. §§§ This is why we are getting a Gold backed currency §§§

  • Ian Todd
    Ian Todd 5 months ago +32

    You always do a fantastic job Daniela, keep it up!

  • Shays
    Shays 5 months ago +7

    Run the video at 0.5 speed and it will all make sense. 😉

  • youKnowWho3311
    youKnowWho3311 5 months ago

    Name names! LOL. Can just go OGMNX if you don't want to pick. it's going to run like a beast in the next 5 years. Cheapest it's been in a very long time. IMHO

  • funkiyoyo
    funkiyoyo 5 months ago +5

    Great guest! Thank you for sharing!

  • Mr. Copernicus
    Mr. Copernicus 5 months ago

    100% agree!

  • Jackie Bridges
    Jackie Bridges 5 months ago +2

    this guy is right on the bitcoin lovers won't agree cause they in a box thinking they are going to get rich look bitcoin down people pulling money out back into stocks only reason stocks up cause being suppresed higher do to 2020 elections when this fake stock recovery happens and it crashes you better own silver and gold. look president Donald wants to trillion QE and lower interest rates this is insanity if people think we are in a recovery..that was meant to say two trillion QE.

  • Just Murphy
    Just Murphy 5 months ago +6